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Fifty shades  

Mummy513 42F
7 posts
5/9/2020 11:02 pm
Fifty shades

As you guessed... I just watched fifty shades of grey! I wish i was her i wish i was Anastasia. They unreal life i will never have! The passion they have between them even when they play. The marks of love all over my body. The little beads of sweat and tears rolling down my face! The strength of a mans hand as it wrapped around my thoart but also when it is just holding my hand. This is my ultimate goal in life is to have all of that! Makes my body scream for this loudly! My mind is strong where my body is weak so my mind screams louder! Being submissive doesnt always mean sex and spanking and punishment (clearly shows that in the movie). Submissive to me is not part time. Submissive for me is all the time. Being the baby girl/princess is how i want to be treated. I am tried of so many men making promises and breaking them. I you can't stand on your word and what u promise then dont talk to me! When i pour my heart and mind out to you and not lie about any of my baggage dont say you understand just to ask me tge next day what i just told you . Blog Mommy513

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