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The best of our life is sex! Vatsayana taught us more about sex. I will publish posts here; please write your comments! love you all!
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is sex mandatory?
Posted:Aug 1, 2019 11:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2020 7:01 am

is sex mandatory?
not known
just for reproduction
it's a pleasure
should be a responsibility
should be banned
should be allowed freely
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Ad sense
Posted:Nov 24, 2018 8:45 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2019 12:32 am

For which product the pic shown is the most suitable?
Hair remover
News paper
Hair products
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pussy licking styles
Posted:Oct 27, 2018 3:49 am
Last Updated:Sep 8, 2020 7:02 am

Which are the pussy licking styles you like?
licking on the top of pussy
go deep into the pussy
try for g-spot to lick it
lick the inner walls of the pussy
licking only the clit
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The art of pussy eating!
Posted:Sep 19, 2018 1:01 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am

The Art of Cunnilingus or How to Eat Pussy
Introduction This section is for men who want learn how to properly eat a woman's pussy, or who've heard that it might not be all that bad to put their face down there, and for women who want to get their man to eat them period, improvement in performance can come later. I am not an expert. I am simply a woman who knows what she likes, and has had all too many experiences with men who didn't seem to have the vaguest idea what they were doing between her legs. Eating a woman's pussy is about the most wonderful thing you can do for her. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and of course it makes her cum like crazy. Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for most, it's the easiest way to cum with a man. You may have the littlest cock on the planet, but if you give great head, you'll be appreciated as a fabulous lover. Yes, it's that important. Besides, lots of women expect it these days so you might as well get to know what you're doing. Studies show that 90 percent of married couples under 25 give head and for couples over 50, at least 55 percent of the men are eating pussy, with 95 percent of the men and 82 percent of the women enjoying it. Many guys seem to have a strange love/hate relationship with women's genitalia. Guys that can't wait to get their cock into one are often reluctant to put their face "down there." For every guy who says he loves to eat pussy, there's another one who's squeamish. Women know this, and it affects their ability to lie back and enjoy the experience. This is for you gals. Before you can get him to eat pussy for the first time, you need to get him worked up about the idea, that is, get him to think about sex for a few minutes, but don't do anything to make him cum yet. He's got a sex switch in his brain that turns on when he sees a woman, especially a naked one, and turns off as soon as he cums, this is why who does what first can be very important in the beginning, less so as the two of you mature. Fortunately, it won't take much to get him to eat you the first time, just undress and ask him to, let him look at your pussy for a while, show him your clit and let him play with it, promise him a good fuck afterwards or a blowjob if you've read the second section, if he seems the least bit interested straddle his head and rub your bush over his face. What's Down There? This is for you guys. Most men don't really know what they've been sticking their cock into. Many women also don't appreciate what they have, and can't understand why a man would think that it was beautiful, let alone want to put his face in it. Why would a man like to eat pussy? Most men I know who really love women and want make having sex with them a joint endeavor rather than a conquest, also like to eat pussy. They don't want to just eat her, they want to bring her to a great climax and then build her up for a fuck that neither will forget, or maybe get a good blowjob if that's what she wants to do. I think that there are two basic reasons. First, many men want to give their woman the most sexual satisfaction they can, they enjoy pleasing her and will go to great lengths to do so, the more their woman likes what they are doing to her, the harder their cocks get until sometimes they cum just from eating her. The second is the role that the mouth, tongue, taste and smell play in sex. Why do people kiss? They receive pleasure from the interaction that takes place during a kiss. The mouth, lips and tongue are some of the more erogenous zones of the body and are active rather than passive, you do something with them. You nibble on her ears, kiss and suck on her nipples, kiss her navel, why not kiss and suck on the most sexual part of her body, her pussy. The tastes and odors of the fresh secretions from a clean healthy woman's pussy are also erotic to many men. Put this all together and your mouth in her pussy is where it's at guys. Now that you've got your woman out of the shower, on the bed, and fairly well warmed up (or she's got you there), stop and look at what you see. Leave the lights on, or get a flashlight or something, so that you can examine her carefully. Take a good look at what's between her legs. Beautiful, isn't it? There's nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy. I know. I've seen plenty of them. They come in all different sizes, colors and shapes; some are tucked inside like a little girl's cunnie and some have thick luscious lips that come out to greet you. Some are nested in brushes of fur and others are covered with transparent fuzz. The first thing you see is her muff. It should be the same color as the rest of her hair but who knows these days. It has a slightly different texture than the hair on her head and can cover a large or small area but usually just up over the mons area, that fleshy mound over her pelvic bone, and down each side of her pussy to its lower end. It usually does not spread out to her thighs and has sparse growth partially onto the outer lips. Don't worry, looking at it won't make you go blind. Nestled in the midst of her muff are the outer, or major, lips of her pussy (they are vertical on all women). They are not overly sensitive to touch on the outside (but it's a good place to start), about the same as the shaft of your cock. They extend from the upper part of the hood that covers her clit to more or less the bottom of her pussy. They're thick and luscious in the middle and thin out at each end blending into her body. Some are almost closed while others are open to varying extents, allowing the inner pleasures to peep through. They don't generally come together completely at the top, exposing the upper cone of the clitoral hood, and less so at the bottom, giving you a glimpse of the bottom of the vaginal entrance where the lower parts of the inner lips surround it. Underneath the outer lips are the inner, or minor, lips. These are much thinner, more sensitive and fun to play with. At the top they form the cone-shaped hood that protects the sensitive clit, closing in under the clit and then coming back out to continue down to the bottom of the vaginal entrance. They tend to blossom out between the outer lips, especially near the bottom. Between the underside of the clit and the bottom of the vaginal opening lies the vestibule, your new playground. Although the clit's hood is a part of the inner lips, they appear to only cover the vestibule. The urethra and vagina open into the vestibule. Excluding the obvious first place role of the clit, it's the vestibule and the entrance to the vagina where a lot of the action takes place. I've saved the best for last, the clitoris or clit, accent on the first syllable. Most of you know it, but for those who don't, it's THE woman's sex organ, period. It may feel great to be fucked vaginally or otherwise, but if the stimulation isn't right there, on the clit, you're ignoring the place that's going to make her cum, and presumably that's why you're reading this, right? It's right there at the top juncture of her inner lips, a small knob of pink flesh. This is where it's at boys, and don't forget it. Almost any licking and sucking of the labia or vaginal entrance are going to feel just dandy; just remember that's pleasurable, teasing, not the main event. I can't tell you how many guys have thrust their tongues up my cunt thinking that that was going to make me cum. They were wrong. Of course, with a little manual stimulation . . . but I'm getting ahead of myself. Women feel differently about how much direct stimulation they can take on their clit. Some women will adore it if you suck hard on their exposed clits, others will shriek in pain. You may encounter a woman who is completely unable to take direct stimulation of her clit; the goal is still the same, but you'll have to stimulate it indirectly, such as through her labia. IMPORTANT NOTE: Often, what is unacceptably rough at first, may be fine after she's very excited. The fact is, most women really need a good bit of stimulation before a targeted attack on their clit, but once they're ready, that's where you want to devote your attention. Back off for now, rest your head on her thigh and just admire the view. Learn to appreciate your woman's unique qualities and tell her what makes her special. Describe what you see, in poets' words if you can, but in any way you can as long as it's with love and admiration. Positions You can give head to your woman in just about any position she can get herself into, floating on her back in a swimming pool with her legs around your neck, standing on a picnic table, however, some positions are obviously better than others. Giving good head to your woman on a lazy summer afternoon can take an hour or more if you play it right. That means that you both have to be in comfortable positions to enjoy it, or even endure it. That usually means a lying, sitting or reclining position. She has to be able to spread her legs comfortably and hold them in that position. She should not have to have the weight of your body on her, or hers on you. She also needs to be able to put her hands on your head and pull it against her. You need to be able to make eye contact with her while you are eating her. You have to be able to press your mouth to and your tongue in all of her pussy, including holding it deep in her cunt without getting a crick in your neck. You also have to be able to easily place your hands on her pussy and your fingers in her cunt. The obvious place to start is a bed. She can recline comfortably against some pillows and watch you work. You can lie on your stomach between her legs, however, you'll have to tilt your head too far back to get your tongue in her cunt comfortably. Putting a couple of pillows under her hips to tilt her pelvis up will help with that problem. This is probably one of the better positions. Another good one, maybe the best, is for her to slide her hips to the edge of the bed and rest her feet on two overstuffed chairs that are spread apart enough for you to rest between them. They can be turned so that she can rest her knees against the arms or backs. A couple of pillows under her head and she can reach your head and watch to her harts content. You can rest on a soft cushion on the floor, your head resting on her thigh, sucking on her clit for hours and have easy access to all of your afternoon's pleasures. And then there's 69. . . . 69 is one of my favorite positions. On the plus side, you both get to enjoy the sublime sensations of getting head simultaneously. The upside down positioning of a woman's pussy and your mouth is an easy fit and there's more room for your hands. On the negative side, it's a less than ideal position for a woman to suck cock and you may not feel comfortable with your nose in her anus when you French kiss her cunt. I also love for a man to reach down, thrust his tongue deep in my cunt and then slowly lap it back up to my clit which doesn't work well upside down. Plus, if you need to read this book, you may be better off concentrating your energies on pleasing her without too much distraction at first. But even for experienced 69'ers, it's easy to short-change your partner. "It feels soooo good, I'm just gonna stop for a second and concentrate on what you're . . . aaaarrrgghhh." Get the picture? Some show of willpower is in order. She can also straddle your face which can be a lot of fun, but be prepared to get very wet. There are endless varieties of positions where you can press your face up to her pussy, some of which strike me as more acrobatic than erotic, but feel free to experiment. Getting Started For you gals who need instruction . . . just lie back and enjoy it, it'll grow on you. When he does something you like, tell him. Hold his head gently with your hands and guide him, talk to him, he'll love it. Now for the men. So there you are, staring at it - the mysterious hole from whence you came, and into which you hope to cum again . . . The key here is to go slow, ask questions, really explore her body. Body language often tells what feels best, but I promise, she'll appreciate your attentiveness if you ask outright. If she seems shy, get her to guide your hands and mouth with her own hands, and pay attention. Most women are shy about their bodies. Even if you've got the world's most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she's going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it's beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but get her to trust you enough to let you down between her legs. Women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during lovemaking. They respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to her, the easier it will be to get her off. So all the time you're petting and stroking her beautiful pussy, talk to her about it. There's nothing more exciting to a woman than to know that her partner finds her delicious. Don't be coy; tell her. Many men, and women, feel that the tastes and odors associated with a woman's pussy are offensive. This isn't so, the natural fragrance and secretions of a healthy woman are beautiful and erotic, especially to a man. You both need to settle this question at the very beginning. Take turns tasting and smelling her pussy's natural fluids when she's fresh and clean. When you finger her and then smell, lick, suck the juice off your finger and sigh as if in heaven, she'll forget this problem and you can dive right in. What if your sweet lady doesn't smell or taste very sweet? Don't suffer. (Don't complain, either.) Take a nice hot shower or bath together. Lather up both of your bodies and slide them together. It's like a whole body fuck. Soap up her pussy, washing between her outer and inner lips. Spread her lips apart and gently wash her clit. Hey, don't stop - this feels great! Run your soapy hand down the crack of her ass, and rub a finger all around her anus, washing the entrance/exit well. But don't put those soapy fingers up her cunt. Instead, rinse them off well and stick one or two inside, making a circular motion. Think about washing the inside of a tall glass - same thing. She may prefer to use a douche, if she does, help her do it, you can get your fingers in her cunt later. Now wasn't that fun? Now you can feel free to let your tongue wander anywhere it pleases . . . Even though your woman wants you to eat her, she may still be somewhat hesitant about your going down on her. Don't just dive right in, warm her up with some serious kissing and cuddling. Move over on top of her and put your legs between hers. Use your elbows to keep some of your weight off her. Slowly work your way down her body, caressing, licking and kissing her ears, eyes, throat, breasts, navel, and wherever she likes. Press your body down on her muff and slide it around as you move down, getting her used to something being on it besides your hand and cock. Lap your tongue on down from her navel to the inside of her thigh. Raise her legs over your shoulders and rest your cheek on her muff while you continue to lick and kiss her thigh. Lick the crease between her thigh and pussy. Brush your lips over her muff as you turn your head over to work on her other thigh. Look up at her, make eye contact and smile while you rub your cheek over her pussy. When you see her facial _expression begin to change to one of anticipation and feel her tilt her pussy up toward you, you know she's forgotten all about her hesitancy and you can start getting into the good stuff. So now what? You've found a comfy spot to play, you've been kissing passionately, your tongues darting around in each other's mouths like playful otters. You've moved on down to some of the other interesting parts of her body and she's starting to groan, ready for you to eat her now, grinding her pelvis against you. STOP. I know it was just starting to get good. But was she really groaning and humping you, or was it your own excitement you were detecting? I strongly prefer to be excited before a guy starts plunging his tongue into my inner recesses. Use your judgment, women, even more so than men, love to be teased. The inner part of her thigh is one of her more tender spots. Lick it, kiss it, make designs on it with the tip of your tongue. Come dangerously close to her pussy, then float away. Make her anticipate it. Now lick the crease where her leg joins her pussy. Nuzzle your face into her muff. Brush your lips over her pussy without pressing down on it to further excite her until she's arching up her back trying to get you to eat her. Of course, if she really was groaning and grinding, go for it . . . I also don't particularly enjoy a guy endlessly nibbling my inner thigh while my clit is quivering in anticipation. Moisten your fingers and open her outer lips, examine them, taste the texture of the inner side with your tongue. See if her clit is starting to peek out from under its hood. Play with her inner lips with your lips and tongue. Open her inner lips and examine the vestibule. See if you can find her meatus, the opening for her urethra. Its sort of like the opening in the head of your cock that she plays with, now play with hers with your tongue. Look at the hole your cock has been playing around in. The entrance to her cunt looks like an open flower with its lower petals blending into the larger lowermost petals of the inner lips. Taste its juices with your tongue, they should be flowing now. Slip your tongue farther in and feel the texture, move it around in her cunt and watch her response. But I'm getting ahead of myself again. The Tongue I want to repeat, there's almost nothing you can do with your tongue that won't feel terrific, so relax! I promise, you may be confused and uncertain, but she's in heaven. Any licking and sucking of her lips, cunt, or clit are going to feel just great, and I'd no sooner tell guys to "do it exactly like this" than I would tell every chef to follow the same recipe. But for those who are compelled to RTMF, here are a few techniques that you might like to try: Play around in the vestibule, try lapping her pussy from her cunt up to her clit, leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed. This is a good way to start your tonguing. Run your tongue between the inner and outer lips on one side, while holding the two together with your lips. Good job, now do the other side. Fuck her cunt with your tongue - in and out, around and around, etc. This feels nice. Not wonderful or incredible or earthshaking, nice. Keep your tongue in her cunt for a while, moving the tip around and around and . . . That feels better, now lick up to her clit again and kiss it, watch her shudder. Feel the texture of the tip of her clit with your tongue, notice the taste of it. Spend some time slowly licking your tongue over all of her pussy, savoring the various tastes and textures. Spread her outer lips with your hand. Then, with your tongue pointed and stiff, gently flick here and there. Feel free to roam, but keep coming back to her clit. This drives some women wild, and others can't take it. Some may prefer that you always leave your tongue soft, so when you try this, pay attention to whether those moans are ecstasy or pain. The following techniques should not be introduced until your partner is really hot (i.e., she's no longer coherent). These are very intense actions which may be "too much" for some women, even when nearing orgasm. With her clit still exposed, give it a quick little suck - pulling it into your mouth briefly and letting it go. This is a lot like licking a bit of cake batter off of your pinky. This feels incredible, and is a fine thing to do if you feel like torturing her (see PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER below). Take her exposed clit into your mouth and gently (at first, anyway) suck on it, simultaneously flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressively, and combined with fingering, will usually rapidly produce an intense orgasm. Another choice technique involves rolling your tongue into a tube. If you can't do this with your tongue, you can't learn it - it's genetic. For those who can, this works best in an inverted or 69 position. Roll your tongue into a tube around the shaft of her clit. Slide it up and down; in effect, your tongue makes a tiny cunt for her clit to fuck. This also is likely to bring her over the edge. Fingers Fingers are valuable adjuncts to eating pussy. Most women masturbate by pressing a finger or fingers over their clit, possibly "thru" the skin of their lips, and vigorously rubbing in a circular or back-and-forth direction. You can do this too, ask her, or better yet, have her show you how she likes it done. You'll never be a good lover until you can bring your woman to climax with your hands. When you fuck her from behind, or really in any position which doesn't allow her to simultaneously rub her clit against your body, reach down or around and rub her clit. I know it's distracting, but just do it anyway. One important point to note: make sure that your fingers are well lubricated and most of all, your nails cut, I mean cut back to the quick and sanded smooth. The slightest hangnail can be very painful when raked over that tender flesh. There's nothing more uncomfortable (and sometimes downright painful) than a dry finger or hangnail roughly rubbed across one's clit. Of course, that's not all you can do with your fingers. One technique which is very exciting is to spread her lips wide apart with one hand, and with your index finger straight like a pencil, flick the side of it rapidly across her clit. This motion alone will often bring a woman to orgasm. Combining this with the addition of some tongue action elsewhere is nothing short of bliss. Sticking one or more fingers inside her cunt can also be wonderful. How many fingers you use depends on the woman. Some women don't want you to stick your finger in their cunt at all, some like only one (at least at first), some like their cunt to be full so the more the better (within reason). You can simply move them in and out (this feels best with at least two or three fingers pushed in hard) or wiggle them around. A particularly intense motion is to face your hand so that you have two fingers inside her with your palm facing the front of her body. Now move your fingers rapidly, as if waving hello. You're aiming to stimulate a particular part of the woman's vagina - namely the lower anterior (front) part. When combined with sucking her clit, this is nearly certain to bring her to a fast and intense climax. If you're between her legs, busily eating away, and want to finger her at the same time, your thumb (or thumbs) may be the best ones to use. It is difficult to turn your other fingers around to work on her "G" spot. It also allows you to use your other fingers on her clit and the rest of her pussy. An excellent way to begin manual stimulation is to stick one (and later two) fingers inside her, with your palm cupped over the mons area. I'm talking about that fleshy "mound" over her pubic bone. Your finger goes in and out and the ball of your hand is pressed hard against her pussy. You may want to rub or even shake the entire area with your palm.
female choices!
Posted:Jun 22, 2018 2:58 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2019 11:46 pm

Who would you like to fuck females?
Married men
Very young guys
Age no bar
All the above are ok
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Most desired place
Posted:Feb 24, 2018 6:52 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am

What is your most desired location you would want to have sex at least once?
Swimming pool
A star hotel
On a tree
In a pub
0 Comments , 1 vote
Posted:Feb 16, 2018 2:30 am
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2018 12:16 am

what is age preference of male for a middle aged female?
Below 18
above 50
0 Comments , 2 votes
Posted:Feb 16, 2018 2:04 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2018 11:42 pm

Which time do you enjoy sex?
Early hours
After breakfast
around noon
as and when become horny!
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Super Morning Sex - a view point!
Posted:Jul 24, 2017 3:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am

s , what do your mornings look like?

Personally, I’ve got a killer morning routine (don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you follow it — I only mention it to make a point).

It involves chugging 500ml of water, journaling for half an hour, a yoga breathing technique called ‘Breath of Fire,’ and 40 minutes of strength training.

It’s a ritual that I hold sacred — because it sets my day up for success, priming my mind and body to perform at their peak states.

But I’ll ditch that entire routine for morning sex.

Because there’s no amount of yoga or journaling that can beat the feeling of some warm pussy at the crack of dawn.

And not only does morning sex feel amazing — it’s also got a ton of health benefits.

For instance, it burns calories, boosts your immune system, and improves your mood — all before you even get out of bed.

Plus, men’s bodies are primed for morning sex. And I’m not just talking about the raging hard-on you wake up with every morning...

You see, guys naturally build up testosterone overnight — which allows you to get harder in the a.m. and last longer.

Which is why I’m writing to you today, s .

I’ve created a little guide to outline the best tips for having morning sex to make it as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Here are 6 tips for making it happen…

John’s ‘Morning Glory’ Sex Guide (Photos Included)

1. Go to bed completely naked

Imagine waking up — still a little sleepy — and lifting the covers to find… your woman’s big beautiful ass right in front of you.

That magnificent view — along with the extra skin-to-skin contact and your morning wood — will allow things to escalate pretty quickly.

And when your woman feels how hard you are, she’ll instantly know what time it is.

2. Keep the bedroom dark

Some women shy away from morning sex because — having not showered, brushed their teeth, or put on makeup — they don’t feel super attractive when they wake up.

So keeping the curtains closed will create a low-light environment that allows “feeling attractive” to become less of an issue.

You can also ease her concerns by telling her how beautiful she is, saying things like, “Baby, you look so sexy right now.”

That being said, if she insists on “freshening up” first, don’t sweat it. You can stroke yourself to stay aroused until she comes back from the bathroom.

3. Set your alarm to play sexy music

Now, you don’t have to set an alarm at all — you could just sleep in and then bone when you wake up naturally.

But if you are going to set an alarm, set it to a radio station that’ll get you and your lady in the mood.

A station that plays old school R&B — like Barry White and Marvin Gaye — will definitely do the trick.

And, if you’re technologically savvy, there are even ways to have your phone open up a music streaming app and play sexy playlists as an alarm clock.

4. Make sex the first thing you do

Ditch the phone (or laptop).

In this day and age, it’s extremely easy to reach for your phone the moment you wake up. But just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest.

Because nothing kills your libido like grabbing your electronic device to read your emails, check the score of last night’s game, or catch up on the latest news.

Instead, initiate sex using the next tip...

5. My first move is always kissing & licking her body

This helps her catch up to where I am sexually. After all, she’s not the one with the throbbing erection.

I like to start at her neck and work my way down to her knees — then finally back up to her pussy — where I can get her hot & wet and ready for penetration.

6. Avoid each other’s bad breath

I’ll admit, when you wake up, your breath is the opposite of sexy.

So in order to maintain the spontaneity of the moment, you can stick to sex positions that keep your mouths as far away from each other as possible.

Now, obviously good ol’ doggy-style would work just fine, but I picked the following two moves because you might still be a bit tired in the morning, and they’re both performed lying down.

The Unicorn

To perform this move, lie on your side — behind your woman.

Then lift one of her legs in the air — you can hold behind her knee or near her ankle — and slide yourself inside of her.

[Note: If you’re on your left side, use your right hand to hold her right leg up. Then you can place your left hand on her shoulder to give you more leverage for thrusting.]

Sideways 69

69’ing is an old-school French move created in the 1700’s by Théroigne de Méricourt, a leader of the French Revolution.

To perform it — you and your lady lie down facing each other, but with your heads at opposite ends so that your mouths are aligned with each other’s genitals.

I like Sideways 69’ing better than regular because when you lie next to each other, you don’t have to worry about squishing your partner with your bodyweight — or visa versa.

So, there you have it...

The best etiquette for morning sex. Just do what I mentioned above and you’ll be cock-a-doodle doing it before you know it.

This is a great way to relieve stress, enjoy some effortless exercise, connect with your lady, and remind yourself of one of the simpler pleasures in life.

Now, I almost forgot to mention, women’s bodies are ALSO primed for morning sex — but in a different way.

Upon waking, ladies have a higher level of vasopressin in their systems… a hormone that creates feelings of emotional attachment.

So, if you’ve got a lady that you’re interested in keeping around — morning sex might be the key to tipping the scales in your favor.

Try it tomorrow and show your woman what a GOOD MORNING really looks like.

For your health,

John Lawrence

P.S. According to a survey1 done in the UK, the best time for morning sex is Sunday at 9am.
PS Spot
Posted:May 18, 2017 11:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am

But here’s one you probably DON’T know about, because... well, it’s one of the best kept secrets in the world...

The PS-spot.

Don’t worry if this one is new to you, it’s pretty mysterious.

Actually, chances are not even your girl knows about it.

Which is a shame, because it can provide an earth-shattering orgasm for her.

You see, the PS-spot — perineal sponge — is packed with nerve endings.

This allows for a ton of pleasure for your lady when stimulated.

But, because of its location, the PS-spot gets less attention than the more popular clit and G-spot areas.

That’s because the clit and G-spot are located near the entrance to your woman’s pleasure cave — and therefore easier to get to.

However, this also means when you stimulate her PS-spot, you’re not only pleasuring your woman, you’re doing it in a way she’s never felt before.

Now, when I let people in on this secret spot, they always ask the same three questions — Where is it? How do I stimulate it? And what are the benefits?

So, let’s get right to it…


Picture the area directly in between your woman’s pussy and her anus. Now, imagine that area — but inside of her vagina. That’s the PS-spot.

If you stick your finger inside of your girl and feel around on the lower back wall, it’ll feel like the ridges on the roof of your mouth.


Now, the tricky thing about this spot is it’s made of sponge-like tissue that only enlarges when your woman is aroused.

So, you have to arouse her before you focus on this spot. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

You can do this by kissing your woman, massaging her, giving her oral. Whatever you like.

This is a great opportunity for a little extra foreplay to get you and her hot and heavy.

Once she’s aroused, there are two great ways to stimulate her PS-spot that’ll have her moaning in ecstasy.

1) Woman-on-Top Sex:

Have your girl get on top of you. Then slide inside of her and have her lean down toward you so your chests are touching.

(This puts your cock in the perfect position to rub up against her PS-spot when you’re thrusting.)

Then, with one of your free hands, reach around and massage the area of skin between her pussy and her anus.

This allows you to massage her PS-spot from both inside and outside the vagina — giving her double the pleasure.

She’ll think you’re a master in bed.

2) Finger Massage:

This allows for more direct stimulation of your woman’s PS-spot simply because of the extra control you have when you use your fingers.

To do this, lick your longest finger (it’s important to be lubricated) and slide it into your girl. Now, feel along the inside of her lower wall (or vaginal floor).

It should be about 1 ½ inches in. You’ll know you’ve reached it when you feel a bumpy, “ridgy” area.

Now, apply firm, rhythmic pressure to her PS-spot — the same pressure you’d use to lightly massage a back muscle.

For some added pleasure, you can do the same thing I mentioned before — with your free hand, massage the area between her pussy and her anus.

With this technique she’ll be putty in your hands — melting under your touch.

What Are the Benefits?

First of all, when you’re inside your woman and her PS-spot is enlarged — due to arousal and stimulation — her pussy gets tighter.

That extra tightness feels fantastic... for both of you.

Also, because there is less space inside of her, you’ll feel bigger — like you’re taking up more space. It’s a win-win, my friend.

Second, this spot is going to be new to both of you. And because you’re one of the few men who know about it, your woman is going to think you’re a fucking sex god.

You’ll blow her mind.

So, try out this exclusive technique tonight.

You’ll feel bigger, the sex will be tighter, and you’ll introduce her to a part of herself that she didn’t even know existed.

Then she’ll know how much of a sexual champion you really are.
Horny Crab
Posted:Oct 3, 2016 1:04 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am
Now, to try the Horny Crab, start by sitting on the bed with your legs facing each other. Lean back slightly, using your arms for support.
Bend your knees, then move toward each other until you’re able to enter her.
You should both be in the same position: knees bent, legs slightly spread, with your feet alongside your partner’s body.
Now, start rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’! Think of ocean waves, dragging you back and forth. With both of you moving, a little action goes a long way.
If you wanna hit that clit, just lean forward a little and massage it with your fingers or thumb. And don’t forget to give her nipples the attention they need.
Between the rocking, pumping, massaging, and tweaking, you’ll be exploding in no time!
But if you decide to move into full-steam-ahead raw sex mode, you just take her arms, lie back, pull her up — and voila, you’re in The Cowgirl position!
Now she’s in total control…so she can grind and pump and ride her way to an explosive orgasm.
Or if you wanna be in the driver’s seat — maybe go into jackhammer mode — just reposition your legs so you’re on your knees…throw her legs over your shoulders…and start drilling!
Sex positions women like most
Posted:May 29, 2016 1:24 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2018 3:39 am

In a recent survey women voted for the below sex positions

1. Normal missionary position
2. Woman on top
3. Doggy

They enjoy the doggy and top positions as the penice touches the erotic G-Spot in their pussy that stimulates them most!

which positions you prefer?
Sense of humour attracts her!
Posted:May 2, 2016 12:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2020 1:23 am

What’s the key to Woody Allen’s sex life? What about Jim Carrey or Eddie Murphy?

It’s actually pretty simple...funny guys SERIOUSLY turn girls on.

I’m not kidding...nothing puts us at ease faster than a guy who can make us laugh.

And it doesn’t matter what you look like or what you do for work: If you make us laugh, you’re HOT.

That’s why my friend Kayla hooked up with her boyfriend Frank...and I think it’s the KEY to their relationship.

You see, Kayla’s a super-sexy dancer with one of the best bodies in the industry...and these beautiful, pouty lips I just want to nibble on

Anyway, when she met Frank 4 months ago, all she could talk about was how much fun they had together...amazing dates, lots of laughter, and INCREDIBLE sex.

Naturally, I had to meet the guy who was making my friend SO happy...so last week, we all went out for drinks…

And I gotta admit, when I first saw Frank, I was SHOCKED.

It’s not that he was UGLY, but he wasn’t cute — balding, hairy, heavy, and at least 15 years older than Kayla.

But when Frank started talking...it all made sense. He’s HILARIOUS!

Frank had us in stitches that whole time. My abs actually HURT from laughing so much.

And you know what? By the end of the night, I thought he was kinda sexy...and some of his DIRTIER jokes actually got me a little turned on

And it made me think...what is it about funny guys that makes them SO sexy?

So when I got home, I started doing some reading, and I found out it’s not just me...all women love a sense of humor.

It’s even been scientifically proven!

I’m serious...in a national survey of over 5,000 women, more than half of them said their #1 relationship “must have” is a sense of humor...

Being funny actually beat out qualities like intelligence, passion and generosity!

And then I came across something even more AMAZING: Scientists discovered that funny guys actually give women more orgasms.

Of course, no one knows exactly WHY, but there are a few interesting theories…

For one, laughter releases endorphins — which make people feel instantly happier and more relaxed…

So when she takes that relaxed feeling with her to the bedroom...she’ll able to really focus on how you’re making her feel with your tongue, your hands, and your cock…

Which will make for a more powerful orgasm!

But even more important: A sense of humor shows CONFIDENCE…

And most women know that when a guy’s confident enough to LAUGH at himself...and funny enough to make HER laugh...he’s gonna be amazing between the sheets.

Because she knows that when you make her laugh, you’re focusing on HER, not on yourself or ANYONE else in the room. It makes her feel so special.

And that means she’s more willing to do something special for you

Luckily, even if you’re not a professional comedian, you can still learn how to make ANY girl laugh...

And become that funny, confident guy that women can’t resist!

Here’s how.
Be Real. Most great jokes start with the truth...because everyone can relate to them.

What do I mean? Well if you make a joke about something that just doesn’t happen in real life, like people flying...she’ll probably think you sound weird.

But make a joke about sex,current events, or even about traffic...and she’ll probably laugh because she can picture it.

Surprise her. Surprise almost always gets people laughing...think about it.

If I say “I had a friend over, and my dropped a toy in his lap to play fetch,” that’s not surprising...or funny.

But if I said, “my friend came to visit, and my found my favorite dildo and dropped it right in his lap for a game of fetch….” that’s the kind of story anyone will find HILARIOUS.

Be A LITTLE self deprecating. That’s right...show your confidence by putting yourself down, just a little.

You see...when a guy brags a lot, a girl thinks he’s compensating for something…

But if you’re able to make fun of yourself, it shows girls that you’re cool, easy going...and not DESPERATE to impress.

Like, the first thing Frank said was...

“Hi, I’m Frank...Clearly I’m WAY too ugly to be with Kayla, but I make up for it in bed.”

He laughed, I laughed, and I understood why she’s falling for him.

Tease her (carefully). There’s a fine line between playful teasing and being mean...and crossing that line could mean losing her.

So tease her with compliments. Point out a feature you LOVE, like her “adorable dimples” or her “cute freckles.”

Or playfully accuse her of flirting with YOU...even if she’s not, it’ll get the thought in her head (this one ALWAYS works!)
And above all, DON’T FORCE IT. Do what comes naturally, and if a joke falls flat...just laugh it off!
It’s like sex…

When something’s not working, you don’t just KEEP doing it anyway...hoping she’ll eventually cum.

That’ll just tire you out and turn her off!

Instead, you try something new. Spice things up a bit. Figure out what makes her tick…

Actually, the more I explain it, the more I realize: Making a girl laugh is a lot like making a girl cum.

So brush up on your best jokes...and PAY ATTENTION to which ones make her laugh...and which ones don’t.

Before long, you’ll be able to crack her up every time...

And having that skill is guaranteed to improve every area of your love life!

It could help you land that hottie you’ve been eyeing — because you’ll be instantly more attractive to her.

It could help your wife or girlfriend see you in a new light — like as the sexy, funny guy who makes her feel safe to try ANYTHING...

Because when you’re able to make a woman feel incredible with JUST your words…

….she’ll be dying to find out what else you can do
courtesy: Shawna]

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