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Dammit Virginia?? (Lookout - politics of the moment, and maybe a bit more...)  

Msmealsonheels 27F  
172 posts
3/4/2020 11:51 am
Dammit Virginia?? (Lookout - politics of the moment, and maybe a bit more...)

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Msmealsonheels 27F  
686 posts
3/4/2020 11:59 am

So many issues to touch on.. But first, I want to say I'm only bringing up what I hear in the news, or have seen on TV... YOU verify anything here for yourself. And YOU form any opinions YOU may. I only offer things for possible discussion.

The big news this morning, and there's much of it... Bloomberg has now taken a bow (Out), and has offered his backing to Biden. The full context of that backing (Particularly any election resources that may also be offered) is yet to be revealed, or openly discussed.

There is also talk of after an assessment of current status of things - Warren is now also seriously considering taking a bow. What is up in the air there, is who she would back - either Sanders, or Biden. And Warren's voters could have an effect upon things, as they turn to their new choice of a candidate. There is talk of how Warren did seem to focus nearly her entire fury upon Bloomberg during the debates, while with a few exceptions, for the most part left the others alone.

Some say a good part of the reason Sanders -is where he is- this morning - is because Warren DIDN'T start attacks upon him, and start poking holes in his policies and direction.

I heard some say the Sander's isn't really a Democrat, but rather an Independent socialist. And joined the Dem's calling himself a socialist Democrat, for benefits the alignment might bring him. But later started calling himself a Democratic Socialist.

Some things are just not right though.

A 2-day stay in a hospital for a family member sending the family into bankruptcy, and/or a legal lien being placed upon their home. For charges 10-times what that same hospital would allow an insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid to pay.

So many important drugs so crazy expensive - people have to make the choice of eating and having a place to live - or a shortened life, or worse.

A pharmaceutical company taking an fairly inexpensive OTC (Over the counter) antacid, adding baking soda to it - and calling it a "New" drug and giving it a new name. And then charging the insurance companies and Medicare Twenty-four hundred dollars for a thirty-day supply of this "New" drug... And most consumers may never know this is going on - they may only see the six-dollar co-pay they have to pay...

Higher education costing so much, grads start life with a debt they may carry into well into mid-life, and for so many, that's the better outcome to this. It turns out much worse for some... And having a poor credit rating will often effect your viewed credibility/hire-ability, and therefor eventual earnings - only compounding problems...

I heard Sanders say one-hundred-thousand dollars a year was plenty for -anyone- to live on, certainly two-hundred-thousand dollars a year was more than enough for anyone. And that it ought to be criminal for anyone to earn five-hundred-thousand dollars a year. In Sanders world, it would seem someone like Bloomberg would not exist. Someone like Bloomberg that invented a stock market machine that every stock trader today uses, a stock market machine that has earned Bloomberg billions.

In Sander's world, it would seem the solution would be to tax someone like Bloomberg to the point that his income would be brought ii- line with everyone else. To Sander's, that is the fair way to level the earning field, and to pay to for his policy's.

Some people (Like some union workers, and especially people in congress) do actually have a good private (or otherwise) health insurance. In addressing the health care issue, oh - there is going to be some upheaval... Medicare for all would suddenly means lots of people working at insurance companies be without a job, and Medicare is going to need more staff...

Another question - how will health care change? Some people say it will be more like health care other counties with universal care have. Some claim there will be longer waits to obtain care. Might office visits change from having an appointment - to a first-come-first-served basis? And what if you need a specialist? There can already be a long wait to see certain specialists... Would this situation become even worse?

What about someone that has spent a lot of money on school, and is deeply in debt for it - to become a specialist, that now in a way has had their earnings sort of capped? I guess it's a good thing Sander's would forgive all student loans...

And this past corporate tax year (Ending Sept thirtieth) - company's like Amazon, and Fedex having a ZERO dollar federal tax liability - ZERO! When you look at your annual W-2 statement, what do you see as your federal tax liability for the year, as compared to your earnings? I bet it's not zero... Actually, the last I heard, about a month ago - at least ninety-one of the Fortune Five-hundred company's had a zero federal tax liability last corporate tax year...

Trump said that the corporate tax cuts passed would allow the corporations to invest in company infrastructure, and that would result in more jobs added to the economy. I'm sure there's little details that matter. But it seems the corporate tax cuts passed also included a provision that a the corporations overseas earning may now be tax-free. So likely, the bulk (If any) of new jobs created - were jobs created elsewhere. What a lot of the the corporations did though, with their windfall tax cut money - was to buy up their own stock. Increasing their own stocks value, and likely helping to drive up the stock market... And as a little bonus - they could also now just keep the money they previously had to pay to stock holders. Can you say executive BONUS time!!

In the meantime, our own government is now TWENTY-FOUR-TRILLION-DOLLARS - in debt... I agree that there needs to be some change. And of course, little is going to change if there isn't an upheaval of the 2020 senate too. The complete restructuring of our economy though. And people like Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and the like - forever-never-ever daring to turn their backside to anyone ever again... Oh that is going to hurt a bit...

I am concerned though, what a choice of complete economic upheaval and revolution might have on a potential house of cards though.. I suppose though, at times, there are just going to be some uncertainties, and lots of questions - to life..

big54al 66M
2089 posts
3/4/2020 12:54 pm

Pay no attention to the federal deficit! Certainly nobody on Fox News or conservative talk radio does since there's a white man in the white house!

thikhead 63M
3181 posts
3/4/2020 1:15 pm

first and most importantly, let me compliment you on
an obviously well-though-out and intelligently written post.
thats rare in todays political environment of insults and
fact-twisting and fact-denying.

ill compose my input in a similar manner, but i just needed to say this.
and others need to recognize it before it becomes the usual
infantile mud-fight most other political discussions are dragged down into.

thank you

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

lonlyforlove2 77M
17372 posts
3/4/2020 1:31 pm

Young Lady, your brain has been in overdrive. A lot of thoughts contained here with a host of answers or outcomes. Nov of this year will answer a lot of these.. If something tragic don't take us first.... Have a good day, Good to see you here..

Be sure to look in at lonlyforlove2 . It may make you smile
Be sure to support....Fixing The Blog Glitches How Much Interest Is There..

thikhead 63M
3181 posts
3/4/2020 1:45 pm

my story -

after going out on disability before several joint replacement surgeries
(and getting "let go" because my FMLA ran out before the surgeries were completed), im almost totally recovered now, but

if it wasnt for obamacare, id either be completely permanently disabled, homeless, or both, as i could never have afforded the surgeries without it,
nor be able to keep my home if i hadnt had the surgeries.

the most important point here, i guess, is that one size does NOT fit all,
and whatever healthcare americans end up with has to accommodate that.
question is, which will that be?

whatever plan is chosen, it needs to be individual-oriented,
no matter whos plan it is - reps, dems or independents (remember us?)

and only working together, without insults and all the other bullshit,
will we be able to come up with one

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

thikhead 63M
3181 posts
3/4/2020 2:09 pm

    Quoting lonlyforlove2:
    Young Lady, your brain has been in overdrive. A lot of thoughts contained here with a host of answers or outcomes. Nov of this year will answer a lot of these.. If something tragic don't take us first.... Have a good day, Good to see you here..
NO, it has to be about more than just who "wins" in november.

it cant be only about the reps throwing out everything the dems did,
or the dems throwing out everything the reps did.
(thats why im independent).

whatever plan that is AGREED ON has to be for the PEOPLE,
not just for one party or another,
nor about which party gets the most PAC money from pharma and others.

if "your party" wins, youre happy and in your mind
the "other half" of americans
become discontents, anarchists and insurgents.

and if "the other party" wins, in their minds
YOURE the discontent, anarchist or insurgent.

this has to stop being "the way it is".

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

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