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Locked in chastity  

NaughtySamantha7 62T  
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2/19/2021 12:20 pm
Locked in chastity

I believe that as a sissy, I do not have the freedom to touch,<b> tease </font></b>or play with my useless clit. I also believe that it should be locked in chastity for long periods of time, and that the only one allowed touch and play with it is the Man who fucks me unless He really wants to make me know my place and leave me locked up for good!

I have an attraction to all sexually Dominant, assertive and aggressive Males and strap-on Woman who like to put sissies like me in our place and keep us there for good! This involves mostly keeping me locked in chastity and fucking me so they may sexually benefit from using me.

I really feel that as a sissy I never should be allowed to cum like a Man. Ever.

I really feel that as a sissy if I am to cum, it will be to drain or leak through my chastity cage. No more than that.

I believe strongly that only real Men are allowed the pleasure of a sensitive erection and the pleasure it brings while fucking a sissy pussy like mine. Only He is entitled to the pleasure and the incredible sensation of using my pussy and the feeling of cumming inside! I will never know that feeling of what it is like to fuck a pussy and cum inside, never.

Personally, I highly prefer being locked in my chastity cage while being fucked and in general, full time chastity. Just to make me know that my clit is useless. Just to know that my clit is ignored while the Man is enjoying His entitled sexual pleasure. To remove any left over masculinity from me and make me feel like the total sissy!

So with that said, how many of you would make me stay locked up in my chastity cage while you fucked me silly? How many of you would keep me locked in chastity for good? Waiting to watch me drain my useless sissy cum in my cage while you enjoy what you are entitled to, fucking me silly and then cumming in my pussy!

Before you reply, remember, my regular Man has me locked up. If you think you are going to suck my clit, it ain't going to happen. I just don't get that pleasure anymore. In fact, my pleasure comes from my true sex organ now, my pussy. All you can do is watch me leak and drain....still I am curious as to how you respond and what you like.

...enjoy the pleasure loves {=}

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2/19/2021 12:47 pm

love the cage !

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 2/21/2021 6:47 am:
Hamonman, thank you! There are many more pictures of me wearing other cages in my profile pictures. The most recent one being the metal bar cage. I like knowing that real Men support that I wear and stay locked up in my chastity cage for long periods of time or even better, for good!

ribukanu 55M
4 posts
2/19/2021 6:59 pm

Pleasureful times while watching you would be a delight.

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 2/21/2021 6:48 am:
ribukanu, I hope you mean that in addition to you getting your entitled pleasure fucking me, that you would be pleasured seeing me struggle in my chastity cage knowing that I can never get the same pleasure as a real Man would. Ever.

cici1334 49T
26 posts
2/20/2021 12:21 pm

Love the pink cage babe!

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 2/21/2021 6:54 am:
cicil, thank you for your reply hun!!! Oh girl you are so cute!!

I love this pretty little pink cage!! It's soft, pink, and pretty! Although it's not as restrictive as the metal ones I also wear which you can see more of in my profile pictures. I think I own five or six chastity cages, one of which is waaay to big so I don't use it at all. The other one is extremely tiny which is fine for short term but gets pretty uncomfortable after a few days. So I've settled on the pink one and two metal cages, one is a complete metal shield all the way around and I have absolutely no sensation of my useless clit inside of, while the other is the metal bar style cage which I am currently locked up in for an indefinite period of time. Either way, my clit is off limits to me and anyone else except my regular Man who is the key keeper.

seenit 51M
76 posts
2/20/2021 9:50 pm

looks great

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 2/21/2021 6:57 am:
seenit, Thanks for your reply!! I like it as well. The important thing to remember here is that my useless clit is totally off limits. As though I don't even have one! It forces me to behave in a manner that my sexual pleasure comes from my sissy pussy, NOT my useless clit. Being caged means that if I get horny, I either get fucked or ride my dildo to make myself leak and drain my useless sissy cum. There is no more sensitive erections, those are meant and reserved for real Men only! Not me. My pussy on the other hand is reserved for real Men who use it for their own sexual pleasure and benefit.

12676 posts
2/23/2021 9:55 am

Thx for the email.

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 2/23/2021 10:10 am:
Hi Hamonman, no problem hun! I like corresponding with the Men, Woman and couples who write or contact me. I appreciate all of you a lot!

seenit 51M
76 posts
3/1/2021 7:34 am

betting cum dripping out of that cage is hot

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 3/1/2021 8:39 am:
seenit, yes dear it is. But it's not only seeing me leak or drain, for me, it's the humiliation of it. The fact that someone else is preventing me from any interaction with my useless clit. I can get erections, I can't tease it, I can't masturbate, I can't have sex with Woman. I can't get any masculine feelings at all! It repurposes me into the feminine sissy I am. It forces me to be feminine about myself. It makes me realize that my real and true sex organ is and will only be my pussy and it will always be as long as my key keeper keeps me locked up! There's no choice in this.

At times it is very frustrating, maybe even extremely. It is very difficult to deal with at those times more than other times. But it is what it is and I have to deal with it. What gets to me most is when my regular Man uses me and starts telling me how good His cock feels when I suck on it. He makes sure I hear Him say that. Then while He is pounding away at my pussy, getting the sexual pleasure all real Men are entitled to!! He tells me again, over and over and over and over....just to drill it in my head, how good it feel to fuck a pussy bareback! Then He goes on to tell me that I will never know this feeling!! At times He even makes me beg Him that I want Him to keep me locked up for good, for ever. If I don't tell Him, He stops fucking me and tells me that He will leave after cumming all over my head and face! What choice do I have - He has the keys to my cage lock!!!! I have to do what He tells me!

But to get back to what your original post comment says, yes it is hot for both of us. The fact that He is making me leak or drain from Him fucking me from behind, AND the fact that I am destined to be locked up in my cage for life! The fact that only real Men get to feel the sensation of fucking a pussy bareback! AND cumming inside a pussy bareback!! There is an occasional once in a big while, let me out and He plays with my clit and useless balls as a tease, then it's back in the cage again. But leaking or draining are the only ways for me to cum, like a total complete sub-sissy - that is to drain or leak and that it that. Only real Men are entitled to sensitive real erections, fuck pussy bareback and cum inside of those pussies like a Man! Never for me, ever! Accept it.

Again, what choice do I have? He has the keys. If I don't accept it, then I am left locked in my cage anyway and now without Him. Maybe to never see Him or the keys again ever!Thank you so much for your post hun!!

seenit 51M
76 posts
3/2/2021 7:36 pm

wonder what it would be like to ride that caged clit, one of the metal cages might be fun, while he fills that pussy at the same time mmm

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 3/3/2021 6:43 am:
....I never thought about having someone ride my cage. Of course I wouldn't feel a single thing except the Man or strap-on Woman fucking my sissy pussy..., but then again, the pleasure belongs to a Man to achieve and realize.

seenit 51M
76 posts
4/29/2021 9:22 pm

still locked up?

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 5/5/2021 7:15 am:
Hi babe, yes I am still locked up.

Hot4heelsandu21 47M  
13 posts
8/20/2021 2:18 pm

I would have you locked in your cage when apart. But I would have you play with your clitty before you would be allowed to pleasure me. Then once you made yourself cum I would let you begin. Your tiny soft clitty left out so you could see the difference between your clitty and a mans cock. It's a lot easier to be a sissy when you're lustful, but true submission is given when your lust has gone and you submit to his desires because you know thats what you were meant for.

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 8/21/2021 9:44 am:
Hot4heelsandu21,thank you. That is exactly what i need to submit to. I have experienced cumming (or squirting as it is refereed to as a sissy) once before. Not enough in my opinion, but the feeling of loosing that lust for me to squirt and then having to perform and pleasure a Man sexually was overwhelming to me. I felt so different about it. An yes you are absolutely right, being conscious of my little limp clit there as the Man enjoyed the pleasure of a nice sensitive full erection was so powerful. It was humiliating to me, yet I wanted Him so bad. I envy Him for having the capability of that erection and to use it on me for His sexual benefit. All while I lay there with my legs spread apart and my little limp clit just dangling useless. It really showed me my place deep and hard. It really showed me what I am meant for. And I accept my place among sexual Dominants.
The perfect relationship for me is to be owned by a Dominant who makes sure I am wearing my cage at all times when alone. There is no excuse, no choice. Someone who will monitor me and check on me. The administer punishments when I do not comply.
Thank you for your post!

Hot4heelsandu21 47M  
13 posts
8/21/2021 10:28 am

You're very welcome samantha

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