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Possible rules in my relationship  

Myutopia82 60M  
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3/25/2021 5:13 pm
Possible rules in my relationship



1. Once a week you will surprise me with a blow job completion. I don't want see coming.
2. Once a day at a random time you must spend 3 minutes worshiping my cock. Orgasm or not.
*Time starts when your tongue touches my groin area.


1. One day per week we spend 2 hrs on the couch watching TV together.
2. When watching football we will have our own celebration and defeat routine
*My team scores TD – you get on all 4s and I will your pussy until the extra point is kicked (toy or me)
*Other team TD – you get on all 4s and I will your ass until the extra point is kicked (toy or me)
*Field Goals – over my lap for swats. 1 for each point on that teams scoreboard.
*Missed FG – My team you blow me until the kickoff. Other team I pinch your nipples until kickoff


1. Nightly you will fix a nutritious meal for us and serve it to me.
2. Twice a month you will fix my favorite meal but we feed each other


1. You will wash the laundry once a week, roll my clothes the way I like and sort my socks
2. Ensure we have clean sheets on the bed once a week


1. When we go out you will<b> wear </font></b>that I consider seductive. Leggings should not be black
*Skirts or dresses should be short and whispy and give me easy access to your tits, ass and pussy
2. When we go to a BDSM party you will<b> wear </font></b>the sluttiest outfit you can get away with.


1. When we leave the house I will open all doors for you unless I am not within visual distance.
Car doors can be opened to drop off goods but not to get in.
2. When we are at a party you may ask to leave my side at which time you may open doors to complete whatever task until you return.

1. Twice a week I will draw you a bubble bath with candles and music for you to relax
2. After your bath I will dry you and put body lotion on you.

1. Once a week you will bring a man or woman home for sex.
2. On the first of the month you will tell me a fantasy to which I will work on fulfilling said fantasy

1. Three times per week I will do the dishes for you.
2. Twice a month I will cook your favorite meal

1. Once per week I will give you an oil massage. Can be in conjunction with your bubble bath.
2. Once per month you will provide a second person to assist me in giving you a massage.


1. If I'm coming to you, you will be freshly showered with an anal douche already done.
*Meet me at the door (naked if we are alone)
*Mandatory nudity at home when we are alone. During your period underwear is acceptable.
*If you are coming to me, all the above apply. If you fail do perform the douche I will do it to you
2. Pictures as proof of task or any random request from me
3. You will perform any other tasks given to you either the night prior to or throughout the day.
--Condition 1. If you are unable to do the task due to location, you may request to postpone the task until you are in a location where performing the task is appropriate.
--Condition 2. If you feel unable to perform the task due to lack of privacy, you may request to postpone the task until you have the privacy required to correctly perform the given task.
--Condition 3. In the event that the task is sexual in nature and you are on your period, you may request to postpone the task until such time that you are comfortable performing it.
4. You must ask permission each time you wish to masturbate
--You must follow any instructions that I give you regarding what you are allowed to use, how long you are allowed to use it, etc. when you masturbate.
--If you are given instructions regarding masturbation prior to asking, you must follow those instructions to the best of your ability. See Rule 3 (1-3)
--You must include an account of your , including method, how long, how many orgasms, in a . You may also live chat and let me watch.
5. If she is placed on her knees or all 4s, isn't allowed rise without permission

Alternate for rule 4. You must ask permission each time you wish have sex with anyone but me.
--You must include a detailed account of your , including what hole got fucked, how long, how many orgasms, in a . You may also live chat and let me watch.

Other rules I like but haven’t implemented yet

1. Orgasm control - ask permission cum
2. Shaving - always
3. You will<b> wear </font></b>your collar every day.
--If not allowed at work, you may substitute the collar with permission
4. When we are together, you will ask me to approve of or pick out the clothing you have planned to<b> wear </font></b>for the next day.
--if you wish to change clothing or take an item off, you must ask permission to do so.

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