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Relationship Burnout  

MrPyromancer 25M  
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9/4/2020 7:23 pm
Relationship Burnout

You ever get tired of your relationship and seriously have second thoughts? I've been at that point before and it really makes me wonder why it doesn't work.

My last partner and I were quite intimate at first, but then we stopped.. I tried to encourage them to try some stuff in bed but they didn't seem interested in the slightest, and that really kinda bummed me out. I try to persuade them, but nothing seemed to work.

I was at it for a while but they just weren't interested. On top of paying for food, fuel, and almost all their expenses, they just wanted me really for the monetary value; just another source of money to help stabilize their addictions. I wasn't happy. After the household disaster we had when spring came around, I had had it. I did all the cleanup and the attempt to get rid of the mess, but they did nothing but watch and chuckle at their phone. That was the point I gave up on them.

I left and made my intentions well known that it'd be for a while to help better my financial status and find a better paying job. They were angry at first, but understood. Sadly, while I have been gone, they've made no attempt to talk to me that I haven't initiated, and only really need to talk to me when they need something.

Alas, I think that partner doesn't realize that they had someone who really cared for them till the end, until they chose to be selfish and self-centered. Hopefully I find someone who cares deep down, and won't necessarily rely on me for all their finances.

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