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Racism... Prejudice.... Plain old personal preference....?  

NewHere4Kink 47F  
619 posts
2/18/2019 10:06 am
Racism... Prejudice.... Plain old personal preference....?

I’ve encountered all sorts of wonderful people here. Conversely I’ve also encountered what I’ll call the dark side (yes.... pun definitely intended). My experience makes me wonder about what others consider when selecting others for.... whatever they came here for. What do you consider? Does the color of skin matter to you?
I’ve posted d this as a poll, but feel free to leave comments.
As for me, I’d say the color of skin has no relevance to with whom I choose to spend my free time.
It doesn’t matter....pussy is pussy....
Doesn’t matter......dick is dick....
Definitely matters. I don’t play outside of my own race....
I prefer someone(s) outside of my own race...
I prefer a SPECIFIC race.....
There are different races that like to fuck....???
This is what I prefer.....
Race is not a consideration.....

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

LordMandrakeJB 64M  
497 posts
2/18/2019 11:11 am

There were two choices I could have went with. While pussy IS pussy, and race is not a consideration, attitude is everything!!! I don't care what race you are, if the attitude isn't a positive one (open, playful, and fun loving), then I don't care if you are a 10. I'm not going there.

rana00999 35M
3 posts
2/18/2019 11:44 am

i dont know may be its look carzy but i need a sugar mummy. i am fed up with life. and i need someone...i have sooo much love but there is nobody to take it.

porterpiper1 53F
3758 posts
2/18/2019 12:06 pm

The human race is so focus on the skin color of a person, they fail to see the good in someone, too many stereotype are given to different races that people believe the lies and the few bad people within a race cause people to judge the whole race, everyone has the right to choose whom to love or give themselves too, everyone know to whom they are attractive to, but true love knows no color, no one on this earth has a choice to whom they are born to or what race they are born to. so why judge someone for something they have no control over.

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2/18/2019 12:12 pm



CowboyandaGeek 38M/35F

2/18/2019 1:45 pm

Each colour and creed of the human race is full of human beings who are attractive and unattractive; intelligent and learning disabled; assholes and some real good people.

Skin colour is not something that does not come into question concerning who we might date, at all. Somethings that may come into question is attraction; marital status; chemistry; blood relation (lol, we live in a small town).

~Cowboy and a Geek~

bitchkitty2017 67F  
5297 posts
2/18/2019 2:01 pm

skin colour is not an issue and whether they are into crazy stuff does matter to me..i am too old and too tired and too wary about sexual activity to worry about race or colour I feel its more about respect and acceptance of anothers preferences and limitations .....I do have preferences on my profile that suits my personal lifestyle and its no reflection on race or color , its based on my own limitations...

papis_baby_girl 41F
5346 posts
2/18/2019 2:25 pm

I must laugh...

according to most on this site, and by the results thus far, 'race is not an issue'...

well color me surprised as racism exists and is very very very much prevalent in society today.

guess we should all live in AdultFriendFinder World...

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."
-Anais Nin

"I am big, it's the pictures that got small!"
-Norma Desmond

NewHere4Kink 47F  
157 posts
2/18/2019 3:08 pm

I’m loving these comments. Thank you all. I am curious about “sugar mama “. I don’t think they are as easy to find as one would expect. Sorta like that “unicorn “.

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

dabrown33 46M

2/18/2019 3:26 pm

I don't have an easy answer. Physical Attraction is somewhat narrow for me; while I'd like to be "color blind" I'm not. I grew up in a very white environment. My grade school was 100% white, and in High School there were less than 10 non-white students in my class (out of around 110). So I was used to just seeing other white people. It wasn't until I was in the military that I really got to see a lot of people of other racial (and for that matter social/geographical) backgrounds.

However, there are women of every race I've found attractive. Strange or not, women of mixed race tend to be even more attractive to me, but I've met very few. As others said, attitude is a bigger part of it.

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NewHere4Kink replies on 2/18/2019 5:25 pm:
That’s wonderfully open of you. Where I grew up is the polar opposite of where you grew up. I didn’t start seeing more white people until I joined the military. Of course we were all “green “ in Basic Training lol. There were also a lot of Puerto Ricans which was very comforting.

only_lurking 56M

2/18/2019 6:38 pm

A couple of "G"s, an "R" and an "E", an "I" and an "N".
Just six little letters all jumbled together
Have caused damage that we may never mend

Tim Minchin - Prejudice


Yours_4A_knight 55M
1379 posts
2/18/2019 10:59 pm

For myself race matters but so do so many other things that it starts to bleed out into, given a choice which for myself is slightly like pretending that Elvis is still living on the far side of the Moon

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

hairytoon147 30M
2 posts
2/19/2019 5:59 pm

For me race does not matter. It's the vibe with the person and the fun we can have. But I have been rejected quite a few times just because of my race.

Lonely16842 55M  
866 posts
2/21/2019 8:20 pm

Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. It;s the person who matters...

Karinagurl 57T  
35 posts
2/22/2019 4:21 am

Race, wealth, Etc makes no difference to me. It's how I man treats me is what counts!

alexwayne57 61M  
80 posts
2/23/2019 9:42 pm

I know in this day and age it may be hard for some people to believe but for many people, myself included, race is a none issue. I have dated African-Americans, Hispanics, Latinas, East Indians, and Native Americans. It was always the person...their personality, their attitude towards life, likes, dislikes that attracted me to them and made for a meaningful relationship.

TouchMe2019 60M

2/27/2019 6:47 pm

The heart, a caress, a kiss - watching a woman breath... Color is a sacred collaboration!

s2ndegree 61M  
9741 posts
4/8/2019 12:39 am

I see no barriers
in tone of flesh!

Using more than all the road!

discreteSteve62 52M
2078 posts
7/23/2019 3:17 am

Skin color is not an issue for me. I kind of have a thing for redheads, and red hair is very rare except with fair skin, but it's a bonus rather than a rule. I'm neutral about skin color and other ethnic differences.

A related question is whether someone has a thing for a certain group other than their own. Just as some people have aversions to some groups, others fetishize groups. I get the impression that Asian women and black men are the most common fetish objects. I think that's as ridiculous as aversions.

Yet another point along those lines is the checklist. Some people say things like, "I've never tried a _." That is ridiculous top.

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