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Feed the man right  

MsSwitch1 99F  
3961 posts
6/12/2020 5:50 am
Feed the man right

Often and more often

mondos6567 55M
16 posts
7/8/2020 6:09 pm

Great pics

Leegs2012 47M
54384 posts
6/14/2020 9:14 am

I love the way you think!!

ClassicRock2015 66M
1174 posts
6/13/2020 3:01 am

Luv an open buffet !

Hawkfan533333 30M
652 posts
6/13/2020 2:44 am

I'd like to see a pic of what you have to feed me. I have a big appetite.

Feel free to message my private mailbox

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6111 posts
6/12/2020 7:08 pm

Hungry hungry hungry!!!!

Sixty9fourfun 44M
131 posts
6/12/2020 3:31 pm

Absolutely delicious πŸ˜‹

Krautinz 53M  
2 posts
6/12/2020 11:39 am

Most wonderful, yes please!

TheElitesTRIAL 26M
75 posts
6/12/2020 10:46 am

that's all I want

English is my second language, Cunnilingus the first.
kik TheElitesPDeep

Mr_Flirt_2020 47M
169 posts
6/12/2020 10:08 am

You need to respond my dear sweet heart buddy

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62013 posts
6/12/2020 8:57 am

That'll keep his attention.

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newfittfunn 37M
13 posts
6/12/2020 7:29 am

I would hope you would let me have for breakfast lunch and dinner

Mr_Mercedes 59M
200 posts
6/12/2020 7:14 am

Moments that need to happen more often than not.

You are in my most inappropriate thoughts...

pokekitty01 49M  
456 posts
6/12/2020 6:46 am

Makes me HUNGRY!

TBuc76 44M
14 posts
6/12/2020 6:43 am


Mr_Flirt_2020 47M
169 posts
6/12/2020 6:40 am


MandM9182 28M/37F  
3 posts
6/12/2020 6:24 am

mmm yes!

scoupe42 57M  
8817 posts
6/12/2020 6:15 am

I agree

lickeyzsplit 57M
929 posts
6/12/2020 6:13 am

Oh Yes Please ! Mmm xoxo

merlot5555 64M  
874 posts
6/12/2020 6:05 am

...and the right man has a very large appetite..... and vocals add to the appetite.....

MsSwitch1 99F  
431 posts
6/12/2020 5:51 am

Eight 50

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