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Just some thinking I did....  

NawtyKitteh 51F  
64 posts
2/14/2014 12:11 am
Just some thinking I did....

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to a small piece of advice given to me in my very first days on here. "Nawty, to make it in this life style and on this site you need to grow a thicker skin."

Ok I do admit I can be a little sensitive at times, but I think if I did grow a thicker skin it would change me. I know people talk about who they are and all that all the time. For me, who I am is a really important thing. I will tell anyone and everyone I am me and nothing more or less!! I know most of you that read this don't really know anything about me or my life. And that is the way of these kinds of sites and it's cool with me. I could also tell you 'My Story' but ya know even I get bored/tired of hearing it. So I will try to sum it up a little.

I am Bi-Polar with an anxiety and panic disorder I have add and a host of other crap wrong with me. I've been on meds for 20 years to keep my moods stabilized, until last summer. I went off almost all my meds. Any body thinking not smart? Well it has been an adventure to say the least but finding me has been the best part of the adventure and to think it is still going. My ending hasn't been written... maybe it will be a happy one!! Who knows the possibilities are endless!!

And since I have found that I do like to use my blog I think my adventure will be even more fun sharing parts of it with you all!!.

Kitteh Kisses!!

Stay Nawty!! Kitteh Kisses for all!!

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
2/20/2014 3:18 am


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