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NG879190 43M  
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9/23/2021 9:38 pm

Everything looked gray in the light from the window, even those items he knew should be brightly colored. The diffused early morning light simply lacked the energy do more than create the blandest version of each hue. He was a little disappointed at the thought. There was no art in the way he used color, but he did appreciate their beauty. The weak light nearly convinced him go back sleep. The hope of a bright, sunny morning igniting the vibrancy he preferred was worth the wait. Shifting deeper into the much-too-soft pillow and pulling the blanket over his shoulder, he tested closing his eyes. The minutes passed dully, but it was already too late. Sleep was no longer an option, and he was as indifferent as the muted light. It was the sudden and deep intake of the snore which opened his eyes with a smile.

Turning his head, the image of her distorted face nearly made him laugh. She had rested her hand between the pillow and her face, then slid down to draw one side in a damning approximation of Elvis. The snore was wrestling in her open mouth before being choked back into silence. He listened a moment more to wait for the snore to return. It took a little longer than he expected, but she obliged. The nasal sound was unmercifully funny when paired with the crease of her eyebrows, and he shook slightly in the effort to keep his chuckling under control. His sobriety returned in the quiet between her sonorous breaths. Appreciation seeped into his humor. It was not that long ago he was begging to be in this very spot; sharing a bed with her, enjoying the warmth of her naked body against his.

She would be mortified to know he had watched her snore. Even more so, if she knew he found it to be a source of amusement. So, he moved purposely to bump her awake as if he had done so accidentally while turning over onto his side. He closed his eyes to continue the ruse of sleeping, feeling her stir. The sound of her breathing returned to wakefulness. She moved under the covers towards him slowly, hooking her leg over his as she leaned in to kiss his nose. Opening his eyes, he found hers half-lidded and staring back. He moved to kiss her. Using her leg, he positioned her underneath him as he rose above her in the bed. She offered no resistance, only parting her mouth slightly in drowsy anticipation.

He did not recall becoming hard, but the feeling was unmistakable as he flexed his hips slightly. The tip of his cock finding its way inside her without resistance. The cum from their previous session gratefully lubricating her vagina as he lowered himself into her. She moaned and arched her back slightly, pushing her breasts upward. He bent down and pulled the nipple and areola into his mouth with his lips. Keeping himself still inside her, he sucked hard on her breast. The flat of his tongue working the swollen nipple against the roof of his mouth. Breaking his seal on her, he pulled his hips back to draw his cock from her. The feeling of her writhing under him was exquisite.

The expression on her face tinged impatience as he held the tip of his cock to her vagina. He found amusement in the moment, then gave in to her demand. Thrusting as deep and hard as he could, she encouraged a hurried pace as she gripped his neck and pulled him onto her. She called his while sweetly moaning in his ear. He felt the pressure of her need drive him increase the tempo, and she responded by pulling him further into her. The smell of her skin filling his head as he wrapped his arm under her head and bit into the soft flesh of her neck. His free hand moving to her hip, feeling the pulse of her muscles clenching in time.

A languished cry erupted next to his ear as she begged him to go faster. The sweet feeling of new warmth engulfing his cock was maddening. She was cumming, and his own climax was still slowly building. The muscles in his abdomen cramped against the cadence of their timed thrusts, and he slowed to give them some rest while enjoying the feeling of her below him. Her breathing was ragged and beautiful. She continued clenching his neck and shoulders as he continued to slowly glide in and out of her. He did not care about his own release, just the feeling of her with him and the feel of her lips grazing over his. The glint of light in her eyes was still shadowed by her recent slumber but were purposely locked on his as he kissed her. A long, wet kiss passed the moments between them as they stopped and fell into each other.

The feeling of her vagina tensing over his erection reignited their embrace. Her silent question regarding his climax finding the answer unsatisfactory in a playfully frustrated groan. Pushing him up and wrapping her legs over his hips, she guided him in and out of her. Once he was responding as she desired, she began teasing her clit knowing he would be watching. The occasional slip of her finger caressing his cock as it moved in her. Her free hand made a show of teasing the nipples of her breasts, consciously revealing the swollen hard mounds to him. The appreciation of her performance was hitting its mark, feeding the engorged tip of his lust. Each moan, breath, touch, wink, and squeeze calculated to achieve one goal. The manipulation itself was academically thrilling to him even while its carnality was overtaking his senses.

Her gift came in the form of a barely audible command, “cum.” Without preamble, his body dutifully responded before his mind had time to translate the word. The coursing shock of the nearly unexpected release growled out of him and left him shuddering as she held his hips tightly with her legs, keeping him buried deep in her. He could feel the warm, wet feeling of cum pushing between his tight scrotum and her ass as she leaned up to bite softly on his bottom lip. A clear sign she had achieved her goal. The invitation to join her on the pillow was silent and welcome.

EarthAngel512 99F
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9/23/2021 10:48 pm

Welcome back to the blogosphere!!!! This was totally worth the wait.

I have to say…. The best part of waking up is no longer Folgers. 🥰

Do you provide wake up duties like this for everyone? Asking for a friend… 😏

NG879190 43M  
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9/24/2021 4:28 am

I have been known to sometimes be presumptuous...in bed.

Glad to see you back, too. The internet is a much darker place without you.

EarthAngel512 99F
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9/24/2021 7:43 pm

i just realized i've already used that witty folgers comment on another one of your writings... LOL

i really do love the pacing, and ease in which you write. You need to start working flaws into your male protagonist. He's setting a crazy high benhmark in which i compare all my current and future love interests .

I can't wait to

NG879190 replies on 9/24/2021 9:20 pm:
Nothing wrong with a classic! The protagonist has flaws, he doesn't particularly care for most cobbler pies. Seriously, who doesn't enjoy going to town on a decadently sweet pie? The sticky warmth spilling over your lips, forcing your tongue work for each drop; cobbler pies are awesome. But, the protagonist doesn't care for them, at all. How's that for lowering the bar?

author51 58F  
126086 posts
9/24/2021 11:16 pm

That was an exquisite read and miss this precise scene you have described beautifully with a lover.. xoxo

NG879190 replies on 9/25/2021 3:16 am:
Thanks! Good to see you, too!

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