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What her Sir liked  

Mmplaytime 42M
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10/7/2021 6:57 am
What her Sir liked

She knew what her sir liked. She knew how to work his cock and make it hard, That was her job after all. She couldn't help being his play slut. Pleasing him turned her on, and he new how to give her Amazing orgasms. Him sitting in his chair, naked, semi laying in his lap, as he watched her do a strip dance routine that she made just for him. The joint slowly burning in his fingers as she spun around the room slowly removing articles of clothing. fingers tracing across his smooth hairless body as she circles him. kneeling between his legs her finger tips running across his cock as she watches it grow. Just the tips touching him. She watches him fidget in the seat slightly. His cock growing hard and thic Pulsing as the tip gets hard and red. Just the tips of her fingers teasing and touching him. Running around his balls, up the vein on a shaft, around the tip pushing the precum around. She watches his face closely as his eyes close and he lets out a deep Long breath and moan. The tension releasing from his body. Her fingers moving down each side of the shaft around the sides of his balls, then to that spot between his asshole and balls. That Sensitive spot that she knows her sir loves. Her fingers just lightly touching. Rubbing circles. His cock rock hard and dripping. She looks up at him and sees that he's watching her. A deep lust in his eyes. That one look is enough to make her pussy almost explode. She looks deep in his eyes and sucks seductively on a finger. Her other hand lightly playing with his balls. His cock ozzing precum, Rock hard laying against his body. She leans in close and lets her tongue trace the tip and precum. Lapping at it like a kitten. While taking her wet finger and rubbing against his asshole. His balls clench as his breathing quickens. In one quick movement she sucks In her mouth half the length of his cock while her finger slides into his asshole up to her knuckle. His moans intensify as he grips the back of her head and pushes it up and down on his cock . Her tongue doing it's best to circle his huge cock, while her other hand lightly plays with his balls and her other hands finger slowly fucking and plays with his ass. She's in Bliss, knowing how much she's turned her sir on. Her hips twitching as her pussy just flows , continuously dripping. The feeling of his hard cock pushing against the back of her throat, then all the way out to the tip and all the way back deep. Every time he pushes her face deep into his cock she almost cums. Her eyes roll back in her head as she makes the gurgling throat fuck sound. Her finger playing and rubbing deep inside his asshole. She feels his balls get tight against his body as he releases her head, but she continues to deep throat. All the way down as deep as she can go, then all the way out to the tip. Over and over again, it's hard cock standing at attention, no need to hold it except with her lips. She feels his hips twitch as he lets out a deep moan and starts to cum. She instantly goes as deep as she can on his cock and holds it there. Letting him cum<b> straight </font></b>into her throat. Shot after shot. it's more than she can take as she takes her hand off his balls and rubs once across her clit. Enjoying the feeling of her sirs cock cumming deep in her sending her over the edge into waves of orgasms. Moaning into his cock she cums deeply, wave hits her as she squirts all over the floor in a twitching orgasm. Pulling her sirs cock out of her mouth she stands up, turns around and quickly slides her wet pussy down his coc He moans deeply and squirts a last lightly bit. As she blissfully fucks the last bit out of him while continuing her own orgasm. Lap dance fucking his cock till it turns limp. Turning and at him blinking with a big smile on her face. ' thank you sir' she says sheepishly.. ' Thank you one' he says back to her with a big smile on his face.

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