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The Beginnings Of The Night Visitor  

NippleDaddy69 69M  
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7/22/2021 10:05 am
The Beginnings Of The Night Visitor

I was so deeply sleeping that I was having such a realistic dream, it almost seemed real. My mother's teasing has escalated to where this afternoon she confronted me just wearing an almost transparent, tiny thong and nothing else. Her big, firm tits with their always swollen and stiff huge nipples were right there in the open, tempting me to take them. She even shook them at me. She had to know what that was doing to me.

So now I'm dreaming about my mother standing over me as I lay naked, sweat covered, nipples rock hard and tingling, with my cock throbbing and twitching, drooling cock juice all over. She is naked, cupping her big, firm tits, and thumbing and flicking her swollen huge nipples. I look down and see her smooth cunt, lips slick and wet, dripping juice, with her clit slick and rock hard like a coc I am laying there humping my throbbing cock up at her begging for release. She has a smile on her face and is so enjoying teasing me. Like my father said, it makes her hot and horny to show off and tease.

Through the dreamy haze I can hear her talking to me saying, "You are so hard and wet and your nipples are stiff for attention." "Does mommy's body do that to you?" "Do my big tits and hard udders make you horny for mommy?" In my dreamy state I hear myself yelling at her, "YES MOMMY, I want to play with your big tits and huge nipples and I want you to play with mine." "I want us to be nipple horny together like I was with Dad."

I can suddenly feel her fingers smearing my cock juice all over the head and shaft of my throbbing coc It feels so good. Yes, touch it mommy, stroke it. I feel the fingers of her other hand go from one of my nipples to the other and flick them, sending shivers through my body. This is too good for a dream. I can smell that hot dripping cunt like it was right next to me. I so wish this wasn't a dream.

I am suddenly aroused from my dream by my mother's voice saying, " Please touch me, I need you to touch my horny body." I open my eyes in the window lit room and see my mother bent over me naked, her big tits and stiff nipples sticking out all swollen and needy. Looking below her jutting tits, I could see her smooth, dripping cunt and hard clit sticking out of her slick cunt lips. The hot cunt smell was overwhelming and spurred feelings in me that I never felt before. I wanted my mother's horny body, all of it, her big tits and nipples and her juicy cunt. She was stroking my wet, throbbing cock and teasing my horny nipples, almost pleading in a low, sexy voice, "Play with mommy's tits and cunt, Sugar."

It had to be the middle of the night and my mother was in my room naked and horny, stroking my cock, teasing my nipples, and almost begging me to touch her. Almost as if on remote control, one of my hands reached out and cupped one big firm tit as my other hand slide in between her legs that were wet with cunt juice, to pull her closer to me. My hand on her tit moved to her swollen nipple and flicked it with my finger. She shuddered and hissed through her teeth, "YES". My cunt hand slid up her slick, juice covered lips and my fingers flicked her rock hard clit. She jumped and humped her cunt towards my hand.

She was almost hissing out the words as she talked to me. "Play with mommy's big nipples and tease my wet, horny cunt." "It's all I think about anymore......having you touch my naked body, worship my big tits and nipples, touch and please my horny wet cunt and hard clit." " I have told your father about it, and he said I should come get it." "So after he fucked me tonight, I decided to come to you." "My dripping cunt is full of your father's cum......does that excite you?" "He told me you ate each other's cum the other day during your play in the bathroom."

I was hot and horny beyond belief......not only was my mother naked and horny with me, she was talking<b> nasty </font></b>about me, my father, and her. My hands were working her big nipples and wet cunt while she stroked my cock and pinched and pulled my nipples. "Your father tells me that you are a nipple pig likes us." "He said you played with his nipples so well you made him cum without stroking." "Do mommy's big, stiff udders make you horny, Sugar?" All I could say was "I want them." She stepped closer to me and let her big tits hang over my face. I lifted my head and took one of those big, stiff udders into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and teased it with my tongue. It filled my mouth as I heard her moan and tell me to "Suck mommy's big nipple." My other hand slid 2 fingers into her dripping wet cunt as the thumb flicked back and forth across her slick, stiff clit. She was now madly fucking her cunt against my hand as I gave up one nipple and attacked the other one. Her hand was now rapidly stroking my throbbing, wet cock and I could feel the beginning tingles of my coming cock juice explosion. I sucked hard on that big nipple and even scrapped my teeth across it as my fingers worked her soaking cunt and clit. she was getting wetter, so I knew her explosion was close. We were both moaning and humping ourselves against each other's hands as I felt it coming in me and her. Our wild humping lead me to release her nipple as I needed to breathe and she was breathing heavy and squirming against my hand.

I felt my first spasm just as my hand felt her start to convulse in her cunt and her juice start to flow out around my hand. Her juice was running down her legs and onto my hands and arm as my cock juice was shooting all over her hand, arm, and side of her body. As we started to calm down, she sat on the bed next to me and laid her head on my chest. I lifted my cunt arm and hand up and noticed that mixed in with the cunt juice was cock juice, my father's cock juice. While my mother looked at me, I licked her cunt juice and my father's cock juice off my hand. I loved the taste and the symbolism of my eating their juice meant a lot to me. My mother raised her cock stroking hand and licked my cum off her hand and ate it, giving me a sly smile.

We lay together for a few minutes before she lifted up, sucked one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked on it briefly, kissed me, and said, "That was worth the wait.........off to sleep, Sugar." She got up and left. That was my first night visit. Would there be more? I sure hope so...........

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7/22/2021 11:48 am

I sure hope so...........

brvncrzy2 68M/65F  
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10/16/2021 10:56 pm

makes my cock sooooo hard mmmmm

sknipps 58M  
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11/21/2021 9:13 am

Very HOT

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