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Naughty or Nice?  

NewHere4Kink 47F  
590 posts
12/23/2019 9:25 pm
Naughty or Nice?

Are you on the nice or naughty list?

Either or..... Happy holidays to you all!

I tried....,,
Screw it....
Iโ€™m on both....
Why? Whatโ€™ve you heard?...,,
Iโ€™ll only tell if you get me drunk....

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

LordMandrakeJB 64M  
458 posts
12/23/2019 10:47 pm

Define naughty. Hehehe

12729 posts
12/23/2019 11:28 pm



12729 posts
12/23/2019 11:29 pm

*Happy Holidays To You Too*


likkalot60 60M
82 posts
12/23/2019 11:35 pm


mak196024 59M

12/23/2019 11:53 pm

wished I was on the naughty list

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
923 posts
12/24/2019 3:50 am

Oh I have tried...just get me drunk, run my leg and stick your luscious tongue in my ear...and Incan be naughty all year!

Merry Christmas

Naughty or Nice

HrnyBiStudent 25M

12/24/2019 3:55 am


Mrnotty4U 46M
7 posts
12/24/2019 5:38 am

to be Nicely Naughty is way above to be Naughty or Nice

undercover_bi469 55M
598 posts
12/24/2019 7:25 am

It's nice to be naughty!

Leegs2012 47M
54416 posts
12/24/2019 8:44 am

Naughty, because I love to be Bound!!

looking4u69ca 59M
4048 posts
12/24/2019 10:10 am

I'm definitely on both.
You and all have a Merry Christmas and Happy 2020.

azlyn4562 67M

12/24/2019 10:21 am

Have a Merry Christmas.

Paulxx001 63M
16598 posts
12/24/2019 10:46 pm

All the best for the holiday season.

smallpenis2tease 61M
62 posts
12/26/2019 10:15 pm

Both -- it all depends who the recipient is.

Redshot913 30M
17 posts
1/4/2020 5:59 pm

Maybe a little of both

MostlyJustChill 60M  
16 posts
1/13/2020 5:17 pm

Being on this site in and of itself makes me naughty!

discreteSteve62 52M
2076 posts
2/16/2020 3:15 am

Both, of course!

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