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Open Thread — And Inbox  

NekoI35 50F  
65 posts
5/23/2020 2:12 pm
Open Thread — And Inbox

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232 posts
5/23/2020 2:58 pm

Right now its that pussy pic of yours.

NekoI35 replies on 5/26/2020 2:45 pm:
Thank you

Profess662 54M
1 post
5/23/2020 3:14 pm

Oh my! Great question. You see with all this time on my hands there is so much on this kinky mind. It has only been a couple of months of quarantine and the mind does tend to wander. I consider myself a sapiosexual person like you, and I really want to explore the possibilities in BDSM scenes. I have been with many couples, but most of the time it seems somewhat vanilla. There was one where we played a game, from the internet that would tell each person to do things to the others. It was fun but I wanted to see some people tied down, used a little, let the imagination run wild. I have always liked hardcore and beyond every man’s dream of two women, I like the idea of MMF again. How about you, the female overseeing the scene? Let your imagination and anticipation get the better of you and go wild. A Bi-MMF scene should be on the table soon. Who gets tied to the table or bed first? I have some gear to contribute, imagine what three kinky souls could bring to a party? I am ready for extreme if you can find a third, or just practice, practice, practice with two…

NekoI35 replies on 5/26/2020 2:52 pm:
I am practicing social distancing for now, but I am looking forward to when I get back to meeting new friends. I love MMF play.

fast6996 51M/52F  
100 posts
5/24/2020 6:00 am

Group sex! threesome or moresome!

NekoI35 replies on 5/26/2020 2:54 pm:
How big a of a "moresome" do you imagine? I am craving a gangbang, especially since I don't believe I will be able to do one any time soon.

1tongue4yall 62M
2190 posts
5/24/2020 7:05 am

The same thing that I think every time I see your picture...what a beautiful clit and how I would love to wrap it in my lips and explore every bit of it with my tongue...

NekoI35 replies on 5/26/2020 2:55 pm:
Thank you for that sweet comment.

Prof10001 61M  
3986 posts
5/25/2020 6:13 am

I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed your tales. It looks like you haven't posted much recently. I hope you resume. Your activities are thrilling to read about.

Swing by my blog!

NekoI35 replies on 5/26/2020 2:59 pm:
Thank you. I have not been out in a while, but I have been busy working from home and with other projects. However, I need to write about some of my past sexual adventures. And, I look forward to reading your stories.

Iloveitniceandne 50M  
8 posts
2/1/2021 7:55 am

whats on my mind is i am totally prepared to drive to you so i can get a closer look at that fantastic looking pussy of yours and give it a thorough tongue lashing

been_dusted 53M

2/1/2021 10:05 am

Hi Nekol
I’ve been a bad boy and could use someone to guide me!

theotm 44M

8/19/2021 7:52 pm

Hi NekoI, fascinating pic

NekoI35 50F  
19 posts
8/22/2021 11:56 am

Thank you.

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