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Does anyone else not have a problem with their sexuality?
Posted:Oct 23, 2019 9:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2019 8:42 pm

I’ve been very aware of body and known for a long time that I’m a very sexual person. I love sex and have never felt ashamed or embarrassed.

I’m very curious about what other people’s experiences are...🤔
VERY sexual and have been for a long time.....
Somewhat sexual....
Average sex drive....
Sex is only for procreation.....
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Taking her……Taming her……
Posted:Jul 21, 2019 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2019 5:55 am
I have finally worn down her resistance. I’m pleased to notice her flushed cheeks as my questions become more and more personal …… intimate.

We’ve chatted online for about a week. She is very hesitant …… cautious. Good. She should be. If she only knew a fraction of what is in store for her, she’d bolt out of this restaurant before she could catch her next breath. For now, I can be patient …… I have been patient. I know that despite that delicious imagination of hers and her ideas of what she THINKS she wants and needs.……she has no clue.
During these last two weeks of seemingly benign conversations and “innocent” flirting, I’ve seen all I need to see…… and now……I’ll take her.
She thinks she’s safe. Thought that by agreeing to meet in this very busy restaurant, that she is safe.
Nothing could be further from the truth. She doesn’t know that it’s already too late for her. Doesn’t realize that she is already mine…… she has been from the very beginning, that first conversation. I’ve always known. I {almost} regret that very soon, she will also know. I’m enjoying her careless banter, her shy smiles as she glances up at me with her pretty eyes in that pretty face.
I keep a pleasant smile on my face as I listen ……… and contemplate how that pretty face will look as I bring her to her first climax... when she is forced to acknowledge … and accept that she is and will ALWAYS be… MINE!
The meal is finished. The check has been paid. She mildly resists the offer to take her home. I tell her it’s late, she’s a little tipsy from the three glasses of wine and she was so busy talking that she didn’t eat enough food to help absorb the alcohol. I know from my conversations with her that she does not usually drink alcohol because she does not go out much. She spends far too much time working … that will have to change.

For now, I am finally satisfied. She is where I want her, where she belongs …… or will be soon enough. Sure enough, the wine has made her sleepy. The music is low and the seat is very comfortable. I look over briefly and note that she is dozing lightly. Her peaceful features appear almost angelic… sweet even. She is sweet. A kind gentle soul under a quiet, almost introverted facade she presents to the world.
For now, I enjoy her peace and trust. Soon enough she will be made of the harsh reality of how her life will be from now on.

I awake with a start to realize I am not at home. I don’t know this place at all. My head still feels a little fuzzy, I’m lightheaded but am rapidly coming to full wakefulness. I look around the room. The lights are dim and I can hear the faint strains of music.... Etta James if I’m not mistaken. I try to shift to see more of the room… I cannot. I’m bound to a rather large bed. I begin to struggle against my restraints. I pull and pull until I manage to work one loose. I am able to free myself just as my dinner companion returns. He closes the door with a soft click and slowly advances. Stalks is more like it. As his large frame comes closer, i am galvanized into motion. I run past him and never even get near the door. He grabs me from behind and I begin to struggle violently. Soon enough I realize I am no match for his larger frame …… or his considerable strength. Surprisingly, he just holds me…… controlling me until I’m tired and the fight goes out of me. No matter how hard I’ve tried to free myself from his grasp, I can’t escape. If anything, I feel my struggles have only tightened his grip……and I can feel something very hard pressing into my ass as he’s leaning into me. Fuck…… I think my struggles have excited him if that cock pressing into my ass is any indication.
He reaches past me and inserts a key into the lock. I stare bemused, and not comprehending suck a lock. As he withdraws the key, it hits me. I’m now locked in…… with him.

Slowly, I lift my head and peer up at him. He is staring down at me so intently, I gasp. This seems to amuse him. Gathering up any courage I can muster I lift my chin and say he can’t do this… won’t get away with this. He looks down at me with the oddest look… determined … smug … and tells me he already has.

He spins me and push/guides me back to that bed. I note that he doesn’t restrain me again, then again, we are locked in.
I try reasoning with him. If he lets me go now, i won’t tell anyone I just want to go home. Again that expression as he leans down close to my face and says “No.”

No. I look at him as he’s taking off his dinner jacket. I try to reason once again as i explain that he just can’t take someone. He’s silent as I desperately try to get him to understand ……
When I fall silent …… out of words and realizing they’re having no effect whatsoever …… he looks at me with that intent look and queries …”Who will stop me ?”

His next statement terrifies me, “Now let’s begin…”

Rimming.... to do/not to do.... That is my question....
Posted:Jun 2, 2019 9:56 am
Last Updated:Sep 19, 2019 8:52 pm

I’ve done it! I’m a person gets off on getting others off. 😏 You can label me a “pleaser”. I don’t mind. I’ll actually embrace it and revel in it!!! I remember the first time I did it. It was more happenstance.... threesome. I was in a relationship with a married couple. I was their submissive. He was fucking her missionary.... I was licking them both. Then I thought... “why not...?”. At first it was a tentative lick. He froze. I froze... then I did it again.... and again... he went FUCKING NUTS! He was so crazy for it his wife actually looked up at is from underneath to see what we were doing. He got so hard and shot loads into her. Then he literally fucked me in my pussy and then my ass until I passed out!
I love eating ass.....
I love having my ass eaten.....
Love to give, not so much love to receive....
Love to receive.... not so much reciprocate.....
Love it all.....
Never have..... might try it sometime.....
Never have.... never will.....
People DO THAT?!?!??!
See my comments below.....
I haven’t but I’ll definitely try it now!
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