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The best of nothing  

MrLghtskin 44M  
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10/6/2021 3:29 pm
The best of nothing

Day in and day out, there's several of us, both men and women that are seeking intimate relationships of varying degrees of interaction, or connection, or expression. Day in and day out we continue pursue the most elusive thing in the world for us that are , and that's a sense of satisfaction. Coming gives us the hope and aspiration that maybe, just maybe there's someone that I wish open that view of my life , and time and time again, we come back sorely disappointed.
The question remains, is it that we're looking in the wrong spot? is it the selection pool? Is it a false expectation. After you've come with the best way that you can describe of your likes and dislikes, things that you want, that space and time where you don't have feel judged for telling your truth, you, or nervous because the other person doesn't have that penetrating stare that makes you feel abhorable for saying the things that you're saying. We still come back wondering why we're not getting the results that we'd expect.
After being truthful with yourself and a whole slew of strangers in the world of life, that may not even be the person that's there, we're still taking chances, and still pursuing a sense of happiness that's given rise our motivation come and find a person that's wants fulfill that urge and that rush meet a perfect stranger and fuck, or whatever we had decided do. I see fault both ends of the spectrum, primarily because of what's preceded us, and those that are getting with childish antics like scams and half truths. the one end you got us men that are looking for immediate gratification, something that's been consistent with us from the beginning of time that's never going change, and then you have the beautiful women that are , that would address immediate gratification by continuing into what appears to be the actual moment, or trying to resolve inner disputes within both of ourselves to determine if we're even able to take it to those next steps.
The one thing that we have to agree on, is that we're due a lack of commitment both sides. We're not suited be in an exclusive relationship with anybody because we're not committed anything except our decisions find other people attractive with or without the acceptance of the people that we're. supposed be with, whether that's in secret or open display of infidelity, we're just not a one on one type of people, but we would like be because it's what we're taught be.
It's much easier deal with the fact that we're human and we have character defects that will never go away no matter how much learning or how many attempts fix the problem. We're not bad people because of the defect, in actuality we're perfect because of the defects. That's what makes you a human being and a person that's in tune with the very nature and core of your particular being, your innate ability reach in and<b> control </font></b>yourself in the context of directing your energy towards making advancements and practical solutions to create a better quality of living for yourself in the midst of dealing with those internal wars that we're fighting through every single day, with our internal judge always making assessments.
Stop allowing the judge to tell you that you're wrong or you're right. Stop being afraid to take<b> control </font></b>of your destiny, which is the one that you create and act upon, not the one that's given to you.

author51 58F  
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10/27/2021 8:39 am

Well said..Life is what we make it so make it a damn good one, whatever way you as a person deems fit for you and you alone. I stopped caring years ago about any judge and jury.It is up to us, our choices, our goals, our own dreams and taking the bull by the horns to just go live it, knowing that tomorrow may never come..

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