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The Nipple Party  

NippleDaddy69 69M  
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7/19/2021 9:36 am
The Nipple Party

Another week was coming to an end and this Friday night, I had received an invite from Ron to a party at his place. He said I had to bring one person with me. Rick had to work, so I got a hold of Daniel at college and he said he would go, especially after I told him that it was at Ron's place and Al might be there. Daniel had the same obsession as me.....a love for Latin and Black men with big cocks.

Friday evening was here and Daniel just showed up to pick me up. On our way over to Ron's I told Daniel that the center of the party was about nipple play since that was what Ron really liked. Ron also suggested that if we had our own pumping devices to bring them, which I brought mine. Daniel was into nipples but didn't know about pumping, so I explained it to him as simply as possible. I told him that Ron had gotten me interested in pumping and gave me my first suction cups. He said that it sounded hot and he wanted to know more.

When we arrived at Ron's place, there were already a few cars parked around his place. As we walked to the front door, I told Daniel to be prepared for anything. It might be a wild evening. At the front door, we could hear music playing inside. I knocked on the door and almost immediately the door opened and there stood Ron, only wearing a small posing strap. He had his nipple cups on and asked me if I brought mine. I pulled them out of my jacket pocket and showed him. He invited us in and told us that the dress code for the evening was either posing straps or jocks which were available in the bedroom where we could change. He also told Daniel that nipple suction cups were in a bowl on the table and everyone needed to pump up their nipples for play.

As we headed for the bedroom, I looked around and saw several bodybuilder friends of Ron's with huge, muscular, smooth bodies, all wearing small posing straps that didn't hide much. All of them had yellow nipple cups on their big muscular tits and were looking at each other and making their muscles flex and ripple for each other. In one of the groups, I saw Al, also wearing a small posing strap and it didn't hide his huge cock any better than Ron's strap hid his.

Stripping out of our clothes in the bedroom, Daniel and I decided to wear jocks, since neither of us were body builders. Both of us were semi hard from seeing all the nearly naked muscle men and it was difficult stuffing our cocks into the jocks. I took Daniel to the table and grabbed a pair of suction cups and handed them to him. He looked at me strangely and then asked if I would help him the first time. There was a bottle of lube on the table next to the bowl of cups and I squirted some on my fingers and covered Daniel's puffy pink nipples with the lube. His nipples swelled from just my touching them. I squeezed each cup and let the return suction grab onto his nipples as I applied them. He let out a moan and told me that it really felt good. I asked him if he liked my stiff nipples and also Ron's big nipples. He said he loved them and they really turned him on. As he was saying that he reached out and flicked both of my nipples and they immediately got rock hard.

I used the lube and the same procedure to apply my cups on my nipples and we were ready to join the room full of men. As we walked back into the living room, I noticed Dad standing in one of the groups of men, wearing a jock and had the yellow cups on his nipples. I really didn't want anyone who already didn't know we were father and to know, so I decided to avoid direct contact with him. As I was thinking that, Daniel poked me in the side and pointed to my father. I told him to not publicize the fact that we were father and in case anyone had a problem with it.

Ron stepped to the middle of the room and said he was going to tell everyone the rules for the evening. He said almost anything was OK as long as the interaction was mutual. Every interaction had to include nipple play as much as possible. Interactions could be one on one or group as long as everyone involved was mutually agreeable. Make it about nipples and enjoy.

Almost as if on cue, the men started to remove the cups from their nipples. Soon, the room was full of men with swollen, big nipples, moving around, touching and teasing each other. Flicking, pinching, pulling, milking was going on in every direction. Posing straps and jocks were barely containing growing cocks from the nipple stimulation. As I looked around, I started seeing posing straps and jocks coming off, letting rock hard cocks twitch and wave freely. I felt a body press against my back and hands wrap around me and grab my swollen tingling nipples. At the same time, I felt rock hard nipples press into my bac I looked over my shoulder to find Ron behind me starting to grind his strap covered cock against my bare ass. As he was rolling and pulling on my stiff nipples he whispered in my ear, "Do you like my nipple party so far?" I just moaned as he controlled my nipples and said, "I love this a lot.......I need this a lot." My hands went to my jock and I pushed it down and off, freeing my hard as steel cock to twitch and react to Ron's expert nipple stimulation.

I looked across the room and saw Daniel, now naked with cock standing straight up, surrounded by 2 massive muscle men, both naked, rubbing their hard cocks against Daniel as they played with his swollen, puffy pink nipples. A little ways from him was Al, now naked with his monster cock sticking straight out, working on my naked father's big knob nipples as my father was stroking Al's big snake. The room was developing a powerful man sex smell as all the men were now naked with cocks hard, nipples swollen, freely touching and playing with each other. Nipples and cocks were in hands being stroked, pinched, pulled, working everyone up for whatever came next.

While I was watching all the action, Ron was milking my now long, stiff, nipples while he nibbled on my neck and ears. I could feel something wet on my ass cheeks and felt behind me to find that Ron had removed his posing strap and his huge black cock was rubbing on my ass cheeks, drooling cock juice. I turned around in Ron's arms to face him, feeling his cock slap against mine. My hands went to his big, long, black nipples and started flicking them. I rubbed my hands back and forth across them, bending them over and letting them spring back to sticking out stiff and long. He just threw his head back and let me attack his big udders. I took them in my fingers and rolled them, feeling how hard they were, then pinched and pulled on them before starting a milking action. Ron was humping his big, wet cock against mine and he was drooling a constant stream of cock juice all over my cock from me stimulating his tits.

Moaning could be heard above the music as the naked men were being nipple stimulated up to give and get their best. I looked over and saw that one of the muscle men was sucking Daniel's cock while the other was grinding his cock on Daniel's ass as he pinched and pulled Daniel's swollen nipples. Daniel looked at me with a look of lust in his eyes and I knew he was enjoying himself. Beyond him, my father was sucking on the head of Al's massive cock while Al was still working my Dad's big knob nipples. On the couch, 3 muscle men were stroking and sucking each other while teasing nipples. In the middle of the room, on the floor was a slim, smooth, twink with a muscle man at his head rubbing his cock on his lips, while another muscle man was leaning over, sucking the twink's cock and pulling on his hard, ripe, red nipples. All around us, bodies were becoming covered in sweat, grinding and humping on each other, stroking and sucking hard, drooling cocks, and working pumped swollen nipples.

I needed more and dropped to my knees, seeing Ron's bright pink cock head, wet and drooling in front of my face. I flicked my tongue out and lapped up the cock juice that was streaming out of his cock and then ran my tongue over the pink head. I could hear Ron moaning as I assaulted his coc I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head and under his foreskin. My hands reached up and grabbed his big, long, black nipples and started milking them as I started sucking as much of his huge cock as I could. As I was sucking Ron's cock and milking his nipples, I felt something wet on my left shoulder and glanced to see the head of "The Latin Snake" dripping cock juice on me. I glanced up to see Ron leaning over and sucking on one of Al's big "gyno" nipples and my father sucking on the other one. My father's cock was rock hard and waving back and forth, dripping cock juice on my leg. I took my mouth off of Ron's cock and turned my head and slid my mouth over my father's cock and started sucking him. My father took his mouth off of Al's nipple and started sucking one of Ron's big black nipples.

After sucking my Dad for a few minutes, I felt Al lift me under my arms and pick me up off my knees. He laid me down on my back on the living room floor and he and Ron got on either side of my head while my father positioned between my legs. Above all the moaning and music I could hear Al say to my father, "Ron and I want to watch you fuck your ." I was OK with it since it wasn't the first or probably the last time it would happen. My father and I had sucked and fucked each other several times. My father slid up between my legs, lifted them to his shoulders and started rubbing his wet cock head on my twitching hole. His cock was drooling so much that after a couple of swipes, my hole was slick and wet.

My Dad started pushing and his cock head slid inside me. Ron and Al were stroking their big cocks alongside my head and I could hear the wet sounds of their juice slick stroking in my ears. Ron and Al were taking turns sucking each other's nipples while they stroked and my father kept pushing as his cock slid all the way in me. I noticed several other men naked on either side of me stroking and watching the action. One of them moved in and got down and started sucking my cock while another one got down and started playing with my rock hard nipples. I looked around Al and saw Daniel on his back being fucked by one of the muscle men while he was sucking the other one.

My father started pumping in and out of me as both Ron and Al offered me their cocks. I went from one to the other, taking turns sucking their huge cock heads and as much of their cocks as I could. I could feel my cock being sucked and my nipples being milked. My father's cock was twitching and swelling as he pumped me in long strokes. I was on sensory over load. The man who was milking my nipples started sucking one of my long nipples and the guy sucking my cock grabbed the other nipple and pulled on it. While I was sucking Ron and Al, they were still sucking and playing with each other's nipples. I could see my Dad working his big knob nipples as he pumped in and out of me.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer as I felt my cock juice rising to the sucking mouth on me. Both Ron and Al Started stroking their cocks while I alternately sucked on their cock heads. I felt my father stiffen and bury his cock in me. His cock started throbbing and I knew he was pumping his cock juice in me. That feeling caused my cock juice to start pumping and the man sucking me kept sucking and took it all. I could hear Ron and Al moaning and their stroking became faster as they turned toward my nipples and both started shooting their juice all over my stiff nipples.

I don't remember much after that other than the evening play went on for several more hours. I just laid there drained, watching men suck and fuck each other. I do remember the smell of man sex and cock juice was so strong. I woke up in the morning, naked on Ron's couch. Daniel was asleep on the floor next to the couch naked. I just laid there trying to remember everything that happened. I guess a good time was had by all. To think, it all started with nipple pumping and play. Now maybe you understand why I'm a nipple pig and love pumping and nipple play.

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