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My Big Sexual Fantasy Dream (because it was too long to fit in the "additional questions" section)  

MrKibblesworth 27M   
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4/26/2021 4:31 pm
My Big Sexual Fantasy Dream (because it was too long to fit in the "additional questions" section)

a friends house for a party and the evening is fun for a while but I decide to rest on the couch... when I realize this other is sitting the opposite end of the couch (blonde, blue eyes, mid-twenties-early thirties... a bit of a tomboy). Everyone else is slowly leaving, the friend is passed drunk taking a nap in his room... and as that is going on I notice glances from her towards ... and as each person leaves she slowly nudges toward my end. When everyone is gone she's practically leaning against ... " tired..." she says in a playful way, her eyes now slowly meeting mine. "I need something to keep me awake..." she says in a more soft, but direct way - her eyes lowering to my lips and back up again. We embrace each other slowly as the night grows dark.

As we make my hands slowly explore the back of her t-shirt, excitement filling as the gaps between her clothing and her skin urges my fingers along... a vivid and alluring tease of what's underneath, the warmth of her lips against mine, her tongue against mine... Every hair on my body is standing up... Before I can rest my hands on her waist and begin feeling my way back up she pushes me slight, guides me through removing my own shirt, and puts her hands on my shoulders... "I have so much more to give you first..." She gets on her knees and leans in as her ample breasts glide across my chest stopping right before my shoulders as her mouth slowly sucks on my<b> collar </font></b>bone. She continues to raise her head slowly licking my neck all the way up to one of my ears. She whispers... "did you like that?

As I nod with a of complete satisfaction she grins, pulls herself back upright knees still facing , and removes her loose t-shirt revealing that she, the naughty little woman, came to the party without wearing a bra. Her shapely, athletic waste barely contains her white denim shorts. This time I decide to be cheeky as well and push her this time on her back, my body slowly leaning in to press my shape against hers, all the way to her again...

We make some more as my hands explore the edges of her upper body, then back down to the waist again... she begins to fiddle with the zipper of my jeans, but I reach down to push away her hands playfully... I lean in so I can whisper in her ear "I have so much more to give you first". I pull back for a moment sitting upright, the shadow of my upper body overbearing her vulnerable, beautiful tan landscape before me. I then back up a bit and lean into her chest, playfully biting a bit as I go further down the middle, my hands slowly and firmly follow my marks until I reach her shorts...

I slowly undo the zipper halfway and press my thumbs into the sides like about to take them off... I pretend to have trouble doing so until she reaches down to help... but again I stop her with my hands "... I still have... so much more to give you first". I firmly grip her waist and flip her body to the side facing outward and place myself behind her. I slowly interlock my right leg between her bountiful, soft thighs as my arms cradle her upper body. I begin dry humping her crotch, whispering in her ear "this naughty little bitch needs to learn some patience"... slowly I begin to hump harder and she responds by grinding in turn back against me... I now begin to bite her neck softly from the base... which slowly turns into licking... which leads me to softly blowing in her ear.

She begins to moan, trying to hold back her voice... I respond by groping my hands around her breasts leading my fingers slowly to her nipples, twisting them at first gently but every so gradually rough as she desperately tries to not cry out into the night in pleasure. She suddenly stops...

Shaking in sweat, she pulls back one of her hands, exploring down to my pants to finally reach... "No... I said in a coy manner..." catching her hand before she could go any further. "I still have something... more to give you first..." I slowly begin pulling off her shorts revealing white panties, already dripping all over the sofa. I undo my zipper and let my erection press just underneath her folds - a small piece of cloth barely holding them apart. The sensation of the her soft thighs, panties, and the rough image of her vagina's shape begins to shake me as my erection continues to increase - pressing further and further into her. I continue humping...

"Please, ready!!..." she moans loudly now. The danger of being discovered so far in on someone's else's furniture fades now to nothing, our body heat drowns anything else but our rhythm. "Not until you tell 'this naughty little bitch needs to get fucked' I retorted, as I begin picking up the pace... "I... I need..." she barely can make her words until finally she screams "this naughty little bitch needs to get fucked.... fuck already!"

I push her over on her chest, lifting her ass up and sliding her panties over as I throw my pants and underwear to the floor, delivering my cock slowly into her folds. With every inch it feels like my blood pressure will skyrocket and as I reach the very base I hold for a second, lifting up both her hands so force every centimeter of my 7 inch erection as far as possible. She collapses forward as I start a slow pace thrusting myself upon her. After a good while I relent to sit back on the couch, cock still full mast, she looks over smiling as I gesture her with a finger... she begins taking the lead riding cowgirl. For the rest of the night we switch back and forth over several positions before falling into each other - both passing in the missionary position. I awake with the most wonderful woman I've ever had the pleasure of learning about, a cover over her and her arms placed on my chest looking up...

... "Brad said to never fuck on his couch again or he'll you..." she says. We both laugh as we exchange numbers and go our separate ways.

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