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My Private GuestBook..  

Msmealsonheels 27F  
172 posts
1/28/2017 4:44 am
My Private GuestBook..

Hello, And Welcome to My Private GuestBook..

This is for anyone that just wants to say hello to me.

This is for anyone that is a non-paying standard member that wants to be able to contact me.

This part of my blog is for anyone that wants to say something to me in complete Privacy - rather than posting anything in my public blog.

Just so you know.. Any conversation you and I may have here in my private guestbook will stay private - only be visible to you and I. If you've never posted to someone's blog or guestbook before, don't let that stop you, it's easy...

Also, just so you know - this website does have a few rules to be aware of about messages sent in any blog or guestbook - No email addresses, no phone , nor any other kind of contact information. Along with whatever general common sense rules this website has for any kind of message sent to anyone on this website. Breaking the rules here may cause your message to not be delivered to me.

Messages sent may take a little time to actually be delivered on here. The same for any reply to you that I may post here. It's not as instant quick as email, but it's still a way to have contact.

Also I may not find your message right away. I don't come here every day. But do make sure -YOU- do come back here to my guestbook once in a while to look for a reply from me to you! If you don't find a reply, please try sending a message again. One of the website gremlins may have eaten your first message to me..

If this is new to you, you should find a box at the bottom that you can write to me in. If you don't see that box, go back up near the top of this page and click on the blue text with the thumbtack next to it that says "My Private GuestBook" - that should open my guestbook with a box at the bottom for you to write in..


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