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It’s late.... I can’t sleep....  

NewHere4Kink 47F  
620 posts
8/26/2018 10:18 pm
It’s late.... I can’t sleep....

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Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

alexwayne57 61M  
80 posts
8/26/2018 10:24 pm

First off, don't stay in bed. If you continue to lay in bed it only makes it harder to fall asleep. Try reading for awhile. Of course sex works too. After the endorphine rush dies down.

Mockyloks 101M
86 posts
8/26/2018 10:36 pm

I dont have any tips to help you sleep, insomnia can be brought about by many different reasons. For myself it's usually something on my mind that prevents me from settling down. These things can be positive or negative, only time can be the cure in some cases.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
3751 posts
8/26/2018 10:46 pm

Se works for guys, not so much women I am told tho. I have been known to put a DVD in, and the boring repetitive action will put me to sleep. Reading is iffy, if what you are reading is good, u just stay awake to finish it, sigh. Otherwise I am a nite bird myself for the same reasons, so my answers may not help, sorry

RavenGB 59M
1173 posts
8/26/2018 11:39 pm

1st generation anti-histamines.

sexyldy1000 59F  
6892 posts
8/26/2018 11:46 pm

Getting out my favourite vibrator works for me. I use it and then sleep like a baby.

Stimulate my mind and let's see what happens

nawtyyjoe 56M

8/27/2018 12:28 am

Put on some soft easy listening music, darken the room think of nice things lay back and you will soon drift off to sleep. That works for me.

Rjskywalker 37M
1 post
8/27/2018 12:42 am

Hello peeps I'm new to site. Is there anyway to talk to members without gold?

TrucknLuvn 56M/38F  
1613 posts
8/27/2018 3:05 am

    Quoting sexyldy1000:
    Getting out my favourite vibrator works for me. I use it and then sleep like a baby.

I agree with sexyldy1000!

When my hubby and I are working, I have to get some sleep while he takes his turn behind the wheel. Traffic patterns and road conditions often make it difficult for me to fall asleep.

Same thing happens to my Joey when I drive.

At any rate. I have found that rubbing one (or two, or three) out is my most effective way of relaxing myself into a nice deep sleep. A good orgasm, or three, will encourage the flow of seratonin inti your brain, causing you to relax and get nice a sleepy. It takes me all of five minutes to fall asleep after I finish my session of self satisfaction.

Hope that helps!

♡Jess: The Trucker Babe


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WaNative63 57M
17 posts
8/27/2018 7:27 pm

I hate it when that happens. It just makes one wish there were a switch that could turn one's brain off - at least long enough to get to sleep.

NewHere4Kink replies on 8/31/2018 7:49 pm:
Absolutely a switch to quiet thoughts and slow racing minds! Thank you!

discreteSteve62 52M
2077 posts
2/16/2020 5:52 am

Sex, of course. But you're a bit too far away for me to offer assistance with therapeutic orgasms on a regular basis.

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