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NoStressThird 46M
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6/16/2021 11:10 am

The last time I was on here was with my mistress, hunting for bulls to fuck her while I watched & recorded. We’re not together anymore, though - she became too emotionally invested, and wanted me entirely to herself. She would be delighted to keep fucking other guys, as many as I want. She just wants to be married.

Surely I told you about the gangbang<b> wedding </font></b>ceremony idea? No?

So, in addition to me and her, an officiant, and photographer/videographer, there would be sixteen other men present. My mistress would be wearing a more-or-less traditional, pure white<b> wedding </font></b>gown, but with no skirt to the dress: ass and cunt exposed.

After walking down the aisle, she would straddle guest #1 (I suppose the “best man”) and slowly slide him into her while looking me in the eyes. He would proceed to slowly fuck her as the ceremony commences and we recite our vows - with luck, she would orgasm once or twice along the way. (“I…. [gasp]… do!”)

Vows exchanged, we end up at “You may now fuck the bride,” and I step back a bit as the other fifteen men move in, hold her down, and fuck all her holes in turn, covering her sweet pure dress (and face, and pussy) in cum. Finally, having captured on video what a total slut she is, I would pick up her poor, worn out little body and carry her away for one final private fuck of our own.

Her only condition was that there be another ceremony later that friends and family could attend, but agreed this would be the official, legal ceremony. My counter-condition was that she wear the same cum-stained veil with her other dress for the G-rated ceremony.

She agreed to all of it.

Since proposing the idea, she told me several times she started fantasizing about taking on five men at once, just to see if she could handle/coordinate it all. Sadly, we never got to see it happen - just a few threesomes, which she handled spectacularly.

We even have a joke short-hand "logo" for the<b> wedding.</font></b>

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6/16/2021 11:34 am

" but with no skirt to the dress: ass and cunt exposed "

weddings are expensive, so I expect that solution to knock what ? 40 ? 50 % off the price of a dress ?

smart thinking

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