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Sex Goddess Project part 2
Posted:Mar 4, 2020 9:22 pm
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2020 8:00 pm

01/03/20 Sex Goddess Shoot

I’ve experienced my second shoot with Ricardo....this time with a friend involved.
And it was intense, amazing, and mind-blowing as the first!
Ricardo was a true professional the whole time, making us both feel comfortable, making no demands on us, giving us the freedom to express ourselves, enjoy ourselves, find our personal zone to connect in, to share our pleasure, without his camera or lights intruding.
We both enjoyed an afternoon of laughter and passion, freeing us from the constraints of our daily lives. We both experienced “firsts” in our lives... his first photography session, my first time squirting. We both had explosive orgasms that left us gasping, completely forgetting that we weren’t alone, that we were being photographed, that our most intimate moments where being captured by Ricardo.
Would either of us recommend to friends they allow Ricardo into their most private moments? Yes, definitely!
Would either of us consider doing it again? Most definitely!
It’s empowering, it strengthens personal growth, it enlivens the senses, it’s a validation of our beauty and passion for living.
Days later... I still tingle from the warmth of this experience. I only know if Ricardo asked me to model again for him my answer would be yes please!
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Sex Goddess Project
Posted:Feb 23, 2020 9:05 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2020 1:49 pm

02/02/2020 Sex Goddess Shoot

An opportunity reflect has give the time realize I’ve had one of my Life Moments, scratched something off my bucket list (tho in an different way than I imagined), gave me personal growth and insight, taught me more of myself then I expected, introduced me an amazing man -artistic, generous, sincere, passionate, compassionate, funny ... and sexy gentleman.
I’ve always been comfortable in my skin, Ricardo showed I was beautiful in my skin. Enjoying myself in front of his camera made me completely forget myself, my appearance, my perception of myself, my flaws...real or imagined. He took me outside of myself in so many aspects, and yet helped me center my soul & heart, deeper within my chest.
I put great thought and introspection into the idea of Ricardo’s “Sex Goddess” books before I contacted him. I’ve got a great grasp of my limitations and my daringness and my level of responsibility to myself and loved ones. My reality is I own my choices, I own my mistakes, I own my triumphs, i own my personal space, I own when I’ve hurt others and I own when I’ve made others happy. This experience....is something I own now, is part of me, is my history and my future, was a way to express myself in ways I never expected or considered. To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement and I proudly own all the pleasure the evening gave me.
I’m pushing the boundaries that life has held me to, I’m stepping out of my box of expectations, I’m experiencing life on my terms and this showed me that my age or past doesn’t limit me to what I can do.
I know my own sexuality and expectations of personal pleasure....Ricardo asked me to push myself further, further yet... until I had one of my most intense, mind blowing, ongoing orgasms, until my mind went blank, my senses dulled, my sight dimmed, my hair tingled from roots to tip. That I forgot that he was with me, that someone was taking my picture, that there was nothing but the waves of pleasure rolling thru me.

I don’t consider myself beautiful, pretty even , but Ricardo found the beauty in me and showed me myself, in all my gorgeous glory.....without having shown me a picture he too
I’ll hold this experience close , it’ll sustain the truth of my uniqueness, my self worth, my beauty

I did a solo shoot 😊 my testimonial
I highly recommend this experience single women or couples.... step outside your boundaries and try something erotic!

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