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BDSM On A Budget
Posted:May 21, 2018 6:02 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 8:26 am
I would love the handcrafted leather cuffs and such, but unless has loads of cash to toss around, some bdsm gear has to be d as inexpensively as possible, or at the very least, within a reasonable budget.

I have used, and still do, the Velcro cuffs for wrists and ankles. The set of runs under $40 and is quite durable. They come with a D ring so attaching rope or chain is very easy.

Speaking of rope, I have never mastered anything more then the most basic of knots(I blame being left-handed).I use cheaper Dollar store rope from cuffs to bedposts and such and either softer rope for breasts, but frankly I enjoy using arves for breast bondage. The breast DOES NOT need to be bound very tightly, should still be able to slip a finger or between arf and breast at least until you and your partner have some experience and have learned pain tolerance. Once the breast has swollen and begins to ache, it does not stop aching as soon as the binding is released. So, use caution until you get comfortable with this.

As for the cuffs, I prefer to use chain to connect the wrists and ankles. I find it not only aesthetically pleasing, but the sound of the clinking adds greatly to the effect. Again, for budget purposes I got 12 feet of a decent, mid range link chain for about a dollar per foot. I had the dude at the hardware store cut it into 10 inch lengths and he charged me only a few bucks extra. To check with hacksawing myself for the sake of s few dollars. I then went to Wally World and got packs of 8 carbiners for under 15 dollars each. Picture how slick those can now be joined, lengthened or shortened with little effort and NO study or practise. For a blindfold I again use ladies arfs.

I also made my own flogger. I cut an end from a broken rake or shovel handle about 8 inches to a foot long. I found that the longer handle enabled me to hold it closer to the end where the falls(That's what they call the things that actually strike the target)the impact was less painful and the further away from the falls the less effort it took to cause the same impact. TRY IT ON YOURSELF...before you use it on some else. You need to have an idea of the sting or thud type of pain you are doling out. I also test all of My waxes for the same reason. I digress, back to making the flogger.

I cut lengths of dollar store rope about 20 inches in length. I tied a simple knot in end of each length of rope and with a big lighter melted both ends of each rope to prevent fraying. I then spread the ropes(falls)around end of the handle and secured them with craft wire. I then used a couple of small pieces of rope and wrapped them around, piece near the falls the other halfway up the handle or so. I made sure they kind of fit my fingers if I were holding the flogger and secured them with simple black electrical tape. To pretty it up, I covered the entire handle in black tape and in the end I had a perfectly functional flogger for under 10 dollars.
Postural Training
Posted:May 18, 2018 5:07 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 11:35 am

I have and do use Postures as a integral part of a submissives training. One can find postures on many d8fferent sites, I have my favourite five or six. The postures matter less than the training process.

I start with the waiting pose, I instruct my submissive to the perfect form I wish. A riding crop works well. I also instruct that the posture should be relaxed and almost effortless. Think kinky yoga with the breathing as well. They are instructed to relax, free their mind and focus. I often give a short mantra to be repeated silently during the duration of the postures as well, to help quiet the mind and to provide focus.

Each posture is held for a specific time, as they become proficient the time increases to provide additional challenge. The set of postures is performed nude, first thing in the morning and just before bed. This calms the mind to start the day and helps it quiet before sleep.

With postures, as with yoga, perfection is the goal and is Never, or rarely actually attained, but the point is the focus and the routine and ritual which brings quiet and tranquility to the busy submissive mind. They also work well when a Dominant is absent and cannot direct in person.

It sounds like such a small thing, but the calming effects are NO small thing at all. Almost all submissives benefit greatly from routine and structure especially when their Dominant may not be present in the room from time to time.

Just another tool in the belt to assist it the proper training and mindset of a good submissive that I have found can work wonders.
Anal Training
Posted:May 10, 2018 1:05 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 5:53 am

A submissive who enjoys anal play, but has not been able to give in to full anal penetration can be trained to do so after orgasm training quite readily in a few simple steps.

First, she is made to adjust to wearing a plug, first for minutes, progressing to longer until a desired time is achieved. I tend to prefer shorter periods more frequently, others prefer longer periods of plug wearing.

Once the submissive has adjusted to this she begins a training schedule where upon she is only allowed to orgasm with a plug inserted, I often use the technique of pulling out the plug just as orgasm is reached. This seems to intensify the orgasm and imprint it into her memory as being linked more directly to anal stimulation then just merely leaving it inserted.

Having already completed orgasm training, anal training becomes MUCH easier to accomplish. The next step is obviously anal penetration by cock.

This is first done slowly with little movement whilst the submissive, or Mr. Hitachi stimulate the pussy to full orgasm. Again, pulling out just prior to orgasm seems to enhance the effect of the orgasm. This is repeated until the submissive is fully able to take cock in her asshole anytime.

The next step is a cock in her pussy and one in her asshole until orgasm is achieved. By this point in the training this should occur easily and naturally to the submissive.

The key, I have found is, with most training, slow deliberate steps towards the end goal.

Remember, Training is not punishment, nor pass or fail. It is just that, training and will take as long as necessary to achieve the desired results.
Orgasm Training
Posted:May 9, 2018 6:37 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 5:54 am

I do have a preferred system of orgasm training and control. It is similar to a number I have read about. Start with requiring the submissive to hold inside her pussy a vibrator at low speed for 30 seconds...then escallating the length and speed over time towards the end goal of orgasm control.

In about month plus/ minus a few days, her orgasm was controlled by voice command with minimal touching. Not perfect, but ain't no rub either. I have learned from the past, which is all can do.
Go Jets
Today's topic...Bondage and Impact Play
Posted:May 9, 2018 6:23 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 4:41 pm

I enjoy restraining My submissive and combining spanking with intermittent touching to calm the sting and eventually enhance the orgasm. I usually do this for more then an hour and increase this with each session.

submissives, is this something you take as a challenge or a torture with a happy ending?
Dominants, any special techniques you prefer to employ?

I use a mixture of impact, beginning with light spanks, and sensual stroking whilst restating the rule..."Dont you dare cum yet", I pausecif they near orgasm...then increase the impact along with the stroking gradually over time. I prefer 3-4 hours for a good amount of a challenge to the submissive...

Now, each submissive is unique, some can take more, hold off their orgasm longer...the role of the Dominant is to know HIS submissive and keep him/her within their limits...well, on the edge(pun intended). This mixture of pleasure with pain creates a point where the two sensations produce the same endorphin releasing results which effectively quiet the submissive mind of all extemporaneous thought and put the mind into a quiet, orgasmic bliss.

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