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my 1st tinder fuck  

Needyoufornow 52M  
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6/11/2021 7:31 am
my 1st tinder fuck

In 2019, the fall, once I decided I was tired of being lonely & horny & decided try internet dating. A sweet girl I met on tinder & I had been chatting quite innocently with, with no sexual talk at all, mentioned her guy was of town so she couldn't get pot. I offered to give her some if she could come to Seguin & get it. We talked about that & other things a while longer & I though she had blown that off when she said to send her the she would be by :30
I showered & frantically cleaned my room, vacuuming, clean sheets.:30 rolled around & I welcomed her my place. We chit chatted nervously, she was just wearing a baggy t-shirt & shorts. We went the garage smoke & after talking a while I got turn the ac & as I passed she lifted her hand & rubbed my cock. I stopped & smiled at her beautiful smile & I leaned down, gently lifting her chin & kissed her. I turned the ac & approached the back of her chairI bent down, sliding my hands around cup her ample dds nuzzling her soft black hair off her neck, I kissed her behind her ear & whispered 'hi'- she arched her back pressing her chest into my palms sighed & whispered 'hello'. She turned her head & we kissed softly & then deeply as she opened her mouth to my tongue. I slid my hands around her belly & lifted her shirt to reveal a super black & light pink half cup bra with her straining nipples barely covered by while lace. I walk around in front of her & got on my knees & buried my face In her cleavage, her hands on the back of my head - guiding my mouth from nipple nipple, then pulling for more<b> kisses </font></b>We smoked some more & went inside, she pushed me down the chair in my room & dropped her shorts reveal sweet black & pink panties Matching the bra, the straps cut high her hips, a tiny triangle nestled atop her tasty ample butt.she straddled with her green eyes shining- again smothering w her sweet tits & kissed deeply until we were gasping for breath- as she slowly slid her hips back & forth grinding my hard dick.
"You're so big!" She breathed in my ear, something we hadn't discussed. (I hadn't known she had such an amazing rack lol) she got her knees in front of & pulled down my shorts & boxers together as I lifted my butt. She drew in a breath sharply as she saw & grasped my straining cock at the time. She looked at sliding my cock gently across her cheek her tongue flicking to taste my oozing tip. Grasping my smooth balls she swirled her tongue & rolled her head as she took the head in her mouth & it was my turn to gasp Slowly she bobbed her head & down, her eyes locked mine, taking more & more of in each time until she easily had 3/4 of me in her eager mouth I grasped her hair gently, let her take one last deep Bob on my dick & gently but firmly pulled her mouth off my dick, 'ooh that's ' she whispered & I lustily kissed her slick lips. I stood & turned her around nestling my cock in the Crack of her big ass.We walked a few steps to the bed I slipped down her panties & unhooked her bra.i slid my hand down her whispy hair & down her dripping slit to get more gasps of pleasure & surprise. My Grandmother's bed tall against the wall I bent her over the waist leaving her standing with her head down on the bed as she kicked off her, frankly REALLY sexy sandals with shiney black vinyl straps I sank my knees, spread her cheeks & buried my face in her pussy. Sliding down, pulling her stiff clit in my mouth, getting her to cry out loud for the first time. My thumb replaced my tongue on her clit as I probed as deep as I could in her gushing pussy, pausing to flick my tongue across her tight little asshole. She reached behind herself to press my head deeper into her cunt as she began moaning out loud. I gave her clit a last suck & stood. She looked over her shoulder as I again parted her sweet ass & slid the head of my straining cock her slit & down & around her clit. My cock now slick I gently began probe her opening. I slid half the head of my cock in & withdrew earning approving moans. Slowly half an inch a time, I wet my cock her juice & gradually slid in, until my thrusts had half way in & her ass bucking & quivering' god me !' She said as I gradually slid my whole dick in her & my balls began slap her clit. 'Yes yes!' She loudly whispered as she pushed her ass meet my thrusts I gently pulled her head back by her hair & bent down kiss her sweaty neck ' i'm cumming!' She cried. I pulled after a few more thrusts & listening her , then flipped her over her back & again sank my knees & took her throbbing clit in my teeth causing her to continue cumming. I grasped her spread thighs & thrust to the hilt in her pussy. Driving in &amp , she pulled on her nipples & bit her lip as I neared my orgasm. She held tight as I thrust, her nails ever so slightly digging in my sweaty back, again she said she was cumming & I pushed her away gave a few last thrusts & pulled out as I exploded- shooting onto her belly We lay in each other's arms kissing & dozing until I awoke to her lips on mine as she prepared to leave. 'That was so fucking ' I whispered caressing her cheek. 'You were ' She whispered back ' so glad I followed my wet pussy over here' She said, playfully grasping my now soft cock. One last deep kiss & she was gone That weekend I caught a little bug taking my mom my cousin's 's dance recital. Monday night after texting w her day, with out warning she slipped quietly into my room smiling mischievously she rubbed her bare tits my face then slowly relentlessly sucked my straining cock until I shot in her mouth. She kissed my forehead, told to feel better & quietly disappeared again I was smitten, she was smart, funny, horny, arty - lots of the main things looking for in a gal. Sigh. Later that weekShe got THE from her ex boyfriend & left san antonio to join him in floridašŸ˜‘

CandGtoo 63M/58F  
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10/2/2021 6:02 pm

What a great story. I never read it before.

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