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So you have been a "Bad Girl"
Posted:Jul 25, 2017 4:28 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 8:57 am

Okay, so here we go, have ya ever grabbed your girl and laid her over your lap, yanked down her panties and then gave her a few swats? Did she like it? Did it make her wet? Did she cry?

Well I came across a fun list of reasons to spank your girl, wife, lover, friend, or your man.

Reasons to Spank
1. You were Naughty.
2. You look like you are going to be Naughty.
3. I think you may have been Naughty.
4. You need to be reminded of who the boss is.
5. You look like you could use a good cry.
6. I could use a good fun workout.
7. I want to make your pussy wet.
8. I want to make your ass a pretty red color.
9. I want to.
10. You broke one of our rules.

Reasons I will never spank you.
1. I am actually pissed off at you.
2. I am angry with someone else.
3. I will never humiliate you, alone or infant of anyone.
The Vacation Game, Wanna Play?
Posted:Feb 14, 2017 9:23 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2017 4:29 pm
We found this game posted some where and though we should add to it. We added a point system. Each vacation you go on try to score higher!

You must have as much sex as possible during your Vacation. But you are not allowed to have this pleasure 100% privately. The re needs to be that sexy risk of getting caught. The other thing is you both don't have to have an orgasm during each event, just have fun.

1. Have noisy sex in your room, if people are around, they must clearly hear you. (5 points).

2. Have sex on your balcony, any kind...Blow job, hand job, pussy eating, or just fun fucking. This can be at any time, Daring day time or naughty night time. (5 Points).

3. Sex on the beach (Just make you are not in Florida and have grandma filming you, jail is not part of this adventure.) Find a quiet spot, during the day or night and have fun sex. Fuck in the ocean, it is super fun! ( 10 points).

4. Have sex in your hotel room with your door not fully closed (it doesn't have to propped wide open, but it could be open a little). ( 7 points).

5. Have sex in your room with the curtains open. (5 points) Take another 5 points if you are on the ground floor.

6. Have sex with people watching, find a sexually open couple that would enjoy watching you. (20 points) Have them join you and take another 10 points.

7. Have foreplay in a restaurant, bar or the hotel lobby. (touching under the table, ladies no panties please, and put on the little sexy black dress) Rub his cock and make him hard. (11 points).

8. Have sex in the pool area, hot tub, or swimming pool. Any time during the day or night. (10 points) Take another 10 points if you get caught, Loose all points if you get a ticket or arrested... DON'T GET ARRESTED.

9. Do some explicit sex talk with your partner where people may be eavesdropping on you conversation. (5 points)... No fucking texting.

10. Have some foreplay in the elevator, hallway leading to your room. (7 points) take another 1 point for each article of clothing shed on the way.

11. Either of you must reach orgasm out of the hotel room. Get cuddly in the hammock, laying together on the beach, in the hot tub. (5 points).

12. Get caught having sex in your room by house keeping or room service, make it look accidental. (10 points) Take another 30 points if they join you or just stand an watch.

13. Order room service and have your hot wife answer the door naked. (35 points) Take another 15 points if they are brave enough to touch her, take another 50 points if this becomes your spontaneous threesome... Always travel with condoms.

14. Ladies, make your man hard on the beach. (5 points).

15. Dirty dancing at the club, once again this is a panty free zone. Dance see with your man (5 points), dance naughty with another man, allowing him to touch your naughty bits a little (15 points), dance with another lady, see if she is following the no panty rule (20 points) and finally take them back to your room for some sexy time. (50 points).

16. Nip slip or loose your bikini bottoms on the beach, or in the pool or pool side. Someone must see you! (10 points).

17. Ladies, go to the bar wearing that sexy black dress, no panties and sit at the bar for 30 minutes making your spouse wait in the room. 25 points for every man you shoo away. Accept a drink from them add another 10 points. Let them find out you are not wearing panties 25 points.

18. Continuance of the bar seen from #17 dare, pick the guy up and go fuck him somewhere. (50 points), take him back to your room for a threesome (55 points), take hime back to your room fuck him while your husband waits for you at the bar 75 points, proof of your naughtiness is have your spouse touch your pussy and feel another mans cum dripping down your leg. (100 points).

19. Ladies play pool with that hot little red dress on and no panties please. (10 points) accept another man to play against your wife take another 10 points.

We hope you have fun with our little game of dares, please feel free to like, share, post, and add your own creative dares to this game. Remember have fun life is short.

Hedo II
Posted:Nov 8, 2016 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2017 12:23 pm

Cumming soon, our discussion of Hedo II and expectations, reality, and great friends.

Many new adventures, Satus has changed from Straight to, Bicurious, to maybe Bi. Had an amazing encounter with an amazing couple.

Have fun.>>!
Poker party Guidelines
Posted:Jul 7, 2015 8:00 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2017 12:25 pm

Poker Game

Date to be announced

Picking the dealer
1. The dealer will be chosen by cutting the cards and the high card will deal the first hand, thus moving in a clockwise motion to the next player after each hand is completed.
2. The dealer chooses the game prior to the deal. 5 card draw, 7 card draw, Texas hold’em, 5 card stud, 7 card stud and Black Jack.
Prizes Cards, card will remain face down until hand is won.
1. Remove one article of clothing. (10) Cards.
2. Kiss player of choice for 2 minutes, without touching, no hands, and must occur at the poker table.
3. Spend 5 minutes in the bedroom with the player of choice. No penetration, licking, touching (may finger fucking), or sucking is okay.
4. Winner may touch, kiss, or lick any player above the waist for 5 minutes at the poker table. (2) Cards.
5. Winner may touch, kiss, or lick any area below the waist of any player for 5 minutes at the poker table. (2) Cards.
6. Winner is first to penetrate pussy.
7. Winner is first to penetrate anal.
8. Winner may take photos when female player is “Air-Tight” or choose not to.
9. Winner may receive blowjob for 5 minutes at the poker table.
10. Winner may take any card from any player.
11. Winner may take 20 posed photos of any player with participants watching or coached to pose with the chosen player.
12. All hands on “Deck” 5 minutes of touching a female player any where on their body.
13. Winner may use any sex toy on any female player for 5 minutes.
14. Winner gets free panties. May have any female players panties, and they may remove them any way they want at the poker table.
15. Winner can be sucked, licked or touched at the poker table for 5 minutes.
16. 5 additional minutes. (5) cards.
17. Sit on my lap, have any player sit on your lap for 3 minutes. Anything goes.
18. Lap dance to music for 5 minutes.
19. Dirty dance for 1 song, anything goes.
20. First to make her cum and get your name in the hat for “the” DP.
21. Winner may attempt to make any female player “Squirt” at the poker table.
22. Winner chooses who gets to join in a “DP”

The dealer at the start of the game will have the player sitting to his right pick a prize card.
No rough stuff. No slapping, spanking.
The female players are sluts, please don’t call them whores or cunts.
Moving the party to the bedroom will happen when… When all agree that we are hot enough or when the hostess advises that the bedroom is open.


1. If penetrating the ass you must thoroughly wash your cock before moving to the pussy, or if you are penetrating anally wear a condom. Then no washing.
2. Each player will receive one “Pass card” that is forfeited upon use.
3. The female player may call timeout at anytime.
4. The female players may coach the group during intercourse at anytime.
5. The female player may halt all activities by saying “ We need to QUIT.”
6. Lube, lube, lube for her pleasure.
7. Cum where you want, except for the face unless requested.

1. How many times did the female player or players cum?
2. How many loads did the female player or players take?
3. How did the female player like the game?
4. How did the male players like the game?
5. How many photos were taken?

1. Plan another poker party.
2. Discuss adding more players.
3. Change rules.
4. Any ideas for other activities.
5. Change location of the poker party.

Cards, food, drinks, prize cards, lube, condoms.

List of potential players
1 comment
Playing poker
Posted:Jun 14, 2013 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2017 6:10 am


Thanks for the comments. We are well underway to having a poker party soon. Finding a group of men that have time, willing to show up, live in a close reasonable area is somewhat difficult. Then comes the chemistry, if there is no chemistry then it is impossible to get a hard-on and the woman is not wet or willing to fuck.

Other problems, guys getting too drunk to fuck, smelly guys ( not cool to come from a hard day in the sun working without a shower and expect to fuck). Then comes stage fright, honestly how many of you have been in a room with another guy fucking, shit it is sometimes intimidating.

So then what, do you throw a flag, ask for a time out, take a smoke break... Yuck. Smoking is gross, hard to get into a hot fuck moment when your partner has stinky cigarette breath. Back to hygiene.

Then cums the moment of cumming, OKAY... so who gets to go first??? the winner of the poker hand? the guy with the smallest cock? Then who gets sloppy seconds or thirds... It is complicated.

I new this guy who loved to fuck, but if someone else came first in the pussy, then game off for him, he had to cum first or he wouldn't fuck.

Okay then, I was on a little rant. We have found one guy that is mature, not old balls and has all of his teeth and is a non-smoker. He is a fun great guy and we are having trouble finding more guys who measure up, taller than 5'6, and who has never worn a fanny pack, and really has all of his adult teeth.

So what do you think about going to a swingers club???
1 comment
Poker Game, Ladies night.
Posted:May 8, 2013 9:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2017 12:22 pm

We have been wanting to get a few guys together for a fun poker game with benefits. Always looking for advice on planning, place to play and creative ideas. Thanks for your IN-put.

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