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The origins of a cheater  

NoTell101 61M
17 posts
1/8/2022 7:26 am
The origins of a cheater

If I had to pick a point where it all began, I'd have to go back to college where I met my wife's best friend, Patti. During college, life was so much fun. Party after party that seemed to blur the schoolwork to the next fun time. I played Lacrosse in college, a sport that wasn't the glamor sport of my school football days, but we had a fun following and we aligned with the hockey team and certain frats when it came to our circle of friends. It was during those days when I met my future wife. We hit it off instantly and I knew that she was the one for me. Until then, I had never cheated on any of my previous girlfriends. I was always faithful, I had opportunities but never acted. Then Patti came into the picture.

My girl and I were living our dream, she spent most of her time at my apartment during school. She had a very curvy body, totally my preference. Our sex was intimate and it made me feel loved. Things were wonderful. Then one weekend we went to meet some of her friends from home and their respective boyfriends. I was a bit apprehensive as our worlds were very different. I was from a very preppy town in CT and she was from NY, different attitudes and different views on life. Off we went to the lake house to meet the other side. Upon arrival, there was a little learning curve about her friends, but after a bit of getting to know each other, it all smoothed out quickly and we were fast friends. The last to arrive was Patti and her boyfriend. She was a college gymnast, thin with a small figure and carried herself with confidence. She was my wife's lifelong best friend. I met her guy first and he was kind of a FLID (Fucking Long Island Douchebag) with the feathered hair, cheesy moustache and open polyester shirt with a couple of chains, Meh. Then came Patti, confident, pretty and an alpha female in the pack. My first hug was firm followed by a kiss to my cheek. That caught me off guard.

As petite as Patti was, she carried herself like none of the other women. During the weekend, she sought me out apart from the<b> group </font></b>to quiz me on what I was about, sometimes a bit relentless to figure me out. Who was this guy with my friend. Being a New Englander, I was naturally a bit cautious with sharing, but I eventually opened up to her. She chided me a bit as being kind of a Dudley Do-Right because of my conservative views. That led to the skinny dipping challenge after way too many beers and joints later that night. It was dark moonless night when all of the couples staggered down to the dock to strip and jump in. Patti was the first to get naked. Her FLID boyfriend was a bit busy regaling the other guys about the Islanders or some shit to notice. Even in the darkness of the night, Patti's chiseled body was incredible. She caught me gawking and shook her perfect ass at me before diving in and motioned me in.

Everybody was scrambling to get naked as I dropped my shorts, I noticed Patti kept her gaze on me. I'm fairly proud of my cock, about 9 inches hard and I had a bit of a chub going on when I jumped in. We all were laughing and swimming around in the warm lake water when Patti popped up in front of me out of the water. As it was dark, people had a hard time seeing even the few feet in front of them to find their respective partners. She caught me totally by surprise and I recoiled a bit as she was so close. "Where ya goin?" she whispered. I gave a nervous laugh and found my footing on the bottom. Patti's diminutive size kept her swimming in front of me. She swam in close, too close for my comfort but I stood my ground. She looked me directly in the eyes and put her arms around my neck and whispered, "Very impressive" then she reached down and grabbed my dick before splashing me in the face and swimming away. WOW! WTF just happened flashed through my mind as I cleared the water from my eyes. Then my girl found me while my head was still spinning. We finished our swim, but I was still in a bit of a shock at what had transpired with Patti the rest of the night, I avoided her but we exchanged some lengthy glances. I couldn't wrap my head around what I was thinking about her, I just met her for Christ sake, she was my girlfriend's best friend!

Sex that night was pretty hot, flashes of Patti kept popping into my head as we were fucking. It made me feel like a superman in bed. I came three times and was still ready for more. My girl was passed out and I was still wide awake, my head buzzing about the interaction with Patti. I got up and lit up a doobie and went to the lake for a dip. It was about two in the morning and everyone in the house was fast asleep. The water felt great, so quiet. I got out and was finishing my smoke when I heard someone coming down the path. It was Patti, my heart pounded in my chest. "Can't sleep either?" she asked as she took the joint from my fingers and took a deep hit. She stripped down in front of me and dove in. My mind was racing and my cock was starting to respond, WTF was happening? My head half buzzing from the joint and the other half buzzing about what was going on. Patti emerged from the water, not a care in the world as she paraded naked in front of me before laying back on the chaise lounge next to me. She wanted me to look at her.

I tried to keep my eyes on hers but, my cock was telling me different. She didn't have an inhibited bone in her fantastic body. "Why the shorts?" she asked, "nobody's gonna see". I laughed and made some stupid fish joke. She took the last hit off the joint and chided me about being an uptight New Englander and finished with a casual "Whatever". A challenge? I would have usually, just laughed it off, but now it was as if I had something to prove. She knocked me out of my comfort zone. Off with my shorts. She rolled to her side to face me and her eyes fixed on my crotch, then up to my eyes. A smirk came to her face and she said, "MMmmmm, now that's a nice cock" She laughed low and rolled back. I thanked her and my upbringing kicked in to pay a return compliment, "You have a pretty fantastic body yourself". She picked up her head and looked directly at me. It was as if a fisherman had hooked a big fish and now it was time to reel it in.

We sat naked for about half and hour as Patti peppered me with questions about life, finally finishing around the topic of sex. She claimed not to be monogamous and wondered if I shared the same philosophy. I answered awkwardly and claimed to be faithful. She got up, collected her clothes and strolled over to me as she watched me gawk at her physique. "We'll see about that", she then reached down and stroked my cock as I was paralyzed by the interaction. "Your dick tells me otherwise" as she felt the rush of blood to my manhood. She sauntered off naked into the night leaving me there, half hard and confused.

I clumsily gathered up my shorts and slipped them on. The cold wet fabric worked its magic and calmed my burgeoning hard on. I slipped into bed with my girlfriend, she was dead to the world. I awoke rock hard dreaming of Patti and gave my girl a vigorous wake up fuck. Afterwards, she commented on how hot it had been last night and this morning and wondered what had gotten into me. Little did she know it was her best friend in my head. The rest of the weekend flew by and aside from the few close brushes with Patti, nothing came to fruition between us, but the seed was planted.

When we left, we were all exchanging hugs and when I got to Patti, hers was intimate. She glanced at the others to make sure no one was looking and she kissed me deeply, her tongue found mine and I couldn't resist. She whispered in my ear, "I want to fuck you" as we broke our embrace. It was as if I was hit by a truck. My head spun as she walked off, looking back to know what she had done hit home. It did.

13129 posts
1/8/2022 10:23 am

Welcome to the blogs

countryqueen1 73F

1/8/2022 12:04 pm

Great story, I hope you're planning on continuing??

NoTell101 replies on 1/8/2022 6:21 pm:
Oh I definitely will!

author51 60F  
129960 posts
1/9/2022 12:01 am

Very nice read indeed..Welcome to Blog Land and looking forward to reading more of your posts.xoxo

NoTell101 replies on 1/9/2022 8:48 am:
Thanks for reading. I posted the updates if you’d like to know more about what happened.

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