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Our First Date  

NicoGeo32 32M
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10/13/2020 6:04 am
Our First Date

We have been texting for a couple of days and have exchanged a few photos. We have been talking about the anticipation of meeting each other for the first time.
We set a date and place and we meet for drinks

You<b> wear </font></b>a loose fitted dress in light blue with your hair and make up done, looking like a pretty little doll. You see me walk up to your table in my tight blue jeans, My white shirt facing your direction. You become nervous knowing that the all the texts exhanged back and forth will now be becoming real

You stand up and lean in for a kiss, I gently place my hand around your waist, pull you a tad closer and give you a gentle kiss on your cheek, I then slide my hand from your back down through the side of your waist.

We order a bottle of wine and continue to get to know each other, Whist speaking you notice my lips moving, you notice how I managed to lock eye cocntact with you throughout the whole conversation and with this the memories of what we have been texting the past few nights.

You get too excited and you start to feel that you are wet as you fidget on your chair trying to sit comfortably but unable. The thought of knowing that I will take you was building the momentum even more with every passing minute.

We finally decide to grab the bill and make our way back to mine. We are standing on the tube and ready to get off the next station, you stand in front of the door, I stand right behind you and by a swift motion the train knocks you back a step and you press your body against me.
At this point you feel my whole body pressed up against your ass, my right hand has you by the waist just barely about to grab your panties on top of your dress, my head is right behind your neck. I move closer to your ear very slowly and whisper to you '' you are going to pay for this little one''

at this point you could feel my warm breath caressing your ear and your pussy throbbing and dripping wet from the sheer excitement..

I'll let your imagination do the rest Can't give you everything from day 1 can I?

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