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Happy New Year  

MsFoxette 51F   
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1/14/2021 11:34 pm
Happy New Year

2020 is complete and the residue continues. As we start the journey through 2021 there is so much consider. The vaccines? The solution big Pharma and Health Care Canada has suggested will repair one of the newest challenges our world faces today. Will we be able to get back to the "normal" of touching one another, smiling face to face, lips curved in a gentle and friendly hello. Or destined by many who do not believe in the vaccines or their underlaying power to continue at a distance, our masks hiding our personalities. Seeming to undermine medicine and its history of fighting challenging diseases, viruses and health issues of the past. I for one am already "on the list". I want to get back to the human contact I believe many of us crave. The touch of our fellow humans, , female, transgender and all sensual beings as they quantify themselves. Where 2021 will take us will remain a day day journey.
For this lady. I am starting reach out. bring humanity back into a life which is tired of being alone, tired of deciding which battle will win today. Depression, loneliness or the simple pleasure of touch. What are you goals at their simplest point? What challenges you do you face day to day? Something which needs saying, without justifying, letting Karma with her infinite wisdom take as she will and crate a path you never expected.
Welcome to My Adventure
Positive Positions in the Universe
Fondles and Kisses
Ms.Foxette 💋💖

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