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Cheating addiction
Tales of what led me to be a serial cheater
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My Private Mailbox
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 10:38 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2022 7:28 am

Please use this as a private mailbox to let me know what you think of my journey. All replies are confidential, just between you and me. Let me have it, both positive and negative. I can take it, I won't be judgmental and I will reply to every question or comment so you can see it, just you. Thanks for helping me to express myself and for you taking the time to understand a person like me.
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Desperate times, desperate measures
Posted:Jan 23, 2022 4:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 10:44 am

I went through a dry spell with affairs and was starting to feel the withdrawal pangs of hunger for that illicit pleasure I craved. I thought about going back to Diane, but the possibility of being exposed or caught outweighed the potential reward. In my mind, I desperately needed to maintain the balance between both of my worlds of home life and the dark world of carnal pleasure which randomly took control. I started back with some of the sex and swinger sites that I would occasionally peruse. I was having no luck finding that perfect married match who wanted a clandestine affair.

One day I responded to an AdultFriendFinder email from a very pretty woman who told me she had permission to play, a hotwife as she called herself. She explained that her husband would allow himself to be cuckolded while she was having sex in the same room with him. They were a professional couple who lived not too far from me. I'll call them Mr & Mrs X as I do not want to dox them on this site. She was also keen to have bareback sex as she used birth control and had no issue with men cumming inside her. She even went so far as to supply me recent tests to show they were clear of STD's. Even with all of her agreement and documentation, I was not comfortable with having her husband watch us. Even with my previous experience with Janet, another guy in the room did not entice me to get beyond that barrier I had in my mind. Eventually my need for that illicit sex and her compromise to have him hide in the closet and watch got me past my barrier. A date was set and a plan was in motion.

I arrived at their home promptly, a little trepidation flowing in my mind. She met me at the door dressed in a short silky robe, her husband was nowhere to be seen. It was a large beautiful place tucked away in the Berkshires. They were definitely a power couple. We sat for a bit and had a couple of glasses of wine to break the ice. We had already covered most of the basics in our emails and texts and the expectations for the night had been set. There was no talk of her husband as she knew of my proclivity for affairs versus playing with permission. It wasn't long before she sidled up beside me and let the robe slip open as she rubbed my thigh. She had a toned body, no doubt from lots of hours spent in the gym and at the spa. Our eyes met and we kissed. Long deep and very passionate. She let her robe fall away as she kissed me revealing her large breasts and a pretty thong which accentuated her firm ass. She was tall, about 5'8" and wore tall heels to bring her up to my height. We broke our embrace as she took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom. My eyes remained fixed on her beautiful round ass swaying as she sauntered to the boudoir with me in tow.

She asked me to sit in a chair as she knelt in front of me. It was as if everything was moving in slow motion as she unbuckled my pants and slid them off. She teased me a bit as she parted my legs and ran her hands up and down my thighs while telling me in a breathy tone how she was going to suck my cock. She ran her hands over the fabric of my boxers to as my member grew had at her touch. She never broke eye contact as she ran her fingers up the legs of my boxers and tickled my balls with her perfectly manicured nails. My cock begged to be freed, yet she kept me trapped as she ran her tongue up and down the outline of my hard on threatening to tear through my shorts. She pursed her lips and slowly slid my boxers down until my now fully erect cock sprang free. Her eyes widened as she took my throbbing member in her hands. "Oooooooh my, what a big beautiful cock you have, so much larger than my husband!" she exclaimed as she placed a kiss on my engorged head. She finished slipping off my shorts as she massaged my balls. "I'll bet your so full of cum for me too" as she kneaded my balls with one hand while continuing to stroke me with her other hand. Her long elegant fingers tightened their grip as she enveloped the head of my cock in her full lips and took it into her warm inviting mouth. Her long tongue swirled around me as I gasped out at the feeling. "Baby likes me sucking his cock?" she queried before taking me deep in her mouth. My hips responded automatically rising to meet her wanton mouth. She sucked me deep and hard before running her tongue up and down my shaft. She expertly handled my cock as if it were her profession. "Mmmmm, so hard for me, I'm not so used to a cock this hard" she mused. Deep strokes down her throat, both hands twisting while she stroked and sucked, then taking each of my balls in her mouth gently sucking them while her eyes watched for my reaction. I gave her exactly what she wanted. I groaned and begged her not to stop. Told her how incredible it felt. She tugged my cock skyward as my hips rose, she darted that long tongue into my asshole, causing me to let out a yelp. She was in total control.

My head was spinning as she led me to the bed and continued her deft cocksucking and took me to the bring of orgasm before stopping abruptly and squeezing the base of my cock to thwart my load. I groaned out as the feeling of my aborted orgasm made my body shudder. "Not so fast Baby, there'll be time for that later" she hissed. She removed my shirt as she swung herself onto the bed and instructed me to get on my knees. I did so quickly as I was practically drooling for the taste of her sweet shaved pussy. As much as I wanted to tease her, her undulating hips told me otherwise. I ran my tongue up her thigh up to her pussy, stopping just short of her clit. She grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in. "Taste me, fucking eat that pussy". I complied and dove in, driving my tongue inside her she moaned loudly as I took her swollen clit between my lips and gently sucked and thrashed it with my tongue. "So much better than my husband, you eat my pussy soooo good, Mmmmmm, fuck you're getting me so close" she urged. Those words caused me to go crazy on her driving my tongue inside her, my fingers finding her g-spot as her body stiffened and her cries grew loud,"I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" She cried out as she arched her back and shudddered uncontrollably. She held her arch and then collapsed onto the bed all the while extolling my efforts as so much better than her husband. She wasted no time rolling me onto my back, once again taking control. "I'm going to fuck that big cock" she said as she straddled me, grinding her soaked pussy up and down the underside of my cock. She reached back and grabbed my rigid staff and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy, readying herself for my entry. She started to slide backwards onto me, never breaking eye contact until one deep thrust caused her to wince a bit. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as re breath huffed out as she continued to pump up and down on my manhood. "OH GOD YES!!! YOU"RE SO FUCKING HARD!!" She moaned out loudly as she rode me balls deep now. "Tell me what you want, fucking tell me!" she demanded. "I want you to fuck me, fuck the cum right out of me" I groaned. The sound of her soaked pussy was so sweet as she slid up and down, faster then slower, grinding then pounding. Her pace was drawing me ever close to orgasm. All at once she landed on me and ground her hips back and forth, so hard, so fast. "OH BABY, I'M GONNA CUM AGAIN, CUM ALL OVER YOU!! FUUUUUCK!!!" she howled as she shuddered to a stop, shaking, pulling off me quickly to drench me with her cum. So warm, so fucking sexy. She recomposed herself quickly and grabbed my cock and slid back down me. My balls ached to fill her with my lust. She looked down in my eyes and demanded my cum, "Give it to me, gimme that cum, it's mine and I want it!" She rammed herself down on me crying out how good I felt, how big and hard I was. All the extolling and encouragement was too much for me to bear, she knew it. I gasped out, "OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA CUM!!" I raised my hips to meet her pounding as I grabbed her waist to impale her sex onto my throbbing rod. It felt as if my orgasm originated in my toes as I blasted my hot cum into her. "AHHHHHHHHHGGGGHHHHH!!!" I howled as I thrust hard and deep with every cum blast. Over and over as I felt my cum run out of her all over my balls, down my asshole, so much cum. When I stopped shaking and thrusting, she dismounted me and went to work cleaning me off. She made hungry noises as she lapped the cum off my still hard, sensitive member and my drained balls. My head spun as she worked me. At that moment, I heard the familiar grunts and groans of another male orgasm from the closet. He tried to stifle the sounds, but he couldn't contain it.

My exit from the bed was quick after that. Mrs X also seemed to be in a hurry. As I gave her a kiss and thanked her for the experience, Mr X emerged from the closet, naked, covered in his own cum. She turned to him as I faded from the room and he pushed her down and immediately started to go down on her. I was taken aback as he devoured her jizz filled pussy. This must have been their cuckold, hotwife ritual. I babbled out a quick goodbye as they ignored me as I bolted from their home. That experience freaked me out a bit as I had a difficult time fathoming another man eating my cum out of his wife's pussy. I tried to rationalize it as I drove home as it being their thing, to each their own, etc etc. It was still tough for me to comprehend. They emailed me and thanked me before I even reached my house in the hour drive I had. They asked me for a repeat performance. I coudn't reply right away as I was still processing the whole thing. After a day of contemplation, I replied thanking them but declined to repeat the evening, still not being able to come to grips with the image of another man eating my cum out of his wife's pussy. I guess I'm not that evolved yet, maybe some day, just not that day.
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What floats your boat?
Posted:Jan 20, 2022 8:34 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 1:19 pm

I look back at what my sexual proclivities consist of and it gives me insight as to some of the reasons I cheat. My first affair with my wife's best friend Patti that started decades ago. She was an alpha female and my wife was always her wingman. She was never ashamed about her sexuality and always bold enough to tell you what and how she wanted her sex. She was the aggressor in our affair, but I was very willing as she read me like a book and fed the beast within me.

When I think about what turns me on about the illicit sex, I need only think back to the one that started it all, Patti. She reached into my dark soul and freed my beast. From her first kiss to our many years of on and off fucking, she found my secret turn ons and employed them to ensure my sexual submission. I loved the fact that she was totally uninhibited when discussing sex, something my very Catholic wife never does. Maybe it's the guilt in her upbringing, I'm not sure. Patti would always engage me in sexual conversation, she probed me to my deepest darkest depths. She'd use knowledge she gained from girl talk with my wife to her advantage. When she discovered I had difficulty finishing in my lover's mouth, she made it a point to let me know she was unmatched (she was!) and she used it on me whenever the situation called for it.

Whenever we had a short time to be intimate, she always sucked my cock to completion. Only one other woman in my life could do so without fail. She always fucked me raw, never a condom. She always would whisper in my ear about how she wanted my naked cock inside her. When the time was right and even sometimes when it wasn't, she'd always, always beg me to finish inside her. I think that's why I love it so much, hearing Patti beg loudly or whisper it in my ear, those words, "Cum in me, cum inside me, give it to me, I need your cum", she used them on me all the time. She knew I was a slave to her sexuality when she used them. For the other times when she was too fertile, she'd finish me with her mouth, her secret weapon. She'd never allow me to cum anywhere but her pussy or her mouth. It has shaped me for life.

With other women, I always want to cum inside them, especially now since I had my vasectomy. In my past, I have had women ask me to pull out and I have obliged to shoot my unusually large loads on their beautiful bodies or sometimes their faces. I'm not really a fan of cumming on a woman's face, I feel it is degrading and I only do it if they beg for it or tell me it's a huge turn on for them. Personally, cumming inside the warmth of a woman's womb is the most intimate act I can think of, only followed by her willing mouth. I have had almost no experience with anal sex. I have tried many times unsuccessfully as the very few women who have offered have not been able to accommodate me. My preference has always been pussy, so fucking sweet., too sweet to go anywhere else.

One of my other favorites is dirty talk, I fucking love it. Patti also started me on that path as well. She'd whisper dirty things in my ear to turn me on when no one was looking, she'd look up at me while sucking my cock and say dirty things about what she wanted, how hard she was going to make me cum. And the coup de gras, when she knew I couldn't hold out, she'd beg or demand that I cum inside her. She knew I couldn't say no to her when she did that. It's funny, with other women I can hold off, refusing to give it to them or stave off their orgasm by stopping until they can't take it any more, then we'd power through a mutual orgasm (THE BEST!!). I have met many women who love to talk dirty, although I am a bit turned off by women who scream, it doesn't seem natural. I'd much rather have a woman make natural moans, cries or those incredible guttural noises than have a woman shrieking constantly start to finish.

I'm usually pretty responsive to my lover's wants as I am a born pleaser. I always look for queues when warming her up. How does she react to my touch, my kiss? How does she respond when it is firm or soft? What are her sounds when I explore her erogenous zones. When I am going down on her, what makes her back arch and her body twist? What makes her hips pump to meet my mouth? When does she cry out when my fingertip hits her g-spot? Women are complex, no one thing works for all of them. Being an intuitive lover is what I live for. Nothing gets me turned on as much as knowing that she is turned on. Making her cum is the penultimate success of lovemaking for me. I would rather make her cum screaming my name that have my own orgasm. Although, if I am successful doing my part the other part usually cums naturally.

The one thing aside from our mutual thunderous orgasms that I absolutely crave, is that time immediately following us cumming so hard the earth shakes. The lightheaded feeling falling into her embrace, holding her close and feeling her naked warmth tight against me. I absolutely live for that feeling. So comfortable and soothing, that time where we are so open and vulnerable with each other. Falling asleep in each other's arms is the ultimate act of trust. So trusting are we of each other that we can be completely vulnerable and defenseless.

All of these things make up my psyche, all trending back to one person who started it all for me. Thank you Patti.
When is an orgy not an orgy?
Posted:Jan 19, 2022 7:19 am
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 4:28 am

I'm going to jump a bit forward. This is a little backstory on Janet. This was one of the steamiest nights with Janet, my neighbor, that I've ever had. I relive it over and over in my mind.

I'd been married for 20+ years and the spark had dimmed on sex with the wife. Things weren't being taken care of by her despite my repeated advances. She was so immersed in her career, I had become a bit of an afterthought. Another part of my story is that we live in a fairly affluent neighborhood with all married couples around our same age. We would have lots of house parties and vacation with our neighbors, it was close knit. One couple in my neighborhood always stood out as a mismatch. He was kind of a stick in the mud and she was a vivacious Italian brunette, fit with huge DD boobs and a nice full round ass. She reminds me of Sofia Vergara with curly hair. When the liquor flowed, she was always very handsy with me and constantly flirted. She was very forward and had very few boundaries. She was also careful not to be seen by the other ladies when she grabbed my butt or took too long in a good bye embrace.

One night as the neighborhood party wound down and my wife had retired home early, the conversation got a little heated between us as she probed me about my sex life. When alcohol is involved, barriers drop and we become a little too talkative. I let her in on my tale of woe. She sympathized with me and let on that she was not getting the attention she needed at home either. At that point the party began to break up and we were shooed out the door. I began the short walk home when I heard Janet call out to wait up for her. It was pitch black and we had no lights. She took my arm and slid in tight next to me. She smelled wonderful and feeling her warm curvy body next to me definitely had me turned on. As we walked down her driveway, she spun me towards her and pulled me in close and kissed me. I stiffened up at first but succumbed to her warm, full lips and soon our tongues drove into each other's mouths. I pulled her close and we kissed passionately in the pitch black warm summer night, our hands roaming over each others bodies. Janet took me by the hand and led me to the pool cabana in her back yard. There we tore at each other's clothes like animals. She had my throbbing cock in her mouth before I knew what was happening, feverishly stroking and sucking me. I pushed her down on the lounge chair and drove my tongue inside her. Her back arched as she grabbed two fistfuls of my hair as she pumped her hips into my face. Thirty seconds later she was shuddering and shaking as she soaked my face. We fucked hard and fast, she begged me to cum for her as my body stiffened up and I pumped her full of my seed. This was the start of a torrid affair.

We met 3-4 times a week like that for the next several months. Clandestine, secret meetings with zero inhibitions and things grew wilder every time. After a few months, Janet proposed that we go to a sex party. In my mind, I pictured an orgy. While not being one for group sex and my only other group sex experience ended up as me being the fuckboy sex toy slut, I acquiesced and thought I'd give it a try as we were traveling down a road of sexual abandon that was so incredible I couldn't fathom the depths that we would probe. We met in separate cars and she drove me to the motel. Nervously I fired questions at her about who was going to be there, what was going to happen. She remained tight lipped and only replied, "you'll see". We pulled into the motel and there were only three cars in the lot. Thinking to myself this must not be a big orgy that we're attending. Janet held my hand and led me to the room. The door was open and we walked in. To my surprise there was only one woman in the room, it was Janet's best friend Lynn. I had met Lynn at some of our neighborhood parties before. Very pretty, looked very similar to Amy Adams I always thought. The room was lit by candles and Lynn was already on the bed. Are we early? I asked Janet. She replied no and sat me on the bed with Lynn.

Janet told me that it was one of her greatest fantasies to watch her man with another woman. At this point, my head started to spin. Lynn and Janet explained that they cooked this little scenario up after Janet spilled the beans about us to Lynn over drinks. Lynn, like so many other married people, had the same issue as Janet and I. This was Lynn's first time being unfaithful and she was nervous. Janet had been talking me up to her all along, unbeknownst to me. How is this going to work? I asked. Janet sat back on the couch and told me to kiss Lynn to start. It was initially awkward as we kissed as I had never been watched before. Soon after that, things smoothed out. We started getting into it and I glance over at Janet. She was mostly naked with one hand squeezing one of her beautiful DD breasts and the other hand was pleasuring herself. As I slid Lynn's panties off, I heard the familiar sound of Janet cumming. She was contorting, trying not to cum as loudly as she normally did. I think this turned on Lynn as she wrapped her hand around my head and pulled me down on her. I obliged and gave her a nice slow tongue fucking. As Lynn came for me, I heard Janet again cumming. He thong wrapped around her ankle as she shuddered and shook.

Then Janet chimed in, "suck his cock" in a gasping breathy tone. Lynn rolled me on my back and took my cock in her hands. As she gazed into my eyes and circled the swollen head of my manhood with her tongue, I heard Janet whimpering and breathing hard. Lynn took me down her throat as she stroked my hard cock with both hands. Faster and deeper, I groaned and moaned my approval. My hips pumped up to meet her mouth. Before too long, another chime in from Janet, "fuck him, fuck him good!" I looked over at her and she was furiously masturbating. She soaked the couch already and looked ready to cum again. Lynn rolled on her back and I entered her with her legs over my shoulders. She let out a loud gasp as I slid slowly into her. Janet was in full orgasm mode again as her back was arched and she made no attempt to stifle her massive orgasm. I worked up to a good fast rhythm the way I knew Janet liked it and she was watching us closely. I swear, I thought she was drooling. As Lynn rolled over and let me take her from behind, Janet told us to face her. We fucked hard and watched Janet finger herself to yet another orgasm. Lynn rolled me over and rode me hard, grinding out a furious orgasm of her own. She felt me getting close, so she kept at me pounding herself down on my hard cock. As I let out my familiar pre-orgasm groans and dirty talk, Janet knew I was ready. "Fucking cum in her" Janet ordered and Lynn said "OOOOhhhh yes baby, cum inside me!" That's all the urging it took, I unloaded deep inside Lynn over and over. As the crescendo of sex sounds cascaded out of our mouths, Janet's orgasm was the loudest.

After a few minutes of settling down. Lynn gathered up her clothes and got dressed and left. Janet told me to wait in bed as she walked Lynn to the door. They whispered a few things to each other and the door was closed. Janet jumped in the bed with me and started stroking my body. That was so hot she said in that sexy, breathy tone of hers. I said let me get cleaned up and we could give us a try now. "No, I want you dirty" she replied as she slid down and took my cum covered cock in her mouth. We fucked several times that night, each time hotter than before. That was a night I will never forget as long as I live.
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Vacation fornication
Posted:Jan 18, 2022 10:21 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 4:57 am

For seven glorious summers we had a group of 8 families that planned a vacation together in this tiny NH town. There was a lake with rental cabins all around it. It was rustic but fun. The were preoccupied with the exchange students that staffed the place all day to free up the adults to relax. My wife's BF Patti and I had been having an ongoing thing for years. She was now into her second marriage with as her first starter marriage flamed out. We always found the time to sneak away here and there for our carnal fun and to slake that thirst for sexual satisfaction.
One particular day everyone was at the beach on the lake at the camp. It was hot and everyone was frolicking in the water. Patti was feeling pretty frisky and so was I. The murky water offered perfect cover for our clandestine fondling. I would swim up to her and giver her perfect ass a squeeze under water, she would reciprocate by reaching back and fondling my cock through my swimsuit. We kept ratcheting up the play all afternoon. I'd slip my hand in her suit and rub her pussy or she'd grab my cock and give me a few quick strokes. We swam out to the raft where we could have a few minutes of privacy and she went under water and sucked my cock in front of everyone. I, of course, responded in kind and gave her a quick little tongue fuck while holding my breath. All of these dalliances were too short and making us crazy. She whispered in my ear, "meet you in your cabin in 15". I could hardly wait.

I took a few minutes to abate the raging hard on in my suit so I could get out of the water. I came ashore and told the wife that I was feeling a little wiped out from the heat and I was going to the cabin to take a nap, she waved me off as she was engaged with all of her friends recounting college stories. I dashed off to the cabin and awaited my visitor. The cabins were about a quarter of a mile from the water and I could see clearly if anyone was approaching. I was laid out on the bed all dried off and wearing just a pair of loose shorts. They belied my excitement as my renewed hard on was creating quite a tent. After about ten minutes I heard the screen door open. Patti appeared in the room and slid right onto the bed. She wasted no time and climbed on top of me and gave me a wonderful deep kiss. Since everyone was down by the water, we could afford not to be as quiet as we normally were on our clandestine adventures. Within seconds Patti's bikini and my shorts were pulled off and tossed aside. Patti has a beautiful body, very muscular with small, but perky tits and a fantastic ass from her gymnastic days.

I rolled her over on her back and drank in her scent, infused with coconut oil from the sunscreen. She smelled delectable as I kissed and licked my way down her lithe frame. Pausing to suckle her sweet erect nipples as my hands roamed her taught body. She laid back and responded with moans of delight as I pleasured her slowly moving to her sweet shaved pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair as I deftly worked around her tasty honey spot. The heat was causing both of us to sweat and the sexual tension was also contributing to our sweaty state. I slowly worked up and down her soaked slit with my tongue being careful not to touch her engorged clit. Her pleas for me to give her what she wanted were rebuffed as I worked her into a frenzy. Soon she couldn't take it and she forcibly rolled me onto my back and straddled my face. "Eat it!" she demanded as she ground her soaked pussy onto my wanton mouth. I complied as I stiffened my tongue to let it slip deep into her pussy as she ground faster and grabbed the headboard to steady herself. She was working me hard and her sweet juices and sweat filled my mouth. Her body stiffened then started to spasm as she came hard all over my face. I sucked and lapped greedily as she rewarded me for my efforts.

She wasted no time as she slid down my body and took me down her throat. Stroking as sucking hard she readied me for what I knew was going to be a power fuck. She straddled me and reached back with one hand and grabbed my throbbing member and guided me inside her while she steadied herself with her other hand on my chest. There was no teasing, she wanted me badly. Up and down she glided on my aching shaft, massaging my balls as she fucked me harder with every thrust. Soon she landed hard and ground back and forth. She glowed as she fondled one of her tits pounding and grinding. "Jim, yes, Jim, aaahhhhh, yes, fuck I'm cumming!" she announced as she shuddered and rocked back and forth. Her glistening body quivering as her pussy juices glazed me yet again. I held her shaking hips and pulled her down as her orgasm wracked her body. Dripping with sweat, she collapsed onto me to ride out the last few waves.

"Suck my cock" I demanded. She hopped off and immediately complied. Sucking and licking loudly. My hips rose to meet her sweet mouth as she took me deep, over and over again. Fondling my balls and rubbing my asshole. She knew I didn't have much longer. In a breathy voice she said, "I want you inside me". I rolled her on her back and took her legs over my shoulders. As I rubbed the swollen head of my cock on her sex soaked pussy lips she said, "I don't want you to stop, I want you to cum inside me". Those words were exactly what I needed to hear as I slid inside her slowly, balls deep. She moaned loudly and locked her feet around her head, ""Your cock feels so good baby" she moaned, "Fuck me, fuck me hard". I began picking up my pace and my hips started pounding her ass. Sweat dripped from my forehead as I began to pound her hard. "God Patti, you feel so fucking good!" I exclaimed as the sound of her pussy swallowing my cock and our hips slamming together filled the cabin.

I began to feel my orgasm welling up in my balls as my cock grew so hard it felt like a diamond. Patti felt it to as she neared another orgasm herself. Our breathing was labored and our bodies began to shudder. Patti announced, "OOooh Jim, I'm gonna cum again, cum with me, cuuuum with me!" "God yes, You're gomna make me cum Patti..... fuck I wanna cum so bad". "Don't stop Jim, cum for me cum deep baby..." I felt her pussy tighten and throb as she closed her eyes and began to spasm. I groaned so loud I thought everyone at the lake could hear me as I unloaded deep inside her, pushing so deep inside shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum right up against her cervix. We held on tight as the waves of our mutual orgasm washed over us. We collapsed into each other's sweaty bodies onto the bed. It felt like an eternity for us both to stop cumming. After a few minutes, I rolled off her and even the steamy hot air felt cool as it washed over our sex slicked bodies.

We didn't have much more time before our respective spouses came looking for us, so Patti beat a hasty retreat for her cabin to clean up and expel what felt like a gallon of my cum that I pumped deep inside her. Ahhhhh summer vacation and close friends with secrets, what more could one horny cheater ask for?
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A re-union at the reunion
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 8:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 4:57 am

About ten years ago my high school had a multi-year reunion. As part of the weekend, there was a pre-reunion get together at of our favorite bar from back in the day. It was a warm summer evening and the bar has a large outdoor patio. The scene was vibrant when I got there and there were about a hundred or so of my classmates milling around. After my obligatory tour filled with hugs and chatting, I settled into a table with friends and began the stroll down memory lane. I was so excited to be among my high school classmates, some I hadn't seen in 35 years.
While I was engrossed in the stories of how every was doing over the , I didn't notice my high shool girlfriend come up behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders and gave a squeeze, "Hello Handsome!" she greeted me. I popped up and took her into a nice long embrace. We hadn't seen each other excerpt for Facebook for at least twenty years. She looked fantastic, taught body tanned and toned. We struck up our conversation at a separate table. Within minutes we were laughing and remembering all the fun we'd had. Soon the conversation turned to all the times we went parking, how hot the sex was and why we went separate ways. Our eye contact went from glances to knowing gazes, sly smiles and occasional touching. Karen was always the good girl on the outside, cheerleader, top student and in every club, I was the quintessential HS jock.

We weren't always angels, both Karen & I had a penchant for taking a few tokes together. After a few cocktails, Karen asked if I wanted to go get high, I laughed and gestured with an arm twisted behind my back. We slithered away from the party so as not to arouse suspicion and went to the parking lot. Karen had driven up in her family truckster Suburban. We hopped in and proceeded to fire up. The conversation went back to parking and sex again. All this talk and the pot was getting me extremely horny, I was getting hard thinking about it all. Karen took a hit and motioned for me to take a shotgun hit. I leaned in as she pursed her lips and blew the smoke into my mouth. She didn't withdraw and stayed close as I exhaled. As soon as I was done, she leaned in and kissed me. I didn't resist, I welcomed her soft warm lips. I reached around her head and pulled her in for a deeper, longer kiss. Our tongues met and twirled as our lips parted and invited each other in. Soon I felt Karen's hand on my thigh roaming towards the bulge in my pants. As soon as she found it she broke from our embrace and gave a little chuckle. "I see you're feeling the same way I am" she said as she grabbed my free hand and slid it under her dress I was greeted by a warm wet oasis and a tiny little thong that was easily brushed aside.

We climbed over seat into the back. The open expanse of the back and the tinted windows offered us perfect cover among the patrons coming and going. It was a race to get naked as we pulled at each other's clothes. Once I got her naked, I marveled at her petite frame with beautiful big tits and nice round ass. I kissed my way between her legs and began teasing her. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her. "Don't fucking tease me, I fucking need it" she moaned out as I obliged her and split the soaked folds of her pussy with my stiffened tongue. I began flicking her clit and driving my tongue inside her. Soon my fingers were probing her depths in rhythm with my tongue. Her back arched as she pumped her hips into my face, "fuck me, fuck my pussy with that mouth Jim" she implored as she tightened her grip on my hair. She was soaking wet and began to throb as she started to quiver, " Oooooooh Jim, I'm gonna cum, don't stop!" she implored. Her head thrashed from side to side as she released all over my wanton mouth. She shook uncontrollably as she leg locked my head and twisted. Her throbbing pussy squeezed my fingers hard as her juices flowed freely over my hand and face. She cried out loudly, I'm surprised no one heard her. The windows were totally steamed up now as sweat poured from both of us.

We coasted to a stop and basked for a minute, glistening from sweat, panting and trying to recover. She rolled me onto my back and started to stroke me. I was so hard and ready. She stroked slowly, but firmly as she rubbed her pussy to lube up her hand. She looked deep into my eyes and asked if I ever thought about her while I was jerking off. I readily admitted that I did. "Look at that, look at your big beautiful hard cock" she said as she squeezed hard and jerked me. It felt so good, all I could do was groan affirmatively. "It's mine tonight, all mine" she said as she slid down and took my throbbing purple head in her mouth. The sensation of her warm mouth taking me in was almost too much as my hips bucked and I grunted as she swallowed more of me. "God, I've been dreaming of fucking you for so long" she said in a breathy voice as she took me down her throat again. She stroked and sucked me to the bring and gave me a firm squeeze to avert my orgasm. "No, no, no Mr. Jim, not in my mouth, that's not were you're gonna cum" she chided me. With that, she threw her leg over me to straddle me cowgirl. She guided me inside her sweet, wet pussy with hand as she steadied herself with the other on my chest.
The incredible feeling of her velvety tight wet pussy gripping me was incredible. We both groaned and moaned as she slid up and down my throbbing manhood. Her huge boobs bounced and swayed as she began to pound herself onto me. After a couple minutes she began grinding me hard as her hips moved back and forth so fast. I could feel the car shaking as she approached her next orgasm, "Oh, Jim, Oh, Jim" she cried as she stiffened up and shuddered on top of me. She turned her head and bit her own shoulder as she ground out a powerful orgasm. I felt her juices running all over my taught cum filled balls.

This time I offered her no respite as I rolled her onto her back and pulled her legs over my shoulders. The squishing sound of her soaked pussy was music to my ears as I thrust into her balls deep. She gasped and dug her fingernails into my back as I began to pound into her. I felt rock hard, sexually invincible, as I drove deep into her over and over. "You like that, you like my big fucking hard cock?" I asked. She moaned in approval as she fucked me back hard. I pulled out and gave her only the head of my cock, slow shallow strokes. "Please Jim, please don't tease me" she begged. Then I thrust deep into her again faster and hard this time. "Damn it, your cock feels so good, you're gonna make me cum again" he gasped. "Cum with me" she implored. I was so turned on, there was no stopping. Slap, slap, slap my hips pounded her ass. The truck was bouncing because I was fucking her so hard. It must have looked comical from the outside. "God yes Jim, I'm cumming again, cum with me, cum inside me" she implored. My hips were pumping into her out of control as the first gushes of my white hot lust shot into her. I groaned out, "Yes Karen, I'm cumming....aaaahhhh fuck I'm cumming, Oh Karen, YESSSSSSS" she wrapped her legs around me as I pumped my seed deep inside her. It felt like an eternity as we both came incredibly hard. I collapsed on top of her as our slick sweaty bodies melted together in our post orgasmic embrace. I stayed hard inside her for what seemed like an eternity. Every time we twitched, she shuddered and I gave another little spurt of my cum. I rolled off of her so we could cool down. We immediately started laughing and fell back into an embrace. It felt so natural to be back in her arms.

After about half an hour of cool down, we decided to rejoin the party. Wrinkled, disheveled and badly re-groomed, and still a little high, we rejoined the party and mingled separately. After about 10 minutes I gravitated back to Karen and noticed a dark spot on her violet suede flats. I gestured down at them with my drink and she grabbed me by the arm and gave me a look. She said in a hushed tone, "Oh my God, it's your cum!" with that she scampered off to the ladies room to further clean up. I guess it went a little deeper than I originally thought. The next night we were joined by our spouses and we had a long evening of knowing glances and sly smiles. I can hardly wait until the next reunion!
Posting as therapy
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 4:52 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 4:31 am

I must admit, since I have been able to open my vault of dark secrets to all of you, I feel like a weight has been lifted. All of you who read and comment or PM me on my blog are like my therapists. Thank you for that. This is a non-judgmental place where I feel comfortable sharing my history. Carrying my burden of infidelity can sometimes cause so much self doubt and self deprecation it can cause me to become an introvert. These blogs are my release, similar to confession in the Catholic religion. I'm not for absolution, just to bare my soul to be understood.

There are two women that I will not write about. One of them I met here on AdultFriendFinder. She has been a bit of a unicorn for me. She is a stunning beauty that has an amazing grasp on her sexuality and has given me guidance in my times of need. She always has been able to give me sage insight when my judgement has been clouded. Thank you for all you have given and continue to give me. I will forever be in your debt.

The other is the love of my life that got away. Our love a casualty of circumstance. It born out of a mutual need for understanding and rocketed out of control. I married and she single. I got to the verge of abandoning my life, my family to be with her. We both came to the tragic conclusion that the ruin of the life around us would be too much for everyone around us, so we parted. It the most painful time of my life. A pain that I will always bear.

This outlet for me will hopefully help you all understand what goes on in the mind of a person like me. Maybe some of you can identify with me, some will be turned off by my unabashed rejection of the norm of monogamy. Whatever it is for you, I hope it helps.
When the cheater gets cheated
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 9:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 6:47 am

Life isn't always a bed of roses, especially when you are possessed with a singular mission of slaking the carnal hunger inside regardless of the consequences. My story took a bit of a turn following Sue. Still seeking that unicorn who would be my partner in lust without a break. That one woman who was cut from my mold, there to seek clandestine pleasure without inhibition. I'd met several women along my journey who were willing to put it on the line if only for a short time to satisfy their desire. This time, it was a bit of a soul crusher. I met Diane.

I was ever on the prowl for sex, sex with some willing, upstanding married woman who had a dark hidden desire. My search had been fruitless for a couple of months. Home life was getting routine and was infringing on my pursuit. I was open to almost any married woman now, overly making myself vulnerable. I went to an event in town and I was too eager, my little head was in total control and I wasn't my usual careful self. This was my big mistake.

The event was a fundraiser for the local park. Lots of speeches, things being auctioned off, politicians shaking hands and neighborhood friends mingling about. Diane the First Select Person was bouncing around trying to solicit votes and donations. She was shaking one person's hand while talking to others. She was a woman in her early 30's and had a curvy figure with large, store bought tits and she was a bit heavy on the makeup and jewelry for my taste. Still she projected the slight sleaze of a politician who tripped my trigger as a potential willing participant in the type of tryst I was looking for. Her husband was a definite blowhard, he was 20 years her senior and the owner of the largest used car lot in the county. His TV commercials were comical and loud. Not the type guy I'd choose to hang out with. She was in her relationship for the money, it was obvious.

When she got around to meeting me, she shook my hand and gave me a look up and down like an undertaker sizing me up for a casket. I must admit, her overt sexuality caught me off guard. She held my hand firmly shaking it for an extended time. Then her gaze went back down to my crotch. My mind registered a "Bingo" when it should have been warning me off as I had met a sexual animal the likes I had never met before. She kept me engaged in conversation for a short period before peppering me with questions about who I was, where was my wife (she noticed the wedding ring immediately) and who I knew in town. An intense grilling for just meeting her. C'mon over here and get a drink with me she commanded after finding out my wife wasn't in attendance. She gazed around to ensure our interaction wasn't being observed before she threw me a couple of offhanded compliments about my looks and my body, all the while stroking my arm and shoulder. I was confused because I'd never encountered such a sexually forward woman before. It was as if she was the sleazy drunk at the bar who was hitting on a woman trying to hook her on the first attempt. I was stupid, the excess cum in my balls clouded my judgement, I fell for her line of bullshit hook line and sinker not realizing I was the one being played.

She ended up asking if I could meet her later at a bar out of town. I heartily agreed as I thought I was in control and I somehow charmed her into that request. I made my exit from the house as my wife and had gone to bed early. I made my way to the bar to find her waiting in the corner table. The bar was dark and had only a few patrons, no prying eyes to catch us I thought. "Go get us a couple of bourbons" she commanded before I even sat down. I complied like a little puppy and fetched the drinks. I sat next to her and she slid her chair over. "Thanks for meeting me, I don't have a whole lot of time" she started. Her phone kept annoyingly dinging from texts in the first few minutes we were there. We chatted about nothing for no more than 5 minutes while she knocked back her bourbon in a couple of swigs. Without warning, she leaned in and kissed me. I was caught off guard and didn't immediately respond. "What's the matter?" she queried. "What do you think we were doing here?". I fumbled for a reply before she leaned in again. This time I was prepared to respond, I kissed back her boozy mouth as she slid her hand up my thigh up to my cock, which she gave a squeeze. "Oh my, you've got a nice package there, let's go out to my car and fuck" she ordered. I had no will to resist since I needed the sex. I paid the check and we beat a hasty retreat out to her Escalade.

She opened the back door and the seats were already flattened as if this is what she expected to happen. We climbed in as she pulled open her blouse to reveal her big expensive boobs. As I struggled to pull my pants down she uttered "I don't suck cock and you can't cum before I do" These words should have been my exit queue, but I was hard and I didn't give a fuck at that time as I was sure to get fucked. She slid off her pants and directed me to eat her pussy. I went down and went to work. I do admit, she appreciated my efforts with her filthy dirty talk as I made her cum hard twice before we started to fuck. She did have a nice tight wet pussy as I slowly slid inside her. "Holy Fuck You're Big" escaped her mouth as I plowed into her. She had no trouble finally accepting my throbbing cock. It didn't take her long before she came two more times all over my cock. She rolled me onto my back and rode me hard until she came again in a thunderous orgasm. Shouting her dirty filthy commands for me to fuck her pussy with my dirty cheating cock. All the while her phone kept dinging from texts until it finally rang. Still soaked from her last orgasm, she dismounted me and said, "I gotta get this". She rolled aside leaving my bobbing hard on in the wind. Two minutes later she hung up and gave a half hearted apology about having to leave. "What?" I asked, "I'm not even done yet" I implored. "C'mon Honey, you can finish yourself, I really need to go, I'll call you tomorrow and we can get together again, I promise" she said with her hand covering her right fake tit. I reluctantly agreed, pulled my pants up over my blue balls exited the Escalade and went home to jerk off, confused and disillusioned.

The next afternoon I got a text from her to meet her at the same bar. I made some excuse about meeting my buddy and bought myself a couple of hours. This time I got to the bar and she was waiting by her car. She opened the passenger door and got in. "How about we go to this motel down the road" she asked. I complied and drove to this sleazy motel no-tell. "Go get us a room, I can't afford to be seen doing this" she ordered. Once again my twisted libido took control and I complied. I got the room around back and we slinked in. It was a flurry to get naked and the next thing you know my face was buried in her pussy and she was barking commands, "Eat it fucker, eat that pussy!" "You know you love it, fucking make me cum!" she demanded. One thing is for sure, I love to eat pussy. I was so focused on my goal of making her cum, that's all I could see. Three times I made her fuck my face to rocking orgasms as she treated me like the man-slut I was acting like. Eventually she let me fuck her. She really enjoyed my big dick as she treated me like a fuck toy. This time she let me cum, all over her belly and those fake tits. As she wiped the copious amounts of cum off her, she proposed that I meet her the following Tuesday night at her friend's house. I was a bit confused, "Your friend's house? I thought you didn't want people knowing?" I asked. "Oh don't worry Baby, she's totally cool, not a problem".

Tuesday rolled around and I pulled into her friend's home. After she greeted me at the door, Diane escorted me in to meet her friend. Her name was Laura and she was a very pretty older woman in her early 50's. Very much like Diane, she had dyed blonde hair, some cosmetic work and was made up to the nines. We sat in her conversation pit all together with a bottle of bourbon between us and three glasses. I was a bit confused at what was going on because I had no clue on what the plan was. Turns out, I was the plan. Laura handed me my first bourbon and threw me some compliments about my looks and body. I looked at Diane totally confused at where this was coming from and where we were going. "Oh don't worry Jim, we're all friends here" Laura assured me. Diane has told me about you and nobody's going to find out. "Find out what?" I asked looking at both Diane and Laura. Diane laughed, "Us of course" she replied. With that Laura ran her hand up my leg and looked into my eyes. Di's told me about your beautiful big cock and how talented you are with that mouth. WHAM! it hit me, I was the fuck toy, the pass around slut. My mind crashed, I was all at once paralyzed with the situation. "Relax, have another drink" Diane said as she topped off my glass. I took a deep gulp as I tried to wrap my head around the situation. Diane threw her leg over mine as Laura rubbed my chest. I was committed to this situation now because all the blood had run from my brain into my dick.

We all had a few more gulps of bourbon as we moved closer together, Diane and Laura's hands roaming all over my body. What the fuck was happening here? My mind tried to say no but my body wouldn't let me. The last sips of the bottle were put down before Laura started unbuttoning my shirt. "We don't need all these clothes here" as Diane unbuttoned my pants. All I could do was nod as they stripped me. I was down to my boxers before Laura Slipped out of her silky dress revealing a well kept, spa tanned body with some beautifully sculpted tits. Diane took advantage of the opportunity and pulled off her blouse and skirt to straddle me and shoved her tits in my face, burying me between them. I felt Laura slide my boxers off to free my swelling cock. Her warm hands took a firm grasp as she exclaimed, "OH MY" as she started to stroke me as I filled her pumping fists with firm cock.

Until then, I'd never had a threesome in my life. It was all at once wonderful and crazy. Diane was a selfish lover, it was all about her pleasure. Laura, not so much. I felt her warm wet mouth envelop the head of my cock while she stroked me. Diane's soft curvy body pulled me in tight as I sucked those big fake tits. They were so firm, huge and heavy but they defied gravity and stood proud. Her big brown nipples filled my mouth as I squeezed them hard. Laura was intensifying her cocksucking, fondling my balls as she stroked and sucked. Laura took a respite form her oral lust to whisper in my ear, "Let's move to the bedroom". I complied in a drunken sex driven haze without hesitation. They laid me back on the bed as Diane straddled my face and grabbed the headboard. Slowly she started rocking back and forth. "Yeah, fuck that feels good" She moaned out, "You know how to eat that pussy, don't you, don't you slut boy" she murmrred out in a low voice. Laura resumed her cocksucking and had me fully hard. I heard Laura's whispers over Diane's groans and dirty talk. "MMMmmmm, magnificent" she whispered between sucking and stroking. Diane's face fucking intensified as she rammed her lusty pussy onto my mouth, "fuck me you dirty fuck boy, fuck my pussy with our mouth and make me cum"

I hadn't noticed the cocksucking had stopped when I felt the familiar sensation of lube being applied to my cock. Laura was stroking my swollen manhood with both hands firmly, slathering it all over my rock hardness and balls. The sensation combined with Diane wildly fucking my face was overwhelming. At that moment Diane's body stiffened and she pinned her soaked pussy onto my mouth, "Fuck, I'm cumming, cumming all over your slut boy face" She shook and shook as her juices ran down my chin. Her last few thrusts ground her dirty pussy all over my face as she rolled off me. It was Laura's turn. She straddled me and lowered herself onto me. The lube made it extra easy for her to take me. She leaned in and kissed my face, covered with Diane's cum. Her body undulating as she rode me harder and harder. She lasted no more than a minute before stiffening, clenching her teeth and hissing out, "Jesus, Fuck, Jesus!! and squirting all over me. As she tried to contain her twitching body convulsions, she almost came again. I was so hard and too drunk to cum. Laura got off me and swung around to land on my face. Diane quickly mounted me as wriggled her way down my shaft with her drenched pussy and whatever lube and Laura's cum was left. She started to thrust on top of me while Laura landed her soaked pussy on my waiting stiff tongue. They were doing the "Eiffel Tower" on me. They kissed each other while Diane rode my cock and Laura was fucking my mouth. Diane didn't last long as she dropped down and ground out another orgasm. Her filthy words flowed, "Fuck me FFFFUck me an make me cum, you hard boy slut! Fuck, I'm cumming all over your big cock!!!" She howled. At the same time Laura pumped her pussy up and down on my firm tongue, my hands grasping her tightening torso as she ground out another orgasm on my face. As Diane dismounted me she slapped my cock, "You dirty motherfucker, Laura's gonna fuck you now, fuck her good". she commanded.

I rolled Laura onto her back and slid in between her legs as they parted to take me deep inside her. All the while I had never seen Laura's face since I had my face covered in Diane's or Laura's pussy. She really was a beautiful woman. Her bright blue eyes opened wide as I thrust inside her. Her body tensed as I pumped my engorged member inside over and over, faster and deeper. "OH, OH, OH! she cried with each thrust, OH JIM! OH GOD YES!! I felt an enormous orgasm welling up in my balls. I turned my head to the side giving the pre-orgasmic grunts, louder and more pronounced with each thrust. I could hear Diane's encouragement mixed with Laura's ecstatic cries, "Fuck her, fuck her good! Give her that big cock, make her fucking cum!" Diane wailed as she shoved my ass deeper and faster in to Laura. "I'm gonna cum!!" I blurted as i fucked Laura so hard and fast. Laura's face was glowing as she managed to eek out, "Cum in me, Oh God yes, Cum inside me!!" She started to shake and tense again as I felt her pussy take a crushing grip on my cock. I blasted myself into her as Diane exclaimed, "Give it to her, empty you balls in her!" I shot rope after rope as Laura's greedy orgasming pussy drank each blast of my lust. I collapsed on top of her as she wrapped her legs and arms around me. I saw the reflection in the mirror of Diane finishing herself off, rubbing one out furiously to the spectacle in front of her.

I managed another session that night before I had to make an exit, slinking from Laura's home shamed by the fact that I was merely a sex toy to them, something to be passed around and discarded. When I was sober the next day, I couldn't get over what had happened the night before. My first threesome happened yet I was treated like a , liquored up and used. Now that my poor judgement had been emptied from my balls, I swore that I would not allow them to put me there again. Both Diane and Laura texted me to come back for more fun but my seldom used moral side kicked in and refused. I still see them around town and they give me a knowing look like the cheap slut I was. It embarrasses me to know what I did and after climbing onto my high , I know that they'll never take advantage of me again.
A friend of a friend
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 5:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 5:59 am

As with life, there are always ebbs and flows. I had currently been in an ebb for about a year after my week with Jen. Dealing with the responsibilities of being a new parent, a life in turmoil was my existence. Work was demanding but satisfying as it gave me a respite from the diaper changing, crazy hour feedings and being anchored at home. The beast within me was shaking at the cage again. I can only describe it as sort of a switch. One day I am a doting husband and father, concerned only with life's day to day speedbumps and the next minute, I am consumed by the raging desire for raw passion, the type my wife was not programmed to provide. I tried to suppress it with exercise, hobbies and other such pastimes, but the temptation to stray always moved my distractions out of the way to take center stage. It was only a matter of time.

One day my wife informed me that she was taking our baby to her mother's house for the weekend to be with her sisters and their . She offered me the option of joining that estrogen fest, but I politely declined. She understood and gave me the weekend off as she packed and planned for the following days ahead. My inner beast seized on that moment and my mind raced, how will I slake my desire during this brief but opportune time? As luck would have it, one of my friends was having his annual motorcycle ride and barbeque for his favorite charity. It promised to be an environment ripe for the cheater within me to find my next conquest. I hadn't ridden since the birth of our and I was eager to dust off my iron for a ride. The day was beautiful and the ride was a blast. We concluded at my friend's expansive home which had been expertly prepared for this social event. Many people drove and rode there, about 300 people showed up. Friends, friends of friends and the casual joiners for something to do on a Saturday night. I was alone, very horny and wanted to take advantage of my free weekend to find my next Mrs. Wrong.

The band kicked in and the food and booze started flowing. Lots of people dressed the biker part with leather, tube tops, vests, tight t-shirts and plenty of short shorts. Most were wanna be bikers that had professional lives where this event gave them reason to dress and act the biker part. The camaraderie of the evening became tighter as the night wore on. I met so many people both young and old. There were lots of women there that were either attached or single. I had only to find the right willing partner. Once you met someone, they were your entree into meeting everyone else. I met many perspective paramours that night, some with their husbands there, some were stag to networ I was lucky to land in a pod of married girlfriends who got together to form an all-girl riding group. It was as if I had struck a vein of gold.

The women in this "gang" all had that defiant streak in them. All alpha women who liked a bit of danger in their lives. It drew them together into this group. I settled in around a bonfire and we all started talking bikes, rides and what we all liked to do for fun. That's where I met Sue. She was a Pharmacist by trade who liked her adrenaline in large doses. Much to the chagrin of her husband, she enjoyed skydiving, rock climbing, mountain biking and of course motorcycling. Her bike of choice was a tricked out Harley Sportster, a vibrating beast that announced her presence with authority. The loud pipes and flashy paint told her story without words. She got up from the fire to show me her ride, something she took great pride over. I lauded her choice of bike and poured on the compliments about the customization. She loved the praise, the more the better. I got the sense that she was hungry for the attention as she wasn't the leader of her gang, that was reserved for her CEO buddy who seemed to direct all of the action in her group. Maybe she didn't get enough attention at home or work? Whatever it was, it was my leverage.

She didn't live too far away and wanted to take the bike back so she wasn't too drunk to ride home. She promised to return quickly with her car as she was loving the party and the attention I was giving her. She returned in short order, this time with makeup and a tight dress to show off her diminutive yet tight body. When she arrived back, some of her friends had departed to get home before too much alcohol prevented them from making their rides. She pulled up a chair right next to me and we struck up our conversation. We spoke of our jobs, our home lives and our various life choices and direction. Sue had always wanted to be an actress, she had the looks for it and she did some regional theater in the area. Unfortunately for her, she made the choice to marry early and start concentrating on her career versus pursuing her dream. I empathized with her as I told her that I too wanted to become an actor, but there wasn't enough porn work in Connecticut. We had a big laugh over that and our conversation shifted to her adrenaline pursuits. I quizzed her on the skydiving and the rush you get. She loved it as it made her feel alive. I kept the conversation focused on her, which she seemed to relish as the center of attention. I asked what else gave her the rush she felt from skydiving and she said that pushing her bike hard also made her feel alive. "How's that?" I queried. "It's the vibration from the V-Twin motor, it's like an 800 pound vibrator" she said slyly. "That's some kind of sex toy" I retorted.

She gave a low laugh and intimated that things weren't as revved up in the bedroom as they were on her bike. Her husband was an accountant who she never saw during tax season and always became deathly ill following completing all of the tax returns. He also was not the partner in adventure she had in mind long term as he was more into books than bikes. I sensed the mismatch was my opportunity. She abruptly changed the direction of the conversation as she was feeling a bit vulnerable. "Me, me, me that's all we're talking about, how about you? How long have you been in porn? " She chuckled. I laughed and I still said I was in the auditioning stage. She assured me that I should keep up the work and the break will come. She then busted out in laughter as she realized her double entendre pun. We both laughed hard about that. We'd had a fair amount to drink and our conversation stayed on topic. "Do you ever watch porn? "I asked expecting to either be slapped or surprised. "I mean, I'm a guy, that's what we do" I supplemented. She gave a low laugh, "We women watch porn, it's not just for guys you know, a 's gotta do what a 's gotta do" she replied. "When I get off that bike and I'm ready for action, my husband always finds some excuse to avoid it, I swear, I think I might have carpal tunnel syndrome" she mused. I did a spit take with my beer at the comment. Wiping the beer from my chin, I replied, "He has no clue what he's missing out on, you're like a Ferrari revving in the driveway ready to be driven hard". She clinked my beer and said, "Don't you know it".

I looked at my watch and noticed the time was late. I got up with a stumble and said I think I need to go home. She immediately said, "You're in no shape to ride, let me give you a ride home" I replied with a line from a Clint Eastwood movie, "A man's got to know his limitations, you're on!" We made our way to her car as I piled in knowing full well that if it weren't for her, I'd be bunking at my buddy's house. We drove the 20 minutes to my house and I invited Sue in for a drink to thank her for ensuring my safety, she immediately accepted and took my arm as we walked in to "steady me". I didn't need any steadying. My mind racing. We made entry and I poured her a drink "Nice place, very neat" she commented. I gave her an eyeroll and blamed my wife the workaholic neat freak She chuckled and replied, "you have one of those too" as we clinked yet again. We were well oiled at that point when she asked if I had any of my "audition tapes" we could watch. I said, "Not any handy unless you to help me make one?" She slid in next to me and drunkenly replied, "Maybe we could work something out?" as she traced her finger on my chest. I took the queue and stole a kiss. Her mouth warm and willing as she had no issue with my advance. She asked coyly "What would your wife say if she knew we were doing this?" "Probably the same thing your husband would, what they don't know won't hurt them" I replied. She dove back into me as we rolled back onto the couch struggling to pull each other's clothes off as we kissed passionately.

We got down to our underwear quickly. She noticed the pronounced bulge in my boxers, "Wow you weren't kidding when you said you were in porn" as she freed my member from the confines of my shorts. "Look what you did to me, I was only four inches before I met you" I replied. She laughed and stroked me, "Good thing I did 100 miles today on the bike, now I'll have an excuse for walking funny this week". I laughed, then I stripped off the remains of her camisole and her thong to reveal that shapely body. "Damn" I proclaimed, ""You ARE a Ferrari" as I squeezed her firm tits. Mmmmmmmm she moaned as her head fell bac My hand moved to her shaved pussy as I gently stroked her. "Oh yes baby, mmmmmmm, yes" she cooed. My fingers parted to rub either side of her clit as I gently massaged her pussy in a slow and deliberate clasping. She responded by rolling her hips rhythmically up and down and firming her grip, continuing to stroke me. I ran my finger up her slit to feel her heat and wetness. I slid my finger inside her and she started to jerk me harder as she felt me hit her g-spot. I lowered myself down on her and began to slowly, lightly tongue her clit, intensifying the pressure on her g-spot, firmly rubbing. Her hips began to buck as I sucked her clit between my lips and hummed. She cried out as she thrust harder and harder into my face. I thrashed my tongue against her clit and sped up my g-spot pressure. She came hard for me as she shook as her pussy spasmed moaning out my name. I was so hard for her, I skipped the obligatory oral jumpstart and spread he legs wide to accept my throbbing cock I rubbed the underside up and down as she lifted her hips to meet me. She reached down to caress my balls as I rubbed her soaked pussy with the head of my dick Slowly I eased inside her, pumping my swollen head into her lusty pussy. She moved to fuck me back as I made further entry inside her. She let her head fall back and moaned low, offering me her neck. I kissed and nuzzled her while thrusting ever deeper. She reached down and grabbed my shaft and dictated the pace of entry. I felt her relax and pushed a little further, withdrawing slowly to slide back inside. She cried out each time I thrust inside her. Soon I was almost fully in and started to develop my rhythm, in and out faster and more deliberate, raising with each thrust to engage her clit. Her moans became deeper and louder with each thrust. She had me so turned on, I didn't know how much longer I could last. Her legs locked behind mine as she pulled herself onto me, raising up to meet my every thrust. In one move, she pushed off the couch and we slid to the floor with her on top. She started riding me, up and down, grinding hard. "Jesus Sue, I'm close" I stammered. ""Me too" she huffed bac She was taking me balls deep with every thrust now. I was so hard it almost hurt. She sat up, fondling her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers as she thrust down onto me. Her pounding accentuated by the hard floor. "You can cum inside me, I'm on birth control" she whispered as her head fell back as she arched her back, head back looking up at the ceiling. "OH GOD, I'M GONNNA CUM!" I let out as I gasped at her relentless fucking. "Do it, Cum Baby, Cum for me!!" She exclaimed. I Let out a howl as I exploded inside her. All at once, she started to shake and shudder as she crashed down onto my chest and held on tight. Her pussy so tight, grinding on me, throbbing and milking every last drop of my cum from me. My legs stiffened and shook as I came, my balls tightened as I shot my hot load inside her. Our voices were a chorus of ecstatic delight as we coasted down from out tremendous orgasmic high back down to earth. We laid in our tight clasp for several minutes until she rolled off me. She started to leak and clasped her hand over her pussy. "You better get a towel, you made such a mess" she quipped. "Don't you mean WE made such a mess?" I replied. "Touche, now get a towel before I leave a cum puddle for your wife to find" She laughed.

We got cleaned up and made plans for a ride the following weekend. That next few months we escaped several times on our bikes to no-tell motels around the state until the colder weather killed our convenient excuses to get out on our bikes. It wasn't too long after that when things waned due to our inability to break away from our busy lives. I guess the end of affairs just happen that way when one or the other loses their nerve or life just throws the wet blanket over our flame.
It can get lonely on the road
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Following my time with Rita, I concentrated on work. My new wife was pregnant and she was focused on her career as well. Life had been a bit of a grind for the year after Rita. My team had hit a milestone and we were awarded an all expense paid trip for team members along with other teams to celebrate our success. I was proud of the honor and so was my wife, she was so happy for me to attend. It was a week long seminar at a beachfront resort that looked amazing. We were to have celebrity speakers and receive our awards on stage in front the other national winners, a real honor.

Getting to the resort was via limousine, we all felt like rock stars. Our rooms were beautiful ocean fronts with gorgeous balconies and we had individual hot tubs in the beautifully appointed huge rooms. The first day was whirlwind. There were about 250 of us all together. Most of us didn't know each other. All of our heads were buzzing as we were showered with attention, food, drinks and adulation for our accomplishments. The first night party was crazy. Everyone's pride was on display and we were like dogs off the chain. The night went late and we mostly stuck with our teams. After the alcohol loosened things up we started to mingle. As with alcohol to excess, we are prone to have our inhibitions drop and our judgement clouded. I was not immune to this. The alcohol was the ticket to my beast within to be freed. With a large crowd of 20-30 somethings unencumbered by their significant others away from home, it was the perfect environment for that chance get together leading to trouble.

At about 1am, the party was in high gear. Lots of drunk people doing stupid things to try to impress others. Of course, somebody tossed some poor woman into the pool and then it became a free for all. Nobody had bathing suits on so it became a mix of people fully clothed, in their underwear or the brave few skinny dippers. I chose to keep my underwear on. Everyone splashed about, some were obnoxious drunks, loud and boorish. Others just were taking it all in. I tired quickly of the flailing splashing scene and got out of the pool to head up to my room. As I was retrieving my clothes, somebody said, "Come join us!" from the enormous hot tub. It was a quieter scene than the pool pandemonium, so I decided that would be better than heading up to my room. There were about a dozen people in the tub and the woman who called me over said, "one rule here, everyone's naked". I've never been shy or embarrassed of being naked in front of people. I've been blessed with a large cock, so I feel fairly confident. I drop my boxers and slide into the tub. The drunk woman who seemed to be in charge of the hot tub party said, "Whoa" and made a like sound. "C'mon over here next to me honey!" she motioned. I laughed and took my seat among the crowd. It was a far more chill atmosphere as we all kicked back and chatted. I noticed another woman across the tub making eye contact and she waded over and sat next to me. "Hi, I'm Jen from Iowa". "Hi Jen from Iowa, I'm Jim not from Iowa" I replied sarcastically. She laughed and admitted that Iowa wasn't the garden spot it was always made out to be. She seemed so innocent, so naive, yet there was something there that told me different.

She was pretty/cute with her shoulder length red hair, piercing green eyes and smooth alabaster skin with a few girlish freckles. She had an athletic body with really nice round full tits. It was hard to keep my drunken eyes focused to hers. We chatted and tuned out the rest of the hot tubbers. She was married too, her first real time away apart from her husband. Of course my mind turned to thoughts of bringing her to my room, but I remained civil, albeit drunk and slurring in front of a pretty naked woman I was meeting for the first time. "This is all so crazy" she said. "I know, how many times to you get to introduce yourself to other naked people for the first time?" We laughed. Another round of drinks showed up and Jen rose from the water to retrieve ours. She was also unencumbered by shame to show her body. Along with beautiful breasts that defied gravity, she had washboard abs to boot! She returned with our drinks, giving me an extended look, and settled back into the tub. "I must say, you have a fantastic athletic body. Were you an athlete?" I queried. She thanked me for the compliment and told me that she was a triathlete, she competed actively and was training for the Ironman in Hawaii. We shared our passion for fitness with a clink of our glasses. After not much longer< decided it was time for me to exit the tub for my room. "Getting kind of prune-like, I'll see you all tomorrow" I bid my good night to the tubbers. The loud hot tub captain barked out, "see you tomorrow Mr. Ed" as she laughed raucously. Jen also excused herself to join my exit. We dressed and I walked her to her room. She turned to me as she entered her room and gave me a quick hug before a lingering glance while she closed her door, "See you later today she giggled Jim not from Iowa". I went back to my room all horny and had to jerk off to put myself to sleep, damn, Jen had woken the beast.

Later that morning, there were a lot of hungover people at the brunch. I saw the hot tub captain from the night before, she had on dark sunglasses and wasn't quite the life of the party this morning. I rounded the corner to the buffet line and almost ran into Jen. "Hey Jim not from Iowa!" she said as she hugged me. "Fancy meeting you here Jen, and look, you have clothes on!" I quipped. She laughed, "That was so much fun last night, we should do it again this week" she said. The way it came out, again, the innocence and naiveite, it was all at once baffling to me and a total turn on. "I agree wholeheartedly! Same hot tub, same dress code?" I inquired quizzically. Her response floored me, "I'm game if you are" as her voice lowered. "Maybe we can get in a run later if you wan to sweat out the alcohol, meet me in the gym at three?" she asked. My dick powered my answer, "You bet, see you there".

I was stretching when Jen arrived. She was wearing a sports bra that struggled to contain her big firm breasts and Lulu Lemon capris that accentuated her amazing ass. "Help me stretch?" she asked as she took a seat on the mat. I extended a hand as we sat face to face, legs spread. I pulled her in close and she pulled in opposition. The stretch was good, she was definitely strong. We were face to face in close proximity several times, our eyes never averted. Then we did a back to back stretch, I locked her arms and leaned forward as she arched her back and her body laid against mine. I could feel her taught physique and rock hard ass against mine. I lingered a bit long holding her in the air just t experience the feeling of her body against me. "You can let me down now" she wisecracked. I lowered her to the ground, "Sorry, I..." started to reply, just then she lifted me quickly, unexpectedly easy. "Holy shit, you're so strong!" I said in amazement. She laughed, as she dangled me and eventually lowered me. "I always beat up my brothers when we were young, I could have been a wrestler, too bad they don't have co-ed wrestling as a sport" she said. "Who said it needs to be a sport" I shot back slyly. She gave a low laugh, "You're right, it doesn't need to be a sport". Off we went on our run. I fancied myself to be in peak shape at the time, but after 5 miles of chasing Jen, I was a beaten man. Huffing and puffing, I said, "You're killing me where do you get all that energy?". She replied, "I could go another 5 if you were up for it, but it looks like you need that hot tub now". Regaining my breath and composure, I coyly replied "Your tub or mine?" Her innocent naive exterior fell away, "I don't care, you pick". I said, "Let's go to mine, it's closer so you won't have to carry me as far". she laughed and off we went.

We got to my room, luckily the maid had been there to clean up the mess. I flipped on the heat and bubbles in the tub as I grabbed some towels and water for us. "It's OK if we go in without clothes, you've seen me naked anyways" she said. "You don't have to twist my arm", I replied. We disrobed and slid into the delightful warm water. We didn't try to avert our eyes as we took in each other's naked form as we went in. To my credit, I didn't immediately try to hit on her as soon as my cock commanded. The tub was sized for two and we couldn't help but have our bodies touch. We massaged each other's legs and shoulders as the hot water bubbled around us. I knew I was getting turned on and I'm pretty sure Jen was as well. still there was an awkwardness that prevented either of us from making the first move. After about half an hour we decided we'd had enough of the tub. She got out first and took her time toweling off. She made sure I got a good look at her body. She also did her own looking as I wasn't shy either. Her pretty pink nipples were fully erect. I was also getting a bit of a chub going. Our signals were flying She loosely tied the towel around herself and went over and sat on my bed. She noticed that I had left out a tube of KY jelly from my previous nights jerk off session. She picked it up and waved it at me. "What's this for?" She asked knowing full well. "Did you use it last night to jerk off? Were you thinking about me?" . "I ...Uh, Um well.." I stammered, totally busted. "That's hot", she whispered out. "How was I?" she quizzed as she placed the tube on the table and looked back at me with a sultry gaze. "Fucking awesome!" I piped up. She rose and dropped her towel and walked up to me. "Did you cum hard for me?" She asked in a low breathy voice as she dropped my towel to the floor and kissed me.

I wrapped my arms around her to cup her fine ass and pulled her in close, trapping my half hard cock between us. She put her arms around my neck and have me her full lips and long tongue deep in my mouth. Her hand reached down and caressed my fully hard member. "Ooooooh yes" I cooed as she began to stroke. Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. My head fell back and I gasped as she took me deeper down her throat than any woman had before. Slowly and deliberately her head bobbed as she stroked me and caressed my balls. "OH GOD JEN!! SO FUCKING GOOD!!!" I groaned loudly as she picked up her pace. Her strong hands firmly stroked me and tugged me as she began to suck furiously. Gone were my preconceptions of innocent Jen, now replaced by sexual animal Jen. "You like that? You like me sucking this magnificent cock?" she said in a sexy voice before taking me again deep down her throat. "FFFffffuck yeah!" I managed as my hips rocked back and forth. She felt me getting all worked up and stood up to give me a big wet kiss as she turned and led me by my cock to the edge of the bed. I turned her around and laid her on the bed and knelt between her legs. I kissed my way up her firm muscular thighs, lightly parting her beautiful pink pussy lips with my tongue before circling her clit. She moaned and lifted her hips off the bed to meet my mouth. I greedily sucked her pussy lips and drove my tongue inside her. "OOOOH YESSSSSS" she hissed as I flicked her swollen clit with my tongue. One hand went to her breast, pinching her erect nipple and the other hand ran her fingers through my hair as she pulled my head in deeper. I was intoxicated by the wonderful scent of her sex as I rubbed my wanton lips back and forth, up and down.

She pulled me up onto the bed on my back as she grabbed the headboard and straddled my face. "Is this what you want, you want to fuck my mouth? Hmmm fuck my tongue?" She didn't answer, she just lowered herself on my wanton mouth, ready to taste her again. I extended my tongue and puffed out my lips as she rocked back and forth, faster, then long slow strokes, then faster and harder. She gripped the headboard firmly as she fucked my face furiously. I felt her body tense, so muscular, so tight. Her head flailed back all at once as she tightened and shuddered, legs trembling as her body locked up. She stifled her ecstatic cries into her shoulder as she rewarded me with her nectar. She slithered down my body to my embrace. I pulled her onto me and felt her firm tight body slowly melt into me. She was still huffing a bit into my ear when I whispered, "I got you back for running me into the dirt today". She laughed softly, "It ain't over till it's over" she said with a giggle. After a minute of enjoying the feel of her body against mine, she rolled to my side and reached over for the KY jelly. "I think I might need this" she said. She squirted a generous amount into her palm and warmed it for me before taking hold of my thick hard cock. She worked it slowly and firmly with both hands. Her hands were so strong it almost felt as if it was me doing the work. She cooed out about how big I was, how hard I was, how beautiful my cock was. Truly inspiring, I loved the praise. She took her time and made sure not to get me too excited. I told her I didn't have any condoms and she said, "You can pull out and cum on me". I envisioned my white hot sticky load covering those gorgeous washboard abs, that smooth alabaster skin. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Now that she had me rock hard and lubed, she threw her leg over me and straddled me. She got up to a squatting position hovering over my cock and slowly lowered herself onto me. The KY did its job nicely as she was able to take me fully within a few strokes. She remained squatting and started to pump my cock, up and down in perfect rhythm. I was amazed at the strength in her legs as she kept up the pace for a while, impaling herself down onto me again and again, never tiring. Then she landed hard, grinding back and forth. I love dirty talk, but she didn't oblige me. Instead her cries and moans were so expressive and erotic. Her innocent face turned so sexual as she steadied herself on my chest, rocking harder, faster. It was difficult to contain myself as I marveled at her musculature, tightening becoming so defined as she approached her orgasm, breathing so hard and labored. "Fuck! Cum for me Jen, Cum all over my hard cock" I exclaimed. That was all the encouragement she needed as she once again stifled her cries of ecstasy as she came all over me again. I bit hard on my lip and tightened my legs to avoid exploding inside her. My balls ached as I fought off my own orgasm. I pulled her down to me, staying inside her as I rolled her onto her back. She wrapped her legs around me as I began thrusting, She was so tight, I had to slow my pace so I could last longer. She felt me getting harder and my thrusts were getting out of control. "Cum for me Jim, cum hard for me" she whispered as I gazed into her piercing green eyes. I started to tense, I pulled out at the last second and exploded all over her. She reached down to jerk my bobbing cock. Rope after rope shot out up to her beautiful face, all over those incredible tits and her stomach. A massive load, everywhere.

I settled in beside her still breathing hard, sweat covering my body. She wiped some of my cum off her cheek and laughed, "I'm not sure who got the last laugh now, look at me I'm covered" "Did you cum like this when you jerked off about me last night?" she said in a sarcastic tone. I laughed and said, "at least that much" as I reached for a towel. "I hope I didn't get some inside you, it was close". She replied, "I think I'd be OK, it's not the right time of month for me". Phew, I motioned. We enjoyed some pillow talk before getting ready for dinner. We sat together and played footsie throughout the meal. We ended up back in my room to go another three times that night. I wasn't as lucky pulling out as I had been before. I ended up cumming inside her several times that night until I had no more left to give her. We parted at the end of the week after fucking every night and made a promise to stay in touch. That never happened and I was left with only the memory of innocent, sexy Jen.
Delusions about stopping
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I often get on my high and try to tell myself that I will stop my cheating ways to straighten up and fly right. It usually works for a few months until that beast fights past my resolve. I'm prattling along enjoying life, sex with the wife has always been steady, although not as much of a rush as being with someone new. It never is enough.

Following a few months of post Katie life, I thought I'd learned my lesson. Although Patti occasionally popped into the picture, we got our fuck on, then she dropped out just as quick. I also thought that was enough for me, it wasn't. Soon, the hunger for non-monogamous sex was overwhelming. Everywhere I looked, I was always evaluating my next paramour. The food store, the gym, social events, damn my dick was leading me in all directions. I did have some limits, never at work or in the neighborhood (yet). The married women had to have that one thing that set them apart, their discretion had to be primary. I'd never venture into a tryst if there was a chance that it might blow up and ruin both of our worlds, I was deluding myself for pussy.

As luck would have it, I used to get my hair cut at a salon near my home. They added a couple of new stylists and when I showed up for an appointment my regular stylist, a guy, was out sick. One of the new stylists was handling his appointments, her name was Rita. A little uneasy about a new person cutting my hair, I spent a few minutes to get to know her before potentially giving me an Enzo (Seinfeld reference) . Rita was very pretty, very Italian, olive skin, long jet black hair and emerald green eyes. She had a New York accent and a bit of an attitude to go with it. Her body was tight and she wore skin tight jeans and a top that revealed her ample cleavage. She was a couple years younger than me, very personable and touchy feely. I liked that. Soon I was in her chair as she shampooed my hair. I wasn't used to women doing my hair as I had only grown up with old male barbers until I could afford a better cut at a salon, even then, it was a guy who cut my hair. It felt nice to have a woman as pretty as Rita running her fingers through my hair. The added bonus of having her ample chest in my face didn't hurt either. My beast was zeroing in on my next conquest.

After a short time in the chair I learned that she was married with a . Her husband was a carpenter who often would go on extended trips with his buddies while Rita stayed home with her young . She seemed a bit resentful of that as she claimed to have no real social life being a young mom. All of her friends were mostly still single and they partied like the old days, something I felt Rita was pining for. She had the look of a party girl, albeit trapped in a life that didn't afford her the time to smell the roses. She queried me, as most stylists are prone to do, about my life. I rattled on about y job, what I did for fun and how I was newly married to a woman who was a bit of a crazy workaholic. She said, "I feel your pain, it's tough being a one man band" I got a good laugh out of that comment. I noticed the sparkle in her eye when she smiled, something I felt she didn't do enough of those days. She sat me up and I admired the outstanding job she'd done on my hair. I thanked her profusely as it had never come out so well. She asked if I thought it was better than any time before if I'd consider being one of her regular customers as she was new at the salon and needed to build a following. I told her as long as it was cool with my soon to be former stylist, that would be great. I spoke to my guy and he understood. He was pretty inundated with women requesting him as he was a good looking guy. With that, I became Rita's regular.

I was put on a seven week rotation, an appointment I never missed. As time went by our conversations became more detailed, more intimate. All of my former barbers/stylists seemed to want the juicy details about everything, but they were men and there wasn't the sexual tension that was building. After a while Rita volunteered that she got pregnant because she hated condoms and wasn't responsible with her pill. A habit she told me she was now diligent with since her first "whoops". She asked me what I thought about condoms, kind of forward I thought, but what the hell as she was open enough to share. "I hate them too, you can't feel anything and they usually don't fit or break anyways". She giggled and I caught her looking down at my lap in the mirror. The topic remained on sex. She asked about my wife, what she looked like, did we have sex often, what was life like before her. I answered honestly as my guard was let down as she massaged my scalp to ease my tension. "What about you?" I asked. "It's really hard with a and a husband who does what he wants" she said. "Not the same as before I was married, that's for sure!" "Why's that?" I shot back curiously. "Life was a party, not a care in the world, now I have to be a working mom, cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, ahhhh, it sucks sometimes. His mom helps but I don't get much time off and we don't do anything anyways". The discontent rang clear in her words. As she was talking, she kept pushing her boobs into me as she worked. I chalked it up to the fact that they were big and she had to work close to me, maybe it was more???

Our next appointment was during one of the heat waves of summer. Blazing hot that day. I arrived to find Rita with a big smile, tight short shorts and a low cut top. Wow, I complemented her on her look that day, she laughed it off as I was settling into the chair. "You married guys are all alike, see a little skin and you get a little crazy" she chuckled. The salon AC was working in overdrive that day, with all of the dryers going, t was pretty warm in the shop. As she worked my hair, I felt those beautiful boobs pressed against my arms and my back. Her nipples were hard too, I felt them graze me more than once. "So, you have a lot of married guys hitting on you? I don't blame them, you're a hottie!" I retorted. "So you think I'm hot? That's the type of compliment I used to get all the time Ever since I moved up here to CT, everybody's so uptight, I don't get it" she replied. "I know, I grew up here" I laughed back. "So a lot of your married hit on you?" I queried. "Yeah, all talk no action" she laughed. "Not like you, they're creepy, you're nice" she complimented me. "Give me a chance, I can be as creepy as the next guy" I replied sarcastically. I saw a sly smile come to her face in the mirror. As she laid me back into the sink to wash my hair, she let those big beautiful tits fall against my chest and replied, "I'll bet you can" in a sultry low voice. I felt my cock stir in my shorts with that comment, swelling with desire for her.

I inhaled the scent of her musk as she shampooed my hair, her sweat smelled so hot as her fingers pushed through my hair. Those gorgeous tits pressing into me more and more. They were firm and full. She was turning me on and she knew it. Soon I felt the material of my shorts start to restrict my manhood. Fuck it I thought, I don't care if she sees me getting hard. The thought of my exhibitionism turned me on even more. She sat me up staring straight into her tits. I was mesmerized. I looked past her to see that her head was down admiring the bulge in my pants she was creating, we both looked up at the same time into each other's eyes. She knew I busted her, she nervously said, "Jeeze, it's gettin hot in here" I looked her straight in the eyes and said cooly, "It certainly is". The rest of the cut, I caught her staring at my cock multiple times. Her hard nipples and constant boob contact was sending me the message I wanted to hear. She was thinking about me. Our conversation went back to her . "So did you ever take any of your up on their creepy offers?" "Nope, not yet, haven't gotten a good enough offer yet" She grinned back. "Let's see if we can rectify that, wanna get a beer after your shift?" I offered. "Sure, I'm off at 4, I'll meet you at the bar across the street" She nervously replied. "Great, see you then". As I laid the cash in her hand, she used one finger to trace my palm as she took it and gave me a look that make my cock stand at attention.

Four o'clock rolled around and she strolled in. The day was super hot and the bar was dark and cool, there were only two other people in the place when she showed up. I greeted her with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She gave me a nice return hug. I grabbed a table in the corner and a couple of beers. "So is this a successful, non-creepy come on?" I ask as we clink glasses. She laughed and tossed her hair. "The day's still young, we'll see" We slid in next to each other and kept eye contact. We spoke of different past relationships, what was good, what was bad and eventually the conversation turned to sex. "What do you like best, oral or fucking?" I asked. "Do I have to make a choice?" she replied as she slid her hand up my thigh. "Not this afternoon" I replied slyly. "We should get out of here, do you have a place we could go?" she asked. "How about the motel down the street" I asked bluntly. She nodded, as she had no words. She leaned in and kissed me. I quickly paid the check and we headed out to my car.

The two mile trip to the motel was nearly silent. We both knew what was to come next. I quickly secured the room and we hastily found our refuge. Once the door closed behind us she turned to me. We were instantly locked in an embrace, our steamy mouths found each other. Deep sensuous kisses, hands roaming everywhere. I unzipped her shorts and slid my hands inside to cup her firm ass cheeks, they were perfect. I squeezed them hard as she shed her shorts. They fell to the floor revealing a pretty thong that perfectly accentuated her stunning ass. I pulled her in tight as I whispered in her ear, "I want you so fucking bad!". She let out a whimper as her head fell back as I drew her hips in tight and ground against her steamy pussy. I pulled her top over her head to reveal a perfect set of tits, beautiful, firm and round. She looked up into my eyes as she knelt down in front of me as I pulled off my shirt. She caressed the front of my shorts with her cheek to feel my growing cock. She then unbuttoned them and dropped them to the floor revealing the bulge in my boxers. She looked up at me, "Ooooooh, this is what I was seeing in the chair today" she said as she pulled my boxers down and freed my manhood. "Whoa, you're got a nice big cock, don't you?" she proclaimed as she began to stroke me. MMmmmmmmmm, I let loose a low groan as her firm grip was supplemented by the warmth of her mouth as she began to fellate me. Her full lips traveled the length of my shaft until she reached the head and she took me in her mouth. Slurp, slurp, slurp came the unmistakable sounds of cocksucking. My hips moved to her mouth as she stroked me with two hands, twisting her grip. "Oh God Rita, that feels so good". "How do you want me today? Romantic or do you want me to be your dirty slut, Slurp, Slurp" "I feel dirty today, I need a good hard fuckin" she said as she sucked and stroked. I pulled her up to get a sloppy kiss.

"You wanna be treated like a , I'll treat you like a " I said in a low growly voice. I yanked off her thong and spun her face first to the wall. She braced herself with her hands and offered me her ass. CRACK! I spanked that fine ass and left a handprint. "You're gonna take this big cock today you little slut until I tell you" I grabbed a handful of her hair and took a kiss. She bit my lip as we broke the kiss. She had a wild look in her eyes. I yanked back on her hair as I forced myself inside her, "Slow, slow' she begged. "You're not the one in control here, I am" I said sternly. I continued my thrusts as she bit her lip and took it. Eventually I was deep inside her. I yanked her hair again like a bridle and began long deep thrusts. She grunted and huffed as I drove deep with every thrust. "Jesus, FUCK!" She cried out as my hips slammed into her ass. "Oooooooh yes, Oh Baby! Yes, I'm so close, don't stop" She pleaded. With that encouragement, I went harder and faster. I felt her body tense as she hunched her back and let our a low moan as she started to shake. "Cumming, cccccumming!" she decried as her legs shook and eventually buckled. I caught her as her legs gave out. I carried her to the bed and presented her with my cock covered in her creamy lust. "Taste your cum on my cock, clean it off you little slut!" I commanded. She instantly grabbed my cock and started to slurp, lick and suck her own cum off me. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she worked my cock feverishly. She pulled her mouth off and looked at me, "I'm your dirty little girl Jim, your bad girl", then she went back to sucking me. I pushed her off and climbed onto the bed. "I'm gonna taste that sluttly little cunt of yours", with that I put a pillow under her ass and went to town. I teased her until she was ready to cum. I felt her hips bucking, my fingers felt her tensing. "No, you don't get to cum yet" I said as I stopped abruptly. She looked at me with a pouty face, "Please, please let me cum" she said as she was stroking her pussy with her hand. I pulled her hand off and went back to teasing her. My head thrashed as my tongue moved across her swollen clit like a vibrator, she howled and twisted. Finally I relented and finished her off into a sweaty heap on the bed. She was shaking and writhing as her orgasm hit so hard it almost looked painful.

As soon as she stopped shaking, I lifted up her legs over my shoulders, she gave me the same pouty look as her faux "No's" were belied when she grabbed my hard cock and guided it inside her. "OOOOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSS!!!!!" I groaned out as I slid slowly inside her. She twisted and winced as I hit bottom. I didn't waste much time before I worked up to a hard, fast pace as my hips slammed into her, she squealed loudly with each thrust. I felt my balls well up with cum, my cock grew steel hard. She sensed it, she felt me. "Where do you want to cum? My pretty face, my tits?" I slowed my pace and told her I want you to ride the cum out of me. I rolled onto my back as she straddled me and slid down my hardness. Slowly she picked up her pace riding my full length and then coming down hard and grinding me. "Oh God Rita, God yes!!!" I howled, "I'm so close, fuck, ssssssso close" Her beautiful tits bounced so perfectly as she fucked me for all she was worth. "Give it to me, give me all of it!!" she demanded. I could no longer hold out and I yelled out!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCK, I"M CUMMING, GRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHH!!" my orgasm was so intense, I felt it originate in the tips of my hair down to the tips of my toes. The eruption was so intense it made me shake and shiver. Rita had her own furious orgasm at the same time as she fell onto me clutching me tightly and shuddering while babbling incoherent sex talk. It felt like forever before we both stopped shaking.

Sweaty and fully satisfied, she rolled off me and let the cool breeze from the ceiling fan wash over her. "Holy fuck that was sooo intense" she huffed out. She started babbling and laid her hand on her forehead, "I don't even know what I'm saying, my head's still spinning." I could barely speak a word either as my mind was totally drained as was my body. We laid motionless for about half an hour before getting in the shower. That was one of the most intense sexual experiences I've ever had.

Rita and I had several more rendezvous over the next year, none as intense as the first, before she ended up leaving her husband because she walked in on him fucking the neighbor while the baby was sleeping in the next room. She moved back to New York to be with her family.
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Pandora's Box
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 8:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 12:10 pm

Now that the seal had been broken on my fidelity by Patti, I knew there was this beast that lurked within me. I was able to carry on parallel lives without remorse. One side of me was the upbeat guy who had a great relationship with my then girlfriend (not far off to be my wife) and the other side, a hidden side like Mr. Hyde.

I enjoyed my near perfect life. College had ended, I had a great job that I really enjoyed and a fun and loving relationship with a great girl. We had everything going our way. We decided to move in together in CT and made a big commitment. Still there was this element to my life that I couldn't share, wouldn't dare share. A dark personality lurking within me. Patti would visit and we'd sneak off for our trysts and steal moments here and there. Truth be told, Patti and I were anything but compatible. We espoused opposite political and social opinions, we often argued when we weren't fucking, but he lust was there, burning hot every time we got in close proximity. The daggers were sheathed and I was either propping her up and fucking her from behind in a closet while my girlfriend showered or making some excuse to send her out for something while Patti stayed behind so we could fuck. Often Patti still would remind me that she was the only one who could make me cum with her mouth, that was a favorite move of hers when we only had a precious few minutes to sneak away. Soon Patti had fallen for some young doctor and we saw her less. The animal within me begged to be freed, but my partner in sin was no longer there to slake my carnal desire.

I have always taken care of myself and spent lots of time devoted to some sort of fitness pursuit. Whether it was the gym, cycling, tennis or hiking, I spent lots of time devoted to those pursuits. My now fiancee was busy with her MBA and had less time to spend on the frivolities of life. I had a routine of getting up early before work to hit the gym to invigorate myself to start the day. I'd notice all of the women who showed up to diligently care for themselves and often wondered what they were about. My quizzical mind would often lead to what they might be like as sexual partners. Mr. Hyde began to show himself again after a dormant period.

One woman I'd notice never seemed that happy when she arrived. She was a beautiful woman, but understated, I'd guess about 30-35, who didn't' follow the MILFY dress code. She didn't wear makeup or the yoga pants/sports bra look. She had the oversize t-shirt and shorts. She went about her routine diligently, almost as if to avoid contact with people. We'd exchange glances and the perfunctory greetings as we passed between machines. I occasionally drew a smile. I never initiated contact even though I wanted to. A few weeks passed one time and and I didn't see her. Then she was back. Our first time passing between machines I decided to say something to her, "Hey stranger, haven't seen you for a while, taking a break?" I asked. "No, my husband was travelling for work and I had to miss the gym to do the morning routine with the , UGH!" she replied. We stepped onto adjacent treadmills and I continued the conversation. "Does he travel a lot?" I quizzed. "Yes, sometimes two weeks at a time, I hate it!" she replied. "Gotta be tough with little , I haven't gotten there yet" I responded. She said, "They're not little any more, they're teenagers, I'm teaching my to drive, that's a little scary". With that reply I responded "Wow, teenagers? When did you have your , at 10 years old?". She laughed and shot me a big smile and thanked me for the sort-of compliment. "I'm so old, I could almost be your mother" she quipped. We continued our banter through the rest of the workout. She eventually volunteered that she was 44 years old, I was flabbergasted and a bit turned on. I told her that when I first noticed her, I thought she was 30-35. She shot back an eyeroll thank you followed by, "You noticed me?" and gave me a bit of a sly smile. "I'm Katie, by the way" she extended her hand for a formal welcome. "I'm Jim and it's a pleasure to finally meet you Katie".

The wheels in my head began to turn. I was formulating scenarios in my head of what would happen next. I now had a carnally driven reason to get to the gym. Katie and I kept up our workout conversations, usually ending up together on adjacent treadmills. She began to open up every time I saw her and she smiled a whole lot more when we spoke. The spring weather rolled in and people at the gym started shedding the sweats for the warmer weather gear. I noticed Katie's wardrobe had changed. No longer the baggy t-shirt and shorts. She showed up one day now in MILF gear. Midriff sports top and yoga pants. I made sure to pay her the first compliment when I saw her new outfit. "I love it!, It looks fantastic" I said. "You should definitely always go with that look, you look so great" I gushed. She blushed a bit and drank in the compliment. "I'm glad you like it, maybe I can fool others into thinking I'm a thirty-something again". We laughed and I replied, "You don't have to fool anyone, you're gorgeous just the way you are". The look on her face changed, she almost seemed floored by my comment. "That's high praise coming from a good looking young man like you" she shot back. That was the moment where things changed for Katie and I.

From there on in our conversations became extended, no longer about day to day stuff. She kept up the new sexier outfits, I always made it a point to beam about how great she looked in them. One day she showed up in a lower cut top, showing some generous cleavage. "Wow! That's one sexy outfit, quite boobalicious" I blurted. She gave a low laugh, "I wore it for you!" she replied. We smiled nervously at each other and I replied, "Damn, thanks for thinking of me. This must be my lucky day, I'll have to go buy some lottery tickets" At that moment her eyes dropped to my crotch, whether that was intentional or just a reaction, I didn't know. Whatever it was, it kicked my libido into overdrive. Throughout our whole workout, I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She caught me looking many times and each time I got a sultry grin back. I had to fight off getting hard as my mind raced. She made sure there were lots of looks at her shapely ass and looks down broadway at that low cut top. We ended up on the treadmills together as usual. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, her glistening sweat between her ample firm tits. I noticed her nipples were hard as they strained against the sports bra. All I kept thinking was "Don't get hard, don't get hard" as our usual banter had been more reserved on the treadmill.

"Something on your mind?" She broke the ice. "Uhhh yeah, you and that sexy outfit are making it hard for me to concentrate on my workout today" I replied. "Ha ha ha!" She laughed, "I saw you gawking, you're not very good at being discreet, I guess an old lady can still turn a few heads". "Oh, I can be very discreet and you can do a lot more than that" I slyly retorted. She hit the stop button on her treadmill, "You wanna go get a coffee?" she asked. "Sure, I have nothing going on after this" I replied. After our showers, we walked over to the coffee shop and settled into a corner booth, away from prying eyes. Our conversation got very personal, very quick. "So how are things at home?" I queried, "Husband on the road much these days?". "As a matter of fact yes, he's gone for the first week of a two week trip". Hmmmmm, my mind was running in high gear. "How about the , what are they up to?" I coyly asked. "They're both at my sister's place at the Cape" she said. "So you're home all alone?" asking to probe her intentions. "Yup, it's just me and my vibrator this week." she replied as she looked directly into my eyes. She must have seen the look on my face of total surprise as she grinned. "What, you don't masturbate?" she asked. "I, I , I, yeah, I'm a guy, sure I do" I stammered out. "My dildo's practically worn out, it's the only action I get these days" She replied, never breaking eye contact. "How the fuck is that? You're an incredibly beautiful sexy woman, what the fuck is wrong with your husband?" "He's on BP meds, hardly ever can get it up these days, not like a young guy like you has to worry about such things". "No I don't have any issues in that department" I proudly replied. We chatted for about half an hour as the topic became steamier when she asked, "You want to come over for a drink?" as she laid her hand on my thigh. "Fuck yeah, I replied". "Good, I'll drive, we don't want my neighbors talking".

We arrived at her home, it was a beautiful large home with a well manicured lawn. All the landscaping was perfect. It was a Saturday morning and the lawn crews were about their business as we pulled into into her garage to avoid being seen by nosey neighbors. We made entry into her impeccably kept home. She directed me to a comfy couch as she went and got us some wine. She returned with a bottle and two generous pours. She slid in next to me and fixed her gaze directly into my eyes. "So, are we going to continue our discussion, or what?" came the loaded question. She tossed back her hair as the sun shone through her sundress. Her nipples showing against the fabric. "I'm liking the or what part" I replied. Her eyes travelled down my body to notice the growing bulge in my shorts, then back up to my eyes with a Come Fuck Me look that I could not resist. I leaned in for a kiss and it was soft at first. She pulled back, "I've never done this, you know this, this.." "Affair" I completed her thought. "I've been so lonely, you've been so kind, so attentive". "You make it easy" as I reached up and stroked her face and stole another kiss, this time our tongues met. "I feel so guilty, it's so wrong" she decried. "Relax, nobody has to know except us, just two people who have a need to be close". With that she fell into my arms, deeply kissing me, whimpers of desire escaping her lips.

She took me by the hand and led me upstairs. My cock was now straining, about to burst from my shorts. She didn't look back, only forward to the bedroom. We reached the foot of the bed before she turned to me. Our lips met in a passionate kiss as I pulled her close. Our hands exploring the contours of our bodies. Her head fell back as I kissed her neck. She whispered out, "Oh God, what are we doing?" I put my finger to her lips to let her know to no longer speak of the guilt she felt as I flicked off the spaghetti straps to let her dress fall to the floor as I laid her back on the bed. Passionate kisses were replaced by my exploring mouth finding her erect nipples, sucking and biting them as they filled my mouth. Her soft cries of delight changed to low moans as I traced my way down her toned torso to pull her thong off with my teeth. "OH GOD, OH GOD, I haven't had my pussy eaten in forever. My husband never did that". She writhed her body as I teased her shaved mons, my hot breath gracing over her sweet slit letting my tongue graze her clit as I passed by. She yelped and thrust her hips up as her fingers entwined in my hair. "OH YES, YES" She moaned as I traced my way up the inside of her thigh with my wanton mouth only to stop and put just the slightest bit of pressure with my tongue just above her swelling clit, back and forth slowly, deliberately increasing my pressure and pace. "Don't fucking tease me, Christ, do it...Fuck, do it" she groaned. I obliged as my firm tongue circled her clit. then thrashing it back and forth, sucking, tongue fucking her. She arched her back and shuddered, groaning out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, please don't stop, please, please". She locked her thighs around my head as she shook and tensed, her hips pumping into my face as she twisted me to the bed.

In a breathless voice, "Oh my God, it's been so long, so fucking long, God that felt amazing!" As she freed me from her leg lock. "Those thighmaster exercises at the gym really paid off" I mused. She laughed and apologized for the death grip, "It's just been since I was first married over 20 years ago since I came that hard". She instructed me to stand up as she slid off the bed to kneel in front of me. I pulled off my t-shirt while she undid my shorts. She yanked down my boxers to free my fully erect cock which sprang free in front of her. "Holy fuck, you're huge" she said with excitement. I thought cocks like yours were only in porn. She grabbed me with two hands and began to stroke. "And you're rock hard too, I've never been with a man with a cock like this before, I hope you can fit". "I don't have a condom," I said. "No worries, I'm on the pill" she quickly replied, "I don't know why, I don't get fucked anyways". Her lips found my shaft as she stroked and moved her mouth up and down the length of my shaft, then up to the head to take me in. I groaned out when her warm mouth enveloped my hardness. "I've been dreaming about you," she murmured as her hungry mouth devoured me. "Sucking you, mmmmmm, fucking you, mmmmmmm" I masturbated to this moment so many times, MMMMMMMmmmmmm. I lifted her for a deep, sloppy kiss as she never released her grip on my cock.

We tumbled onto her bed, the same one she slept side by side with her impotent husband. Now I was there, so fucking hard, ready to take her and make her mine. She rolled me onto my back and straddled me and said "I think I need to be on top, you're so fucking big I need to take it slow at first, I need to get used to you". She pinned my hard cock between her soaked pussy and my stomach as she ground slowly back and forth. "Yeah, that's it, Mmmmmmmm, you're so fucking hard Baby, Christ you're gonna give me a stretching, it'll never be the same with my husband". Our eyes locked as she reached back and teased her pussy with the swollen head of my member. When the head of my cock parted her soaked pussy lips, her eyes widened as she gasped, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck" she groaned out. She took the first inch, then a couple more as her eyes were so wide I thought they would never shut. "So big, so hard" she gasped as she turned her head to the side and took half of me in , then three quarters until she finally had me in deep. She sat there motionless with her eyes closed tightly as the head of my dick pressed firmly against her cervix. She rocked gently at first, getting used to my length and girth. She winced in pain at a couple of deeper thrusts, but shook them off as she found her stride. Her ass began to move up and down, faster and faster, "Don't move, don't fucking move", she huffed out as her pussy began to tighten and throb. She held my head tightly in her arms with her mouth pressed against my ear as she fucked me wildly. "I'm gonna cum again," she whispered "all over your big cock, don't, aahhhh, don't, ahhhh, Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, God fuck yes!!!" she shook uncontrollably and I could barely contain myself from blowing my load as she was using me as her fuck toy. She took one last thrust before she collapsed on top of me, trembling, sweating. I held her tight as some tears began to flow. I wiped her tears and asked what was wrong. She replied, It feels so good, but it's so wrong, I don't know what I'm doing. I embraced her tightly and whispered in her ear, "Everyone deserves to be happy, you need joy in your life. Enjoy our time, it's for you, just you and me" as I stroked her hair.

We laid for a few minutes in a deep embrace as I held her tight. I could feel that this intimacy was missing in her life. Soon she regained her composure. "What about you?" she replied. "It's OK if you want to stop now, I'll understand". "That's not fair, you need to be happy too" She smiled and reached down to find my still hard cock. "You're so sexy, in all my fantasies we ended up cumming together at the end". She pulled my hand to her soaked pussy, "I'm ready for you now". My fingers found their way inside her, she was so wet. "I want you to fuck me, fuck me just like you jerk off to me" Her eyes went from confused wife back to come fuck me eyes. I rolled her onto her back and eased myself inside her. "Oooooooooh, yes, that's it Baby, take me, make me yours" she cooed. All at once, we were back in the throes of passion. She thrashed beneath me as I thrusted my thick hard cock deep inside her. The sound of my manhood fucking her silky wet pussy filled the room, "Oh my God Katie, you're so tight, so fucking wet for me" I picked up my pace and drove balls deep into her. She was crying out now, "Yes, Yes, Give it to Me, Give it to me, give me that fucking huge dick!!!!" She locked her legs around me as I dropped my full weight on top of her pulling her down, impaling her onto my throbbing, raging hard cock. Faster, harder until I was at the precipice. She tightened up and I felt the familiar throb of her orgasm. "CUM IN ME, Cum inside me, Fuck Jim, I'm cumming again!!" She howled in my ear. One final deep thrust and I growled like a wild animal as I pumped her full of my massive load. Over and over again my hips thrust into her until my balls were fully drained. She didn't release me and whispered, "Stay inside me, stay deep inside me" as we coasted in post coital bliss in each other's arms.

We laid in each others arms for what seemed like an eternity. Talking and stroking each other. "It feels so comfortable here with you Jim, so natural". We dressed and she took me back to my car. We met a few more times after that but she ended up getting cold feet after her husband got home. We still run into each other only occasionally at the gym, she seemed to keep avoiding me after things stopped between us. I do still smile when I see her and she returns the favor, although we've never been together or as close since that summer.
A Cheater's mindset
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 11:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 1:30 pm

Me, I make no excuses for what I do. I have a craving for women who aren't mine, women who belong to someone else. Women I can have without anyone else knowing, just a dirty little secret between the two of us because she wants, she needs to be bad as well. I can sense it in a woman, the animal locked within her soul. That deep, dark desire to be taken, lusted after, doing all of the things she's afraid to ask for. Her husband is a good guy, maybe he's an asshole. I don't care because I'm going to be fucking your woman the way she deserves it, the ways she secretly wants it.

I love to go down on a woman because it lets me know her inner desires. Every touch of my tongue tells me a story. How she wants to be desired, how she needs to be satisfied. Honestly, I could tongue fuck a woman all day long, I fucking love it! The way her body reacts, the verbal queues from the simple whimper to the torrent of dirty talk. The more the better.

My most special feeling is slipping my big hard naked dick into you. I never use condoms. The women I am with are clean, respectable and often mistaken for the nice girl next door. They aren't always so nice. When we are in the throes of passion and you can hardly speak, I can't wait to have our mutual orgasm. I absolutely love the feeling of a woman's body, tightening, arching, twisting as her pussy throbs out her orgasm begging for my seed. Her nails dig into my back as her legs lock around me as I thrust hard and deep delivering my white hot lust, rope after rope until we are satiated.

That's what a serial cheater feels.
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