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Coffee shop
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 8:21 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2020 2:30 pm

The coffee shop I sit in sometimes has these words written all over the walls in bold letters.
Responsibility.. self control...patience..initiative...punctuality...resourcefulness...Discretion...Endurance...Tolerance...Creativity...Humility...Diligence...Loyalty.
Keeps me " grounded "
Stoned on your love
Posted:Feb 9, 2020 6:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2020 5:50 pm

So tonight I lay awake...
You can tell that im about to break...again I'm wanting to feel numb...because slowly baby you know im coming undone ... but you know your voice is in my head... letting me know that your in our bed...and baby we spoon like no other ..I know that id never want another.. your saying im fragile..I try not to be..a flightless bird is what you see..I think I was blind before I met you.. So Lay with me, I'll lay with you
We'll do the things that lovers do...And I know, I can tell you anything
You won't judge you're just listening... please pull me closer into your arms...so I feel safe from all the harm...Is this the place that I've been dreaming of... or am I just Stoned on your love.
The Alley chapter 2
Posted:Jan 14, 2020 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 4:56 pm

Chapter 2

She looked him up and down, torn, bloody pants, a large scar across his chest...but the worst of it were the bloody stumps protruding from his back, which once were wings. She felt an extreme amount of anxiety as she carefully looked him over. Tissue and bone exposed, she knew without a doubt she could not live without her wings. They were the very thing that gave her power, and were a deep seeded part of her. She winced a bit at the thought. He was surprisingly handsome, his serious glare piercing through her like a dagger. She could feel her body react...to this...man. Standing there, fists clenched, breathing heavily, and suddenly she was no longer a messenger..a harbinger. She felt drawn to him. She shook her head, as almost to shake off the feeling. No time for games, she reminded herself. She let a sly smile fall across her angelic face. Digging her nails into her palm as she clenched her fist so tightly, sword in hand...”Make your move servant of Lucifer the fallen!!
”, her voice cracking. Looking at him with fire in her eyes.

He watched as she slowly sized him up. A look of bewilderment, turned to amusement as her eyes scoured over his whole being. Had she not been injured, he knew she wouldn’t have given him a second thought. As it stood, he knew they were fairly evenly matched. She couldn’t fly. Neither could he. Cast out like so many others, for choosing the wrong side. His body stripped of its wings by a “merciful” God. But there she stood before him, in all her angelic glory, his sworn enemy. As he looked her up and down, he noticed her not as an angel, but as a woman. She wasn’t that tall, but her proud stance made her a tower against the neon lights. Her hair was the color of the red, rising sun, flowing down her back. Her pert, heavy breasts barely hidden by her battle robe. Her skin the color of alabaster, almost milky white. Her piercing blue eyes, staring holes through his brimstone body. She was quite the sight, and for the first time since falling from the heavens, into the!
eternal fires of hell, he felt something else. He shook his head to clear his mind. His purpose was clear...angels were his solemn enemy, but as he looked her up and down again, the feelings returned. What was this? He was a demon, a creature dedicated to the destruction of all mankind’s souls, but as he looked at her he felt the strongest pull he had ever felt . It wasn’t a feeling of hate, or to tempt her, or even destroy her...it was a feeling to...have her!! This was madness. Get it together, he thought. He drew his sword, the pits of hell igniting it. Time to remove this fodder from the earth...yet the feeling continued to gnaw deep in his chest.
Daggers through my heart!
Posted:Jan 11, 2020 2:33 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 4:56 pm

As I fire up this joint, I look at what you used to be.

Because I used to actually feel the love you had for me.

But now the feelings have changed, and I can’t hold back the hurt.

I remember when you were my everything, we used to laugh and flirt.

Those were the easy days, when we really didn’t care.

And I took it for granted that you’d always be there.

I asked myself where I went wrong, and why it has to be this way.

And I wait for an answer, but my high ass has nothing to say.

I promise myself, I will never forget you, and at that I start to cry.

No strength to hold back the tears, so I nervously take a hit and sigh.

And as I get too stoned to think, the pain violently tears me apart.

Then I just damn myself because it’s like daggers through my heart.
The Alley
Posted:Jan 11, 2020 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 8:05 am

There she lay, face down in a dark alley.

Her red mane of hair a mess. Her white, flowing gown dirty from the grime of the street. As she slowly rose, a single drop of blood fell to the ground. As her strength slowly returned to her she looked around. She didn’t recognize her surroundings, but why would she? It was her first time in this wretched place. The battle had lasted for days, the casualties heavy. Where the others were, she couldn’t say. She only knew she must find them soon. She stretched her arms to work the kinks out. Then she tried them, unfolding them from her body, and she felt it. As one beautiful, white wing, twice the length of her body unfolded in all its glory, the other one stopped halfway then made her wince in pain. She was injured, and without the use of both of her wings, she could not look for the others. She could not continue the fight. She had never been trapped in this plane, Earth. Had only passed through, for millennia, but never touching her feet to its soiled landscape. She, aft!

er all, was an angel. This was not her realm. But where could she go to attend her injury? Who could she trust in this world?

He felt her presence from the moment her angelic body touched his world. He knew of the war. Knew that the battle they were waging against one another, but as his assignment was this place, it was not his concern. His concern was tempting the wayward souls of this miserable place. It wasn’t like it was hard. These pitiful humans pretty much damned themselves. All it took was a gentle nudge here and there and they sinned so easily. A man admiring a woman from afar, with a wife at home, and before he knew it he was asking if she was single. A young woman dreaming of an expensive dress, a little push and she was stuffing the dress in her purse. It was all pretty simple. Now he felt the angels presence, and whether he wanted to or not, he must respond. It was his duty as a demon to destroy the scourge of heaven. So he strapped on his weapons, his hellfire sword, his arm bands to protect against its lethal wings and headed out. It wasn’t hard to find because he felt it’!

s presence grow stronger as he got closer. He turned the corner down the dark alley and there it...she stood, all decked out in her war robe. Fists clinched, one wing spread wide, the other obviously injured. Golden sword in her hand “come to die, have you demon-spawn?!?” He couldn’t help but admire her spirit. Her flaming red hair flowing out beside her like the flames from the pits of hell. “That’s cute, seeing as how your half dead as it is. Everyone knows an angel without its wings is pretty useless!” Her gaze narrowed “Then come find out little minion, come find out why you dwell in the pits of hell, and we reign supreme in the clouds above!”....and the fight began...
A deeper me
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 8:09 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 4:56 pm

I will say this....I was young when I realized the devil exists....I can honestly say I looked him the eyes once.... when happens it's hard see thru the darkness... see most people look the world and what they see first is what's good... it isn't until the bad touches them some way they see it...I look world and all I see is the darkness it forced look for the good... but most importantly project it as much as possible....
Is pain an illusion?
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 8:03 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2020 4:56 pm

Why is the brain our only actual organ doesn't feel pain, yet your brain is what makes you feel pain. Emotional pain, physical pain, psychological pain. Physical pain is sent by nociceptors to tell your brain, it's like your nerves say " hey im hurt". Then how do we feel broken hearts? Some psychologists have basically just said.."it's how much you can hurt as a human being... and if an illusion is a perception does not match reality. So then technically it's mind over matter? When we feel emotional and psychological pain it's created in our brain our anterior cingulate cortex creates a feeling mimics physical pain... the reason "heartbreak" hurts for real... knowing these things creates a question within myself... is emotional pain an illusion?
Knowing these things I still cannot make myself not cry...
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