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Blow Job #1
Posted:May 8, 2020 7:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2020 6:18 pm

Sooo...I have had the honor of giving my “Friend “ the very first experience of a Blowjob. He wanted know the feeling of my mouth and tongue wrapped around his hardness! He had never felt it before.Nobody had done it.....

He got a room.... When I walked in, I slapped my own butt cheeks and said; this is Me! All he had on was a towel! I said hi.....he said he wanted to see. I’m not sure if he helped take my shorts off or not. All I know is they were off real quick! He began lick and gently put his finger inside at the same time! I had givin him some instructions ahead of time.
#1 dont push my head Down!
#2 don’t push my head away!!

Mmmm......He was very clear about what he wanted me do! I was very clear about how I wanted him to Fuck ME! He put me in all the Positions I like the most! We both got it RIGHT! Towards the end he laid on his back and told exactly what he wanted me to do......I really like that! I think I surprised him! When he started Cum, I put my mouth over and on top! I could feel him swelling...And that my friends is the perfect time to SWALLOW! He will remember me FOREVER!🙃😋🙃
Way Past Being HORNY!
Posted:Apr 9, 2020 12:21 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2020 11:12 am
I am on Lockdown, like sooo many people are! I have been masturbating less because I have been in the house with my 2 sons AND my husband 24/7 for about 2weeks! No Privacy......
I have been watching Porn Hub when I can, but that seems to make me wanna be having Intense Orgasmic SEX even more! My Pussy is constantly Throbbing....aching to be pounded hard and Deep! I am definitely WAY PAST HORNY! I’m sure I’m not alone, right?

Well it is getting worse! I thought if I stopped giving myself Multiple, Multiple Orgasms everyday (usually all at once) that my Pussy would calm down and not be constantly; throbbing, vibrating, feeling ticklish and pulsating ALL the time. It’s not working. It’s turning into an aching sensation! I know exactly who can make it better too........and he is So Close! I’ve been on Lockdown for almost 3 weeks! I am hoping to get some PURE PLEASURE sometime soon! 🙃😋🙃

I am at a standstill right now....I am very picky when it cums to meeting anyone new! I have cut ties with the Fuckbuddy I had, and because of the China/Covid-19 Virus, I have less freetime than before! I am definitely staying safe, so meeting a complete stranger for the purpose of Sexual Satisfaction is something I will not take lightly! My Masturbation habits have decreased in a big way! And my Pussy is always throbbing as a reminder! This whole new way of life really sucks ass! I guess patience is a virtue? Fuck ME!
First Ass Play Experience....
Posted:Mar 28, 2020 12:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2020 5:55 pm
It was a rainy night in September of 1994....I had made friends with some people from the radio station 9.25 The Flash. And every Tuesday night they would Dj at Emerald City in Pacific Beach, I didn’t have to pay the Cover charge and got free drinks! I would usually hang out and play pool with the regulars I had gotten to know. Towards the end of the night I was in the mood to dance and had no problem dancing by myself. I was dancing on the upper level when I locked eyes with the Bouncer that was sitting up on the railing right next to me! He was new, and Damn.....He was Fucking Sexy as hell! He had a rugged look; shaved head, very built and the sexiest crooked smile! I danced facing him in a teasing way until it was closing time. When the lights came on and everyone was being ushered out, he approached me and spoke to me for the first time.....Mmmmm! To this day his voice is the deepest sexiest voice I’ve ever heard! He told me that he would walk me to my car if I wanted him to. He was concerned because I was alone and I shouldn’t take the chance of being hit on or harassed by any of the drunk guys that were sure to be hanging around outside. I took him up on his offer. On the walk to my yI learned that he was a Navy Seal and he Bounced for extra money. When we were almost to my car it started pouring rain.....POURING! He told me that he lived 2 blocks away and told me that it would be the worst time to drive all the way back to Bonita. He offered me his apartment key and said that his roommate was on Duty and nobody would be there. He told me to make myself comfortable and he wouldn’t be more than 45 minutes.
I was very impressed by his apartment, very nice! I layed on the couch and was awakened by him knocking at the door. As soon as I opened the door his smile made me melt! He took me into his room and immediately started undressing, because his clothes were soaking wet. I couldn’t help my self, I also started taking my clothes off as well! Fuck yeah....He asked me to get on top of him and I did! I am actually the one to suggest that he fuck me in the ass and told him that it was my first time. He was oh so gentle, nice and slow. He told me to move at my own pace, that he would stay perfectly still. That worked so well! Believe it or not we eventually ended up living together and stayed together for almost 4 yrs!
Booty Calls.......
Posted:Mar 10, 2020 12:20 am
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2020 1:33 am
My very first Booty Call experience was shortly after moving back down home San Diego in 1994, I was 25years old. I moved in with my Uncle, who is more like a big brother . One night we went a couple of Nightclubs Downtown. we drank, danced and played pool. That night I met Morgan, he was 4 yrs younger than me. He didn’t seem to wanna leave my side.... I actually thought he was too feminine to be interested in getting into my pants, so I felt very comfortable. Cum to find out.....I was very wrong. We exchanged numbers and it turned out that he lived real close to me. He ended up coming over that night to hang out. We talked for about an hour and out of the blue he asked me to get naked! I am not a shy person, so I was quick to oblige 🙃😋🙃
He told me that he was going to lick some Orgasms out of me before he took his clothes off, and that he did! There is a first time for everything, and for that I will NEVER forget him. We literally Fucked for almost 2 hours straight, on the floor. We both had rug burns the next day! He told me to give him a call if I ever wanted more.......and I did! Many Many Many times! Damn.....I am so aroused right now!!!!

In 1996, I went Clubbing in Tijuana with my 2 sisters and 3 of their friends. I love to dance and spent a lot of time out on the floor. Dancing is great excercise! When I finally was taking a break...”He” came up to our table and asked me to dance; not my younger sisters or thier friends! I was Smilin’ big! We danced for awhile and when it was time go home, he asked me to give him a call. I had some reservations about calling him because, Dirk was only 21 and I was a single Mother of 3 at 28. I actually called him 3 days later, he talked me into driving to Pacific Beach for lunch at his house., I accepted his invitation!
When I got there I was surprised to see a house full of people. He introduced me to everyone and quite abruptly led me to his room. He had a huge room! There was a pool table, couch and table, a small bar and a huge bed! It all fit just fine! He had made sandwiches and soup! We played strip pool, it was the first time for me. I was completely naked within 5 minutes. I did not get the chance put my clothes on again for hours; full body massage and a very Satisfying FuckSession came first! He called me lots of times after that, and I was down for that Booty Call everytime!

This next Booty Call came be when I was living in Pacific Beach. The year was 1997.....I was working 3 jobs; Videoland, Thrifty, and Emerald City. I was in the habit of hanging out at Emerald City on my Nights off.....free drinks was the main reason, as well as familiar faces. I usually rode my bike there....shortly before closing. After hours was always fun! That night I met Clayton and Kasey; they were Diego; Dago Boys. We played pool and I did better than they expected.....Kasey lived at the local Harley Davidson shop, which was right next door to the bar Stingers. He had long straight brown hair and was about 6’7. He was always up for my Booty Calls.....No matter what time of day or night, whether he was working on a Bike....he would drop what he was doing and sometimes he would even close up shop to Pleasure me. And that he did. He had Stamina beyond compare! Mmmmm

Sooo.....my favorite Booty Call? No Doubt about it.....Will remain anymous! Best I’ve ever had, fore shore! I was lucky enough at the.start to have the pleasure of getting Pleasure once a week! I was at his beck and call! Still am...,,butt its been awhile. I’m stuck at home because of the current situation. I do believe that we will have the chance to see each other again! Friends Forever......Fuckbuddy too! At least I would like to think so! When I a visit, I always walk away with a BIG smile my face! It’s been around 3 months since I have had PURE PLEASURE! That’s I am gonna say for now.

Again I’m gonna refer to the person who I met through this website. He was responsible for giving me Pure Pleasure for the first time in years! Being 20 years younger than myself I am definitely lucky to live so close!
So I got the “Cum over” message,and I was on my way! No make up, fresh out of bed. I was there within 15 minutes! We got high....started watching Porn along with some casual talking. I took my jeans off....not in the habit of wearing panties. He took off his briefs and I climbed up and on top of his Scrumptious Hard Cock! Mmmmm.....Pure Pleasure! To my suprise.....he stood up still inside me and with my legs wrapped around him, he Fucked me standing up! Damn! That was a first time experience for me! Great!!!
From there he carried me to his bed.....and fucked some more! Best time EVER!
Posted:Mar 8, 2020 6:09 am
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2020 2:03 am
I have say......Masturbation has been an extremely important part of my life for decades. Sometimes I only use my fingers.....especially when I have be quiet because my husband is asleep right next . He has been having some problems getting all the way hard lately, so I’d rather just get myself off instead of dealing with the frustration of not getting Fucked Deep and Hard! I actually prefer use my Toys while perving out to Porn!! Mmmm Nmmm Mmmm......I am definitely in the habit of giving myself Orgasms until my whole body is covered in sweat and my muscles are tight from the Tremors of having Orgasm after Orgasm! I often wake up from a Sex Dream and only need to cross my legs and squeeze......instant Orgasm! 🙃😋🙃

Sooo....because of Social Distancing, my Masturbation habits have definitely changed! I have actually found it to be exciting to do it when I have the chance to get out of the house! I have a Chevy Avalanche with very big Wheels and Tires! Therefore I sit up higher than most people that are on the road!🙃😋🙃
And my windows are tinted....very dark! It works for .....I like it!

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