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Another erotic text to the Master  

MsJaneBondage 50F  
199 posts
7/21/2020 5:42 pm
Another erotic text to the Master

There I am, vulnerable in your room in the foot stool position waiting in anticipation for you to enter. I can feel my blood pumping through my body but the veins in my neck seem twice as hard at work. The darkness around me first from the room being shielded from the light, then from the veil around my head. The veil is dark enough that I cannot see, yet light
enough that I can still breathe.

I can feel the heat from my breath fill the fibers of the cloth and the scent from my freshly brushed teeth is aromatic. My mouth is becoming moist as I breathe harder when I hear your footsteps enter the room. I can hear your beautiful heels hit the wood floors, one step at a time. It's as if you are lingering, watching me, seeing my body tremble when I think you are about to touch me.

You move again and I follow the sounds of your steps around the room. I feel disoriented since you drapped my head with the veil and moved me about before commanding me to kneel. My sense of direction is a keen skill I have, yet you have taken this sense from me. I feel unbalanced and completely reliant on you. I have a bit of fear even though I believe that I trust you. the combination of the fear, the loss of my sense of direction, and the anticipation excites me even more.

I am anxious, and I want you to start yet I cannot speak. I must do as you say and not question you. I aim to exceed your expectations in my deliverance of service and show you my ability to be more than obedient, and fully committed to serving you.

You move to what sounds like the closet door and your footsteps come to a whisper. I can hear you shuffling things about in search of something. I think to myself that you are finding something you have not used in a while and you have chosen me to use it on me. It is your way of showing me that I am special.

I hear you again but this time, your footsteps are silent. I can hear the soft soles of your feet pattering on the wood floors. With a few of my other senses taken away from me, my hearing has enhanced. I like the sounds I am hearing, and I focus on them.

With my body pulsing in both excitment and anguish waiting for you, my breathing becomes heavier and harder. I stay quiet and still in my foot stool pose, relaxed and at peace.

And by the touch of a feather, you send electricity through my body causing me to twitch and whither. I can feel the goosebumps explode in my arms, sending a chilling cold flush through my body straight to my groin. A flash of heat follows and causes my cunt to moisten just enough that you can see it when you stand behind me.

With your feather, you side the tip of the feather between my legs, over my now swollen wet lips, teasing the tip of my little nugget that has produced her hard head. You enjoy watching me attempt to escape the touch of the feather and can see me strain to remain in place as an obedient slave would do. You enjoy causing me this sexual pain, watching me cringe with every touch. You know my mind is in a state of ecstasy and that is right where you want me.

You command me to move into the humble position and to remain there until otherwise told to shift to another position. I'm eager for the request because I can't wait to show you how much I have learned. I want to show you how well I do each pose, and that I can do them at your will.

I can feel something else happening now. I just cannot figure out what it is you are doing to me. My mind is intoxicated with the sensual torture you give me so it is hard to think, or maybe it's that I don't want to think.

I feel a hard pressure of something solid against my ass, and then suddenly, I hear a crack and then instant pain flushing through me. That first hit was a blow to my butt by a blunt object. A large paddle had taken a bite of my ass and the pain still lingers. Then again without notice, I feel the weight of the paddle hit my ass again, this time causing me to blurt out some sounds.

You lift my chin and kiss me gently, whispering softly and so close I can feel your lips caress my ear, "You... my dirty ... will not make a sound! If you make another sound... ... I will STOP". This frightened me, not because of the paddling, but because I feared you would stop. I want to beg you, but any sound I make would displease you and you would stop, leaving me in angst and desire for more.

You continue to paddle me, sometimes with soft gentle spanks and sometime with heated passionate spanks. Each time, you use he palm of your hand to relieve some on the pain by slowing massaging my ass.

You take a finger and check my pulse between my legs. You can feel the heat emanating from my entire pussy. My vulva is swollen both inside and out. You are please and happy with my obedience.

You command me to climb onto the edge of the bed into the ready to please pose. You have to guide me as my sense of direction had been taken from me long ago.
I mount the bed and wait like an excited little kitty in heat. Feeling a greater sense of pleasure coming my way.

You strap a large comfortable soft belt around my waist offering me support as you wrap your hands around the handles. I have nowhere to go and you have full control of my body.

You tease my hungry pussy with the head of your cock which is now fully grown and in a painful erection. The moment your cock pierces the opening of my cunt, you release a long hard sigh... relishing in the delight to have finally entered me.

You start off with intentionally long stokes, keeping an eye on the view you have. Watching your cock glide in and out of me, getting wetter and wetter with my slutty pussy juices. You tell me in a mighty voice that I am your fucking cunt, your fucking bitch and I will be your ! You make me repeat it and tell me to offer myself up to you. You tell me to say that I am your cum-bucket and that you can fill my pussy with your seed.

I hear myself repeating what you have asked for, and with every<b> stroke </font></b>of your cock in my pussy I am getting more and more anxious. I begin saying that I am you with much more excitement. I AM your dirty ! I feel a great sense of pride as I continue to tell you that I am you dirty slut, I am your nasty , I will be your bitch at will.

I can hear you grunting harder and harder with every drive of your cock into my hot wet juicy pussy. You sound like you can't take it anymore and you release fast and hot into my angry pussy. My pussy becomes even more hungry knowing you had spent every drop of your cum inside me. I was on the edge of cumming with you, but you came before I could reach my orgasm.

You tell me I was such a good little and that you are proud of your cunty little bitch. This pleases me more than having an orgasm. Your pleasure is my pleasure. i am here to serve and make you happy.

merlot5555 64M  
1004 posts
7/23/2020 1:06 pm

...and anything is possible....with the proper request....

....nice tale of domination with class.... and submission......just because it feels so damn good....

Paulxx001 63M
16323 posts
7/22/2020 7:52 pm

Well now... THAT was an event I can almost imagine, being a part of...

profcoquin27bis 56M
3320 posts
7/22/2020 5:45 am

sure you can

MsJaneBondage 50F  
139 posts
7/21/2020 5:43 pm

Please Sir, may I have another?

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