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Part 2 the ending....  

NawtyKitteh 51F  
64 posts
2/1/2014 7:10 am
Part 2 the ending....

You tell me as you pull all the way out and shove all the way back in once twice on the third stroke I’m screaming as I cum hard. You don't stop fucking me as I'm cumming telling me "Just keep cumming make it last" I'm cumming so hard I think I'm going to pass out. Such a strong one it brings tears to my eyes. I'm begging you not to stop don't ever stop!! Time passes as you have your way with me finally I hear you whispering to me "You want mr to cum yet?" All I can do is nod my head you whisper" Where do you want me to cum?" I whisper "anywhere you want!" you yank my hair and pull my head back and ask again "Where do you want me to cum?" I look back and cry out "Anywhere Everywhere Just CUM!" I feel a smack on my cheeks as that was not what you wanted to hear. SMACK SMACK I can tell your pissed with my answer so when you yank my hair back and ask again I scream “IN MY MOUTH PLEASE IN MY MOUTH!!" You stop everything telling me you are not ready to cum. You start slowly stroking back in my pussy teasingly gentle. I'm moaning and wriggling around knowing I’m going to cum again. I feel your hands running all over my back and ass cheeks as you’re pulling your cock all the way out... "CUM NOW" as you slam it back in, I’m shocked as I cum at that very second. Screaming thru it your taking me fast and hard telling me to go keep cumming "I want you to cum and cum again" I feel like I’m going to pass out it's so strong and won't stop! I cry out “MORE MORE DON'T STOP " You start to slow down as I'm whimpering from the last orgasm "Oh my girl I will give you everything you need and want" You pull out and tell me to go to the bed you need something special now. I walk to the bed you tell me to lay down on my back, so I do waiting to see what you are going to do. "One more good one then you may rest" I sigh As your pounding my pussy you run your thumb over my clit and tell me "Cum for me" I know it won't be long and I will be cumming hard again... moaning and whimpering you just smile that little smile knowing what you’re doing to me. You lean over and gently kiss my lips and whisper “so sexy baby" at that moment I crash over the edge cumming so hard I reach up and grab your face and kiss you screaming myself thru it as I kiss you and kiss you. As you come down you tell me "Stop pet! I need to cum in you NOW!" Thinking you’re going to cum in my mouth I start to grab your cock and you tell me "NO lay down on your tummy" Moaning I'm wriggling around and feel you slide in my wet pussy "baby I'm going to cum only when you do so let it cum" I'm just letting the pleasure roll over me when surprised I cry out "I'm cummmming" not changing pace you tell me keep going let it flow cuz you are cumming so deeply! Moans and whimpers follow as we cum together so intensely. As you cum down you fall forward and reach around my waist and roll us to the side. Laying there you hold me and whisper “round one ding ding ding”

Stay Nawty!! Kitteh Kisses for all!!

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
2/2/2014 3:27 am


Maquis55 66M
113 posts
2/2/2014 3:25 am

..........Mmmm, good sequel........my cock growing as I read every word...........I must be exhausted after that level of exertion.........And your legs like jelly......pussy smarting, bathed in sweat & hair to hell......laying there, arms & legs akimbo..panting.....

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