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Anal Training  

MisterDomMaster 55M
10 posts
5/10/2018 1:05 pm
Anal Training

A submissive who enjoys anal play, but has not been able to give in to full anal penetration can be trained to do so after orgasm training quite readily in a few simple steps.

First, she is made to adjust to wearing a plug, first for minutes, progressing to longer until a desired time is achieved. I tend to prefer shorter periods more frequently, others prefer longer periods of plug wearing.

Once the submissive has adjusted to this she begins a training schedule where upon she is only allowed to orgasm with a plug inserted, I often use the technique of pulling out the plug just as orgasm is reached. This seems to intensify the orgasm and imprint it into her memory as being linked more directly to anal stimulation then just merely leaving it inserted.

Having already completed orgasm training, anal training becomes MUCH easier to accomplish. The next step is obviously anal penetration by cock.

This is first done slowly with little movement whilst the submissive, or Mr. Hitachi stimulate the pussy to full orgasm. Again, pulling out just prior to orgasm seems to enhance the effect of the orgasm. This is repeated until the submissive is fully able to take cock in her asshole anytime.

The next step is a cock in her pussy and one in her asshole until orgasm is achieved. By this point in the training this should occur easily and naturally to the submissive.

The key, I have found is, with most training, slow deliberate steps towards the end goal.

Remember, Training is not punishment, nor pass or fail. It is just that, training and will take as long as necessary to achieve the desired results.

sissyloverfdaddy 66T
30 posts
5/20/2018 9:35 pm

This sounds like such an easy approach for a submissive that might find anal uncomfortable.

MisterDomMaster replies on 5/21/2018 4:02 am:
There is more detail to it. When you are ready I am happy to provide them.

sissyloverfdaddy 66T
30 posts
5/21/2018 8:37 am

Slave would love and be honored to learn from you SIR!

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