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SHOPPING....... no panties....????
Posted:May 16, 2019 5:25 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 2:01 am
You pull into a parking spot and go to get the recycled grocery bags out of your trunk. As you open your door, you casually glance at the attractive blond woman opening the trunk of the car parked just ahead of yours. As you stand up, you see me bending over to get my groceries out of the cart. You immediately notice that I’m wearing a very short, very tight skirt, and like any healthy, warm-blooded man in his prime, you stand and watch me as I put my bags into the trunk, admiring my shapely bottom and firm thighs, idly thinking how nice it would be if all women wore their skirts so short….

You continue to enjoy the view as I bend over to put the bag into the car and my tight little skirt rides up. You go back to get the bags out of your trunk, and as you close it, you see my skirt riding up even higher as I reach to the back of my trunk to make room for the rest of my groceries…. Hoping to get a glimpse of a pair of sexy panties, you lean forward to get a better look and realize that I must be wearing a thong when you see the bottom of my cheeks. You feel your cock stir and thicken...

As you slowly walk back towards the front of your car, your eyes remain glued to my delicious bottom, straining to see between my thighs.....and as I bend over to get the things underneath the cart, my skirt rides up even higher, but you still don’t see any sexy panties...

I’m not that tall and my trunk is very deep, so I am struggling as I try to rearrange the items at the very back of the trunk. As you watch, I push up onto my toes, and for a brief second, you think that I might not be wearing ANY panties.... Your cock immediately responds, and as you watch me, you reach down to adjust yourself....and slowly caress your hard cock through your pants....

As you continue to watch, transfixed, I push up onto my toes again and this time, my skirt rides way up revealing the bottom third of my cheeks.... As I reach into the trunk, my right leg comes off the ground, my thighs part, giving you a quick, but unmistakeable glimpse of a beautiful pair of smooth luscious pussy lips.... There is NO question in your mind now.... I am definitely NOT wearing panties!!!

Your cock is rock hard.....aching and throbbing so much....you need to do something!!. You open your car door, stand behind it, and while looking around to make sure that no can see what you're doing, you slowly unzip your pants, take it out and start stroking as you enjoy the view.

With one foot on the ground and the other in the air, I reach even deeper....... and as I do, my legs come all the way apart and you can see everything now….I’m incredibly wet and my inner lips are very pink, very swollen, and protruding almost an inch!! Your mouth begins to water as you imagine sucking those luscious lips and licking my juices.....

All too soon, I stand up, and as I put the last few items into the trunk, I turn my head to look at you and smile. You wonder if I realize that you have been watching me …..and if I know what you are doing behind the open door.

I close the trunk…..and suddenly, instead of getting into my car, I turn and start walking toward you.....

You stand there frozen with your big hard cock in your hand, trying to decide what to do. You panic as you realize that there's no way you can fit your enormous rock hard cock back inside your pants, much less zip up without my knowing what you have been doing….. As I get closer, you feel the adrenaline surging throughout your body, terrified at what I will do…. …and at the same time, incredibly excited...... Your cock is throbbing like crazy as you feel yourself getting even bigger and even harder than before....

As I walk towards you, I slowly, sensuously lick my full hot pink lips…. Your cock jerks, as you imagine how it would feel to have my soft pink tongue circling the head of your cock instead…. savoring the sweet taste of your precum as you push it through my luscious lips into my warm wet mouth..... As I get closer, you suddenly realize that you WANT me to see your thick 8.5 inch cock....you WANT me to know how big and hard you are......

I stop just on the other side of your open door......and look right at your dripping, throbbing rock hard cock.... Panic starts to take over as it sinks in that you’re standing and masturbating right there in front of me..... in public ....in a grocery store parking lot!!! I stand there slowly taking it all in, watching you stroke…..and you suddenly realize that I’m smiling. As I gaze at your cock, I push my long golden blond hair out of my eyes and very slowly and deliberately lick my lips once again….

I step closer and reach my hand down towards your aching cock, accidentally brushing against it with my hand as I tuck a scrap of paper in the pocket next to your open zipper. I quickly pull my hand back, look up at you, smile, turn...... .....and as I go back to my car and open the door, I drop my keys. I slowly bend over to pick them up, keeping my legs straight, about shoulder width apart.... deliberately giving you a good long look at my beautiful smooth pink pussy and succulent protruding lips....and it takes everything you have to keep from cumming right then and there......

As I pull out of my parking space, I open my window, look right at your cock...still hard as a rock in your hand..... slowly and sensuously lick my lips again, and smile as I pull away, saying, "Make sure you save some of that for me"….

You immediately pull the paper out of your pocket….
There is an address and it's signed...... MyHoneyLips4U
Nude Beaches, Erections.... and More........
Posted:May 22, 2018 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2020 4:49 am
I wish nudists were more accepting of erections on nude beaches.... Seems incredibly hypocritical to advocate nudity as more “natural”, yet to view an erect penis as taboo. I suppose it’s viewed as too “sexual”, but the fact is, there’s nothing more “natural” than sex and sexuality......

I am all for masturbation and sex in public among consenting adults.....neither are a threat to others, and from what I’ve been able to determine, the majority of people who go to nude beaches get a thrill out of seeing and being seen.
Now, if you’ve viewed my profile, you know that there’s nothing I like more than showing my hard nipples, my wet swollen pussy, and my hard protruding clit in public..... both on the beach AND everywhere else....(see-thru tops/no panties)……...and I absolutely love, Love, LOVE seeing a man’s cock growing rock hard in response to me.....especially when that man starts stroking that same hard cock and cumming.
........and best of all, is having sex au naturel in public........

Of course, not everyone is like me...... There are some families who practice nudity, and some adults who find public sexual behavior offensive, but many others love public nudity and sex, and I think that nude beaches should be divided into ‘Regular’ and ‘Adult’ sections.
Posted:May 8, 2018 12:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2019 10:21 pm

I LOVE to imagine you watching me.....your cock getting rock hard as you stroke it, thinking about tasting me, licking me....sucking and teasing my big hard clit.... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... my lips are so engorged.....you think about how sooooooooo soft and warm and so incredibly wet they look...... You imagine how amazingly good it would be to feel them enveloping your hard cock and squeezing you as you slowly pushed through them deep into me.... Your cock is throbbing so hard..... OMG.....everything around you disappears as the most incredible feelings of pleasure spread through your entire body as you repeatedly thrust into me..... Your balls are so full they ache..... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... soooooooooooo gooood....
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Camel Toe Instructions
Posted:Oct 11, 2017 12:16 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 4:04 pm
For Best Viewing……

You really do need to choose your leggings carefully and remember…..
A Camel Toe is created when your leggings/pants cut up into your crotch and in between your pussy lips, making you look almost naked.

Some leggings are actually knit with NO seams.... (how do they do that???!!), while most have a small diamond-shaped piece of fabric in the center of the crotch, just like the piece you find, often lined with a bit of cotton fabric, in tights and pantihose. Both kinds are expressly designed this way to keep the garment from cutting into the wearer’s crotch, or to PREVENT Camel Toe.

Soooooooo..., here are a few hints for those who really want to enhance their Camel Toe display......
Design is most important.....
For the most sharply defined Camel Toe, you need to make sure that your leggings have that straight center seam that will easily slide up between your lips and deep into your pussy. Leggings/pants that have a slightly too-short rise pulled up to your waist also help to make your toe happen!!! .....and high heels make EVERYTHING look sexy.....especially if you have great legs!!

Fabric also makes a big difference....
For example the definition of your lips, and hence, of your Camel Toe, is best when your fabric is thin and stretchy, because it can conform better to the outline of your pussy... It’s even better if the fabric is metallic (see my profile for a pic of me in my metallic gold leggings) or shiny, as the reflective nature seems to enhance both the prominence and the definition of your Camel Toe.

Lace is nice too.....I have a pair of black lace bike shorts I wear with nothing underneath...... The seam slips right in between my lips....so it is OBVIOUS that I am not wearing panties, etc. .....and if you look closely, you can even see both my inner and my outer lips through the lace.

Between the excitement of showing off and the seam cutting between my lips and pressing against my clit, I end up wearing lots of leggings.....and judging by the men who have followed me around the store or mall, they are much appreciated by the opposite sex..... ))

SHOWING OFF: What do YOU think?
Posted:Mar 8, 2017 11:15 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 2:35 am

Someone asked me about how I like to show off and for whom .......and what do YOU think??

>> It really varies, depending on where I am and with whom. I usually keep it classy and fairly subtle in public and during the day......depending on how horny I am.
>> I show off A LOT more....both above and below...when I go out at night, and much more so when I'm with a boyfriend/S.O. (safety).
>> When I go out of town on vacation, I love to REALLY let go and indulge my sexy !!

I love to show off to men of ALL ages.....and I don't really see any difference in men's reactions....whether they're 18 or 80 or anywhere in between.

I do find it very interesting that in this day and age when men can go on the Internet 24/7, see anything/everything their heart desires in explicit detail AND watch it in the privacy of their own home where they can satisfy themselves, most men seem to get MUCH more turned on by much less when they see the 'real deal'.

I'm curious about what YOU think .....Is this true for you/the men in your life, and if so, why is that?
Sexy Dinner Date....
Posted:Feb 16, 2017 6:26 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2020 4:26 am

Some of you have asked me if I ever go with anyone or if I just post my pics and videos.....
Yes, I have gone with several men I met on here, however, I am EXTREMELY selective and I am only interested in meeting successful professional men who are fit, good looking.....and least 5'9" tall. I also insist on getting to know someone fairly well before I decide if I want to have sex with them.

A Dinner Date....
I recently went to dinner and I wore a the knee skirt with a slit on one side that went all the way up to my hip (NO panties, of course!!), On top, I wore a tight sweater with a loosely knit design that was more open than closed so you could see my breasts and nipples.(NO bra either!)

We went to a very nice restaurant. We sat side-by-side in a half round booth, and I made sure that I sat with the open slit next to my date.... Almost immediately, he started to stroke my bare leg from the knee all the way up to my hip, and my pussy was wet almost immediately. By the time the appetizers came, he had slipped his hand thru the slit and put his fingers into my dripping pussy.....occasionally pulling them and tasting my juices. He also stroked my hard five-eighths inch nipples occasionally...and even sucked them a few times because by then they were poking all the way through the holes in my sweater...

He played with my pussy all through dinner. There was no tablecloth to block the view, but unfortunately, the restaurant was only half full and here were no other customers sitting in front of us that we could show off to. However, by the frequency of the and the smiles on their faces, we were pretty sure that the waiters, bus boys, etc. knew exactly what was going on the table.

His cock was hard as a rock and my pussy was dripping all through dinner, so by the time we finished and made it to the parking lot, we were so worked up that he was pulling my clothes off. It was cold outside and I live very close by, so we decided that it might be better (and much more comfortable) to go to my house. We had our clothes off by the time we got to the bedroom. We had a lot of wonderful oral sex and he came in my mouth. He then put his fingers into my pussy and made me so hard that I was gushing and squirting all over the bed and bedroom.....(Even though I had several towels , the mattress got so wet that it took three days for it to dry !!)

PS: I recommend a long leisurely dinner with multiple courses an upscale restaurant, allowing the sexual tension to slowly build and build until your rock hard cock is throbbing and aching..... her pussy is positively dripping....... Soooooooooooo !!!!
Showing Off in Public
Posted:Feb 15, 2017 2:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2020 2:12 am
I LOVE going out wearing a short tight skirt, spreading my legs and showing my smooth naked pussy to men in public. Watching them looking at me makes my pussy incredibly wet and engorged, hopefully making the view even more explicit!! I also like to wear sheer or clingy tops with no bra to show off my naked breasts and hard nipples and I can see men looking and admiring them as well.... I love watching their cocks grow and get hard in their pants as they look.

I also love that men of ALL ages, from 19 to 75+, write to me and tell me how much they love to stroke their cocks and how hard they cum when they look at my my pics and videos.....and I see that some of them view my profile almost every day.
Women Without Panties.....
Posted:Jan 31, 2017 8:50 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2019 10:20 pm
Someone in the Upskirt Babe asked whether women go without panties on purpose tease men and show off their pussies.....

What kind of a question is that?
Does anyone seriously think that a woman gets dressed in a short tight skirt and just "forgets" put on her panties????

Like all girls go commando, I absolutely do it on purpose......and I LOVE it. pussy is completely smooth and bare, and I never wear panties when I am wearing a skirt..... I love knowing that I can show off anytime I feel like it, and I am constantly wet just thinking about how I can arrange for someone see protruding swollen lips. I think about it, plan it, and go out of way do it,

man also loves knowing that he can finger or fuck anytime.....

SHORT SKIRTS: Of course, short skirts give me all sorts of flashing opportunities....going up stairs, bending over, riding up when I sit.....always in the car, sitting and "innocently" opening legs....anywhere, etc.

I wish I was younger...... I would wear skirts so short that they barely cover lips in front...... and show butt cheeks from behind...... and I would spend lots of time on public escalators and stairs..... Just imagine the view!!!

KNEE LENGTH: I have some tight knee length skirts that button up the front.....all I do is unbutton those to just above smooth naked lips. I have others that lace up the sides with nothing hide the fact that I have no panties on.

MID-CALF: I also have longer mid-calf skirts and dresses. favorite is a very tight dress with a slit that is halfway between the front and the side seam. It laces together from the top down, as tightly (or loosely) as I want, but you can always easily see that I'm not wearing anything underneath.
I like to lace it down about 4 inches waist with the naked space between the pieces getting wider the further down you go... If I'm feeling particularly sexy, I lace it so that the inside edge of the slit comes the left of pussy, very close slit. As I walk by, I see men straining see whether it will pen up far enough show pussy......... and sometimes it does. Of course, If I'm not careful when I sit down (which is most of the time) you can indeed see everything...and I love do that before I adjust it cover as little as legally necessary. Of course, when I stand up again....... well, you know........

I also have several tight skirts and dresses with zippers on the side that I unzip from the bottom to somewhere waist... Depending on how much I open the zipper and how big the steps I take, you may be lucky enough see bare pussy from the side as I walk by.

I love wearing these skirts and dresses dinner.... dates are able caress thighs and slip their hands in sideways and with dripping pussy. There usually is no tablecloth and I'm quite sure that everyone, especially the wait staff, can see what is going on the table!! 100% effective way get GREAT service!!!

LONG FLOWING SKIRTS: I also have several sheer long flowing skirts as well, and you can see the outline of everything underneath.... In fact, when the light shines through, and you closely, you can see the outline of inner lips protruding from pussy. A tiny lacy in a coordinating color that shows through and enhances your curves is sometimes even sexier than complete nudity...soooooooooooo sexy!!!.
Posted:Jan 31, 2017 8:44 pm
Last Updated:May 6, 2019 2:56 pm
Someone in the Upskirt Babe group asked whether women go Commando on purpose:

MY Answer:
I do......and I LOVE it. My pussy is completely bare, and I never wear panties when I'm wearing a skirt..... I love knowing I can show off anytime I feel like it and I'm constantly wet just knowing someone might see my swollen lips. My man also loves knowing he can finger or fuck me anytime.....

SHORT SKIRTS: Of course, short skirts give me all sorts of flashing opportunities....going up stairs, bending over, riding up when I sit (I'm always showing in the car), sitting and spreading my legs....anywhere, etc.

KNEE LENGTH: I have some tight knee length skirts button up the front.....all I do is unbutton those to just above my smooth naked lips. I have others lace up the sides with nothing to hide the fact I have no panties on.

MID-CALF: I also have longer mid-calf skirts...several tight ones with a zipper on the side I unzip all the way to mid hip... you may get a side view of my bare pussy as I walk by. I love wearing these skirts out to dinner.... The other day we went to a very upscale restaurant. We sat in a booth and my date was able to caress my thigh and slip his hand in sideways and with my dripping pussy. There was no tablecloth and by their cat-swallowed-a-canary smiles, I am pretty sure the waiters and others saw what was going on under the table!!

LONG FLOWING SKIRTS: I have several long flowing skirts as well. I removed the linings from those and when the light is right, it’s very obvious I’m naked underneath.... In fact, if you look closely, you can see the silhouette of my inner lips protruding from my pussy......

One of the skirts is made from a silk leopard print fabric and parts of the pattern are so sheer you can actually see through the skirt, but one downside of a completely smooth hairless pussy is you can’t always distinguish your pussy from your thighs, etc..... but the right sexy lacy crotchless thong can take care of problem.... ))

The sensation of soft silk brushing against smooth naked pussy lips is delicious, but the INCREDIBLY SEXY feeling I get from dangling pussy jewels pulling down and teasing my protruding swollen wet inner lips whenever I move or walk makes me absolutely craaaaazy..... I literally can’t think of ANYTHING else,.......

I hope we run into one another someday!!
OMG!!! Doesn't It Feel Amazing to Cum??!!!!
Posted:Jan 8, 2017 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2019 10:19 pm

Wow!! One of my biggest fans told me that he came three times yesterday while watching my videos...today he came FIVE times while watching me (He has told me that he has cum up to nine separate times in one day!!!) Stroking your cock and cumming does feel amazing, doesn't it!!?? How long do you like to stroke your big hard cock before YOU cum??

I really LOVE that I turn you on so much..... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE showing off for you....playing with my wet swollen pussy and cumming for you.......and it turns me on BIG TIME when you comment or message me directly and tell me that watching me makes you hard and makes your cock throb .....I especially like to hear that i made you cum!! Just hearing or reading your comments makes me soooooooo hot, and It really makes me want to show off more!!

Personally, I absolutely need to cum every day and Just playing with my clit and pussy feels so good!!

I especially enjoy edging for several hours, maybe more.... it does require a lot of time, but I like do it at least one a week. When I finally do cum after playing with my pussy that long, I cum really hard....like in my "Sooooooooo.....Wet and Cumming Hard (with sound)" video, and when I cum like that, my legs and my entire lower body shake. Those orgasms are especially intense and they usually last 30 seconds or more!! After the big orgasm I also have smaller contractions every few seconds for up to five minutes.

Sometimes I squirt, and when I do, my orgasm and the squirting also lasts at least 30 seconds.....and I shoot my cum juice about 15+ feet, at least 3-4 times per orgasm, sometimes more. I get everything between me and the 15 feet quite wet......I also gush a lot and there's always a big wet spot under me when I stand up.

OMG....I'm getting really turned on writing about this......my pussy is sooooooooo incredibly wet....I'm going to have to make myself cum right now..... Watch one of my videos and cum with me!!
Breast size at the Gym
Posted:Apr 1, 2016 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2018 1:19 am

I just responded to a question posted by one of the male readers in the magazine and thought it warranted a blogpost here.

He was wondering why most of the women he would see when he went to the gym were small breasted......

Another (male) respondent* briefly explained that (1) most exercise bras and tops flatten the breasts and thereby, make the women look smaller and more flat chested; and (2) breasts are primarily fat tissue, and the more diet/exercise a woman does, the less fat she has.

I expanded on his answer there, and will do so even more in this blogpost.

As he stated, women's' tops and exercise bras flatten out the breasts.

The fact is that they do so because they are specifically designed to keep the breasts from bouncing/moving around, and the best way of accomplishing that Is to flatten them down against the body.

Now I know that most of you love to see as much movement as possible in the breasts of women who are running, jumping, playing tennis, volleyball, etc. )).

In fact, a well-endowed woman with minimal or no support on top running (or even walking) across the street can literally stop traffic!! )). And that's OK..... It's that darn 'Y' chromosome..... That's how you're wired!! It's all about the survival of the species!! Lol....

The truth is that most women who do this, do so intentionally to attract your attention!! As soon as a young girl develops large breasts, she suddenly finds herself attracting a great deal of attention from men of all ages.... Most girls are initially uncomfortable with their new-found sexuality, but many quickly learn that large breasts can be a valuable commodity!! ))

However, when they are seriously exercising, most women with large breasts like to minimize breast movement because, frankly, if your breasts are large enough to flop around, they can get in your way, .......but even more importantly, it HURTS(!!) ......and repeated bouncing will eventually cause the breasts to sag because it pulls on the supporting tissue. In fact, women with large breasts are frequently cautioned against going bra-less for any length of time for the same reason.

In our society, 'fat' is a nasty three-letter word! We avoid eating it and many of us will do almost anything to try to rid our bodies of it.

However....the fact is that the breasts are primarily comprised of fat tissue, and If you look at the many photos of naked women and their breasts on this website, you will notice that most of the women with naturally voluptuous breasts also have rather voluptuous stomachs and bodies.... In fact, generally the more voluptuous the breasts, the more voluptuous the body..... Ruben's paintings are an excellent illustration.

Conversely, most slim women rarely have natural breasts that are larger than a C cup. In fact, the more athletic and fit the woman, usually the smaller her breasts. For the best illustration of this, watch the Olympics coming up in August......most of the women competing have an extremely low body fat percentage. In fact, I would bet my first born that none of you have watched world class female athletes, i.e., runners, gymnasts, or volleyball champions, etc. without commenting (or at least, noticing) how flat-chested they are!!

Even Marilyn Montoe's breasts were on the smaller side by today standards. I would guess them to be a large C cup.

Similarly, if you look carefully at the pictures of slender women with large breasts on this website, you will notice that almost all of these women have had breast augmentation. Occasionally, you will find that rare winner of the genetic lottery, a thin woman with naturally large breasts, but they are very, very rare!!

In fact, if you would talk with women who are trying to lose weight or who do a lot of exercise to stay fit and slim, most of them would express frustration that when they lose weight, they lose it all over......from the places they don't want to lose it (breasts), as well as the places they're trying to lose it (stomach, hips, thighs, etc.)...... and there's nothing they can do about it short of plastic surgery (or gaining weight). While push-ups and other similar exercises slightly build up the underlying chest muscles, they do nothing to increase cup size!!

If you are a woman, the only way to lose weight in the waist, hips, thighs, etc., without losing weight in your breasts, is through plastic surgery.... liposuction, cool sculpting, etc.

You men are fortunate not to have this problem… When men want to lose weight/ get in shape, they usually want to build up their muscles and lose fat all over to enhance muscle definition. There is no part of a man's body that is enhanced by an increased amount of fat!!

* KingCharming702
The Attraction of Full Luscious Lips...... above and below!!
Posted:Aug 20, 2015 8:18 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2019 12:48 pm
Men...... Do you ever wonder why luscious full pussy lips are such a turn on for so many of you???

The answer is simple!! You can't help it......you're wired that way...... It's in your genes..... and in your jeans!! LOL!! It's all about the survival of the species!!

Think about it......... the most beautiful women in the world all have full sensuous lips..... Angelina Jolie, Sophia Loren, etc. Full luscious pink lips on the face are nature's way of attracting the male of the species because they subconsciously remind him of the full luscious pink lips down below........ [] ))))

Did you ever wonder why lipsticks come in shades of pink and red rather than green and blue?? Same reason.

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