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Smother him.  

MsSwitch1 53F  
3281 posts
1/20/2020 10:29 am
Smother him.


potluckme 48M
29 posts
2/17/2020 9:23 am

oh my

A1Xpleaser 61M
406 posts
2/15/2020 8:16 pm

I'll breathe through my toes if I have to!

licknsuck1234 62M
60 posts
2/4/2020 11:23 am

I had a friend who asked me if his wife could suck my cock........I was blown away.....but said she has to allow me to see her big tits, and would love to lick her as well. He was having cock issues, and she loved to suck cock. Well this led to several years of meeting with them. I was naked on their living room couch as she kneeled between my legs sucking and licking my cock and balls while her husband and I talked. When I came, it was a grunting oh my god cum blasting cum, which she greedingly sucked up all the cum and just kept going.......I sat in the mini van while he drove around and she sucked my cock....she was excellent.........I asked her to sit on my face once, and her hubby said I will go in the other room, within minutes she had a shuddering squirting orgasm, she was rubbing her wet open pussy all over my face.....I really like that....later her hubby said that is the only way she cums........it was a great time with them.

69ereatwetpussy 57M
3075 posts
1/24/2020 10:49 am

Oh ride me till you cum and start all over again.

mamacita38dd 41F  
49173 posts
1/23/2020 5:39 pm

Nothing wrong with a little bit of bump and grind

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Tbadboytoy69 60M
182 posts
1/21/2020 6:30 pm

I love when my girl smoothers my face.

lickeyzsplit 57M
1039 posts
1/21/2020 5:41 am

Mmm Grind that sweet pussy into my chinny chin chin Mmmmxoxoxo

NJGUY08090 53M
3180 posts
1/20/2020 6:22 pm

I love a woman that enjoys sitting on my face-- and I must say I have yet to have one complain about the service.

CleavageFan4U 63M  
61205 posts
1/20/2020 4:00 pm

Yes PLEASE Ma'am.

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_IKanCu2_ 101M
2698 posts
1/20/2020 3:57 pm

S/-/e started above (\/)e ,,,

,,,till the Firework*z appeared.

Gary545454 61M
557 posts
1/20/2020 3:37 pm

Nothing better!

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6021 posts
1/20/2020 3:10 pm

It's ok, I can breathe thru my ears!!!

pocogato12 67F  
33124 posts
1/20/2020 3:00 pm

Find me THE man ASAP.
PS two of the comments on here are totally hilarious: Raven and bernard

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okguy4u33 50M
34 posts
1/20/2020 2:48 pm

That's fuckin hot...yum

niceguy5947 60M
30 posts
1/20/2020 2:43 pm

omg!! yes

raulgmdq 52M
45 posts
1/20/2020 2:42 pm

wowwww very nice!

MrRareity 60M  
3772 posts
1/20/2020 2:02 pm

I love it that is how I'd love to leave the world.

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we have only one - Confucious

ClassicRock2015 66M
965 posts
1/20/2020 12:16 pm

Nice.....face deep !

looking4u69ca 59M
3528 posts
1/20/2020 11:44 am

Just let me breathe once in awhile.

benard69 63M/63F  
5100 posts
1/20/2020 11:28 am

That's the New CIA version of Water Boarding...

RealDealRealTime 54M

1/20/2020 11:26 am

NOTHING beats a QUEEN! Unless that's what she wants.

sexual692012 60M
69 posts
1/20/2020 11:23 am

I can think of many worse ways to go!! That is just so yummy ,wow

Desir4Fire 45M
2252 posts
1/20/2020 11:22 am

Yes, please

Wantsome12plzme 50F  
115 posts
1/20/2020 11:16 am

Mmm What a great position for her to be in.

Leegs2012 47M
52741 posts
1/20/2020 11:07 am

Oh Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!

in2oralfun69mm 72M
237 posts
1/20/2020 11:05 am

Sit on a happy 😃

RavenGB 59M
1077 posts
1/20/2020 10:53 am

You know he is just praying, "For God's sake, don't fart..."

SarahLem80 40F
121 posts
1/20/2020 10:51 am

I love riding a guys fave 😛

sarazpair 34F

1/20/2020 10:48 am


tubesteak66 53M  
574 posts
1/20/2020 10:41 am

My favorite position

jajo696 65F
1951 posts
1/20/2020 10:34 am

Thats always my fear. I can see the headlines now....oh geeze !!~~

MsSwitch1 53F  
345 posts
1/20/2020 10:29 am

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