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NorthofDaytonMan 71M
6 posts
4/23/2016 7:25 am

If you like Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker, and Foreplay, you will love DARE POKER. Standard Poker Rules, but this game is more about Dares and Player Interactions than it is about cards. Girls make Game Rules & set the Pace of this game.
Straight DARE POKER where loser is always the opposite sex, if a Girl Wins, then no Girl can lose and only a Guy or Guys can lose that hand, likewise if a Guy Wins, then no Guy can lose and only a Girl or Girls can lose that hand.
Simplified DARE POKER players play for him/her self and anyone can lose a pokerhand.
Bets begin- Give a title to sexual experiences that you have had: Being caught, My first masturbation, Watched sex, My sex dream/nightmare, Taboo thoughts, Wake-up fantasy, Shower/bath time, Virginity lost, Spanking/punishment, Medical/Hospital scene, or whatever you want. It is your story to tell in detail, if you are loser of poker hand. Didn't lose, same bet again or bet to tell a different sexual experience. Winner of poker hand takes charge like a teacher making a student tell the class something that is interesting or embarrassing. Loser gives winner a sexy hug and kiss for making him/her bring out those interesting and embarrassing moments.
After you have told your Dare Bet sexual experience, your Dare Bets may go on to kissing, teasing, touching, spanking, or what ever you want. Dare bets must not be repeated, but must advance slowly getting more interesting more intense or more sexual as Girls permit, and may include, reach under clothing, give wedgie or camel's toe, replace clothing with something more sexy, remove item of clothing, tear off undies, etc. Winner Tops loser, remove loser's clothing, etc to entertain other players of this game and loser of a poker hand must always give the winner a sexy hug and kiss.
To ensure that a player is not losing on purpose, players may require a repeated loser to make Punishment Bets which may begin with hand spanking, continue to harder spanking, whipping, caning, paddling, increasing as needed. Safe words: Green - continue, Yellow - slow down, Red - stop, blindfold me I'm out of the game.
If your Dare Bets are getting too sexual or are reaching your limits in any way, try a new line of Dare Bets, perhaps get kinky or choose toys.
DARE POKER can get as sexual as the Girls want. Guys this is a Girl's Game. Explore where the Dare Bets take you and make your Dare Bets challenge the Girl's interests. All players will make sure that Safety comes first and that means Condom Safe, if it comes to sex. DO YOU DARE TO PLAY DARE POKER?

NorthofDaytonMan 71M
38 posts
4/30/2016 4:27 am

You are definitely in. Looking for five or more Couples or ten or more players. It is OK to just watch. Dare Bets in this game get so Hot that I believe anyone watching will want to take part, you can always Blindfold out of the game, but I have never seen anyone do that, continued losers usually accept suggestions for their Dare Bets. This is a Girls game with a lot of foreplay and teasing.

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