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Photo in the Park  

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9/6/2020 7:35 am
Photo in the Park

Raj’s uncle was visiting from India and he took him along with his father to see downtown Chicago. It was chilly and windy chicago evening. Both were struggling with cold so could not stay out of car for too long. After visiting few spots, they were at the famous “cloud gate”, aka Bean.

Usually, every time Raj was at the Bean with guests, he would give his phone to some stranger to take picture. He liked those pictures more than selfies since they gave better view. It was funny that everyone he had asked to take picture, had become a professional photographer, telling where to stand, adjusting their position, sometimes even getting on their knees to take pictures. And, once the picture is taken they ask to check if it looks good before leaving. That’s a great midwestern hospitality which he had always admired.

So, this time he was looking for someone to take pictures and he saw girls, in their mid thirties. Both were pretty. One was short, maybe around 5’ 2”, he was above 5’-6”, and the other was tall, maybe 5’-”. But, both had very nice proportionate body per their height. The short one had more of running type toned body and the tall one had muscular, but feminine, very nice figure. Usually, he was shy so he was little hesitant to talk to a girl so he tried to find a guy but he did not see any close enough. Both 85 were feeling very cold so he did not have much time. He gathered some courage and asked the short one if she could take picture. So, she pointed her taller friend and said she was better photographer so she would let her take it.

The tall girl smiled and took phone from him. As he started to show her, she again smiled and said, “I also have iPhone, I know it.” He thought she was very attractive. She took few, 4 or 5 pictures. And, started checking the pictures on phone. He went to her to take phone but had to wait since she was checking the pictures she too He was just hoping that she approved the pictures she took since the men were feeling very cold and had no energy pose for few more pictures. She gave phone back and asked chec Without checking, he thanked her and told her that both old men were very cold so as far as they were in pictures, it was all good. She asked, “Arn’t you cold?” He said, “I am local so I am used to of this.” She said, “Oh, I am too, my friend is visiting.” Then she said, “We should have compared notes!”. Spontaneously, He smiled and softly replied, “I wish”. She said, “Ok smart guy, call me ”, and wIthout giving her number she went back to her friend. He could not understand! He thought she had made fun of him and his mind got filled with resentment and heart with sadness. First time he felt He should have taken that selfie!!

As soon as they got to car, he went to call log to call wife to discuss dinner plans. And, he saw an unknown last number and realized that she might have dialed her own number to give him her number. What a smart move! Suddenly, the The feeling of resentment was gone and admiration entered in his mind!

As soon as he reached home, he sent her message, “Honestly, I thought you were making fun of me when you said dial last number. And, to be honest, although I have never wore a ring, I am married”.

Just after sending message, he felt embarrassed thinking how shallow of him to think she wanted to have sex with him, when all she had made was a casual remar Plus, she was so taller than him, how could she be physically attracted him. According people, he was handsome. He was not muscular but he was fit. He thought, “regardless, there was no way she could have been flirting with me”. But, the thing was that he and wife were not having sex for few due her health issues. He was not even sure if he would have sex with her again ever, so basically for rest of his life. Sex used be very good, she was always proactive in bed. Which he liked the most. Lately he was missing it so much that most times all he could think about was sex.

his surprise, she messaged him back, “I don’t mind that you are married.” He realized they were not going go compare places see. They decided meet for early dinner, He had already booked a hotel room, just in case! During dinner, he briefly talked about his married life, she listened. He told her that in fifty of life he had sex with only girls and was not sure if he was good in bed. So, after dinner, he said, “ be honest, I have booked a room.” She said, “Let’s go, and stop saying “honestly”, I know you are honest, that’s the second thing got attracted you.” And, he wondered what was the first?!

In hotel room, just after closing door, they started kissing. First time he was kissing looking up. While kissing they walked the bed. His left hand sliding from her face her right breast and right hand on back of her nec He could not figure whether her nipple was hard or it was lining of her bra. Before they knew, they were on the bed taking their clothes off and naked lying sideways. She was on his right. She asked which side she wanted her be, and he said that this was perfect. She mentioned that’s the side she slept in her bed but she slept alone. Lying sideways, naked, they started kissing again, his right arm under her body and fingers caressing her neck and back, left hand on her right breast. He could feel hard nipple on her perfect breast. He wondered if it was him or she just has naturally hard nipples! Slowly, He started kissing her cheeks and neck and went down her nipple. He started sucking and then slowly taking the breast in his mouth as far as he could take while licking nipple with tongue inside his mouth. She grabbed back of his head and pushed it towards her breast. She was moaning softly and kissing his head. He just wished he had second set of<b> lips. </font></b>Her hand grabbed his hard penis and started stroking. While his right hand was still under her body, his other hand was caressing her buttocks and strong thighs and found her vagina. As soon as his fingers went inside her vagina, he was surprised how wet it was! They had just started few minutes ago! Suddenly, her muscular hand had lost all the strength and her head and body flexed bac He had use all the strength in trapped right hand hold her back so he does not loose that perfect breast from his mouth. Her moaning got little loader. He started fingering vigorously. His penis was very hard. The more she pressed the penis the harder it got. He was enjoying the sucking of breasts, nipple and fingering her. And, suddenly she flipped him on his back and came on top. She grabbed his both hands by wrists and pushed them on top of his head. With one thrust she put his penis in her vagina. With slowly moving her buttocks she started kissing . Her thighs and calves circling his thighs and pushing his legs out. He was trapped. She was vigorously kissing, He had never had such passionate wet kisses. He had lost all strength in his body and was just enjoying this heavenly experience. As her strokes started getting harder and stronger, she got straight, straddling his hard on. He could see her perfect breasts bouncing. She was very pretty, sexy and with an unbelievable body. His hands were free now. He grabbed her breasts and start pressing. Her moans were getting louder. Her strokes were also harder. In between, with big moan she would come down to kiss or give him her breast to suc Then go back riding penis even harder. Few minutes felt like eternity. he could not believe, he felt he was in heaven. After few minutes, when she came down with loud moan and kissed him, he flipped her on her bac In a second, she opened her thighs and his hard penis was back in. He started slowly stroking her while kissing her open lips, ear lobes, neck and breasts. He could see she was enjoying also. Her legs wide open, knees curled up. He couldn’t stop kissing her arms, shoulders, armpits, neck, earlobes, breasts, lips, in random order, while keep stroking penis inside her wet vagina, as if he could not have enough. After a while, she lowered her legs circling his, and started stroking his penis while squeezing her buttocks. Now, they both were stroking each other, once the rhythm was set, the strokes kept in getting stronger and harder. They both started moaning. Suddenly, with one hard stroke she moaned louder, grabbed his back with her nails piercing in his back and had big orgasm. He could not control and also had hard orgasm. He stayed on top for a minute or so and gave her soft kisses. She responded equally with soft kisses.

After few minutes, while laying in bed naked on their backs, he could not resist to say, “This was unbelievable and incredible, I felt like I died and went to heaven.”

She did not reply. As the doubt crept in his mind, he asked her, “Did you enjoy?”.

She replied, “You have no idea, you may have to get an apartment!”

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