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New2Midlo 52M  
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8/18/2021 6:44 pm

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8/29/2021 1:31 pm


Warning - the following may contain copious amounts of self-pity as well as what may be considered a humble brag.

Five months have passed since I was RIF'd out the door by my previous employer and I'm living the slog. That's what my job search has come to feel like. Plenty of interviews (with properly done makeup, of course) but no offers. Despite being very good at what I do, in some instances, the deck is stacked against me. I've been in the same role as many of the hiring managers I've met, none of these companies are in KC nor do are they seemingly wanting to incur relo costs, and finally, I'm not cheap. Oh, there's also the one I never thought I'd reach the point where I'd encounter it, age discrimination. However, at the risk of it being a train, I feel there's light at the end of the tunnel. I'd interviewed with the largest (by a massive margin) company in my industry and while they made that offer to an internal candidate, management really wants to find a place for me within the organization (their words). I told you I was good at what I did. So, I've already had interviews for a second opportunity and am in the process of scheduling for a third. In the meantime, savings are being eaten.

As a result of this situation, my motivation for doing much of anything has either gone out the window. I haven't shot a match at all this year. Practice and actual matches have been hindered because the weather here in the flatlands has vacillated between a million degrees and monsoons. In fact, a couple of matches were called due to lightning, so not much of a loss that I wasn't there in the first place. As a result, I suck, being neither fast nor accurate. There were two matches over the weekend and the weather was perfect. Because of the most recent monsoon on Thursday, the range would have been a swamp for Saturday's match, but Sunday was glorious. But I just can't be bothered to load up my gear and go shoot like a noob.

What I've come to enjoy more than competing is shooting tiny groups at targets two hundred or more yards away. Because you're completely focused on making each shot count, it's impossible to stress about other aspects of life; sort of like meditation with suppressed gun shots. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do that for over a month, because the very high end barrel I used to build my precision rifle has suddenly decided it's defective. The manufacturer is replacing the barrel under warranty, but they don't know when they'll have one to ship to me. I should be back in business this week though, because I just ordered a new barrel to put in the gun. I'll sell the replacement when it shows up.

My other enthusiasm has pretty much been confined to the garage. When I quit competing the first time and sold my equipment, I found myself with enough funds to buy a certain German sportscar I'd coveted since my<b> college </font></b>days. Not a new one, but an older driver quality car. Nine years ago, I traded it for a slightly newer model. This was just before collector car prices went bananas. A rising tide lifts all boats, so even mine increased in value by over thirty percent. This pushed it into investment territory, so no more autocrosses or putting a ton of miles on the car. And now, just within the past few months, values have exploded again, adding another thirty plus percent to the car's value. Suddenly, my 'fun weekend car' is worth more money than I took home last year. So, I'm not even driving the thing at all (read enjoying it) right now, for fear of diminishing its value. Yes, I fully realize it's a burden most others would happily take from me, but I just want my fun car.

Woe is me, but the sum total has left me unmotivated about most things and feeling generally dull and uninteresting. Yes, I realize some could argue the latter has been a constant for years.

While I'm whining and crying, I've apparently killed another bakery. This makes no less than four that have gone under within two months after I've decided to regularly patronize them. Store owners laugh when I inform them I'm the baked goods angel of death...none are chuckling now. Anyway, the latest is / was a cupcake place very close to me. Cupcakes aren't my fav, because the cake to frosting ratio is wrong, but they were my only option for decent cake foodstuffs in Kansas. I particularly liked the ones that looked like Hostess chocolate cupcakes. You know the ones with the cream filling and swirls on the top. Since those are no longer available to me, I created my own layer cake version. Doctored chocolate cake, decadent white filling, enrobed with whipped chocolate ganache. Each of those are yummy, but should be amazing together. I'd planned on posting a picture, except that it looks like it was made by someone who should wear a helmet in the house. Combination of whipped ganache being a mofo to work with and my having the cake decorating skills of a wombat (they suck at cake decorating).

New2Midlo 52M  
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8/18/2021 6:44 pm

Animal, animal....something animal

BiggLala 49F  
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8/18/2021 7:45 pm

except that it looks like it was made by someone who should wear a helmet in the house

*patting you on the head*
I'm so proud of you...baking like a big boy, yes you are!!!

Pretty soon, all the bakeries are going to post your pic as a warning. You might be the first person in the history of the world with his own "NOT Wanted" poster.

I really hope the company actually does find a place for you. I'll be pissed for you if they don't. No, never mind...they're gonna, dammit!!!

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Paulxx001 64M
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8/18/2021 11:24 pm

A commodity that accidentally appreciates is a good thing — except when it's not. I've owned a drum kit for eons, that's appreciated substantially, but there's no way I'm selling it. Mind you; its current value doesn't resemble any yearly salary I've ever earned. Ya lucked into something there! 👍

Good luck with your job search. I recall trying to convince one head hunter that — even though I was over-qualified — I was a perfect candidate due to my mentoring skills. One of them nibbled. I felt REALLY guilty when three months later, having found a company with a position more suitable to my expectations, I submitted my resignation. It's what it is and was; ya gotta look out for YOUR interests.

Happy hunting! 👍

I know that German cars are a blast to drive. 😎❗❗

lindoboy100 58M
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8/19/2021 3:28 am

I hope the job situation works out McMid, it's always good to be wanted and to feel valued, and it sounds like you'd be keen to work for them in whatever capacity!

We've got some wallabies in a zoo nearby, apparently they're dab hands at baking! I'm off to look and learn!

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