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Desire, Seduction, Enchantment...  

MysticSpirit1981 72M/39F  
7 posts
2/21/2019 4:41 pm
Desire, Seduction, Enchantment...

To feel the cool Touch of his fingers Gently scrapping down my back, starting my neck and slowly moving down my spine. The sensation of his Fingernails lightly scraping my skin, sending Sensuous shudders coursing through my body; A paralyzing sensation but yet intensely Desired. His ability to Seduce me and Firmly but Gently take control of me Enchanting me.

He is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or felt before, a Creature of the Dark, a Vampire.

tedscott40 57M
2445 posts
5/4/2019 10:14 am

Nice profile. The wife is young and hot and the man must be doing something right.

hguy694u 62M
22 posts
5/29/2019 6:48 am

very good ! there is an event you should attend neat Williams burg you both would be welcome, Mr Mike

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