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Life Of A Nipple Pig
Stories about experiences in my life. They all are true. You can find the rest of my stories on nifty.org by doing a search for waveblue52. All of my posted stories will come up in a list. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment or send me messages.
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The Beginnings Of The Night Visitor
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 10:05 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2021 1:06 pm

I was so deeply sleeping that I was having such a realistic dream, it almost seemed real. My mother's teasing has escalated to where this afternoon she confronted me just wearing an almost transparent, tiny thong and nothing else. Her big, firm tits with their always swollen and stiff huge nipples were right there in the open, tempting me to take them. She even shook them at me. She had to know what that was doing to me.

So now I'm dreaming about my mother standing over me as I lay naked, sweat covered, nipples rock hard and tingling, with my cock throbbing and twitching, drooling cock juice all over. She is naked, cupping her big, firm tits, and thumbing and flicking her swollen huge nipples. I look down and see her smooth cunt, lips slick and wet, dripping juice, with her clit slick and rock hard like a coc I am laying there humping my throbbing cock up at her begging for release. She has a smile on her face and is so enjoying teasing me. Like my father said, it makes her hot and horny to show off and tease.

Through the dreamy haze I can hear her talking to me saying, "You are so hard and wet and your nipples are stiff for attention." "Does mommy's body do that to you?" "Do my big tits and hard udders make you horny for mommy?" In my dreamy state I hear myself yelling at her, "YES MOMMY, I want to play with your big tits and huge nipples and I want you to play with mine." "I want us to be nipple horny together like I was with Dad."

I can suddenly feel her fingers smearing my cock juice all over the head and shaft of my throbbing coc It feels so good. Yes, touch it mommy, stroke it. I feel the fingers of her other hand go from one of my nipples to the other and flick them, sending shivers through my body. This is too good for a dream. I can smell that hot dripping cunt like it was right next to me. I so wish this wasn't a dream.

I am suddenly aroused from my dream by my mother's voice saying, " Please touch me, I need you to touch my horny body." I open my eyes in the window lit room and see my mother bent over me naked, her big tits and stiff nipples sticking out all swollen and needy. Looking below her jutting tits, I could see her smooth, dripping cunt and hard clit sticking out of her slick cunt lips. The hot cunt smell was overwhelming and spurred feelings in me that I never felt before. I wanted my mother's horny body, all of it, her big tits and nipples and her juicy cunt. She was stroking my wet, throbbing cock and teasing my horny nipples, almost pleading in a low, sexy voice, "Play with mommy's tits and cunt, Sugar."

It had to be the middle of the night and my mother was in my room naked and horny, stroking my cock, teasing my nipples, and almost begging me to touch her. Almost as if on remote control, one of my hands reached out and cupped one big firm tit as my other hand slide in between her legs that were wet with cunt juice, to pull her closer to me. My hand on her tit moved to her swollen nipple and flicked it with my finger. She shuddered and hissed through her teeth, "YES". My cunt hand slid up her slick, juice covered lips and my fingers flicked her rock hard clit. She jumped and humped her cunt towards my hand.

She was almost hissing out the words as she talked to me. "Play with mommy's big nipples and tease my wet, horny cunt." "It's all I think about anymore......having you touch my naked body, worship my big tits and nipples, touch and please my horny wet cunt and hard clit." " I have told your father about it, and he said I should come get it." "So after he fucked me tonight, I decided to come to you." "My dripping cunt is full of your father's cum......does that excite you?" "He told me you ate each other's cum the other day during your play in the bathroom."

I was hot and horny beyond belief......not only was my mother naked and horny with me, she was talking nasty about me, my father, and her. My hands were working her big nipples and wet cunt while she stroked my cock and pinched and pulled my nipples. "Your father tells me that you are a nipple pig likes us." "He said you played with his nipples so well you made him cum without stroking." "Do mommy's big, stiff udders make you horny, Sugar?" All I could say was "I want them." She stepped closer to me and let her big tits hang over my face. I lifted my head and took one of those big, stiff udders into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and teased it with my tongue. It filled my mouth as I heard her moan and tell me to "Suck mommy's big nipple." My other hand slid 2 fingers into her dripping wet cunt as the thumb flicked back and forth across her slick, stiff clit. She was now madly fucking her cunt against my hand as I gave up one nipple and attacked the other one. Her hand was now rapidly stroking my throbbing, wet cock and I could feel the beginning tingles of my coming cock juice explosion. I sucked hard on that big nipple and even scrapped my teeth across it as my fingers worked her soaking cunt and clit. she was getting wetter, so I knew her explosion was close. We were both moaning and humping ourselves against each other's hands as I felt it coming in me and her. Our wild humping lead me to release her nipple as I needed to breathe and she was breathing heavy and squirming against my hand.

I felt my first spasm just as my hand felt her start to convulse in her cunt and her juice start to flow out around my hand. Her juice was running down her legs and onto my hands and arm as my cock juice was shooting all over her hand, arm, and side of her body. As we started to calm down, she sat on the bed next to me and laid her head on my chest. I lifted my cunt arm and hand up and noticed that mixed in with the cunt juice was cock juice, my father's cock juice. While my mother looked at me, I licked her cunt juice and my father's cock juice off my hand. I loved the taste and the symbolism of my eating their juice meant a lot to me. My mother raised her cock stroking hand and licked my cum off her hand and ate it, giving me a sly smile.

We lay together for a few minutes before she lifted up, sucked one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked on it briefly, kissed me, and said, "That was worth the wait.........off to sleep, Sugar." She got up and left. That was my first night visit. Would there be more? I sure hope so...........
Midnight Horny
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 1:09 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 5:42 pm

It was a Saturday night and Rick was staying with me again to avoid getting pulled into one of Al and Marta's "parties". I'd been busy with school and Rick had been working a lot, so we would get to catch up on all the things we had missed in each other's lives. Rick told me that Butch had gotten an apartment and Darrel was going to go live with him. Rick said he needed to do something to avoid his parents since he was the only one left at home. I told him he could escape to my house anytime he needed. He appreciated that and said I might be seeing him more on the weekends when the "parties" were happening.

I told Rick a little about my friendship with Ron. Rick said Ron was a nice guy and the prime motivator and kind of coach to his father in his bodybuilding. Before I could say anything, Rick said he thought Ron had the hottest big nipples. Getting my chance, I told Rick that Ron built his big nipples just like his body. He didn't understand what I meant, so I explained about nipple pumping and went to my dresser and got out my snake bite cups to show him. Rick said to show him how it worked so I told him to suck on my nipple and get it nice and wet. After my nipple was wet, I squeezed the cup after putting it over my nipple and the suction was created. We did the same with my other nipple. I told him I left them on for minutes to start, but would build up to longer.

After minutes, I pulled the cups off with a pop. My nipples were swollen up to twice their normal size and really hard. Rick reached out and teased them and it almost drove me crazy. He asked me to put them on him, so I followed the same procedure and gave him a minute pump up. When I took them off, Rick's puffy nipples were all swollen and looked like his Dad's "gyno" nipples. I reached over and teased his nipples like he did mine and he jumped and shivered. It was getting late and we decided to head to sleep. We stripped our jeans off and headed to bed, both of us with hard cocks and swollen, pumped nipples.

I'm not sure how long I had been asleep, but going to bed horny just gives you horny dreams. I was dreaming about Ron and Rick playing with my nipples and cock and they were making me so horny. Feeling the bed shaking, I came out of my dream and opened my eyes. Rick was laying on his back next to me humping his hips up and down, shaking the bed. I thought he was dreaming like me but looked down to see my mother, naked, on her knees next to the bed, sliding her mouth up and down on Rick's hard, now wet coc Her hands were busy cupping her big tits and thumbing and teasing her huge, stiff nipples. As I became more aware, I could smell that familiar hot cunt smell drifting up from my mother. She was having a case of the midnight horny.

I laid there, not moving, acting like I was asleep. I wanted to know how far my mother would take this. Rick was enjoying it, because he was actually fucking her mouth while he pinched and pulled at his still swollen nipples. Even though I was laying still, my cock was rock hard, twitching and waving back and forth. I could feel my nipples getting stiff from the site of my mother sucking my best friend. My mother lifted her mouth off of Rick's slippery, wet cock, and lifted her body up and wrapped her big tits around Rick's cock and started sliding her tits up and down, tit fucking him. She was still using a finger to flick over her long, hard nipples, bending them over and letting them spring back to sticking straight out. Rick was now moaning and my mother was breathing hard.

Not being able to take anymore, one hand went to my nipples, the other to my hard, drooling coc I started pinching and stroking to what I was seeing. Both Rick and my mom noticed my movement and Rick turned his head to look at me, seeing if I was mad about what was happening. Why should I be mad? I had played with his mother and father. My mother looked at me and said in a raspy, ragged voice, "You like watching mommy pleasure your friend?" I just looked at her tit fucking Rick and said, "Make him feel good mommy."

That must have been what she wanted to hear, because she stood up, stepped over Rick's body to straddle him, reached under, grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it on her dripping cunt lips, then lowered herself on his coc As his cock disappeared into her slippery cunt, both Rick and my mother let out a moan. Rick looked over at me and said, "Feed me your coc" I got up on my knees next to his head and rubbed my wet cock head on his lips. As my mother slowly started sliding up and down on Rick's cock, Rick's tongue flicked out and licked my cock head, and then his lips. As he took my cock in his mouth and started sucking me, he started pumping his hips up against my mother's slick cunt. All 3 of us were moaning and breathing heavy now.

My mother grabbed my hands and put them on her big tits. I knew what to do and started milking her big nipples like cow udders and she just moaned and thrust her tits out at my hands. Rick was alternately licking my cock head and sucking me. I looked down and could see cunt juice running down the shaft of Rick's cock as it went in and out. We must have been hooked together like this for over minutes, when my mother said it was time to switch it up.

My mother lifted her drooling cunt off of Rick's cock and I pulled my cock out of Rick's mouth. She got on her hands and knees between Rick's legs and told me to mount her and fuck her like a dog. I got behind her and could see her cunt lips covered in white, creamy juice. I rubbed my cock up and down those smooth, swollen lips a couple times and then in one push, buried my cock in my mother's hot cunt. She dropped to her elbows which put her mouth right at Rick's still wet coc Her tongue flicked out and she licked the length of his cock before taking it in her mouth and sucking it in long, slow strokes up and down. I started stroking in and out of my mother, also in slow, long strokes to make her sucking.

Her big tits were hanging like cow udders waiting to be milked and as I pumped in and out of her, I laid on her back and reached under her, grabbed her long, stiff nipples and started milking them. Little by little our pace of sucking and fucking was speeding up. I knew all 3 of us were getting close to blasting off. My mother was the first. I could feel her cunt throbbing and gripping at my pumping cock, her nipples actually getting stiffer in my fingers, and her breathing and moaning around Rick's cock louder. As I pumped deeper and harder, she suddenly went rigid, her cunt walls rippled around my cock and I could feel her cunt juice flow out around my cock and start running down mine and her legs. While she was rigid and blasting off her tongue was fluttering around the head of Rick's cock and he was the next one to start shooting in my mother's mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some of Rick's cock juice flowed out around his cock and down her chin.

The both of them cumming set me off and I blasted shot after shot into my mother's cunt. All 3 of us had drained each other and were hot, wet, and satisfied. My mother pulled her mouth off of Rick's cock, licked her lips and smiled at Ric I pulled my semi hard cock out of my mother's soaked cunt and tapped it on her ass. She stood up, cock juice still on her lips and chin, cunt juice still running out of her cunt and down her legs, smiled and said, "Thanks boys, that's just what I needed." She headed off down the hall to leave us naked and drained. I guess we cured my mother's Midnight Horny.................
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Ebony Nipple Horny
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 1:04 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 5:43 pm

I was just walking in the door from school on a Friday afternoon with nothing going on for my Friday night. As I closed the front door, I heard my mother calling to me from the kitchen. She said I had a phone call. I walked into the kitchen to see my mother in her usual state of teasing dress. She was wearing a cut off t- shirt and a pair of small bikini panties as she stood there holding the phone out to me. I couldn't help but notice that there were wet spots on the t-shirt around her constantly hard big nipples and the front of her panties were soaked through. I wondered what had gotten her so worked up.
I took the phone from my mother and said hello into the receiver. On the other end was Ron. I hadn't talked to him in more than a month and he was calling to see what was up. He asked me how my nipple pumping was coming since he was the one who turned me onto pumping and gave me my first snake bite kits. I told him I was at least getting in a pumping session a day, usually in the evening while I was hanging out in my room looking at magazines. He said that he would like to see me and check out my progress and wondered if I was doing anything for this evening. I told him that I didn't have any plans and could be over at his place around 6:00 PM since he didn't live that far from me. Ron said that sounded great and asked me what was up with my mother? I told him she was just being her usual horny self and explained to him what she looked like and that I wondered what was going on with her. Ron said that she was talking to him and teasing him over the phone before I got home. I told him that whatever he said to her got her going. He just laughed and said that he would see me in a while.
I hung up the phone and looked at my mother, understanding why she was all hot and horny. I just smiled at her and headed off to get a shower and pump my nipples before heading over to Ron's. While in the shower, all I could think about was Ron with his huge muscular black body, his big stiff black nipples on his muscular, smooth chest, and his big uncut black cock with its pink head all wet and shiny. By the time I got out of the shower, I was hot and hoping Ron wanted to play. I spent about a half an hour using the snake bite kits on my nipples while I looked through a couple of smut magazines showing big cocked Black men stroking, sucking, and fucking horny young white men.
My nipples were swollen and stiffer than usual and my cock was drooling with the thought of what might happen at Ron's. I put on some jeans and a t-shirt and tennis shoes, grabbed my jacket and headed out for my evening. As I hit the front door, my mother called out to me and threw me her car keys and said to be sure and let her know how my evening went. I told her I would and head out.
It took me a little over 5 minutes to drive to Ron's house. I made it right at 6:00 PM, so I knew he would be expecting me. As I got to the front door, I could hear noise inside, so I knocked hard on the door. I could hear Ron's voice from inside tell me to come in. I opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind me. The living room was dark except for the light from a projector that was showing a film on a screen set up across the room from the couch. Sitting on the couch I could see Ron, sitting in a semi reclining position, naked, his body and muscles shiny with posing oil. His big cock was semi hard with the foreskin pulled partway back showing the pink head, wet and slic His big black nipples were swollen and sticking out like bullets on his muscular chest. I could see snake bite kits sitting on the end table, so I knew he had been pumping his nipples.
Looking away from the screen, Ron noticed me looking at him and waved me over. As I approached him on the couch, he grabbed both of his big swollen nipples and rolled them in his fingers and moaned, "How do I look?" "My big nipples have got me so nipple horny lately" Looking at him rolling his big nipples and his big cock twitching to full hardness in reaction had me ready for anything. I glanced over my shoulder at what was playing on the movie screen. It was a film showing naked bodybuilders posing. They were all slick with oil, many with big hard nipples and most were rock hard with their cocks twitching and swinging as they posed. Ron told me they were films of bodybuilders posing for other bodybuilders, not for the public. He asked me if I liked it.
Turning back to him, I told him they looked hot, asking him if he was in any of the films. He told me he was and as he showed them, I would see him doing what was showing on the screen. I was so turned on by what I was seeing on the screen and by what Ron was doing, that I started stripping my clothes off and very quickly was as naked as Ron. He told me to move closer to him and I moved up next to the couch. Ron moved his hands from his stiff nipples to mine and rolled them in his fingers causing me to moan and shiver. He smiled and said I must like my nipples played with and I nodded that I did. Sitting up on the couch, he pulled me to standing between his legs and continued to roll, pinch, and pull on my swollen nipples and told me to work on his.
We were lost in our mutual flicking, pinching, and pulling of horny nipples as our cocks twitched and drooled a constant stream of cock juice. Occasionally Ron would lean forward and swipe his tongue across the head of my twitching cock, moaning as he slurped up the cock juice. We were so wrapped up in our nipple play that we didn't notice that 2 men had entered the room and were watching us. When Ron noticed them he directed me to look over my shoulder. I looked and saw 2 big, smooth, muscular Black men with huge cocks watching us as they stroked their foreskins back and forth over wet cock heads and pinched and pulled at their hard black nipples. Ron told me they were Bran and Tye and they were bodybuilder friends of his who came over to watch posing movies with him.
Ron asked me if I minded them watching and maybe playing with us. My head was spinning with the thought of 3 hot Black men naked with me. Ron said that he had told them that I was a nipple pig like him and loved nipple play. Bran and Tye were into nipples also and both had big hard black nipples on big, muscular, smooth chests. Bran was the first to say anything. he asked if he and Tye could touch us. We both nodded approval and they moved forward to stand on either side of me. I was now surrounded by big Black cock and horny Black nipples. Ron took charge of the situation and told Bran and Tye to suck on my big nipples. As they planted their mouths over a nipple, Ron started sucking my cock while he worked his own stiff nipples. While Bran and Tye were nursing on my nipples, they were grinding their hard drooling cocks against my thigh and butt. This went on for a few minutes until the film ended on the projector. As if on cue, everyone stopped what they were doing and Ron changed the film on the projector.
The new film started and Ron told me to lay down on the living room floor where I could see the film. As it started, I could see for the first time what was a homosexual smut film. It had White and Black muscle men, naked with each other, rubbing bodies, playing with nipples, and stroking and sucking each other. It was a first for me. Al I had seen up to this point was the smut magazines that Rick's Dad was giving me. As I watched what was developing on the screen, Ron slide in between my legs and grabbed my twitching cock with one hand and a nipple with the other. Bran and Tye were watching the film like me, but stroking each other and pinching each other's nipples.

Ron leaned forward so that his drooling cock was between my legs and rubbing on my hole. I could feel his cock juice running out and covering my hole. His stroking me and pinching my nipples was making my hole twitch against his cock head. On the screen, a couple of the big cocked Black muscle men were mounting White men who were on all fours. It was the first time I had seen this on film and it was really getting me turned on. I could tell that Bran and Tye were liking the film too since their cocks were rock hard and drooling cock juice all over the hand that was stroking. On the film, the 2 White men were now sucking a big Black cock while they were being pumped by Black coc
Ron was also watching what was going on and had started pushing his big cock head against my hole. I could feel myself opening for him and soon his head pushed inside and I moaned. He leaned forward and took one of my swollen nipples into his mouth and flicked his tongue around it and sucked and nibbled as he slowly pushed his big cock all the way in me. He waved Bran and Tye over and they got at my head and let their drooling cocks hang over my head and face. Ron looked up from my nipple and almost growled gutturally for me to suck those cocks. I started going from cock to cock flicking my tongue across the drooling heads and lapping up the cock juice that was running out of their piss slits. The both pulled their foreskins all the way back to give me access to their pink heads.
I went from cock to cock, sucking in as much as I could take and enjoying my lips sliding over the vein covered shafts and the salty cock juice taste. Ron started to slowly pump his big cock in and out of my hole as he stroked me with one hand and went from nipple to nipple with the other hand, flicking, then pinching my nipples hard. As I looked up around the big cocks in my mouth and face I could see Bran and Tye kissing each other and milking each other's stiff nipples. All of us were groaning and grunting and had lost interest in what was going on in the film. We must have been in the sucking and fucking frenzy for a while when I knew by feeling and instinct that an explosive end would be coming soon.
Bran and Tye had gone from kissing to taking turns sucking each other's nipples when they both grabbed their wet, drooling cocks and started stroking them over my face and chest. I could see their foreskins sliding back and forth over the wet pink heads. Ron had lifted up and was watching Bran and Tye as he pumped in and out of me and pulled on his big nipples. I took over stroking my cock and pinching my nipples as I watched the Black cocks above me and the big one fucking me. I could feel the cock juice boiling up out of my balls as the first stream of cock juice from Bran shot out and hit my chest. Soon after, Tye started shooting and both of their cocks shot multiple streams across my chest and nipples.
I took a hand and scooped up some of the puddle of cock juice and licked it off my hand at the same time that I felt Ron's cock begin to swell and throb. He pulled out of me and started stroking his big cock and working the foreskin back and forth. Not very long after his big cock started shooting it's cock juice on my cock and stomach. His cock juice made my cock slick and wet and was just what I need to start me shooting. I shot my cock juice out to mix with Bran, Tye's and Ron's all over my stomach and chest. It felt nice and warm and it wasn't but a few seconds before all 3 of them were licking the cock juice off my body. After licking me clean, we all got on the couch and watched the rest of the film and the ending of a group suck and fuc
I have to say that I enjoyed the films and most of all the Ebony Nipple Horny evening with Ron and his 2 friends. Little did I know it was cementing my lifelong love for Big Black coc...............
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Midnight Milking
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 1:03 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 5:44 pm

It was a Friday night and Rick was spending the night with me. It was the first time in quite a while since we were both busy with work and school. The real reason was that his parents were having one of their swinger parties and he didn't want to be there. We had spent most of the evening in my room talking about what had been going on and looking through several of the new smut magazines that Rick's Dad had sent over with him for me.
My Mom and Dad had gone out for the evening so we had the house to ourselves. It was after eleven and we were getting drowsy so we decided to get some sleep. We stripped and climbed on the bed and turned off the overhead bedroom light, just leaving the blue night lamp that I left on all the time. It created a soft blue hue to the whole room and enough light to see.
We had only been asleep for a while when I heard my parents come in from their night out. My bedroom door was open and I'm sure they glanced in as they passed by on the way to their bedroom. They could see us laying side by side naked on my bed asleep. At least we looked that way. The noise of them coming in had awakened both of us, but we laid very quiet and acted like we were asleep. I knew that Rick was listening just like I was. We could hear my parents talking and moving around in their bedroom. It wasn't long before we could hear moaning and wet, slurping sounds. It was obvious to both of us that they were having sex.
I knew the affect those sounds were having on me as my cock was rock hard and throbbing. My nipples were sticking up stiff and hard and I couldn't resist brushing my fingers over them. As I looked over at Rick, I could see through the blue light in the room that his cock was also rock hard and twitching and his puffy nipples looked swollen. I slipped my hand down between us and slide my palm over the head that was sticking out of his foreskin. my palm was covered in cock juice that was oozing out of his coc As my hand slid over his cock head, Rick let out a soft moan and lifted his hips to meet my palm.
As I was sliding my palm back and forth over his slick cock head, I felt Rick's hand slide up over my thigh and wrap his hand around my throbbing coc One of his fingers slid over the head to feel the cock juice running out of the slit. My hips instinctively lifted to meet his hand. In the background from down the hall, we could hear the obvious sounds of fucking with the wet squishing and the bodies slapping together. We could hear my father grunting and my mother moaning as we both were thinking about my father's big uncut cock pumping in and out of my mother's soaking wet cunt and her huge tits bouncing up and down with their nipples sticking up rock hard.
We laid there getting hotter by the minute and now stroking each other's cocks while we listened to the fucking from down the hall. Both of our hands were covered in cock juice from our drooling cocks. Rick leaned over and flicked his tongue across my stiff nipple, causing me to shudder. I turned toward him and moaned for him to suck my nipples. At the same time, I brushed my fingers over his swollen, puffy nipples as he moaned in appreciation.
We laid there on our sides, stroking and humping our hard, drooling cocks together as Rick sucked my nipples and I flicked and pinched his nipples. We got so lost in our lust that we failed to notice that all was silent down the hall in my parent's bedroom. I wondered if they could hear our grunting and moaning. I really didn't care. We were having our own fun.
I'm not sure how long we were lost in the stroking and nipple play, but I suddenly became aware of a very familiar smell. It was the hot woman smell of my mother's juicy cunt. I turned my head toward my bedroom door, and there standing in the doorway was my mother. She was naked, her body covered in a sheen of sweat, her cunt lips slick with juice, and her tits big and solid with her nipples sticking out fully erect and almost an inch long. It appeared that there was milk dripping from her huge nipples. She had a pained look on her face as she slowly walked into the room and up to my bed.
We both stopped what we were doing and looked up at her. She cupped her big tits and held them out to us saying, "My milk has dropped and I am full and need your help draining them." Both of our cocks jumped and twitched at what she said. Both of us moved apart enough to allow her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. She crawled up the bed until her huge tits were hanging over our faces. Her long, stiff nipples were steadily dripping drops of milk that were falling on our faces. Between the overwhelming smell of her hot, wet, cunt, and the milk dripping nipples sticking in our faces, we were horny as we could ever be.
My mother looked down at us at said, "Drink boys.........nurse from mommy" She didn't have to ask twice. We both latched our mouths onto a long nipple and started sucking, being rewarded immediately with a strong stream of mil We drank like hungry babies as my mother moaned and involuntarily humped her hips. The nursing went on for about minutes before Rick let go of his nipple and slid down the bed and stopped with his head by my mother's dripping cunt.
While I went from stiff nipple to stiff nipple sucking milk from her huge tits, Rick was licking her smooth, wet cunt lips and flicking his tongue across her rock hard clit. After just a few minutes of this, my mother grunted at me to turn around so she could get at my coc I did as she asked and immediately she took my drooling cock in her mouth and started sucking me. I went back to nursing on her milk filled tits.
I could tell by the way she was grunting and moaning around my cock in her mouth that she was hot and horny as I had ever seen her. Within a couple minutes she lifted her head off my cock long enough to almost growl at Rick to, "Fuck me.........stick your big Mexican cock in my slick cunt." She went back to sucking me as Rick wiggled out from under her and moved to between her legs. Rick started rubbing his cock up and down her slick cunt lips covering his cock with her juice. After about a minute of doing that, he found her opening and slid his cock all the way in. As he buried his cock in her she let out a long groan around my coc
Rick and I both started using her mouth and cunt for our pleasure. He pumped in and out of her from the rear while I pumped my cock up into her mouth while still sucking milk out of her dripping nipples. We went at it like this for quite a while before my mother lifted her head of my cock and said, "it's time to switch." I wiggled out from under my mother's huge hanging udders and Rick slipped his juice covered cock out of her cunt.
We traded places and Rick took over milking my mother's milky tits while she sucked her cunt juice off his coc I slid my cock up and down her smooth, wet, cunt lips until my cock was covered in her juice and then slid it all the way in. We started the rhythm again with me pumping her cunt while Rick pumped up into her mouth. After a while, I knew that I was about to empty my load and I'm sure Rick was pretty close as I could hear his heavy breathing coming from around the nipple he was nursing on. All of a sudden my mother pulled her mouth off of Rick's cock and groaned, "fill me boys........give me your juice."
At the same time she was groaning, I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock and cunt juice started flowing out around my coc That pushed me over the edge and I started pumping my cock juice into her. My mother just got her mouth back over Rick's cock when he started pumping her mouth full of his cock juice. As we all came down from out high, I slid my cock out of her and Rick wiggled out from under her. She flipped onto her back on my bed and we all three just laid there recovering. I noticed that my mother's nipples were no longer dripping milk although they were still swollen and sticking out long and hard.
After about fifteen minutes my mother wiggled off the bed and stood next to the bed looking at us. She broke out in a big smile and said, "thanks for the milking boys.........good night and sleep well." Off she went to her bed where I'm sure she went fast to sleep. That was some midnight milking........
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Dad's Nipple Time
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 9:40 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2021 3:52 pm

It was late in the evening on a Saturday, and I was getting home from spending the evening with Rick and Daniel. We had been teasing each other all evening and decided we needed to have another naked evening together soon. All that teasing had my nipples rock hard and tingling and my cock had been drooling all evening, leaving a wet spot on the front of my jeans. I headed to my bedroom and stripped off my T shirt and jeans and slipped on some sweat pants that allowed my semi hard cock to swing free.

The house seemed all quiet and I assumed my parents were fast asleep. I decided to head for the hall bathroom and have some touch time before going to sleep. I grabbed a couple of my favorite smut mags and headed down the hall. When I got to the bathroom, the door was closed and the light on inside. I stepped close and listened through the door. I could hear heavy breathing, almost moaning coming from inside. The sounds were enough to make my cock get instantly rock hard and twitch. I touched the door knob and found it to be unlocked. Wondering if I should open the door and go in, I stood there listening, teasing my aching nipples and rubbing my hard cock back and forth against the door. Whoever was in the bathroom was obviously hot and horny and enjoying whatever they were doing. It was getting me hot and my sweats now had a wet spot forming from my cock juice drooling.

Putting my hand on the door knob, I decided I had to go in. I turned the knob slowly and started opening the door very slowly. When the door was just a few inches open, I could see inside the bathroom. A strong smell of hot man and cock juice came through the open door and I knew instantly that it had to be my Dad in the bathroom. I continued to open the door and could now see my Dad standing naked in front of the sink, looking at himself in the mirror. His body had a sheen of sweat on it and looked slic His cock was rock hard with the foreskin pulled part way back and the head was drooling a stream of cock juiced into the sink as it twitched up and down with his heartbeat. Both of his hands were on his swollen, rock hard, big nipples as he pinched and rolled them between his fingers. With each pinch, he would whimper and moan and his cock would pulse and drool more cock juice. He was starring at his cock and nipples and lost in his lust.

I slipped into the bathroom, quietly closed the door, and leaned against the door, watching my Dad, lost in his nipple lust. As I watched, I started pinching and rolling my stiff nipples just like him, and my cock was straining to get out of my sweats. I pushed my sweats down and off and was now naked just like my Dad. Both of us were nipple horny and our cocks were twitching and drooling as we milked our nipples. He must have noticed the movement, because he turned to look at me and moaned while he continued pulling on his big nipples.

He turned toward me and said, "See how hot my big nipples have made me?" "I woke up from dreaming about Ron and his huge black cock and his big, stiff nipples, and just couldn't resist some nipple time." "Do you like your Dad all hot and nipple horny?"

I kept pinching and pulling my stiff nipples and told him I was nipple horny and wanted to play together. He told me to come closer and I stepped up close facing him. We started grinding our drooling cocks together as we worked our nipples. He told me that he was craving cock and nipple play more and more. His hands went to my nipples and took over the pinching and pulling and My hands went to his nipples, doing the same thing. We were frantically humping our cocks together and they were drooling cock juice all over getting both our cocks slick and wet.

I leaned forward and replaced one of my hands with my mouth and licked, nibbled, and sucked one of my Dads big nipples. It tasted salty from the sweat that was running down his chest. He moaned as I sucked hard on his udder. I switched nipples and gave the other one a good workout with my mouth. After mouth working his nipples, I turned him toward the sink and stepped behind him and reached around to milk his nipples so he could watch in the mirror. He was moaning as I milked his swollen udders and I could see his cock twitching, head swelling and pumping out cock juice into the sin My cock was twitching and laying in his ass crack drooling cock juice. As he got hotter and hotter from the hard nipple work, he started pushing and humping his ass back at my cock, causing it to slide up and down his ass crac Soon, his ass crack and pucker were slick from my drooling coc

As he pushed and humped back harder, my cock stopped at his pucker. My reaction was to push forward and the head of my slick cock popped into his hole. He let out a loud moan and immediately pushed back hard burying my cock inside him. I heard a loud hissing YES and then he said, "Fuck me boy, fuck me hard and work my big nipples." With that order, I started stroking my cock in and out of his gripping, pulsing ass as I worked his nipples with one hand and stroked his fat, drooling cock with the other. My hand was covered in his cock juice as I pumped his cock and foreskin up and down. I stroked in time to my pumping in and out of his ass.

My other hand was busy going from nipple to nipple, flicking, pinching, pulling, and rolling them between my fingers. Our bodies were now both covered in sweat as we lost ourselves in fucking and nipple lust. I fucked him and worked his big nipples for quite a while until I decided I wanted to trade off. I pulled my cock out of his ass and trade places with him. My Dad stepped behind me and started grinding his wet, slick cock on my ass crack as he reached around and went to work on my aching nipples. I reacted the same way he did and pushed my ass back at his grinding coc Soon my ass was slick and wet from his cock juice and he found my twitching hole and rubbed his head all around it, getting it nice and slic

I looked at him in the mirror and said, "Put it in......fuck me with your big fat Daddy coc" I felt him push his wet head against my pucker and it opened up and he slid his fat cock in me until I felt his balls against my ass cheeks. He left it buried in me so I could get used to it and reached around and stroked my cock with one hand and worked my stiff nipples with the other. It wasn't long before I was moaning and telling him to fuck me now. He started stroking in and out in time with his stroking my cock and I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew. His fat cock was touching all the right places and the sensation of my ass being fucked, my cock stroked, and my nipples played with was making the cock juice boil up out of my balls.

After a couple more minutes of pumping and stroking, my cock started shooting out cock juice with such force that it blasted all over the mirror. My ass was clenching with each shot and that was driving my Dad over the edge. As I was finishing up my blast, I felt my Dad's cock swell and pulse and start to pump his cock juice into my ass. He shot 4 or 5 good blasts inside me and then just buried himself in me and rested. We both just froze in our positions and came down from the wild nipple lust fuc We both decided we needed to have some more nipple time interactions. I was always up for it..............
Hanging Out In Latin Heaven
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 9:37 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 1:1 am

Summer was just a few weeks to being over and then back to school with all it's drama and fun. I had the house all to myself today with Dad at work and Mom out running errands and shopping. I was just enjoying the alone time without teasing or being spied on. As I was laying on my bed thinking about how wild a summer this had been and how defining it had become for me as a person, the phone rang, bringing me back to the present. I ran down the hall to my parent's bedroom to answer it, since that was the closest phone. It was Rick calling to see what I was up to. I told him nothing really but relaxing and enjoying the alone time. He told me that his mother and father had left town for a couple days to attend a gathering of "friends". Butch, his real name is LeRoy, Darrel and himself were enjoying the alone time too and actually using their Dad's makeshift gym on the patio for a workout. Rick asked if I wanted to come over and workout with them. I said sure and would be over in a little bit. I hung up and turned to leave when I noticed something sticking out from under the bed. It looked like a magazine. I bent over and picked it up. What do we have here? It's my recently acquired smut treasure from the "Gloryhole" restroom, "MONSTER MEN". I had put this several magazines down in my smut pile next to my bed. Obviously, someone went looking through the pile and found this one interesting. Since it was full of huge cocks of all shapes, sizes, and configurations, doing all sorts of graphic things, I wondered which one of my parents found it interesting. Since I found out recently that my father had become interested, and started pursuing cock, it was really hard to decide who was the magazine thief. There was no question that my mother was a cock freak since at the current time, she was getting my father's and mine whenever she wanted. Was she fantasizing for more? Oh well, the only way to know is to leave it where I found it and wait to see who returns it or gets caught looking through it. I put it back where I found it, thinking it was under my father's side of the bed, hum....... Off the to Burke house and some hangout time with my 3 Latin brothers. I did almost consider them brothers since I was an only .

I arrived at the Burke house wearing my surfing shorts, sandals, and a tank top. I walked up the driveway and just as I got to the front door I could hear Latin Rock music playing from inside the house. The lyrics were all in Spanish which reminded me that Rick and his brothers still spoke Spanish and weren't that far removed from their Mexican background.

I reached out to knock but figured they probably couldn't hear me if I did, so I tried the door and it was unlocked. I opened the door and went in closing the door behind me. I leaned against the closed door for a few minutes, looking at the overstuffed leather chair and couch and here came rushing back my Al experience that only he and I knew about. As it played it through my mind, I found myself quickly getting aroused, nipples hard and tingling, cock semi hard and crammed in my surfing shorts. At this point, I had to consider that experience, the hottest of my life so far, with my first restroom sex experience coming in second. I shook it off and headed for the glass door to the patio. Their patio was fairly big and surrounded by a high bamboo fence that blocked the view from any neighbors. Rick told me his parents used the patio as one of the places for their "parties". It was designated the place for men only and where the men could interact sexually with each other. Rick said it was where his Dad spent most of his time. Recently, his Dad had moved all the patio furniture to the garage and set up a makeshift gym using benches, bars, and old fashioned iron plates, so that he could do one of his 2 workouts a day in preparation for the bodybuilding competition coming up.

I walked up to the sliding glass door that was wide open and was greeted with a totally unexpected site. All 3 Burke brothers, completely naked and working out. By the look of their bodies, they were getting into it, because their bodies were covered in sweat and shiny. All 3 were in a state of being semi hard, with their pink cock heads peaking out of their foreskins. It was a site of showing progression to manhood and maturity, from Rick the youngest to Butch the oldest. Cock size ranged from about 8 on Rick, a little over 8 on Darrel, and the lady killer on Butch. No wonder the word around town was Butch was a real stud. The girls and women all went crazy over the Latin Burke boys. All 3 of them never lacked attention. The ladies desired them and the men admired them. All 3 boys liked cock, but Butch and Darrel were still pussy centered, where Rick admitted he preferred cock more, like me. Rick still had to keep up the Latin lover appearances and played around with girls just like he told me I should. Homosexuality wasn't talked about, let alone accepted, even though there seemed to be plenty of man sex going on around us.

I was enjoying looking at them. There naturally dark tan skin, smooth bodies, black hair, piercing brown eyes, really dark nipples and cock color. and all 3 boys shaved their cocks and area around completely smooth. As I was enjoying just watching them move and pump iron, Butch looked up and saw me. He walked over and turned the music down and said, "What are you looking at?" I returned the question by smiling and telling him, "I'm watching 3 hot, sweaty Latin boys work their muscles and get cranked up." Butch smiled broadly and asked me whether I was going to join them or just watch. I told him that I was ready. He told me to strip off and get to pumping. I stripped out of my tank top, my sandals, and my surfing shorts, now naked like my fellow workout buddies. They all looked at me and giggled. Darrel was the first one to speak saying, "You say we are cranked up.......why is your pointer sticking straight out?" I had to admit, I'd been semi hard since I walked in their front door, started thinking about Al, then being presented with 3 hot, naked Latin young men.

Looking from one to the next I slowly walked over to one of the benches and sat down to do some arm curls. It was hard to concentrate with 3 sweaty male bodies all around me. The man sweat smell was becoming overpowering and intoxicating. Everyone was grunting and huffing as they pumped the iron plates through different exercises. Of course Butch was using the heaviest weight and had the most muscular body. In between the sets, Butch looked over at me and said, "I hear you had an encounter with the "Latin Snake." I looked at him with a questioning look, then over at Ric He just shrugged and shook his head from side to side. Was he talking about his father? Had Rick told him about my voyeur experience at the pool? I knew the boys were all real familiar with their father's desires and fetishes. Butch looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm talking about my father and you know it." Somehow he knew something. I decided I better come clean to avoid rumor or twisting of the story. All pumping of weights stopped while I started my explanation and story.

Butch and Darrel came over and sat on either side of me on the bench and Rick came and stood in front of me, all waiting for me to tal It was hard being in such close proximity to the 3 sweaty, semi hard, naked young Latins. I started by saying, none of it was planned or arranged. I told them first about my voyeur experience, watching their Dad with 2 men in the pool restroom. Rick already knew about this but Butch and Darrel nodded and showed their recognition that was indeed what their father did. I stopped long enough to ask Butch how he knew or suspected any involvement of me with his father. He said his father never told him anything. Butch overheard his father talking on the phone with one of his buddies saying what a nice young man you were. He just wondered how his father knew you that well. Well, they were going to know. I started by telling that it happened on the day I was supposed to come over and hangout with Rick after he got off wor Rick interrupted to say, "Now I know why my Dad was in such a good mood when I got home and he said you couldn't wait for me to get home and left." I started with the knocking on the door and ended with the cock juice explosions from both of us. Just for emphasis, I told them every graphic detail as I had it imprinted on my brain.

As I was finishing telling the story I felt fingers touch both my now stiff, long nipples. I looked down to see Darrel teasing one nipple and Butch teasing the other. My cock was rock hard and drooling down my shaft and as I looked to my right and left, both Darrel's and Butch's cocks were rock hard with foreskin pulled back and heads wet with cock juice. They were stroking their foreskin back and forth as they teased my nipples, both of them breathing raggedly. Rick was now standing right in front of me doing the same thing to his cock as Butch and Darrel while teasing his now swollen, puffy nipples. I guess Rick felt he needed to give me a little break or support after what I just told everyone, so he confessed that he had been meeting my Dad a couple times a week at one of the park restrooms to suck him off. Rick said it started after he sucked my Dad off the first time on the night he was seen and watched being fucked by me at my house by my parents. Butch and Darrel looked at Rick with a surprised look and I knew we had now opened up a story that was rather complicated and hard to tell. I told them I would explain at a later time but told them everything was consensual and enjoyed by all involved.

I looked up at Rick and asked him which public restroom he had been meeting my Dad at. He described the restroom where I caught my Dad with Daniel. My Dad was a regular visitor and user of men's room for sex. Rick asked me why I wanted to know, which opened another door and I had to tell them about my first restroom sex with my father and Daniel, my neighbor from down the street. By the time I was finished describing that experience, working out was the farthest thing from all our minds and the sweat covering all our bodies was from sexual excitement. Everyone was still stroking their cocks and Darrel and Butch were more aggressively working my nipples. Being the nipple pig that I was and am, the nipple play was putting me in a place where I was ready for anything. Butch leaned forward and looked over at Darrel and then at my swollen, long nipples, and said, " Look at how big and stiff his nipples are.....the more they get played with, the bigger and harder they get." Darrel answered, "His nipples are bigger and harder than any girls I have ever seen, and he loves them played with." My cock was now twitching and jumping in time with their flicking, pinching, and pulling on my nipples. They could tell I was nipple horny and ready to play.

Darrel stood up and walked to the end of the bench, looking at Butch, who stood up, grabbed my legs and lifted them, laying me on my back on the bench. Rick stepped forward and took the hand that was working his swollen puffy, and wrapped it around my cock and started stroking me and himself. Butch was standing at the opposite end of the bench as Darrel, and my head and ass were hanging off both ends. I lifted my head and looked at Butch. He was pulling his foreskin forward and a lake of white cock juice appeared over the head of his coc He stepped forward and I automatically lifted and spread my legs for him. He started rubbing that lake of cock juice around my twitching hole, making it slick and wet. He looked at me and I hissed at him, YES. He started applying pressure to my hole and the slickness allowed him to slide right in. As he buried his inch cock in my ass, I felt Darrel rubbing his wet cock head on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked across the cock juice covered head and opened my mouth for him. He slid his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him as Butch started pumping slowly in and out of me, while Rick stroked my coc

As I was now being filled with cock at both ends for the first time, I was lost in the experience. I now knew how Rick felt when I was fucking him and he was sucking my Dad or Daniel felt while I was fucking him while he sucked my Dad. I was just letting the feelings wash over me. I didn't think I could get any higher until I felt Darrel grab both my nipples and start milking them like udders. I was moaning and grunting through Darrel's cock, and loving Butch's big cock pumping in and out. We were all getting beyond the point of control and speeding up or action. I was the first one to loose it as Rick held my cock straight up in the air as it shot squirt after squirt of cock juice into the air, falling back on my cock, his hand and coc That set Rick off and he pointed his cock at my cock and started shooting his cock juice all over my coc The air was heavy now with the smell of man sweat and cock juice. I could feel Darrel's cock start to swell and twitch in my mouth and he next started moaning and cock juice squirted shot after shot and I swallowed it as fast as I could, but some bubbled out around my lips and his coc Butch saw that and moaned and buried his big cock in me, laid forward on me and took a stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked as I felt shot after shot of his cock juice pump into me.

We had all dumped a big load and were drained and worn out. After resting for a few minutes just where we shot off, Darrel pulled his now softening cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my lips. I licked it and he twitched and pulled away because of the after shoot sensitivity. Next, Butch lifted himself off me as his big cock softened as slipped out of my ass. Rick immediately bent over and started licking his and my cock juice off my coc and I twitched and jumped because of the sensitivity. Rick stood up and the 3 brothers looked at each other and then at me, Butch finally summing it all up saying, "That was a hell of a workout." We all agreed and wondered if this was a start to something more. I hoped so................
The Nipple Party
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 9:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 1:1 am

Another week was coming to an end and this Friday night, I had received an invite from Ron to a party at his place. He said I had to bring one person with me. Rick had to work, so I got a hold of Daniel at college and he said he would go, especially after I told him that it was at Ron's place and Al might be there. Daniel had the same obsession as me.....a love for Latin and Black men with big cocks.

Friday evening was here and Daniel just showed up to pick me up. On our way over to Ron's I told Daniel that the center of the party was about nipple play since that was what Ron really liked. Ron also suggested that if we had our own pumping devices to bring them, which I brought mine. Daniel was into nipples but didn't know about pumping, so I explained it to him as simply as possible. I told him that Ron had gotten me interested in pumping and gave me my first suction cups. He said that it sounded hot and he wanted to know more.

When we arrived at Ron's place, there were already a few cars parked around his place. As we walked to the front door, I told Daniel to be prepared for anything. It might be a wild evening. At the front door, we could hear music playing inside. I knocked on the door and almost immediately the door opened and there stood Ron, only wearing a small posing strap. He had his nipple cups on and asked me if I brought mine. I pulled them out of my jacket pocket and showed him. He invited us in and told us that the dress code for the evening was either posing straps or jocks which were available in the bedroom where we could change. He also told Daniel that nipple suction cups were in a bowl on the table and everyone needed to pump up their nipples for play.

As we headed for the bedroom, I looked around and saw several bodybuilder friends of Ron's with huge, muscular, smooth bodies, all wearing small posing straps that didn't hide much. All of them had yellow nipple cups on their big muscular tits and were looking at each other and making their muscles flex and ripple for each other. In one of the groups, I saw Al, also wearing a small posing strap and it didn't hide his huge cock any better than Ron's strap hid his.

Stripping out of our clothes in the bedroom, Daniel and I decided to wear jocks, since neither of us were body builders. Both of us were semi hard from seeing all the nearly naked muscle men and it was difficult stuffing our cocks into the jocks. I took Daniel to the table and grabbed a pair of suction cups and handed them to him. He looked at me strangely and then asked if I would help him the first time. There was a bottle of lube on the table next to the bowl of cups and I squirted some on my fingers and covered Daniel's puffy pink nipples with the lube. His nipples swelled from just my touching them. I squeezed each cup and let the return suction grab onto his nipples as I applied them. He let out a moan and told me that it really felt good. I asked him if he liked my stiff nipples and also Ron's big nipples. He said he loved them and they really turned him on. As he was saying that he reached out and flicked both of my nipples and they immediately got rock hard.

I used the lube and the same procedure to apply my cups on my nipples and we were ready to join the room full of men. As we walked back into the living room, I noticed Dad standing in one of the groups of men, wearing a jock and had the yellow cups on his nipples. I really didn't want anyone who already didn't know we were father and to know, so I decided to avoid direct contact with him. As I was thinking that, Daniel poked me in the side and pointed to my father. I told him to not publicize the fact that we were father and in case anyone had a problem with it.

Ron stepped to the middle of the room and said he was going to tell everyone the rules for the evening. He said almost anything was OK as long as the interaction was mutual. Every interaction had to include nipple play as much as possible. Interactions could be one on one or group as long as everyone involved was mutually agreeable. Make it about nipples and enjoy.

Almost as if on cue, the men started to remove the cups from their nipples. Soon, the room was full of men with swollen, big nipples, moving around, touching and teasing each other. Flicking, pinching, pulling, milking was going on in every direction. Posing straps and jocks were barely containing growing cocks from the nipple stimulation. As I looked around, I started seeing posing straps and jocks coming off, letting rock hard cocks twitch and wave freely. I felt a body press against my back and hands wrap around me and grab my swollen tingling nipples. At the same time, I felt rock hard nipples press into my bac I looked over my shoulder to find Ron behind me starting to grind his strap covered cock against my bare ass. As he was rolling and pulling on my stiff nipples he whispered in my ear, "Do you like my nipple party so far?" I just moaned as he controlled my nipples and said, "I love this a lot.......I need this a lot." My hands went to my jock and I pushed it down and off, freeing my hard as steel cock to twitch and react to Ron's expert nipple stimulation.

I looked across the room and saw Daniel, now naked with cock standing straight up, surrounded by 2 massive muscle men, both naked, rubbing their hard cocks against Daniel as they played with his swollen, puffy pink nipples. A little ways from him was Al, now naked with his monster cock sticking straight out, working on my naked father's big knob nipples as my father was stroking Al's big snake. The room was developing a powerful man sex smell as all the men were now naked with cocks hard, nipples swollen, freely touching and playing with each other. Nipples and cocks were in hands being stroked, pinched, pulled, working everyone up for whatever came next.

While I was watching all the action, Ron was milking my now long, stiff, nipples while he nibbled on my neck and ears. I could feel something wet on my ass cheeks and felt behind me to find that Ron had removed his posing strap and his huge black cock was rubbing on my ass cheeks, drooling cock juice. I turned around in Ron's arms to face him, feeling his cock slap against mine. My hands went to his big, long, black nipples and started flicking them. I rubbed my hands back and forth across them, bending them over and letting them spring back to sticking out stiff and long. He just threw his head back and let me attack his big udders. I took them in my fingers and rolled them, feeling how hard they were, then pinched and pulled on them before starting a milking action. Ron was humping his big, wet cock against mine and he was drooling a constant stream of cock juice all over my cock from me stimulating his tits.

Moaning could be heard above the music as the naked men were being nipple stimulated up to give and get their best. I looked over and saw that one of the muscle men was sucking Daniel's cock while the other was grinding his cock on Daniel's ass as he pinched and pulled Daniel's swollen nipples. Daniel looked at me with a look of lust in his eyes and I knew he was enjoying himself. Beyond him, my father was sucking on the head of Al's massive cock while Al was still working my Dad's big knob nipples. On the couch, 3 muscle men were stroking and sucking each other while teasing nipples. In the middle of the room, on the floor was a slim, smooth, twink with a muscle man at his head rubbing his cock on his lips, while another muscle man was leaning over, sucking the twink's cock and pulling on his hard, ripe, red nipples. All around us, bodies were becoming covered in sweat, grinding and humping on each other, stroking and sucking hard, drooling cocks, and working pumped swollen nipples.

I needed more and dropped to my knees, seeing Ron's bright pink cock head, wet and drooling in front of my face. I flicked my tongue out and lapped up the cock juice that was streaming out of his cock and then ran my tongue over the pink head. I could hear Ron moaning as I assaulted his coc I took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head and under his foreskin. My hands reached up and grabbed his big, long, black nipples and started milking them as I started sucking as much of his huge cock as I could. As I was sucking Ron's cock and milking his nipples, I felt something wet on my left shoulder and glanced to see the head of "The Latin Snake" dripping cock juice on me. I glanced up to see Ron leaning over and sucking on one of Al's big "gyno" nipples and my father sucking on the other one. My father's cock was rock hard and waving back and forth, dripping cock juice on my leg. I took my mouth off of Ron's cock and turned my head and slid my mouth over my father's cock and started sucking him. My father took his mouth off of Al's nipple and started sucking one of Ron's big black nipples.

After sucking my Dad for a few minutes, I felt Al lift me under my arms and pick me up off my knees. He laid me down on my back on the living room floor and he and Ron got on either side of my head while my father positioned between my legs. Above all the moaning and music I could hear Al say to my father, "Ron and I want to watch you fuck your ." I was OK with it since it wasn't the first or probably the last time it would happen. My father and I had sucked and fucked each other several times. My father slid up between my legs, lifted them to his shoulders and started rubbing his wet cock head on my twitching hole. His cock was drooling so much that after a couple of swipes, my hole was slick and wet.

My Dad started pushing and his cock head slid inside me. Ron and Al were stroking their big cocks alongside my head and I could hear the wet sounds of their juice slick stroking in my ears. Ron and Al were taking turns sucking each other's nipples while they stroked and my father kept pushing as his cock slid all the way in me. I noticed several other men naked on either side of me stroking and watching the action. One of them moved in and got down and started sucking my cock while another one got down and started playing with my rock hard nipples. I looked around Al and saw Daniel on his back being fucked by one of the muscle men while he was sucking the other one.

My father started pumping in and out of me as both Ron and Al offered me their cocks. I went from one to the other, taking turns sucking their huge cock heads and as much of their cocks as I could. I could feel my cock being sucked and my nipples being milked. My father's cock was twitching and swelling as he pumped me in long strokes. I was on sensory over load. The man who was milking my nipples started sucking one of my long nipples and the guy sucking my cock grabbed the other nipple and pulled on it. While I was sucking Ron and Al, they were still sucking and playing with each other's nipples. I could see my Dad working his big knob nipples as he pumped in and out of me.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer as I felt my cock juice rising to the sucking mouth on me. Both Ron and Al Started stroking their cocks while I alternately sucked on their cock heads. I felt my father stiffen and bury his cock in me. His cock started throbbing and I knew he was pumping his cock juice in me. That feeling caused my cock juice to start pumping and the man sucking me kept sucking and took it all. I could hear Ron and Al moaning and their stroking became faster as they turned toward my nipples and both started shooting their juice all over my stiff nipples.

I don't remember much after that other than the evening play went on for several more hours. I just laid there drained, watching men suck and fuck each other. I do remember the smell of man sex and cock juice was so strong. I woke up in the morning, naked on Ron's couch. Daniel was asleep on the floor next to the couch naked. I just laid there trying to remember everything that happened. I guess a good time was had by all. To think, it all started with nipple pumping and play. Now maybe you understand why I'm a nipple pig and love pumping and nipple play.
Living Out My Dreams
Posted:Jul 19, 2021 9:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 8:11 am

Here I was standing naked, body to body with a fantasy muscle man that I had such vivid, hot sex dreams about. My mouth was planted on his big "gyno" nipples and actually sucking milk out of them, while our hands were exploring each other's hard, drooling cocks. It was so much hotter than the dreams. I was intoxicated by the overpowering smell of Al. It was like his man's smell was acting like a drug and all of my thoughts and cares had slipped away and all I wanted to do was loose myself in his big, muscular, ripped body.

Al pulled my head loose from his big muscle tits and told me, "My turn." He leaned forward and flicked his tongue across one of my rock hard, long nipples. I jumped. It was like an electric shock went through my body. His tongue flicked the other nipple. Same reaction. My mind raced back to when I was watching him in the restroom getting sucked and played with by the 2 men and he looked at me and wagged his tongue at me. I felt his mouth close around one of my long, aching nipples. His lips pulled it out and his tongue swirled around the head. I was in nipple heaven. He could suck and chew on my nipples forever. It seemed like he worked his mouth on my nipples for the longest time, but it was actually only about 5 minutes. He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes with almost a questioning loo He cupped my chin and pulled my face to his and gave me a firm, open mouthed kiss, his tongue probing my lips to get in.

Rick and I didn't kiss hardly at all when we were having sex. Now I was being kissed by this huge muscle bound, ultra masculine man. It was shocking, yet so erotic and natural. Our hands left each other's cocks and went to each other's ass cheeks where we pulled ourselves closer together, grinding our bodies together as I returned his kiss. I loved kissing this man and feeling his hard, sweaty body pressing against me, his huge cock grinding on my crotch and legs. He broke away from the kiss and dropped to his knees, reaching out and grabbing my twitching cock by the root, pulling the head down and away from my body. His tongue snaked out and licked the piss slit, then swirled around the head. After looking at it for a few seconds he slid his mouth down over my cock and I watched it disappear completely to the root in his mouth. I could feel his throat muscles tickling the head as he held my cock in his mouth. Al slowly slid his lips up my cock to the head where he fluttered his tongue over the head while holding just the head in his mouth. He began sucking me hard and I couldn't resist pumping my hips in natural reaction. Al sucked me like this for over 5 minutes before I pulled his mouth off me, telling him he was going to make me shoot my cock juice. I wasn't ready for that yet. I reached down and pulled him up by his massive forearms, then dropped to my knees.

Right in front of my face, was the biggest, thickest, dream worthy cock I'd ever seen. When they talk about big cocks on men, this would be the image in the boo It was fat, dark in color, chocolate brown like his nipples, big blue veins feeding blood to the meat, and a foreskin that was big enough that even when he was fully hard, the foreskin still covered the back third of his cockhead. From our hot play, as I pulled his foreskin forward, it created a lake of creamy translucent white cock juice covering over his big, bright pink head. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in that lake of juice, then used my tongue to scoop up as much as I could and gobbled it down. It was everything I dreamed it would be. I wanted more of it anyway I could get it. As I looked at that huge tube of cock in front of me, I knew i could never get it all in my mouth like he did with me. Rick had told me that his father was big all over and that his cock was at least a foot long. I thought he was joking. Looking at it right in front of my face.........he was right, at least a foot

I wrapped my lips around the head and foreskin of his huge cock and swirled my tongue under the foreskin and over the head to lick up all the cock juice I could get. My God........just the head of this monster was filling my mouth. It was so thick that I had to stretch my mouth wide open to get the head in. I decided it was now or never and I slid my mouth down on his shaft as far as I could. I could only get about a third of it in my mouth before his head hit my throat and my throat just wasn't going to take something that big and thic I felt Al pat me on the head, and then pull my mouth off his huge coc He looked at me with a concerned look and said, "It's O......I know that it is way too big." "It's been the curse of my life." "It was a lot worse before my bodybuilding and my body got big." "When people saw it and my body, they would say..........look at that cock with a man attached to it." He continued by telling me that having a huge cock isn't as great as most people thin You just can't do what normal men do with their cocks. Women may want one, but when faced with having such a huge one inside them, they think twice. Al told me that he had never had his cock completely in anyone's mouth, ass, or cunt.

After being told that, I didn't feel so bad and went back to sucking on his big slab of meat like it was an all day sucker. He must have been enjoying it because when I looked up, he was mauling his big pecs and pinching his puffy nipples with his head thrown back and moaning. I looked at his fingers where they were pinching at the pointy white hard tips of his nipples, and they were wet from his nipples leaking. I guess you could say he really was milking his tits. He let me suck him for a while, but I was glad when he lifted me up off his coc My mouth was getting tired of being stretched to the max. We kissed again and he could taste his cock juice on my mouth. He took me by the shoulders and turned me around towards the couch, made me bend at the waste and put my hands on the couch cushion.

Al was standing behind me now and I felt his huge cock slap me on my ass cheeks. I started thinking about how that big cock was going to ever fit in me, when I felt his tongue flutter over my hole, making it tingle and twitch. He started licking my hole and all around it. Every now and then, I'd feel his tongue push it's way inside like a cock trying to get in. In all the sex that I had with Rick over the couple years we had been playing, we never did that. It was always pretty much, play with nipples, stroke each other, suck each other, then take turns fucking each other and pumping cock juice in each other. Having my hole tongue fucked was something new and it felt good. I liked it.

Al stood up and started rubbing his big cock up and down my ass crac I was feeling something really wet and my crack and hole were getting really wet and slic I looked over my shoulder and saw Al spitting on my ass crack and smearing it around with the head of his drooling coc Every 3rd spit he would let it hit the head and top of his cock shaft. With the combination of his spit and the cock juice he was oozing out, my entire ass crack and hole were dripping wet and slic He looked forward at me and said, "Are you ready to try some of my big one?" I looked back and said hesitantly, "YES, I'll take as much as I can." This wasn't my first time being fucked and Rick was no tiny piece of meat. He was at least a thick 8 inches like me and we could both take all of each other and enjoy it.

Al found my wet, twitching hole and placed the wet head of his cock against it. He started a steady, slow pressure. I tried to relax, knowing he would never hurt me, and slowly my pucker started to open for his huge coc Keeping up the slow forward pressure, soon my pucker opened far enough for the wet, slick head to slide in. He stopped and allowed me to get used to it. When I nodded that all was good, he started the forward pressure again and slowly the big shaft started to slide in me. Unless you've had it happen to you, there is no feeling like being impaled on a huge coc That cock owns you, every fiber of your being is connected to that cock and what it does. Every movement, flex, twitch, and pump, becomes part of your experience. After a couple of minutes, Al had about as much as he thought I could take. I looked back and saw about 2/3 of his cock still wet and waiting outside my hole. At least I'm consistent. About a 3rd in my mouth and a 3rd in my ass. Slowly Al started pumping that huge 3rd in and out and I thought it was in my throat from the bottom. I had never felt that full, but wanted it and needed it. He pumped me for about 5 minutes and then wanted me to lay on my back on the couch. When he pulled out for me to move, I felt so empty, like I had lost a part of me.

With my legs now up in the air, I watched him slide his wet shiny cock back into me. When he had that thick 3rd in me he told me, "Play with my nipples while I fuck you" I reached up and started milking is big puffy nipples and immediately I could see a clear, slightly milky liquid appear on the white hard tips of both nipples. Al looked down, saw it, and just moaned and started pumping in and out of me. I was lost in the experience and kept moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me with your huge, fat coc" He reached out and I felt his fingers rolling my long nipples, occasionally letting go and flicking them. I was going over the edge. I'd never felt like this before. My nipples were being worked so good and my ass was stuffed full of the biggest cock I'd ever seen. I suddenly felt the cock juice boiling up out of my balls. I hadn't touch my cock this whole time and now I was going to blow. My cock was twitching and jumping wildly as Al pumped in and out of me and we gave each other's nipples a good milking. I almost screamed as I said, "I'm sorry"......my cock erupted, spraying cock juice all the way up to my face and all over my chest. Seeing that set Al off and I felt that huge thickness flex and twitch and then felt like my ass was being filled by a garden hose with hot water as his huge cock blasted squirt after squirt of cock juice into me.

As we both came down from our hard cum, Al leaned over and licked the cock juice off my chest and face and then lick my lips and kissed me. He looked me right in the eye and said, "Next time I want you to fuck me." Was there going to be a next time? God I hope so...............
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