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Just stories of my erotic encounters and sometimes a gripe or two.read about my gang bang experience or my first real girl experience. And I have very hot huge cock story read on and enjoy
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Gang Banged What a Night
Posted:May 17, 2011 11:30 am
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2020 7:22 pm

I survived and had a great time. This is the story of a well-planned gang bang. As you previously read A guy named Alec Contacted me, about the possibility of hosting a gang bang where as I would be the guest of honor. This story is about that event.
Well it was the big night and I was eagerly excited about what would be in store for me in just a few hours. I had decided to take a nice hot soak in the tub and do some personal grooming. While I lay there soaking my mind kept racing back and forth on what I imagined it would be like to have all these guys with their stiff cocks ready to please me and the more my mind would wander, the more I began to rub my clit to the point of orgasm, but I decided I needed my energy so I would slow it down to a nice massage all over my entire pussy. Oh no it's 6:00 and I need to get to the Applebee’s in Ashland by 8 p.m. I need to get ready.
So I fix my hair and make-up not to heavy on the eye makeup, I have learned from experience not to get heavy handed because when you are getting fucked over and over the makeup doesn’t last and you look scary with raccoon eyes and smeared makeup. Before getting dressed I rubbed in a body lotion with a strawberry scent it makes my body feel so soft and moist I made sure I was completely covered right down to in between my toes, never know one of them may have a foot fetish lol. Deciding what to wear was easy I chose a black knit dress, because it really shows my curves and with out a bra I always get attention and it comes off easily leaving only my purple thong to take off when the action starts. I completed my look with some Slutty high heels they make my already tall frame even longer and curvier. I threw some lube in my purse and out the door I went.
I arrived at Applebee’s on time and as I approached the bar I noticed I was getting some attention from gentlemen at the bar the outfit was definitely working. I scan the bar and see Alec sitting at the corner he just motioned me to take the seat next to him. He gently kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear that I was even sexier and hotter in person and that wasn't possible. He is already scoring points I answered back. He ordered us a drink and we began to talk he said he wasn’t sure if he could share me. I laughed and said oh but you made a deal, and we couldn't disappoint the others. He told me his house was only about 10 minutes away and that he would drive me if I wanted. I decided that I should follow him in case I felt the need to leave. We talked a few more minutes I gave him my safe word and we decided that once I said it he would stop whatever behavior or action that was making me uncomfortable. We also discussed that I would let him know if I felt like I was comfortable with any ass play or double penetration. He informed me that the group decided no video or pictures because three of the guys were married. He asked if I was ready I took a deep breath and said let’s go. I remember walking out the bar as we were being stared at, what they must be thinking if they only knew this tall handsome guy was taking me to his house to be fucked by more guys than were sitting at the bar.
We arrived at his house a Large rancher situated back in a wooded lot very secluded. He met me at my car and asked me if I was sure I was ready .I replied yes and he escorted me to the house when I first entered the large foyer area I noticed a pool table in the middle of the dinning room to the right and 11 eager faces in the living room to the left. They were drinking and carrying on with TV blasting. Then one of Alec's roommates James came over and introduced him self and offered me a drink. I accepted Alec offered to introduce me to my cast of horny dicks. I stopped him and said let me see if I can guess I told him that I have studied the pictures and believe I know everyone quickly proved I had done my home work.
Alec then said he would give me a tour of the house. He showed me my quiet room which he informed me was his own bedroom but I had complete access the whole night. He then showed me the patio with the hot tub off in the corner and back to the living room. While out on the patio he asked me how I wanted to get started, I thought lets just hang out for a little while and let it evolve, he agreed. While sipping my wine cooler in the living room I asked who the pool hustlers were in the room in unison all shouted Alec. He asked me if I wanted to shoot a game. I told him I’m not very good. He said how about you play Deon and I help you. Deon was the nice looking black guy with a very nice package. I said ok lets do it knowing this would be a great icebreaker. So Alec, Deon, and I crossed over to the dining room to the pool table, followed by Randy the last minute invite. As Deon was racking the balls Randy piped up and said you guys need to make it interesting. I ask him like how, well he said how about for shirts I said that’s real fair he takes his shirt off and my shirt is my whole dress if I loose. Alec said you won’t loose he sucks. I said you sure I will win he said pretty sure. So I agreed to play hoping to loose actually I felt like that would get things started. Ladies first Deon said break em .I lifted my pool stick and took aim fumbling the white ball and Alec said hold on and held my fingers with one hand and before he grabbed the stick with the other one he rubbed my ass nice and firm and then proceeded to help me hit the ball the four dropped in and I said so I’m the solid balls. Deon laughed and said no baby we are playing nine ball you have to hit the one first. That’s impossible I said Alec pointed out where I should hit a bank I missed. The one ball rolled over just beside the nine ball and Deon lined up on the one and drove the nine in. I exclaimed you were supposed get in the one ball. The quickly explained the rules to me short of it is I lost. I was actually kind of mad I lost so quickly but what the hell. Randy said you lost your shirt baby take it off .I told Deon I would honor the bet but I wanted a rematch. He agreed so I began to lift my skirt from the hemline all the way off over my head first exposing my purple thong then my naked breasts nipples already hard. Deon said we will play for those purple panties but if I win them you Don't get them back they will be my souvenir. I said what do I get if I win this time I want more than your shirt. He said you name it. I told him that if I win you get my purple thong but you eat me to orgasm right here on the pool table. He said deal how can I loose. By this time the dinning room was filling up with more spectators. Maybe it was the topless girl in high heels and a purple thong playing pool. This time the game was closer I was really feeling the tension building in the room every time I would walk around the table or bend over to take a shot some one was groping my ass. I was constantly rubbing a different crotch for good luck before each shot. It finally got down to the nine ball and It was Deon's shot it was right on the rail but still a hard shot I thought oh well here go my panties and he made it damn I wanted him to eat my pussy. That’s when everyone started to tell me I won he had called the corner but it banked to the side I won. I tugged at my thong and slipped it off and threw them at Deon and said time to pay up sweetie. You could here the roar in the room as I climbed on the pool table and opened my legs for Deon to see my pussy spread open eagerly awaiting his embrace. He dove right in pushing his tongue deep inside my cunt gently stopping to suck my clit back and forth. I was really feeling the rhythm of his mouth win all of a sudden I felt a hand on my tits then two then another on my tummy and another then I felt my hand being drawn away from me and onto a hard cock. I looked up to see whose cock I was holding and it was Randy's. I began to stroke it with each stroke of Deon's Mouth on my pussy. I quickly came while Deon was eating me and he knew I had as he stood up. He looked me in the eyes and said now your going to get this hard cock inside that creamy white pussy. While never taking his eyes of me he dropped his pants to reveal his rock hard cock it bounced up and down it was so rigid and large, it was bulging with veins. He pushed it into me all the way as deep as it could go with one hard almost violent thrust. I grunted from the force of his cock thrusting into me. He just hammered my pussy he felt good and the guys were getting off watching this black cock feasting on my pussy the were chanting for him to go harder she loves it, give it to her, it was then I said "whiplash" my safe word, and Alec came to my rescue he convinced Deon to stop and gave me a break in the action. I caught my breath and explained that I was fine but we needed to slow the action a bit. First I explained I like it hard but if everyone was going to have me that hard I wouldn't last long that when I want it really hard and fast they would know. Don't get me wrong you all will get to fuck me good but lets pace ourselves I said, and also where are the condoms if your going inside me down there you must wrap up. Deon apologized he said he just got caught up in the moment and forgot to put one on. I told him that I did too and that if I only planned on fucking him tonight that what he was doing to me was fucking great I love his huge cock blasting my cunt. So let’s continue hard but not so hard till I ask for more. And one more thing this pool table is not so comfy. Alec chimed in and said he had a massage table in the other room they had planned to use. So lets go back to the living room.
So now we are in the living room. I am on the massage table my ass down to the edge and Deon is back between my legs, condom on and working his still rigid cock back in my pussy he begins working in and out of my hot cunt at a moderate pace it's very pleasurable. What I now notice it is easier for more guys to rub my body while I'M getting fucked. And Randy who has had a hard dick since the beginning is now moving it toward my face I eagerly wrap my mouth around it and begin sucking it. Deon turned on by this begins to pump me harder and harder this time I’m ready and it feels even better. I start to feel waves of passion through my body as I begin my second orgasm of the night. As my vagina starts to clamp down on Deon's cock he starts bucking wildly and groans and pulls out I feel a cock re enter me at first I thought Deon was back in but this was not Deon. This was Dillon he was my first pick he had a beautiful body and nice thick cock he picked up right away with out skipping a beat he was grinding his thick cock inside me pull back and drive in, it was driving me crazy. Mean while I had two dicks I was sucking, while Dillon was fucking me. I had now been sucking Randy off an on about 10 minutes when he started to spew all over my face. He was upset that he came he said he wanted so bad to fuck me but he couldn't help himself it felt so good. I told him not to worry we had all night he would get his chance. I noticed the room was now full of men rubbing their cocks to full attention some of the playing with my tits while groping their cocks. Waiting to be next. Dillon working at a feverish pitch started cumming and finished deep inside me. Johnny assumed the position a started really slow and steady trying not to cum but he was done within minute or two guess it was just too much. Then came Marcus he pulled my legs over his shoulder and went right to work he didn't waist any time pounding me but by now I had cum a few times and just wanted to be fucked hard so I started telling him do it baby fuck me hard. I want it harder and he obliged he ran his cock in me so deep I nearly lost my breath. Tom was next remember he had the really nice size package and he asked me to roll over on my stomach as I did I met with Alec's cock in my mouth from the front while Tom entered from the rear, Tom's cock was big and hard he would rub his cock over my clit up to my ass back and forth like he was waiting to become harder. I would scoot back to him try to force his bulging cock in my pussy. But he would keep rubbing that enormous head on my clit making my pussy ache to be filled by him. Finally when I was about to cum from the clit stimulation he pushed the head just inside my labia fucking me just with the head of his penis really fast I came again and again all the while try to push my pussy deeper over his shaft but he would back away only leaving the head of his cock in my pussy. Then I took Alec's cock out of my mouth and said to Tom please I need your cock, all of it please Tom fuck me deep. He then slowly pushed deeper in side me and tensed his ass to make his cock swell even more and push deeper. He asked me is that what you want. Yeah go fast please go fast and deep he started pumping in me harder and faster and the when I would start to cum he would hold it till my pussy relaxed then start again This time when I came it wouldn't relax I was writhing and screaming it just kept tightening I knew what this meant I was on the verge of squirting. I looked back and said if you go really fast right now your going to be surprised He started going faster and I began to squirt I told him take it out hurry. As he pulled out I squirted all over he pushed back in and went even faster this time noting how liquid my pussy had become till he shot his load. Alec's found his way to my pussy next, with the hardon I worked on with my mouth the whole time Tom was fucking me. He said wow shit Tom you stretched her out I laughed and told him no that’s just how relaxed and wet its after I squirt. Then as he started going at it he could feel it get tighter because I was ready to go again he said oh yeah now that feels good wow your pussy feels so good just hearing him was sending me again. I started squirting again within minutes every stroke was an orgasm every orgasm was a squirt. Which in turn caused him to blow his load. As he finished I said we should take a break. I got up off the table and my knees were wobbly and I still had six more to go.
I asked if we could use the hot tub and Alec said anything you want. I suggested that the six remaining join me So Randy, Michael, Gene, James, Craig, and Chris joined me in the hot tub. It was so relaxing I had hands and mouths all over my body, fingers in my pussy finally they held me up while Gene and randy took turns eating my pussy they got me really worked up and I was stroking both Michael and Chris's cocks. While James allowed me to enjoy him in my mouth. I asked Randy if he was ready to use that dick in my pussy he grabbed me by the waist and drove his cock into my very willing pussy I loved the weightless feeling in the water and six guys with stiff dicks rubbing me made even hotter Randy came pretty fast and Gene quickly took over. While James was now holding me up by cupping my tits Gene was driving back against James till he was finally sitting on the bench and I could feel his hard cock pressing on me from behind. I said to him if you take it real slow I will let you in my ass he said I thought that was off limits. Only if I say so, I really think I’m ready to try just go easy .He tried to get his cock inside my ass but water and rubber not so good I asked Alec to get my lube and he did James put a drop on his penis and tried again this time he glided in as I held my breath I was so full a cock in my pussy and one in my ass both guys working slow and methodical I could feel the pressure of one cock rubbing against the other as only the thin vaginal wall separated them I was cumming so hard I believe the tub water level rose an inch or two. Gene asked if he could finish in my mouth yeah please so he pulled out ripped of his condom and spewed down my throat I squeezed every drop as I milked his cock. Craig wasted no time replacing genes cock in my pussy and as James finished Michael ask if he could take his place at this point I just wanted to filled with cock I asked if he could switch with Craig because I wasn't sure if I could handle his big black cock in my ass. He assured me that he would go easy he just had have my ass .If I say stop you have to stop okay.
Yeah baby just let me have that ass meanwhile Craig is just fucking away. Michael slides under me slaps on a lot of lube and inches his manhood inside my ass I could feel it push Craig closer to my g spot. He worked it slow and as he was completely in pushed Craig’s dick on my g-spot which was causing me to have intense spasms inside my pussy sending me over the edge I’m sure I was squirting but couldn't see because of water. Craig let out a groan as was unloading in me. What I hadn't noticed was Michael was now pumping my ass pretty hard now and I was liking it he turned me over and had me on all fours and pumping his giant stick deep inside my ass I soon started to tremble and could feel my pussy convulse my clit was tingling and it started I was spasmic I think I blacked out for minute he then pulled out of my ass a shoved it in my pussy finishing me and him off.
Alec said you did it all 12 in three hours. I asked him are you guys done? I’m just getting started and where is my swing you promised. They brought it out of a back room and helped me try it out. I got in the swing and said who is going to try it with me all 12 guys nearly pushed each other over trying to get at me. James said I should be blind folded while they took turns fucking me. Yeah that would be fun so that’s how the next round started. So I cant put names to experiences during the swing fun (except for a few of the larger ones) but they fucked me over and over for three or four more hours some spewing cum all over my body and mouth. Alec kept a tally of how many times I was fucked on the swing he said a few fuck me 3 or 4 times for a total of about 47 times along with the first twelve I got hammered 59 times in about eight hours no wonder I could barely walk to my car I must have sucked about eight feet of cock .I took a shower and got dressed while the guys packed my swing in my car. They told me how much fun I was and that they would love to have me again. I drove home with fun thoughts and four phone no# three of which were the married guys you no pictures lol. Alec asked me if I would email him anything I would change to make it better. That’s was my night guys thanks for wishing me luck it worked and if you have any suggestions for next time I’m listening
Posted:May 14, 2011 11:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2017 6:32 pm

Well I am tending to the landscape and preparing fo tonight had to rub on off with wicked thought filling my head wish me luck tonight.
Posted:May 13, 2011 10:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 1:54 pm

I have had correspondence with a gentleman on this site who wanted to set up a gangbang for me. This is how it went down. He started by asking questions about what I wanted. Here is that list of questions and my answers.
1.) How many men would you feel comfortable with? For a gang bang at least 4 and up to 10 .Maybe more if the situation sounds fun never had more than 10
2.) What ages do you prefer? They should be of legal age 20+ preferably, to any age as long as fit and able to perform 3.) Is race an issue? NO

4.) What physical attributes would you like?
Penis size, weight,height,ect.? Penis size is of no real importance but a few larger ones could make it fun for everyone. No real fatties but a little on the heavy side is acceptable, I’m 5’10” so please keep height to at least 5 ft or more. Must be clean.
5.) What location do you prefer?
Close to Richmond not my own home but may be at a residence or hotel

6.) Do you allow cameras in the room?
Yes but I would like to have copies of everything filmed or photographed

7.) Do you have someone you or will the host be your escort?
Sometimes I will bring someone but if I feel comfortable with you that is enough for me to feel safe

8.) What acts are you not ok with?
No scat no torture, anal and double penetration only if I initiate it.

9.) What should I provide for you?
Condoms, wine coolers, lube if necessary and control of guests
10.) Is there a time limit we should set?
o if I am enjoying myself and get a few breaks I should be able to go for hours
11.) Do you prefer to be the only female?
I do like to be the center of attention . sometimes help is fun to
12.) How much notice will you need?
Depends on what’s going on with me some time hours other times a month usually I play it by ear
13.) Would you do a bachelor party?
I could be talked into it but I would rather everyone in the room be there for the same reason. Not just watch a few guys and me.
14.) What would make the gang bang perfect for you?
First of all the perfect scenario would be to have an Idea of who and how many would attend that everyone involved was turned on by me and really wanted to fuck me. That everyone remained respectful . That I was ravaged over and over again. And the most important that everybody has a mind blowing experience. I would like to leave the party being in everyone’s spank bank for years
15.) Would you bring any toys or props?
[If I did I am afraid it would turn into a show not a gang bang and with that many cocks who needs toys. I would not be opposed to a swingHe went on to say how he really wanted to set a gang bang up for his friends and after I answered his questions he would like me to consider doing it but he wanted to make sure he sent me a detailed plan to show me he was serious.

A week later I received this email : Dear MsModa I have gathered a group of guys to present to you for a potential gang bang. I live in a house in Ashland with three other room mates . I printed some of your pictures and showed each my roommates. It’s unanimous we all think you’re smokin hot., and each of us would defiantly like to fuck you. When I explained you were up for a gang bang they each said to count them in.
I told them in order for it to happen they should invite at least one or two other friends no more than three. And that you would choose who could attend the party.
I thought maybe each roommate would find 1 guy willing but we have a total of 17 dudes including the four roommates which I feel should automatically be invited since we are planning this event in our house. So we decided that we would ask all interested to submit photos for you to browse, I insisted they be full frontal for you . So get back to me with your choices the four that are roommates are Me ,Robert, David, Brian.
After receiving the email with pictures attached I noticed they all seemed on the younger side about 25 to 35 yrs old but they were great pictures mostly athletic bodies and a couple of nice packages included. So I began my selection with the four roomies, the next four picks were Dillon, Marcus, Tom and Gene I chose because they had the had the nice cocks and well built bodies. Next I chose Deon , and Michael thought the party you could use some color and they also had some long thick cocks. I sent my choice back via email and immediately received back that two guys I did not choose, Johnny and Randy were really bummed that they were not chosen and asked that I reconsider the raising the number of guest and if I did they would purchase a swing that I could keep. I agreed the party was now 12 guys and me this is more than I ever did before but after 5or 6 what’s the difference right lol. Now all we have to do is agree when this party will happen.

Alec sent me an email asking when would be a good time to set this up. I replied that for me to keep my nerve up It should happen soon, And that I was available Sat evening May 14th or memorial day weekend.
This is the email I received :
Msmoda we can be available the 14th and thank you for including Johnny and Randy they are stoked. This is how I propose this to take place I will meet you at Applebee’s in Ashland at 7pm for drinks and after if you still feel ready We can go back to my house where the party will be waiting. We have a nice patio with a hot tub and outside bar I figure this will give you a chance to meet everyone and relax with a wine cooler or two. We will provide a room for just you to get away if needed. At any time you should feel free to stop or go home. No harm no foul. I will be the mediator so let me know anytime your uncomfortable or uneasy with something or someone they will immediately be ejected from party if they are disrespectful to rough or mean in any way this I assure you my roommates all agree. We want you to really enjoy our party and hopefully you will want to be our guest again. So this is what you should expect as per your answers and responses;
1)The gang bang will be on May 14th
2) 12 men attending you the only female
3)Youngest 22 to oldest 34 all fit and very able
4)both white and black men
5)all 5’11” or taller, various equipment
6) Location my house Ashland, Va meet at Applebees
7)Camera may be there not sure
I will meet you at Applebees and you to my house
9)I will mediate no torture no disrespect
10) We will provide wine coolers various flavors and mixed drinks, condoms, and of course new swing
11)Time limit is when you say your done
12) everyone must participate or leave
If I have overlooked anything please let me know
I believe he covered about everything and I have accepted the invitation this weekend and this was the most thorough plan I have ever had presented to me. So wish me luck and I will let you know next week how it all played out. This is going to be fun and scary 12 guys wow
I Flooded the Basement (Squirted the sequel)
Posted:May 12, 2011 10:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 1:44 pm

I was moving out of my house when this little adventure happened. I had finished moving and went back to the house for a final walk thru when my neighbor Scott approached, you might remember he was the first one to help me squirt. How I squirted the first TimeHe had a younger guy with him and we just started talking about the move and such when the conversation moved toward old times and that night of the broken heater and me eventually squirting. He just kept going on about how blown away he was, first me, seducing him and second me cumming buckets. I must admit the conversation was getting me a little hot and bothered. I'm not sure if it was the memory of that night or that we were discussing it in front of his hot younger friend Ronnie.
I Invited both he and his friend Ronnie in to check out the house with me. We walked through the house and when we got to the bedroom I had noticed a small box on the closet shelf. Scott offered to carry it for me and I said please we continued through the house and down to the basement. While down there I noticed A large wooden tool box and a stack of moving blankets in the middle of the room, and nothing else was left in the basement. I asked Scott what he thought the large box was; he jokingly replied a party box. I told him that certainly wasn't the party box because the box he had been carrying was the party box. It had my toy collection in it I left it there because I didn't want the movers moving it.
H I asked Ronnie if he wanted to see what kind of party supplies I had. He said hell yeah if she will show us. I told them sure I would .He sat the box on top of the large tool box and I started a show and tell with my toy collection. They could not believe how many toys I had and started asking questions about them. They were obviously impressed with the large dildo I affectionately call Troy. Ronnie asked do I really use it and how much can I take, I replied Well if I’m really worked up I can take the huge girth of it but only about 2/3 its length." I would love to see that" Ronnie said. Scott piped in and said "if you think that's hot you should se this in action" holding up my purple egg vibrator "This makes her gush really squirt its the wildest thing I've ever seen or done" Ronnie suggested he had never seen a woman squirt. I told him that is best way for me to take that huge dildo. Scott asked me to show Ronnie how I squirt kind of a last hoorah since I was moving. I was thinking the whole time this is where I wanted things to go, get fucked by two guys at the same time hell yeah I'm in I was thinking to myself. I told them if I was going to do this I expected both of them to fuck me too. They quickly informed me that was the plan since they approached me in the driveway, What are you waiting for then I asked.
Scott began to lift my shirt and remove my bra while Ronnie began tugging at my nipples with his mouth. Scott then began working the other nipple both guys were just devouring my tits, and then Scott stopped to put the moving blankets on the large toolbox, while Ronnie waltzed me back on top of the box never taking his mouth away from my tits. Once I was on the box they laid me back and once again both were ravaging me. Mean while Scott began pulling off my jeans and panties in one smooth motion, revealing the moisture that was obvious on my lips. He began to run his tongue all over my pussy long strokes from the clit all the way to my ass often sucking my lips all the way down and up it was intense. Ronnie started to unzip his pants to present his cock to my mouth I eagerly accepted there just something nice about sucking a cock while your pussy is being attacked at the same time. Ronnie knew every time Scott hit my clit because I in turn would suck him harder. He had a nice average cock it was shaved and he had huge balls. I was on back and this was a nice opportunity to suck on his balls while stroking his cock I allowed him to teabag me. I love the feeling of his huge balls filling my mouth. I was also excited that I was eventually going to have Scott's incredibly fat cock inside me Sun. remembered it being the thickest cock I ever took, but this time I knew I wanted it before I squirted. So I asked him if he would please fuck me. He grabbed the vibrator and asked is this what you want. I told him " not yet I want your cock I really want it now." He handed the egg to Ronnie and dropped his pants. His cock was fully hard and every bit as thick as I remembered, he slowly began to push his cock inside me really stretching my pussy tight I wasn’t sure I could take it with out the benefit of squirting first but he slowly and steadily drove into me, short stokes at first and as I began to relax, he would slip deeper until finally he was all in and moving at steady but deliberate pace. I could not believe how full my pussy was feeling it took some time before the stretching became comfortable and pleasurable but once it did I was cumming in multiples. Ronnie was obviously impressed with what he was seeing because he was speechless. That’s when Scott said rub that toy on her clit while I’m fucking her. He did just that and wow having my clit rubbed with Scott's cock inside me drove me through the roof. As soon as I felt the vibrator moving over my clit my body began to shake uncontrollably, I felt my face become flush and I was spasmic, I was cumming hard. Scott told "Ronnie dude she squirting all over my cock!" No way Ronnie said, and I was I could feel it but it wasn't coming out. Scott increased his pace to really hard and fast, while Ronnie Kept pressure on my clit I could feel my pussy tightening up and releasing over and over on Scott's thick cock. When he was ready to cum I could feel his shaft getting thicker and pulsating in my pussy. I began to scream in ecstasy as he pumped his load in me. Scott pulled out kind of quick and you could hear the Juices from my pussy just dump on the floor. It splashed it was so much. Scott told Ronnie told you man she was squirting hard, when I came out she soaked the floor and me, I wanted to watch her squirt Ronnie said.
I Told Ronnie to get the toy and work me from behind you’ll get what you want I promise. So I rolled over on to my stomach feet on the floor and spread while Scott was holding my arms at the front of the box letting me suck his just came semi hard cock. Telling me he was going to fuck me again after Ronnie was done with my sweet pussy so I should get him rock hard again. I said you promise lol
Ronnie had already pushed the toy inside my pussy and was working it pretty good When Scott suggested that he move the egg downward facing the front of my pussy and stroke it like he was stroking his own cock very fast. Scott did exactly that and within 30 seconds I could feel the spasms in my vagina building up. Ronnie exclaimed he could feel it getting tight. Scott said that’s it go faster and watch out. I began to cum, squirt hard and frequent creating a puddle on the floor Ronnie was ecstatic he kept it up until I was begging him to stop but Scott held my arms tight and told him to grab the big dildo and fuck her with it. Ronnie Said in a minute I want to feel her hot pussy with my own dick. He plunged quickly inside me and reminded me how hot and wet my pussy was while pounding me. It was feeling so good I started cumming not squirting but very pleasurable feel good orgasms. Then he exploded inside my hot cunt. He asked me if I wanted the big dildo next I said if you want to use it on me You better do it before Scott fucks me again or I wont have anything left. So He and Scott agreed they wanted to watch me take the huge long Troy I insisted that they listen to me while using it because it can hurt it wasn't as thick as Scott's cock I told them, but it is very long, so be gentle.
Ronnie placed the very large dildo inside my pussy and commented how hot he thought it was to watch it begin to disappear inside my lips he drove it inside me till I said not so deep then he quickly backed out a little bit and moved his hand to where it was at my comfortable depth, I then said you can move it faster as it was feeling real good, nice thickness and perfect depth. He did move it with nice long strokes almost pulling completely out just leaving the tip inside my lips, meaning ever plunge was stretching me wide and then nothing. Wow that felt good like the first time you feel it go inside. I needed it faster and harder and he obliged .I really started to writhe my pussy toward his hand on each plunge he ask did I want more I really did it felt like I wanted more with each stroke I said keep going deeper till I say stop .He began to go more vigorously and allowing more of that long shaft to penetrate and began screaming more , more, deeper finally I could feel it as deep as it could go it was not going any deeper I had more than 2/3 of its length inside me. Scott said to pump her hard and he did harder and faster I could feel my self cumming every minute or two. Scott began to move in position and told Ronnie to pull it out he was going to finish me. Ronnie started pumping that huge dildo at a fever pitch and just as I felt like I could squirt he yanked it out and Scott's thick cock took its place not so gently this time but hard and fast one hard deep thrust the feeling went from deep to stretched again he was a bit thicker than Troy, and he fucked me harder than he ever had. While Ronnie Went to put his cock in my mouth they were both fucking me like they were crazed. Scott began to cum at the same time Ronnie was spewing in my mouth and I was on the verge of the most intense orgasm of the night as I began to scream Scott removed his cock from my throbbing spasmic pussy. And I began to squirt about three-foot burst of woman juice all over Scott and the floor it went on for about four huge steams. Each one was causing me to scream louder than the last. We had to take the moving blankets to clean up the sopping basement floor I bet I squirted a quart of cum that night. And Ronnie got to see his first squirt. He was a hottie but I think that thick cock of Scott's made me hotter. I will go back to the old neighborhood now and then that I'm sure. If only to enjoy that thick cock again.
Putting it on Display
Posted:May 11, 2011 7:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 1:45 pm
My friend Kirk and I recently took a trip to the midwestern U.S. while traveling we decided to stay at a hotel in some town in Indiana.I was already hot for some action because I had been flashing truckers all day.You know show some tits and for some lucky ones they even saw me masterbating with my huge dildo.They appreciate a good show.
Well getting back to the hotel, It was not lavish but it was nice ,It had an indoor pool, and a very nice lobby bar. The two thing's I insisted on mainly the pool.Well we got to the room and decided we needed to relax at the pool so we got in our bathing suits and hurried on to pool we noticed there was no one in the pool area so we had some fun and decided it was time for a drink.Thats when Kirk suggested that I not put my bathing suit back on and go to the bar in my coverups, A white little tee and a fleece mini that barely covered my but cheeks.Some what reluctantly I agreed.
When we arrived at the bar they had a few patrons but it definintly wasn't crowded and it was only men. So we chose to sit in the middle area of the bar.I was already being checked out because my nipples showing thru my white shirt because my tits were wet when I put it on it was obvious I had NHOs( nipple hardons).We ordered a couple of drinks , and while my Kirk acted distracted by the baseball game(he never watches baseball)I started to spread my legs open to let any one interested a full gander at my exposed pussy not acting intentional,once I had a few guys at the bar's full attention I started to massage my clit still acting as if I was unaware of my new admirers.
Kirk went to the restroom and a soon as he left the hottie bartender came over to see if I wanted another round and i replied yes he took my order and said if there was anything else please ask, I thought about that and decided not to say what I really wanted.LOL
Well we had a few more cocktails and with each one I became more daring I started rubbing myself while staring at the group of men and the bartender they tried not to look. but couldn't help themselves one was brave enough to aleast manage to give me a wink and a smile and then buy our next round.
We then decided that we should call it a nite and went back to our room while going up the elevator we watched the guys at the bar through the two way mirror that was the elevator they were going spastic slaming the bar and jumping up and down out of there seats and laughing just going nuts about the show they just got.LoL if they had been braver they all could have had some fun I was primed and ready for a gang bang so the moral of the story is if she showing you her pussy maybe she is ready to play make a move.
Posted:Oct 26, 2009 10:49 am
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2018 1:43 am
I was traveling to Atlanta on business and staying at a nice Hotel,every evening after I finished my work I would visit the Hotel bar.
The bar was pretty empty but there was always someone willing to buy me a drink in hopes of a shot at fucking me for repayment. But each evening I chose to go back to my room alone, But I did become friendly with the bar tender.A nice guy not great looking but not ugly by any means a little on the skinny side and kind of nerdy much younger than me.
Well on Wednesday I entered the bar and there wasn't any one at all in the bar except my new friend Kyle the bartender. I said looks like I'm buying my own drinks tonight, he laughed and said don't worry if no one comes in their on me . I told him no that's okay but he insisted.
Well after a while he was making me different concoctions to try and they were going to my head, and he was looking better by the minute.I was leaving the next morning and was feeling frisky so I suggested he meet me in my room after he closed the bar.He said it would be about an hour he had to close the register.
So off to the room I went deciding to take a warm bath before my visitor arrived as I was just about to get in the bath a knock on the door oh shit he is early. but it was room service with a pitcher of a fruity alcoholic beverage. what a sweety I thought.
Well after my bath and a little warming up my sweet spot I heard a knock on the door I wrapped up in my robe and answered the door , there he was my nerdy bartender I thought to my self I'm gonna make this night.
He immediately pushed me back to the bed with a deep kiss and flung opened my robe working his tongue down my neck and down to my exposed breasts he took his time making sure each nipple was aware he was there when both were so erect they actually felt as if they were burning he quickly moved down to my already navel and then to my steamy pussy he must have sucked and ate me for 20 mins or more I came in his mouth 4 times that I remember.
I then told him I was ready to repay the favor he said that wasn't necessary that most girls don't want to suck his cock, as I told him I'm not most girls I began to unbutton his pants to reveal the largest cock I have ever seen and I have had some big ones as well as large dildos, he said see what I mean u don't have to if you don't want too I can just go down on you again. I said we can try so I began stroking him and what seemed to be a already monster cock got even larger I couldn't even wrap my fingers completely around it it was the size of two soda cans stacked on each other length and width as I began to put my mouth over the the head of it I realized there was no way I could fit my mouth over it I just kissed and sucked the tip and ran my tongue and lips up and down and around his incredible girth .I looked up at him and apologized for not taking him in my mouth He said th ats alright he had only been with one girl that could get it in her mouth.You can just stroke it till I get off if you want th ats what most do. I said aren't you gonna fuck me with it. He said I would love to but I thought you wouldn't. We can try I said thinking, How the the hell am going to do anything with it.But I was really wet and horny for some penetration and I love a challenge.
He climbed over me and rubbed the enormous head over my pussy rubbing my clit and ass at the same time he continued to massage me with it until I was inching my hips toward him ,he asked are ready and before waiting for my answer he gently pushed the head through my opening stretching me wide until it was just inside me I actually felt the head of his dick expand inside me filling the area of my pussy but not deep yet he would then start moving slowly in and out of my pussy making my pussy contract then get really relaxed as if to say it wanted more. Then he started to inch in little by little until I was completely full I had never felt that full before and surprisingly painless it felt really tight but not painful.He is now moving slowly back and forth making sure to let me feel the length of his fantastic cock as he began to move faster I started cumming right away he was moving real good and I was amazed at how well I was handling this big cock.Just as I thought I could not cum any more he asked if I was wanted for him to go deeper.OMG I thought I had it all inside me I reached down a felt what was not in me and couldn't believe He had about another third to give me.I said yeah baby give it all to me .He started to pump me really fast until I was starting to cum again the he slowed down and then drove a deep slow stroke this was it he was pushing it all the way inside me I was cumming like a waterfall as I felt him inching his way all the way in it was painful but really pleasurable like a cramp that gave way to pleasure I could feel his balls on my ass so I knew he was all in and I could feel pressure building in his cock,So I knew he was ready to cum I begged him to cum inside me and fuck me fast and hard I felt like my pussy was being hit with a jack hammer. then it happened I was starting to squirt but nothing was coming out and then he came and as he came it sprayed out of my pussy on to his balls wild I think my pussy was so full of his cock there wasn't room for his cum. this made me crazy as he pulled out of me that squirting that had been building up started to spew across the room. He immediately pushed his cock back in side my extremely wet slippery pussy it entered hard and swollen and began to soften while inside me but still filled me up .I started to contract my pussy as if I were chewing his cock with my pussy massaging it with my vaginal muscles until I could feel him begin to swell again till he was full hard and beggining to pump my insides again I began to cum so hard I nearly passed out.This time he was fucking me with very long stokes causing me to erupt into orgasm on almost every stroke he would withdraw till the head of his cock was almost exiting me then he would plow a long deep stoke all the way in side me .He was letting me feel his entire length on every stroke for the next 10 minutes I must have cum 20 times .When he told me he was ready to cum again I ask if I could try it my mouth again he pulled ot of me and I eagerly grabbed him with both hands a put my mouth over his cock while jerking it with both hand he began to spew into my mouth causing me to choke a bit so I removed my mouth and worked his cock faster and faster till he erupted again a large load that kept coming and running dow his length like a volcano I quickly lapped it all up nice and neat just fondling him as his cock began to relax enjoying even the weight of his now flacid monster after he was done and getting dressed I watched him put away that monster that just left my pussy throbbing . I smiled to my self how could I have known that this skinny nerd would have such a wonderful and powerful cock and even more know how to use it in a way that would allow me to take it all and love every inch of it .I have had large men many times before none of which were even close to Kyle's size they more times than not try to hurt you with it not try to make you beg for it.Kyle had me begging because he always made sure I was to hot to stop him to hot not to want him to give me all of his massive cock. So if you get to the Marriott in Atlanta and you see a bartender named Kyle tell him I said hi

Really Live Cam Sex (I took the Dare)
Posted:Sep 17, 2009 7:18 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2020 1:46 pm
Well Thursday night I was bored and decided to get on cam on another adult site . I have a few friends there and we were playing. I was doing the usual stuff toys and playing with my pussy for the room to see. I like camming there because the rooms allow voice and text chat from the whole room while your cam is going.
While I was camming the guys were directing and every one was having a blast, they then started talking about how they wish they could help me and of course I agreed how nice that would be. Then my good cyber friend Phlooker asked if there was anyone close enough to help, I replied I don�t know is there anyone from Richmond in the room lol. We got a response from SM58, he said he was close enough and after a few minutes of questions we established he was about 10 minutes up the road from me.
Well that just got Phlooker and the rest of the room going crazy trying to get me to offer an invite and to fuck this guy on cam. I was really worked up from the cam show, so I agreed that if SM58 got on cam I might do it. He refused saying that if I saw him I wouldn�t do it because he was sure he was not my type. We all started egging him to get on cam, but he still refused. Then Phlooker asked me to guarantee I would take the challenge if 58 went on cam. By this time not only was I getting horny I was also intrigued and determined to get this guy on cam so I agreed �If you get on cam for at least one minute I will invite you over and fuck you on cam� He asked if he could private message me and wrote that he was black and that he didn�t want to put me on the spot I replied that was fine but if you wanna fuck me put your cam up! Because once I accept a challenge I keep my promise lol. Not to mention I do enjoy a nice black cock once in a while!
Well as you can guess he put it up and the room went crazy, It was on now I got his phone no# and called him to give directions and he Got here in about 15 mins.
I was nervous when I answered the door but probably not nearly as much as he was. Meanwhile the chat room was hooting and hollering as I brought him to the couch in front of the cam. He sat down saying this was the craziest thing he had ever done. When Phlooker blasted out suck her tits!! I then removed my blouse to expose my fully erect nipples and he dove in sucking, licking and biting them for 5minutes or more > I was really getting wet thinking about what he was doing and who all was watching me. I reach down to feel his crotch to feel what was already a huge hard cock. OnceI I felt how hard he was I just had to let it out. I started to unzip his pants to reveal a nice hard shiny black cock it was large and thick but not too big, I started to nibble the head of his cock and as I slid my lips past the head and down his long shaft he began to shutter and I kept stroking it with my mouth for a few minute until he said that if I didn�t stop he was going to unload in my mouth. So I stopped and said Oh no you are going to fuck me that was the deal. About that time I heard Phlooker asked � Do you eat pussy 58 � he replied not usually but I can for tonight LOL. So I laid back on the couch and pushed my hips up to reach his waiting mouth I grabbed the back of his head and grinded his face in my wet pussy and he began to lick my clit and suck on my lips, he was not used to eating pussy but it was working for me It�s not rocket science lol. He did okay!
After he got me to cum I asked if he was ready to put that big dick inside me. He said hell yeah but I want you from behind .So I turned around and offered my backside to him, he then started to slide his cock in me and It was really swollen by now he drove deep into me. Oooh it felt really long and thick and he was pounding me so hard that he was driving me face down on the couch and I was squeezing my legs together to keep him from going so deep.( it was hurting a little).After a while we were sliding of the couch and I suggested we use the coffee Table .
I moved to the table and gave myself to him in the same manner backside first he started up the same way fast and hard but this time I was much more comfortable and he felt real good .He would grab my hips and pull me back on his ever so hard cock getting deeper with every thrust. Then out of the blue he smacked my ass with his hand and the tingling raced through my entire body making me warm all over on about the third smack I started to cum uncontrollably. He said you like that don�t ya bitch, I almost could speak I just mumbled oh yeeaah.
He pulled out and told me to roll over to my back, because he said he wanted to watch my face as he fucked my little white pussy. He placed my legs on his shoulders at this time I could see his cock as he began to force it in my swollen pussy it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger but I was craving more and more of it. He was well into pounding faster and faster when he asked me �you like this big Black cock in you don�t you little white slut � and �Tell me you want me to bust my seed in your tight little cunt � Oh I was so fucking turned on I screamed please fuck me oh please harder I want it please I want you hurt me with that beautiful cock and then cum in me I want to feel you explode in my pussy. Then as I was started to cum again he pressed his hips to mine and grinded his cock way inside me making my body spasm as I felt him unleash his load in three long burst. Then he slid out side of me and I noticed how wet and shiny his cocked looked in the condom that was filled like a water balloon with his cum. He then apologized to me for his dirty talk. I told him are you crazy it was hot. I loved it.
By this time the room was speechless we cleaned up he went home and we all got back on the pc and talked about the experience .I got a few offers for who could be the next time lol.By the way I have it on video FUCKED ON A DARE

Curious No More My First Bi- Experience
Posted:Nov 8, 2010 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2011 11:21 am
Up until I went to out to L.A. I had not had a full blown experience with a woman, I had not even admitted to anyone I was Bi-curious .I would always say how I couldn't go there I was embarrassed to admit that I would get turned on watching girl on girl porn. So as far as I was concerned that would always be my secret and I would never act on it.
Well it all started on a trip to L.A., a business trip. It was a seminar my company was putting on and I was one of the presenters as well as this beautiful girl named Megan, she was the lead for the presentation and this was the first time we have worked together. We hit it off from the start.
After the presentation ended the group decided to go out for dinner and drinks, and clubbing afterwards. We all were having a great time and as the night moved along so did the drinking, there were quite a few nice looking gentlemen hitting on us, and Megan kept telling every one to leave us alone because I was her bitch. I thought that was hilarious so I kept up the rouse telling the same about her. She would begin to rub all over my body in an effort to keep up the appearance that we were a couple and I reciprocated, hell it was fun and we were both hqd fellows at home so as for me it was a joke but I was getting a little worked up over it.
When the evening was over we hopped in a cab to go back to the hotel and she was still putting on her act for the cabbie. Telling me what she was going to do to me when we got back to the room, and he was all ears. Well I invited her up to my room and once in the room she noticed I had a web cam connected to my laptop, she asked me why I had that. I explained that my man and I liked to talk on web cam while we traveled to save on long distance and play a little. She insisted we get him on cam.
Well I got him on cam and we told him about our evening and how we played like a couple of lesbians he was getting a real kick out of it. So much so he started to egg us on he said we should kiss on cam .I wasn't sure I was ready to go there but Megan said ok and kissed me ever so lightly on the lips. He said that was nice but weak, he said lets see one like you mean it. I was becoming embarrassed because I was really getting wet over the thought of her kissing me. And this time she dove her tongue deep into my mouth and kissed me for what seemed like 5 min, it was on, she kept kissing me and rubbing my breast .My man was speechless.
She stood up and removed her top to expose a beautiful pair of full 38c's and leaned over to put her nipple in my mouth. I wasted no time exploring every inch of her beautiful tits all the time thinking how incredible sexy she was and soft her supple skin felt in my mouth. She asked me have I ever had a girl go down on me and I replied no. Her response was to take me over to the bed and completely undress me and her self all the while make sure she had her soft sensual lips some where on my body as she lay me on the bed she massaged my entire body with her soft hands and moist lips, she ran her tongue along my neck down to my inner thigh ,I could feel the warmth of her breath getting closer to my pussy as she darted her tongue in and out for what felt like a butterfly landing right inside my lips and then she began a sucking motion first on my labia and finally she was there she had my clit exposed and swollen in her lips while moving her tongue back and forth all over it I started to cum in seconds. When she had me near the edge again she began to grind her entire face into me never letting go of my clit at this time she even began to nibble on my clit with her teeth ever so softly. I must have cum gallons I don\rquote t know if I have ever been so turned on.
She raised her head from between my legs juices glistening from her face and she asked me if I was willing to return the favor. I told her I couldn't wait but I had no experience, she rolled over and spread her legs as she pulled my head close to her. I couldn't help but notice how sweet she smelled and that she seemed to have dew droplets all over her pussy lips. I began to eat her just like she had me it was amazing the taste of her and even more so how I had control of this beautiful woman with nothing more than my tongue.
I then told her that I had brought some toys from home because my man liked to see me play with them for him on cam, I pulled out my rather large dildo and showed her she begged me to fuck her with it .Wow I started to push the dildo into her swollen lips watching it begin to disappear in side her all the while listening to her tell me to fuck her fast and hard .I did as she asked noticing I was feeling like I was going to cum just watching her take it, remember I had never seen it from this angle so I was incredibly turned on after she came she looked me in the eyes and said I am going to fuck the shit out of you with this big dick,and she did she fucked me first really slow and built up really fast until I started squirting all over her she put her mouth over my cunt to catch everything .This time I surprised her she had never seen that before and she told me it was the hottest thing she had experienced. \par
We played thru the night forgetting we had an audience till the next morning.
When I got home my man had a hundred questions to ask and he was so fucking worked up he fucked me with in an inch of my life He mostly wanted to know if she ate pussy better than him. My answer was and is that it was an incredible event but I think it had more to do with the circumstances than the talent he still gives some mighty fine head. But I do love to play with girls when I get the chance.
Something fun toTry
Posted:Apr 7, 2010 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2010 1:34 pm
Well this isn't my usual blog but its a fun little game my partner and I came up with, and maybe you might find this fun. This started one easter when we had all those plastic eggs left over and rather than throwing them out we wrote down sex wishes down on pieces of paper and put each wish in the plastic eggs. Neither of us knowing what the other had written, we then gathered all the eggs up and put them in a bowl beside the bed. We also agreed to honor what ever the wishes were in the eggs.Also that only one egg could be opened a night .
When we were getting ready to get busy we would decide together whether to open an egg or not we didn't always but it was tempting every time, we wanted use them when we feeling more daring.which was more often than not LOL.

Some of the wishes were like to night we have anal,or we fuck like crazy tonight but tomorrow you seduce a stranger and you get to open another egg tonight,whipped cream and chocolate, one said we enjoy each other any way we want but you have 3 days to buy an adult toy for your self.That got me in my first adult book store lol now I'm addicted to the toy store.
So use your imagination and let me know how it worked out for you. Also if you have any fun things to do in the bedroom share with us And please give me more suggestions to put in the eggs
How I squirted the first Time
Posted:Jan 18, 2010 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2017 10:38 am
My first time squirting was just a couple of years ago and
after years of my partners constant diligence in trying
to make me squirt.Problem was it wasn't him that made
me squirt it was the guy who put in my driveway after I seduced him while hubby was out of town. I called him to
the house one night and told him my heat was out would he mind looking
at it.
When he got there I told him that I had a kerosene heater
in the bedroom will you please light it for me. While he was working on the heater I had nothing but my robe
on and was sitting on the edge of the bed letting it open just
enough so he could catch a glimpse of my sweet wet lips, he
tried so hard not to stare and keep working, but my pussy
was calling his name.He finally told me that my robe was
open and that it was very distracting. I said I was sorry in a shy surprised
voice. He then said he liked the view in a nervous laugh,
while pretending to be concentrating on the heater.So I move my hand between my thighs and
began massaging my self right there on the edge of the bed.This
was way to much for him he finally asked if he could do that
for me , I said please I do think I need some help. He gingerly moved his hand over mine and wrestled his way under my hand and started really working my pussy well with his hand when I suggested that he lean in for a taste without hesitation he moved his mouth over my neatly trimmed mound working his tongue over my entire pussy parting my moist lips with his flickering tongue.,finally resting on my now throbbing clit he grabbed my clit gently with his teeth holding it in place as he massaged it feverishly with his the tip of his tongue.It only took seconds before I felt my entire body tremble in waves of pleasure.Once I came back to earth I suggested
we get out my toys particularly my purple egg vibrator he thought that was a good Idea and was very eager to play.
by now I was so hot because I knew I was going to get fucked good , I
knelt up on the bed with one leg up and one knee down so he could
guide the vibrator in, (I think he was still nervous about
getting in my bed)He watched as the egg slipped inside he began to work in and out slowly and deliberately watching my reaction to each stroke and as I getting closer to orgasm he began to work it really fast in just
the right spot I had never felt it in that position before, and
within a couple of minutes I was ready to explode it was so
intense I began to quiver and eventually I was Squirting
all over his hand and the bed not just drips but full hard
blast of cum I nearly past out with pleasure.And his mouth
was hanging open he said he had never seen anything like
that before I was shocked and embarrassed I thought I had peed but it felt different plus I had just had the most intense orgasm of my life.He said he was sure it wasn't pee that he believed I had just squirted and if I wasn't sure we should try again.I agreed plus I wanted to cum that hard again.So once again he slid the vibrator inside me this time it was very slippery and he began stroking me fast and furious within seconds it started again I could feel the pleasure building inside of me and next thing I know I began to scream as my pussy started to spasm uncontrollably and then the squirts were coming in gushes and then streams he kept moving the egg more and more and the squirting kept on and on until I could take no more and ask him to stop before I pass out.He said that was the hottest most intense thing he had ever seen and he Just had to put his cock inside that drenched
wet pussy .I agreed I had to have him right then. I undid his pants to reveal one of the thickest cocks I ever
had the pleasure of holding not the longest, but my god it
was thick my fingers couldn't wrap around it.and it
was so hard .I had him lay back on the bed so I could put in in
my mouth I wanted to suck it so bad as I put my mouth around
it was all I could do to fit it in my mouth. I know realize I
cant suck a fat cock for extended periods of time my jaws
got so sore LOL.So next I climb on top of him grab that fat
hard cock a slid it into my pussy at first I was worried he
would hurt me but soon realized I was still so soaking wet
from squirting that it slid in nicely and he starting to
pump it inside me filling every part of my pussy with fat
juicy cock it felt as if he were stretching it beyond repair
but oh it felt so good I started to orgasm almost immediately
and then about every other minute, he fucked me for a good
10 mins before he came and when he came he shot me so full of
cum it was oozing out of me around his cock and down his balls
, I don't think there was enough room in my pussy for his thick
cock and all that cum .He stayed the night and fucked me several
more times and made me squirt a couple of more time too with
the toy haven't had the experience with a real cock yet but
it sure is fun with toy.


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