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Not part 3!!  

NawtyKitteh 51F  
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2/10/2014 1:45 am
Not part 3!!

Ok some of you are expecting part 3 right now and I was ready to put it up.. but I had some technical difficulties Anyways I was whining to a friend of mine about it and he offered something he wrote a couple years ago. Only catch, I have to inform all that read it know that it is HIS fantasy. OK so I decided to go ahead and put it up but also let you read it as he wrote it. I do hope you enjoy it and please comment if you like it... And I will get part 3 up very soon

Kitteh Kisses!!

We were out dancing at one of the beaches. All I could think about is seeing some pictures of a gal taking two cocks every way imaginable. Then I thought back how I worked your pussy and ass over with my cock and the dildo. Guys would be jealous and anxious to get to fuck you as you are trained so well to take them any way I want and you are so extremely sexy. A guy was dancing on the beach alone so I struck up a conversation asking him why he was out here dancing alone. He said he kind of struck out at the clubs and really horny and didn't want to really see hot women too much. He asked me about your collar as he had looked at my profile and saw how much I loved you and that you were my wife. I said yes, I loved you with everything I am and that you'd do anything I asked. He said wow! I said I had a proposal for him if he was okay with it. I said I wanted bad to have you stuffed with cock any way we wanted. He was shocked and kept asking if I was sure it would be okay. I said to just watch and listen. So I started talking in public as it was just us 3. I was telling you how he was feeling kind of down. I told him to come over with us and he danced closer to us. I said "Sel, my pet, dance with him. Let's cheer him up". You said gladly Master, anything for you and you said how you felt bad that he was having a bad day. He said wow, thanks, why are you doing that for me? I said well we know what it's like to have a bad day and that he seemed pretty nice. You started dancing having him caressing you and kissing on you. He said it wasn't him. I laughed and said its okay. Then I told you to dirty dance with him. You said yes Master. He was getting excited saying keep that up he's going to want to do something. I said I'd think he had a problem if he didn't and laughed. I told you to take your clothes bathing suit off. You said yes Master; I love you and throw it off. He takes his off too. I asked him if he wanted the best blowjob of his life and he said oh yes that he was dying. You looked anxiously at me and all I did was nod a yes and you were quickly on your knees and pushed your head down his cock as he moaned out. I quickly removed my clothes as I watched. I got behind you and grabbed your hips, lifting up to motion you to get up. You get up not taking your lips off of working his cock well. His eyes were closed and head leaning back. It was all he could do not to blow right then. Then you feel my hot breath on your bottom as my tongue darted right in your pussy as you moaned and grabbed him hard and pulled your head all the way down his cock moaning. I ran my tongue from your clit to your tight asshole as your body trembled. Then you felt my tongue push into your tight ass. Your head filled with thoughts of our cocks taking you every way imaginable. I continued to work on your bottom as I'd give it a little smack once in a while. Your pussy was dripping at all the feelings and thoughts. You felt me stop but then all of a sudden felt my cock plunge into your pussy. As I did it shoved you down his cock. I pulled you back pulling out of your and pulling you off to just the tip of his cock. Then I rammed hard shoving my cock in your pussy and shoving you down his cock. You didn't have any control any longer. My tugs and thrusts was filling your pussy with my cock and forcing you to take every inch of his cock over and over. Your hands were quivering I knew you were aching to cum. I said NO, not yet my Pet as your hands stopped quivering as bad. Your body forced back and forth being taken by two cocks, one at each end.

Stay Nawty!! Kitteh Kisses for all!!

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
2/10/2014 10:44 pm

nawty get in touch on my blog would like to really talk with you

shycanuck 44F  
169 posts
2/10/2014 2:58 am

wow.... that is hot .. do we get part 2 of his story too ?? lol and Nawty .. i Love the blog

NawtyKitteh replies on 2/10/2014 8:32 am:
Thanks.. I can ask him but I'm not sure he wrote more... but I will ask. And thank you shy!!

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