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Early Morning Musings  

Nukeystik 65M
2 posts
5/22/2021 4:03 am
Early Morning Musings

Now that I’ve read some things I’ve come to the realization seniors or maturity aren’t particularly desired in these parts.
Surely all the 50 and 60 somethings aren’t in midlife crisis seeking to prove or validate their worth with a youngin.
What happened to age being a barometer for mastery?
At this point all the foolishness has been discarded by the wayside.
My spirit is free, unencumbered by guilt, shame, inhibition, racism/bigotry, religious dogma or happily for me physical infirmity.

Im at a point where argument is not only unnecessary bit a waste of time. Im dedicated, invested in and fully<b> engaged </font></b>with the notion of pleasing and being pleased.
When was the last time (or any time for that matter) you felt free to simply love n be loved?
To be able to go out and think not of yesterday or tomorrow?

I provide peace, generate love and exude sensuality.
No it’s not all about the fuck n suck but you’re going to have to take a minute - sometimes beyond the fantastical physical we all get obsessed with - and check a man out.
Hidden like treasure is the warmth, openness and overall kindness you seek conversationally/intellectually.

I wonder how folk feel about these things.

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