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so horny and ready for my very first bi sexaul encounter
Posted:Jul 4, 2020 6:53 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 8:28 am

Been so packed full come lately and im a single and small town small life and ive been in texas 6 yrs and 3 lovers , 2 them from AdultFriendFinder and nsa 1 tiem things and tehy both came far distances to get soem my cock and i guess well ran dry and nobody since so im on showitodd. org and this guy named jack originaly siad him and his wife would coem and we could 3soem and he too wnated suck his first cock and cum in his mouth, and story changed and tehm she wasnt even with him whatever he begged me to let him just come and me and meet up and i said okay then and im oast mny fears of actully suckinga mans cock and his weewee little dick and i was gonna blow his mind and im postive i could put his dick and balls in my mouth and i said jack nowa nd i want be pissed on and i mean alot too and yeah even gonna ask you piss in my mouth and im not drinking it and im spit it back on him and love have a female to share that experince with too and and i wnat fill her ass up with piss and i want that in my face too and some other stuff too, hey its german thing and ive been doing this a very long time and had lot fun with females doing this, and its not for everybody i get that and to me its a right if passage and my reall fantasy woul be having many many piss and cum all over me and you direct where your pissing and cumming and you put it my mouth and id take your piss load and let it run down my naked body too as it spills from my mouth and i cant say no and i often piss and piss on myslef lots and in my mout and drench myslef and masterbate til im dry, so fun, and ive gotten some amazing picture and videos and are very unique. I was fiirnly believing jack was coming and woudl be here by 8 or latest and its just 2 hiurs away and thats right down for Texas , an dlast was he was getting us a oarty favior so we could really get lifted and he swore he could handle it and he dint geek out and i convinced him teh sex was gonna be over the top, but jack never arrived and here i and so horny and all i can di is masterbate and talk toi jack like hes a ghost really here i was so convimced i was goona have my very first m&m encounter and was hopingt we could be buddies and later on and let fulfill anitehr fantasy and i wnayt dv an dvp m/m/f and id liek ne a coupole and he dont need a condom and id liek feel his creampie fall out heron and and ultimately and we could maybe soem day creampie her both is my desire and im infatuated of it and dream of it . But i take it as it happens and ive git a sex bucket lit and im ready go forward complelty> IM in northeast Texas and if anyting i said interest you and id love meet you and im Sam and im ready dance fior ny very fist cock sucking and see where it else goes. You have be a sexy guy and very smooth shaved and no bulls and preferbly be fem and like that and im no big guy but i do have a very large cock and have great stamina and cock control and i wnat be the top and see if a man could really take my cock balls deep and buttt slammg hard. Prefer a coupel and wona are so excting and sexaual and gifted in passion., Amyway not sure this palce for this but its a good story about sex . Call me , let me know yorur real from AdultFriendFinder and ive had good luck here before and im ready and can host and provide you with great cock qauilty. Im nit a oaid menber , hill4u1 @ G or and be real and youll be down get down with and im not shy at all and im very sexaul person but niy active as i want be, of course safety fisrt and my cock is just as good in that helmet as out. Just 20 miles west of Paris Texas about 40 sherman/dennison area, hey bring a friend if you must and id like that, be my sex hero and cum let us get our cum on and i got a viagra fot us guy and normally 1 will givr you great boner for 4 6 hours and many say ist more than that so relax and be erotic and spread your legs wide and enjoy ourselves fully . zero eight four one eight one this full on invation even orgy and thatd be awesome. Is this even a blog at this point and i hope so and ive been real and fothcoming and i wnat be satisfied now and today wouldnt even be soon enough and tehre are some you from this area and i see your status and your not having any luck and that just changed for some you and you now have a real invitation., Guys just know i cant take it in my ass or any anal and i have polyps very painfull and your cock will be my first cock acatully wnat suck off an d if your a couole and thast even better and teh laidies are soft and sensual and can keep us focused and grounded who we are each other as sex toys, call and tell your AdultFriendFinder and about blow my mind

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