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Shaved, trimmed, landscaped or all natural?  

NewHere4Kink 47F  
620 posts
3/23/2018 10:17 am
Shaved, trimmed, landscaped or all natural?

Which do you prefer in sexual partner? Personally... I always like to ‘let it slip’ in casual conversation that the only hair on my body is on my head! 😘
Trimmed (landing strip etc)
Don’t care as long as it tastes/feels oh so good...
Other (please explain)

Thank you so much for visiting. Hope to see you again soon! {=}

HaveSomeYourWay 56M  
12 posts
3/23/2018 11:47 am

I love trimmed , just a little fuzz for a tease, but I also devour waxed and shaved aggressively , eating pussy is a favorite past time of mine.

grandpa031958 102M

3/23/2018 12:35 pm

Had the best night of my life a few years ago with a waxed partner. What an incredible treat.

undercover_bi469 56M
626 posts
3/25/2018 9:43 am

I love the feel of a full bush on my clean shaven face!

justskin1 68M
11762 posts
3/25/2018 7:58 pm

I prefer what you called trimmed and I call partly shaved. A nice bit of hair showing above with bare lips. I call it trimmed when all or at least the hair about the lips is cut short so one does not feel they are trying get through a thicket.
(I must point out that I do not consider a preference a requirement.)

If you see me in the real world, come say "Hi Justskin."

I always behave. Preferably not well.

251985sys 58M
32 posts
3/25/2018 10:36 pm

its just what I like trimmed is nice too also find talking to women that they like a man that is shaved and maybe well trimmed with only a little didn't pay too much attention to that but now I think I would like that look on myself also if it pleases the lady am with then I am down with it if she shaves to please me then its the least I can do to please a lady

dcpete123 33M
14 posts
3/27/2018 10:10 am

Love it all but there is nothing sexier than a well trimmed pussy! Love the landing strip or a sexy little golden triangle

timmthom 54M
84 posts
3/29/2018 1:21 pm

Like my head I like shaved pussy

2Pune2 34M/37F  
20 posts
3/31/2018 12:50 pm


accessme13 47M
31 posts
3/31/2018 10:39 pm

shaved has to look like a women not a girl

sexydad1167 52M  
1361 posts
4/7/2018 6:15 am

Must be shaved or waxed. I love to eat pussy and do it for a long time. the fuzz from a landing trip or even full bush tickles my nose and makes it uncomfortable. and prefer the look of it as well. I am fully shaved so not expecting anything i wouldnt do myself.

WaNative63 57M
17 posts
4/8/2018 6:38 am

My preference is hairless or very short because I love to go down. How it becomes that way isn't important as long as she is okay with it.

cpl4fun380 52M  
19 posts
4/18/2018 9:46 pm

I like a little strip well trimmed...and the labia area shaved. I love to give oral orgasmic pleasure. Can go for hours.

TacomaGroupSex 39G  
9 posts
7/24/2018 6:36 pm

Shaved bare, definitely.

KimbarkSon 69M  
213 posts
7/31/2018 5:16 am

Good morning. I felt the correct answer to you poll was this: whatever makes you happy and feel good.

I personally don't have a preference but my option doesn't matter. What matters is what you want for yourself.

It's your body and I think that its beautiful and whatever you wan to do with it or to it is your prerogative and I respect your rights to do what you like.

hawgrider07 49M
42 posts
9/16/2018 10:01 pm

Trimmed is so sexy!

discreteSteve62 52M
2077 posts
2/16/2020 6:18 am

I love the natural look.

However, I also love going down, and I'm not too fond of loose hair in my mouth.

Best solution, to me, isn't so much to shave, wax, etc. Instead, I like it best when a woman takes a shower and washes herself in a way that washes away loose hairs. I don't mind at all if I get hair in my mouth going down; it's only when it comes loose and tickles that it's a bother.

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