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Am I crazy to fantasize about this......?  

NewHere4Kink 47F  
619 posts
3/6/2019 7:48 pm
Am I crazy to fantasize about this......?

Sometimes (when I'm feeling analytical ), I wonder if I'm completely bonkers to have some of the fantasies that I have. Kidnapping, consensual role play ( surprise sex). All sorts of ideas run through my mind. Does anyone else have fantasies that I'm guessing don't exactly align with what society would deem acceptable?
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My fantasy is........(insert fantasy here).....

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

dabrown33 46M

3/6/2019 11:04 pm

Oh, I have fantasies. Some more risky than others, which is why they will most likely remain in the realm of fantasy. I have no desire to actually get charged with promoting indecent exposure for instance.

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RavenGB 59M
1133 posts
3/6/2019 11:30 pm

Such fantasies are relatively commonplace. There is a lot of scope for things to go wrong if the partners don't know and trust each other. To my great surprise, some women have involuntary sex fantasies - you can imagine little more horrific than a real violation (system blocks correct term), yet the concept turns some on. Acting this out could (potentially) have serious and negative consequences for the guy and the reality and fantasy may not reconcile well for the woman either!

If you find a partner in crime, the fantasies can be safely achieved with proper planning/safeguards.

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62737 posts
3/7/2019 4:00 am

I briefly dated a lady whose "thing" was for me to stop by her apartment on my way to work, enter via the unlocked door, slip in to her bed while she was "sleeping" and fuck her till I dumped a load in her. VERY hot!,

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RobK2006 53M
5580 posts
3/7/2019 6:42 am

Well I often fantasize about having sex with some of the married women I know. I guess that is something society frowns on.

LordMandrakeJB 64M  
497 posts
3/7/2019 12:09 pm

With the right partner, anything can become reality. The key is to keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Tends to keep you out of the hospital, morgue, or jail that way...

Drilling318 35M
2 posts
3/7/2019 3:54 pm

Just means you have an active imagination.

NewHere4Kink 47F  
157 posts
3/7/2019 6:45 pm

Thank you everyone! I’m enjoying your comments!

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

lyavu 47F  
1363 posts
3/7/2019 11:30 pm

No it's normal coz one day it will happen. I never thought it would but i am enjoying it right now .

TouchMe2019 60M

3/8/2019 1:47 pm

Imagination, a deeper kiss South, in an unsuspecting doorway, hands that memorize where a light touch gives away where you ache for it to return. Yet treated like a lady... No maps while exploring all those places that others definitely won't go is common in our imaginations, and the difference is in our well oiled loft where we're able to uninhibitedly unfold Kidnapping, consensual role play and surprise sex.... Most just let it remain a bud waiting to bloom [wink].

BlackPussyRules 56M
839 posts
3/9/2019 10:49 pm

Kidnapping,, you the kidnapper? That would be hot

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joeart47 55M
27 posts
3/10/2019 2:05 pm

I love your desire for exploration.. when imagination turns into reality - with the same positive impact your mind created - it is like a powerful aphrodisiac.

When I imagine a scenario with you (since I chose option 5 above) I imagine you riding a bus. The last few days, you'd hoped to meet a stranger on the bus, and have been wearing a loose summer dress, showing off your glowing tan skin, the buttons popping a little to reveal your teasing cleavage, and just the edge of your dark areolas exposed. My heart racing, I casually sit next to you and we strike up a conversation... history, favorite syfy shows, what it's like to shoot, what you do for fun, etc.. I haven't told you my name, and I haven't asked for yours.

I turn a little more to face you and, as I look in your eyes and we carry on our conversation, you don't notice my hand slowly descend and I gently caress your thigh. Your eyes go wide, but you don't move a muscle. You unconsciously lick your lips a little as my fingers move glide across your soft skin... up slowly, tickling your inner thigh.. We're talking about your love for surfing and my cracked ribs during my first lesson, when you feel your wet panties being pulled to the side and my finger probe your juicy lips. As I tickle your clit, you suck in a breath and grip the seat handle... But we must maintain our conversation so as not to attract attention... you laugh nervously at my joke to cover up the growing sensation from your loins as my finger probes inside your pussy while flicking your clit. You now grip my arm, bite your lower lip and restrain yourself from letting out a groan as your head moves down onto my chest..

Letting you breathe a moment, we sit in silence, your chest heaving. You look up to look into my eyes as my hand comes up to my mouth and licks the your sweet juices from my fingers, one at a time. I say, 'thank you'. I stand up and get off the bus.

ezscottt 49M
25 posts
3/10/2019 10:07 pm

yes it sounds sexy....

DETSwitch 56M
190 posts
6/4/2019 11:42 pm

My fantasy is getting "reverse gang-banged" in a private club by a groupd of (female) strippers.

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