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Pool Parade  

Moontoss 66M  
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4/3/2020 10:56 am
Pool Parade

Pool Parade

Strong sun beat down on the pool, shining off of the blue water. From the cool shade of the pergola, I watched you tap your heels toward . Carrying a tray with an iced glasses of juleps you curved your way bumping out your hips with a smooth sway and grind – making sure your bare tits bounced lightly as the sun glanced off the oil you had rubbed into your skin. We exchanged smiles as you put the tray next to my lounge chair. Your standing with arms by your side and legs apart asked for give you direction.

I took my glass, sipped the smooth coolness, and blew a kiss. You ran the tip of your tongue along your lips as your reply. You shook your hair out, the shaking stretched down and into your tits. “I want to see more of your short and tight package. Take a stroll around the pool. Let the sun shine on your skin, bounce on your curves.”

Your subslut’s smile widens, eyes open with excitement. You take the tanning oil off the table, “You put this on me”, as you lay on the lounger next to mine. I rise and take the oil, dribble it down your front, down from your shoulders and across your tummy, slipping lightly over your thighs and legs. I start to rub the slickness into your skin, pushing it across the tops of your breasts, under the bottoms, rolling my fingers, and thumb, up over the nipples with a firm tug, then a very firm hold and pull. I watch your lips open and your tongue glide on your lips. My palms push the fluid into the firmness of your stomach, rolling the flesh, squeezing,, working firmly. My fist pushes into your thighs, relaxing the muscles as my knuckles roll into your strong legs – pulling and tugging your smooth lips from your pussy, watching your own oil shine next to my wor With a smack on your puss, I direct you turn over. You pout.

The same treatment goes onto your bac Tanning oil across the shoulders. Kneading your shoulder blades, rubbing across the short length the top of your ass. Same for the backs of your legs. At your ass. Well that is a pleasure that needs care. Globes that surely hide, but can’t disguise, incredible heat. I feel the heat on my palm as I rub oil in, rolling my hand to cup the fullness. Fingers don’t resist taking some extra oil and dipping lower into the crevice, teasing the bud and borrowing the flowing cunt juices. A quick lick of the finger, smell of the rut that coats them. Slaps across the globes, making them shake and cause the rise of a light blush: “Time to Parade!”

You rise and stand before me, turning slowly, looking up at me with fire in your eyes and on your lips. Those lips reach up to me, come close until your tongue slips out and slides along the gasp that comes from my mouth. Off you go, making sure you are into the sunlight, letting your skin glow from the shine rubbed into your skin. You step away, stop, lean over and spread your cheeks while slipping fingers into you, pulling them to show the extra shine they now provide. Then smile thrown over the shoulder, you stride off. Legs push out, your heels pushing your ass up. The swing of your hip opens and closes your crac Stride up the diving board, turn, lift your tits and roll your nipples. Pulling them. Slapping them. You settle down on the board, smile, and open your legs, pulling them wide and wider. You slide your hands down your tits, rolling them again and pulling them out. Further down and one set of fingers opens the lips of your pussy and the other set slide from your clit your cunt, dipping in and out. The other hand reaches around and a finger dips into your little bud, pushes back and forth. Then digits. Your body is turned, proud, showing your slut manipulation of your hot holes. Your eyes glow, your hair shines, the sun bounces off your body. Your fingers dance. Your lips open. As your fingers push and pump into you, you groan and your body does a small shake and a deep shudder.

A kiss blown across to , “That was for you, my dear.” And up you bounce, without your shoes now, you stride out on the board. The sun is on you from above, and shines on you from the water. You spin around, letting your hair blow out around you. Your arms raise, lifting your tits and your butt. You laugh and stride back, jumping down and waving your cunt at .

Your parade continues around the pool, skipping along the long side of the pool, letting your short body bounce, pushing up your breasts and letting them drop as you go. Then the long, slow saunter back .

You arrive, your breathing strong causing your breasts rise and fall. You take my hand and dip my fingers into your pussy, pulling them out then pushing them into my mouth, “Take this nectar. It is for you to use. All of is for you use as you wish.”

“In a bit. Follow now, I promised take you the beach. I promised you would be seen. I promised that you would show yourself.” “Do I need my sandals?” “Yes, nothing else. Get them and I will bring the convertible around the front. Meet me at the end of the drive. I also promise you will be used.”

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