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Lost Weekend in Charlotte
Posted:Sep 27, 2015 12:13 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2015 5:15 am

I don't get to travel as much as I used to and I really miss that. A family member recently moved in with me that severely restricts my lifestyle. Almost no getting dolled up and no sex at home at all. So every opportunity I can get to get away from home, I snatch like a drowning person grabbing a life preserver.
So last weekend I got the chance to go to a symposium in NC and jumped at it. The company I work for was footing all the bills so, so much the better! My little gurly ass quivering all the way on the plane in anticipation and nervousness. I was wondering if the opportunity to have sex at all would crop up. In he rental car on the way to the hotel, I passed an ABS that I thought if nothing else, maybe there was a glory hole that I could hop in and do some serving. Checked into the hotel, did my registration and ran to my room, shaved, put on a fresh pair of panties and drove down the the store.
In the front window of the store, besides all the toys, was an amazing array of sexy and slutty outfits. Well, it had been a while since I bought anything new so I just had to browse! There was a particularly hot little gold mini dress that I thought was adorable and I snagged it. Usually when I get something like this, I generally lie to the cashier that it's for my girlfriend and had that fib ready to go when the cashier, about 40 and kinda cute asked me "Don't you want to try it on first?" I stuttered the girlfriend line and she grinned at me, looked me straight in the eye and said "No, I don't think so, and you'd probably look good in it." I was, to say the least, kind of floored and stuttered and stammered and tried to mumble something and she told me to go ahead into the dressing room and try it on. She came around from behind the counter, pointed me in the direction of the dressing room and then asked me blonde, brunette or redhead. I said blonde and she ushered me to the dressing room and said she'd be right back. I stripped and slid on the dress which fit perfectly, snug but not restricting. The door opened and she came in and put a long blonde wig on me, stood back and smiled and told me it looked great. I blushed a bit and replied thank you. She asked me my name, and she was insistent that I answer as my femme name and I answered "Misty." She asked me if I needed shoes and I told her I had a pair in my luggage in my room that I knew would go with and she said "Oh good! Are you from out of town?" I told her I was and that I was there on business. The conversation went on aout my sexual preferences, how long had I been dressing, do I like getting fucked by men or pegging and a few other topics as I was changing back into my street clothes, her standing there with me naked and her peeking out into the store with the door wide open in case other customers came in. As I checked out, she wrote her number on the back of the receipt and told me to call her after 8 if I was interested in a little party. It never occurred to me to ask what kind of party.
I stopped at a drugstore on the way back, made a few purchases (a 2 pack of enemas and some more makeup) grabbed some food and then in the room, stared at the clock all the time while taking the tags off the dress, putting my make up on, and getting ready. At 8:00 exactly, I called, shaking a little in a mix of nervousness and excitement. She answered and told me that I was a punctual little bitch. This was the first time she happened to mention that she forgot to ask if I liked black men. My heart jumped into my throat and I choked out "yes." She gave me directions and asked if I could be there in like a half hour and I said yes. I slunk through the hotel, out to the car hoping no one was wondering who the slut in the gold min dress was.
I got to the house, took a deep breath, walked up the sidewalk from the driveway, knees quaking making the walk even more difficult in the 5 inch sandals. She opened the door before I even had a chance to ring the doorbell and said "Hello Misty, looking good!" I said thank you and told her the same thing, and she did look great, nothing but a bra, a g-string and platform heels. She took my hand, led me in and introduced me to a God like black man, her boy friend, Joseph. He was huge, sculptured out of marble, shirtless and gorgeous, He smiled, asked me if I'd like a drink. I said thank you, and sat on the couch with them, he in the middle. There was a bit of small talk and after while she started stroking the bulge in his crotch. I stared at and I was afraid I might have been drooling. Believe it or not, this was the first time she actually told me her name, Bonnie. She smiled and she unzipped his trousers and out popped a semi erect 11 inch cock. She told me, "Go ahead, I know you want to" and I leaned over and flicked the tip of my tongue across the head, then took it between my lips. I heard her say "good girl" while her hand stroked it as I licked and sucked on the head. She let go and old me to keep going, she had a make a few more calls. He said "Of course, Misty here looks like she's gonna be fun." I felt a hand go between my cheeks and massage them and I groaned and lowered my mouth farther down onto the growing cock. In the background I know she must have said hello like 5 times and I glanced up with the cock in my mouth, looking at her with her phone in one hand and the other inside of her g-string. A finger started playing with my little hole and Joseph asked me if I liked that and I mumbled "mmhmm" still fucking that beautiful cock with my mouth. Within in a few minutes, he stood, removed his shoes and socks and took off his trousers. Bonnie had taken off her g-string and was sitting on the arm of the couch. I found my face between her thighs, and me on my hands and knees on the couch. I felt a cool ooze dripping between my cheeks knowing it was some kind of lube. A finger started plying around my boi pussy then slowly entered me. I moaned and my tongue lapped at the damp pussy lips and hard and surprisingly big clit in my mouth. I was finger fucked for a minute or two, and was asked "Ready?" I groaned "yessss." The finger slid out and I flt the massive head sliding up and down between my cheeks, then pressed against me. I winced since it had been so long since I had a man, it hurt and I thought it figures, the first man that fucks me in months has a cock the size of a baseball bat. Bonnie told me to relax as I struggled to do just that. Then with a small thrust, it pushed past my outer muscle and I thought I was going to scream and whimpered instead, lowering my face from her pussy and burying it in a cushion. Joseph asked me if I wanted him to stop, and I struggled with the question for a second before I gasped out "No." Bonnie lifted her leg over me and eased off the arm of the couch and I looked up and it was the first time I noticed there were 2 other men in the room, one white and obviously athletic and the other a shorter middle aged distinguished balck man in what was obviously a very expensive suit. Bonnie went over and kissed both of them, Joseph had not moved at all while this was going on, knowing that he was allowing my ass get used to the gigantic intruder. I watched as Bonnie tugged at the belt of the white guy who said "so this is the party slut sissy huh?" Seconds later, Joseph, stroking my my back under the dress whispered "Okay?" and I said "please." I had loosened up a little by then and so he eased deeper into me, the second ring of muscle grudgingly opening to his immense cock. A short stab of flaming pain and he was in me.
He began slowly easing deeper then just as slowly slipping back out, then a little deeper into my wanton hole. I heard him mumble "Jesus she's so fucking tight!" I moaned with my eyes closed. I opened them just in time to see Bonnie lowering herself down on an ungodly sized white cock on the chair opposite of me, facing me. My view was almost immediately blocked by a black cock of the man who had had the suit on. He was naked, a little chunky but not at all unappealingly so, and heard him say, "don't ruin that ass for the rest of us!" I reached up and guided the cock to my mouth and began greedily sucking it. Suddenly Joseph lurched forward, driving himself all the way in, splitting me open and I felt a rush as all the pain had disappeared, replaced with a sheer pleasure I had gone so long without. He began fucking me slowly and I felt the other cock in my mouth growing harder by the second. He took himself out of my mouth, slid under me, and sat on the couch and guided my head back to his cock. I looked over and noticed that a fourth man had shown up, and Bonnie had his cock in her hand, stroking it furiously. Joseph told him to "Put the fucking phone away, you know there's no pictures!" Bonnie was bouncing up and down on the other cock like a mad woman. Joseph began pounding harder and harder into my boi pussy, his hips slamming into my ass cheeks. He suddenly slid out and told the the man I was sucking (whose name turned out to be Jameer) to "go for it before I stretch this pussy out." Jameer didn't hesitate, he grabbed my hips and and started fucking me. I noticed Bonnie had left the room but returned rather quickly with a package of baby wipes saying we're going to need these, and before she could do anything else, the doorbell rang and she she disappeared again, only to reappear with two MORE men! It wasn't too long before I found another cock in my mouth, one in my hand and one (and by now I had no idea whose) fucking me. Bonnie was on the floor, one in her pussy, one in her ass and another in her mouth. I lost track of time as I swallowed one load and felt more cum dribbling out of my ass, Bonnie by now had cum on her tits and ass and no doubt leaking from her pussy. I saw faces of men that I knew had not been there earlier and faces that had been there were no longer anywhere to be found. I was on my knees, then on my back, straddling the same the same man that Bonnie had been straddling earlier (he wasn't as big around as Joseph but I know it had to be a foot long!) I excused myself to go pee at one point and when I got back, Bonnie said "c'mere sweetie, you deserve this," and started sucking me. It took like two seconds for me to get hard in her warm mouth, and she got up, laid on the floor and spread her legs and lifted her hips and guided my cock into her ass (it's only fair, she said.) As I slid into her inviting hole, Joseph got behind and entered me again. We lay on the floor for what seemed like just a few seconds, me sandwiched between them when I felt myself about to erupt into her and she moaned into my ear, "Yes Misty, cum in my ass baby." And I exploded what seemed like a gallon deep into her. My ass spasming as I came, grasping the huge cock I was impaled on. Joseph pounding me madly and then he grasped my hips, shouted "Oh fuck!!!" as he thrust deep into me and he blew his cum into me. Me growing limp inside Bonnie kissing her deeply, her repeating "mmhmm, mmhmm mmhmm" with our mouths locked together, her cumming apparently from the thought of her man cumming in me. We slowly uncoupled, and I saw there were only three other men still there, one getting dressed, the long cocked white man having a drink and applauding, and another I hadn't seen earlier watching about half asleep in another chair.
My ass was burning raw and sore from repeated fuckings and I found the baby wipes and very gingerly wiped myself. I flopped exhausted into the couch beside Mr. Longcock. It was then that I finally asked what time it was. It was almost 5 said Longcock. I sighed and whispered, "Oh fuck, I'm supposed to be at a welcoming breakfast at 7! And I look like a mess!!" Joseph plopped beside me and told me that I didn't except my makeup was gone or smeared where it still existed. Bonnie asked what would happened if I miss the breakfast and I said honestly I had no idea. "Go get cleaned up hun, put on some more makeup, go back to the hotel and say fuck it, then get some sleep."
So that's exactly what I did!
Well almost....
Mr. Longdick came back to the hotel with me. I never did get to any of the symposium that weekend. Mr Longdick even went to Macy's and brought me back some lingerie. And you know, I asked once, he didn't answer me and I never did find out his name!!!

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