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I find money
Posted:Jun 9, 2021 5:13 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

Since I was a little girl, I've had this amazing ability spot along side roads, in the middle of the desert, and always in Walmarts parking lot. I've found all sorts of change, a sterling elephant charm, even a $ bill.

But today was the crowning moment. Every morning my husband and I walk our dogs at dawn. Sunrise in the Sonoran desert is truly magnificent, and it gets hot early. We often call this area "Hells waiting room". It's over 0 degrees most days.

Today as we were returning home, I saw pieces of paper that at a distance looked like trash, laying in our yard. But when I picked them up and examined them, they turned out be a neighbors mortgage payment and a photocopy of another chec These valuable documents were just laying in our yard, and they weren't there when we started our wal

So we walked down the hill seven houses the address on the chec When we knocked, a very nice lady opened the door. My husband broke the ice by saying that we weren't selling anything. I showed her the checks and told here where we found them.

The poor lady was very grateful, and thanked us for doing what we should have done. And to top it off, she wants to join us on our walks in the future.

So we helped and neighbor and made a new friend. Tucson is remarkable for the friendliness of the people here. We already know more people in our neighborhood here than we met in 20 in small-town Colorado.

That's the kind of attitude we bring out. Everyone knows us as the "Pink hat lady"or "Pinky", and the REAL MAN I'm married to. We hold hands in public, all the time, and we bring out the best in people.
Uber driver role play
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 4:57 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

I had a marvelous time today. My FWB and I role played as an Uber driver and a passenger. I drove him around a bit as we talked like relative strangers. After we ran an "errand" we started getting in the car. He offered to play his house and I jumped the chance.
My friend is 6'2" tall and he's really hung. He's got a lot of style, and his personality enters a room five minutes before he does...lol
We went back to his home and we couldn't get of the car fast enough. He opened the door, let in, then he spun around and kissed like I've never been kissed before. He slipped a finger in my pussy and drove over the edge. We ran to the bedroom and I saw that he had satin sheets on the bed. We tore our clothes off and lept into bed.
He has a fantastic toy case, and he used a Magic wand on my clit ring, driving over the top many times. Then he ate me like I've never been eaten before. I squirted all over his until I couldn't take it any more. So I told him to fuck , and he stepped up to the challenge.
He made so many times I can barely walk. All I can say is, ladies if you want to have the time of your life up...
A_Real_Nice _Guy1
If he does for you what he does for , you'll have the time of your life...
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Is there any straight, honest man in Tucson?
Posted:Aug 9, 2020 2:44 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

It's been a while since I've written a blog, and I have to vent my frustration. It seems like every man in Tucson is either Bi or a cheater. As my profile clearly says, I don't want either.

What is so hard about being honest. I'm in an open marriage and my husband is not only militantly straight, but I know everything he's doing with other women, and he knows everything I do with other men. In other total, brutal honesty.

Cheaters, close your couples profiles and start a single profile. Women may not like cheaters, but we hate liars even more.

I'm the hottest thing in Tucson, so get off you butt and come talk to me. My standards may be high, but I'm worth it. Sexually, I'm a breath of fresh air, and my husband can testify that I'm a monster in bed. Yesterday I fucked him for three hours, and we had a ball. If you can eat me like a pro, we'll play even longer...

So come on, bring your "A" game and let's blow the ceiling off. I'm ready when you are...
I'm back...
Posted:Jun 27, 2020 4:57 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

It's been a while since I last blogged. We have moved to Tucson, AZ in the last year, and the adventure was something to remember. On the first night of our travels, I fell on my face in the motel room and broke my nose. It wasn't a good premonition. The 1000-mile drive from Longmont, CO to Tucson, AZ was a great adventure. Driving all the way with my cat sitting in his cat box in the floor of the car was amusing. I had never been to AZ before, and it was an amazing experience. Reading the signs that said, "Hubbub warning" were amusing until I learned what one was.

We moved into our new home in July of last year. "Speed Humps" are an amusing thing, until you hit one. Somehow they seem more aggressive than regular speed bumps...

I have yet to see a javelina, or a coyote. I also have yet to meet a playmate, and it's damn frustrating. Guys, I really want to play. I have my husband's knowledge and consent, just as he has mine.

So look me up and let's play.

Bye for now.
My new GF
Posted:Jan 23, 2019 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 5:31 pm

This week I had an amazing experience with a beautiful woman, I enjoyed a four-hour playdate with her while by husband let us have the house to ourselves. The touch of a woman is indescribably wonderful.
Have you watched -on- porn? That was us on Monday?
I want to get laid!!!!
Posted:Jan 17, 2019 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 5:32 pm

Guys, this is the real deal...
I happily married to a man who lets me whenever I like I free to with anyone, anywhere, and any time I choose. I still want to meet on neutral ground. If we click, I'll take you home and rock your world.

I'll show you my world-class blowjob, I have no gag reflex, so I can swallow the biggest cock with ease. Then I'll ask you to spank me until I cum. After that, I'll ride your cock until I cum some more. If you make me cum hard enough. I squirt and leave Lake Erie.lol

Then I'll roll over and it's time to walk the walk. If you have an ED issues, this is time for your exit . If you can't anymore, you're out of the race. I a real, big, HARD COCK. That's why here boys, pure and simple.

If you still meet my criteria, dying to meet you. Who knows what will happen?
Come on, Fuck me!
Posted:Jan 16, 2019 1:55 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 5:32 pm

Guys, why is it so difficult to get you to my bed/ real, I fuck like nobody you've ever seen, and I have my husbands permission and sincere encouragement. That's why here. I simply want a little recreational sex. No hangups, no drama, and no dedicate wife to get mad.
What's so hard about that? I want to rock your world. I am into Tantra, being tied up, being spanked (Yes, Master), and sometimes Ben orders me to fuck a certain guy, and I must obey. So remember to be respectful. He's easy on candidates, but he can veto a playdate.
Ben is My Mater, in all things. I am collared to him. That means I play with whoever he chooses. So you might get a good fuck from me
So hit on me guys. ready to meet a man of my dreams.
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I am collared....
Posted:Jan 12, 2019 12:11 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

My Master and I have taken a big next step. We are married, and I am also collared to him, and he will decide everything about my sex life, including who I can play with (or who I must play with). We are writing a full contract, after which I'll only be able to talk to who My Master permits, to meet with who he permits and to play with who he permits.

So now instead of impressing me, you need to impress him. He's looking for respectful, intelligent men who can carry on an interesting conversation, and who can also fuck my brains out. He told me to make it VERY clear that I don't have to waste time with men who can't fuck me hard and deep and long.

I am a total sub to My Master, so if you have any interesting kinks, feel free to discuss it with him. If he's interested, he'll direct me to play whatever role he desires. I like to be spanked and tied up, so maybe you'll get to let your Dom side out.

Now that I am back in the lifestyle, and Ben's collared sub, there's no turning back. I am open to almost anything that doesn't violate our few rules...
No piss, no poop, and no serious pain
No anal
Safe sex always
No overnight playdates.
Anything else is with the permission of My Master. He is very accommodating and he wants me to play. He's a stallion, and he has his own playmates, so I'm ready, and available.
Would you like to play?
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What's it going to take to get laid?
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 12:19 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

I have been on AdultFriendFinder for over two , and I have been an AdultFriendFinder Ambassador for over a year. It that time I have been introduced, or I have introduced myself, to literally hundreds of men (and a few women). Most of them have been fun to talk to, and I have made chat connections all over the world.

But, try as I might I simply cannot make a physical connection with anyone local. In other words, I am having a difficult time GETTING LAID.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have rather high standards for my playmates. And I am slowly discovering that the average American male is dysfunctional. It seems a rare thing to find a man who just wants to be my playmate, without any hangups to accompanying him.

AdultFriendFinder is a site for people who want sex. As their saying goes, "Where experienced lovers hookup". How is that possible if the guy can't get hard and stay that way? tempted to say, "Only healthy, functional males apply'.

Guys, if you can't , don't even contact me. here to get laid, and anything short of that just isn't enough. So please, only healthy, functional men apply.

beyond frustrated right now. To think that there is no red-blodded American man who wants recreational sex.

sweet, nice, and I a MONSTER in bed, My only real success was my husband, so I married him quick. We met on this site, so I know that there are good men out there somewhere.

Guys, chat me up, and let's .
I'm down the rabbit hole.
Posted:Jan 6, 2019 6:28 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

Today I finally convinced my husband to take his first foray into the BDSM scene. Ben is always the consummate gentleman, so convincing him to try it was a job. But to please me he said yes, and now there's no turning back.

First he told me never to look at his face. So I kept my eyes down, saying, "Yes, sir". Then he told me to lay face-down on the bed, tied me up and blindfolded me. The anticipation was almost unbearable as he alternated between gentle strokes and sharp swats with his new riding crop. The pleasure was almost unbearable. I actually came when he swatted me.

After my ass was beet-red and stinging, he utied me, rolled me over and fucked me with an energy I had never seen before. It's been several hours and I'm still sitting her with a HUGE FFL, a very sore ass, and I am totally satisfied.

This marks a new phase of our sexual exploration, Now we are going to take our new interest to our playmates and FWB's, and see how much pleasure we can generate. Ben is very grateful for his introduction to this aspect of the lifestyle, and we're never going back to vanilla sex again.
Married men have their advantages
Posted:Jan 5, 2019 9:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 6:46 pm

As I have said before, I am conducting an active search for my husband, just like he's doing for me. If you contact me, don't be surprised if you start talking to Ben instead of me.

One thing I have observed is that many, MANY women think and act like sex with a married man is a very negative thing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually prefer my men married and young.

Married men mean NSA, which on this site should be an asset. If you don't want to be serious with anyone, a married man eliminates that issue. So the recreational sex becomes just that, like a walk around the park.

This is not to say that I prefer CHEATERS. If you want to play with either of us, you'll have to meet the spouse. We are totally open with each other, so no one has secrets. So you can see that this works if you let it.
A human footstool
Posted:Jan 4, 2019 6:52 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am

Tomorrow I start training my human footstool. I found a nice VERY young man to be my pet. The thought of making him sit still for an entire hour makes my pussy tingle. This is control at its finest. I'll keep you posted on how good it was.

And I'm looking for more human furniture. If you're interested, look me up.
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Time to turn a page...
Posted:Dec 29, 2018 9:19 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 11:35 am


After a sporadic history here on AdultFriendFinder, my husband and I have decided to leave Colorado, and relocate in the Phoenix Metro area. I'm certain that my success rate will improve with the move.

We're also planning on opening a "Lifestyle B&B". We'll be able to host friends and playmates from around the country, and even around the world. You visit, we play, and you have a nice place to stay while you're in town.

I am all in for the lifestyle now, so check me out and hit me back.

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